If there is anything you take away from BEAST DOME.

This is the strategy of all Fantasy Football strategies.

This is a strategy that I have been preaching to BEAST DOME users from day 1.

Any and every BEAST DOME NATION VETERAN will tell you they follow this strategy religiously.

They will tell you it has led them to many Championships.











By Muntradamus


Let me paint you a picture.

Tom Brady drives down the field, he is stopped short of a 1st down, Patriots have to settle for a FG.  Next possession, Brady does the same thing.  He is stopped short of the end zone, another FG.  This goes on at least 4 different times throughout the game.  You think your week is ruined, because Brady ended up with the yards, but not the TD’s.


TOM BRADY (317 Yards, 0 TDs) = 12 Points
STEPHEN GOSTKOWSKI (5 FGs) = 15-25 Points

You would not drive a Porsche without insurance, am I right?  So why would you start your #1 QB without insurance.? Make sure you draft the Kicker that goes with your QB.


The Kicker position is not about getting someone who will get you double digit points every week, it is about having a good insurance play to make sure your 30+ Point QB, ends up with 30 total points, at least.


The one game Brady ended up with 1 TD last season, Gostkowski ended up with 17 Points.

You want a kicker who is going to be part of a high-scoring offense, but you want your kicker to be the insurance play for your QB.

Here’s another example: Tony Romo played with a Broken Rib in Week 3 against the Redskins (2011).

TONY ROMO (255 Yards Passing, 17 Yards Rushing) = 11 Points
DAN BAILEY (6 FGs) = 21 Points

By having Bailey that week, the Tony Romo owners were saved from what could have  been a complete goose egg.  Fantasy Football is all about having the best QB. If your best QB has a bad week,  your whole team could be in for a big downfall.









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  1. easily the best Fantasy Football strategy given out for free by Muntradamus, it makes so much sense I believe its as valuable as a RB handcuff…Just do it, because Muntz said to!!

  2. Just curious your guys opinions on qbs in a 6pt per pass td league? Would it be better to go after the top 3 in the 1st round or stick to the foster strategy? Very conflicted on this one. Thanks

    1. I would like to know also. In a 6pt TD league, do we go for Manning and dismiss the stud RBs, or hold off for RG3 and draft Arian to make a stronger well rounded roster?

      1. I personally would go for Peyton before Arian in that league. I think Peyton Manning is the only QB worth a 1st round pick even in a 6 point TD league. But he will go early if the people in that league are smart. If you don’t get Peyton that means you have a lower draft position which means you probably could snag Arian Foster then maybe grab a Drew Brees or Rodgers early in the second. If you get neither wait and fill up on other Tier 1 players. There will be very solid options at QBs that will fall later. Those being Stafford, Luck, RG3, and Cutler. Cutler is a steal at his ADP right now… I don’t see how having a pass catching back like Forte, WR’s like Alshon, and Marshall and solid TEs in Zach Miller and Martellus Bennett does not equal 30+ touchdown passes this season. All in all this is just my opinion and I would wait for Munt’s draft strategy because he knows what he is doing.

  3. Brilliant! That is definitely thinking outside of the box, I have never thought of that strategy before! Now please delete this article so nobody else in my league happens across it and ruins my secret new strategy. Another effective one that more people are figuring out is to draft the at least decent defense with the best match-up Week One against a weak offense and just switch Defenses each week based on match-ups.

  4. This is a must for everyone to do during the draft. Just a side note that if you draft a QB like Manning you have to realize that you might have to take Prater a little earlier than you might want to. This is because there is always that one guy who takes an elite kicker on a high scoring team a few rounds before people really need to. Also I have been wondering what kind of consistency a team with a trio like Peyton, Montee, and Prater would have? Has anyone ever tried a strategy like this? Another example of a trio would be something like Aaron Rodgers, Lacy, and Crosby… It seems as if it would work unless the entire team had a bad game. But the elite idea would be to utilize this strategy for the Montee, Manning, and Prater trio. I could see Manning handing off to Montee to get 6 points for the TD and 1 for the extra point. Or if Manning decides to throw in the endzone you get points for his passing TD and 1 for the extra point. And if both Manning and Montee fail in the red zone you get whatever range of field goal Prater makes. I may be rambling but I had this idea before the beginning of last season but wasn’t ballsy enough to try it.


  5. Hello everyone,
    One strategy that I have used in the past two years has been the QB / WR combo.. in other words I drafted a rock solid WR and a his QB.. thus getting double points for every TDs the two of them scored.. this strategy worked out perfectly for me in 2012 (Romo/Dez) and last year (Calvin / Stafford) I also tried it with Manning / Decker and it was positive although not as profitable as the previous two. I am convinced of this strategy, but its has to be a combination of a good QB with a strong bond to his primary receiver. What are your thoughts on this? any opinions? Cheers Max.

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