Fantasy Football Start’em: Watcha’ Benchin’ Willis?! (Week 2)

Fantasy Football Start’em:

Watcha’ Benchin’ Willis?! (Week 2)


It is now Week 2 of the Fantasy Football season.  Some of you were Tate Raped in Week 1, while others enjoyed watching hidden gems like Stevan Ridley and Kevin Smith take your team to victory.  This article is for those people who are making those tough start decisions you do not want to make, or challenge me in the BEAT THE EXPERT OF THE WEEK ON FANTASYPROS.

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The Falcons pass defense is very soft.  After losing Brent Grimes, it got a lot softer.  Look for Peyton to be surgical as he picks apart this defense with his talented WR duo of Eric Decker and Demariyus Thomas.  This game should be a shootout on Monday Night Football as the Falcon can put up points with the best of them.  300+ Yards should be guaranteed for Manning, what is not is Willis McGahee stealing a majority of the TDs.



Let’s get two things straight.  The Vikings have a great run defense.  Donald Brown is as average as it gets at the starting RB spot.  That means we should see Andrew Luck drop back to pass all game long.  We could see upwards of 40+ Attempts this week.  Worth the start if you are struggling at QB.



This is the last week I can put Ridley as a sleeper, and I will accept this honor since I was one of the few experts that ranked him in the top 20 at his position.  With the Patriots likely to murder the helpless Cardinals in New England, we can expect Ridley to easily get over 18 carries.  More importantly than that, Brady will tear apart this defense to set up plenty of red zone opportunities.  Look for Ridley to reach the end zone while rushing for over 100 Yards as well.



While McGahe is truly one of the most underrated RBs in the game, this week he gets a great matchup against a Falcons team that will be too busy slowing down Peyton Manning.  Willis ran very hard last week against the tough Steelers front, unfortunately he had Moreno vulture his TD, even though Willis was the one who set it up.  Look for McGahee to make up for lost time and find the end zone twice this week as Peyton will have the Broncos in the Red Zone all Monday Night in the shootout.



The Bengals are going to run over the Browns.  Especially with the game being in Cincinnati.  The Law Firm proved to everyone that he can be an effective RB with his new team after rushing for nearly 100 Yards and a TD against the Ray Lewis Ravens defense in Baltimore, on Monday Night Football.  This matchup should be a walk in the park compared to that.  With the Bengals also leading in a majority of this game, we can expect Green-Ellis to be effective all 4 quarters, as opposed to last week when this game was over by the 3rd quarter.



This is a big game for Morris and his fantasy owners.  There is obviously no such thing as a lock at the RB position in the Shanahan offense.  But Morris is setting himself up with a good matchup on paper to be that much closer to having fantasy value.  Obviously whoever is the Redskins RB is a good start as Shanahan is the king of getting no-name RBs 1,000+ Yard seasons.  Just ask Olandis Gary, and Mike Anderson.  Keep in mind, one fumble and Morris is back on the end of the bench.



The fact that Wayne is not treated like a top 10 option in every league by now has me surprised.  The Colts will never be a team that runs the ball 20 times with Donald Brown.  If they do, it is because Andrew Luck is injured or the Colts blew out a team with the pass early.  Wayne is the #1, #2, and #3 option in this passing game.  After seeing 18 Targets with Chris Tillman guarding him, there is no reason to think he can’t be a BEAST all season.  It would not surprise me at all to see Wayne end up with better numbers than Larry Ftizgerald this season.  Expect over double digit targets this week as the Vikings run defense is so good that Luck drops back to pass over 40 times.  This should lead to that 100 Yard/1 TD game, and the last chance you have to trade for him at his value this low.



Everyone remember that Victor Cruz of last season who would have 180 Yards/1 TD games?  Well this week we see a matchup where he can just take over.  Look for Eli Manning to light up the sky with fireworks as we saw Cam Newton was able to throw for 300 Yards against them in Tampa Bay.  Nicks could end up with the better game than Cruz, but Cruz is the more explosive option who should see the most targets.



In the preseason we saw Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker rotate as the best WR for Manning.  Obviously it is never a good idea to think twice about trends like that, but Decker and Thomas both have a great matchup against a shorthanded Falcons secondary.  Decker and Thomas should see plenty of targets, and Peyton should have over 300 Yards.  Those two things should result in good games for both players.



The Ravens secondary is very overrated.  They looked good on Monday night because the Bengals passing game is essentially all or nothing on AJ Green.  Now with the Ravens traveling to Philly, it is a different story as Ed Reed cannot camp to either side, and he cannot forget about Vick taking off.  This should allow Desean Jackson (bad hamstring and all) to break deep into single coverage situations.  With Jimmy Smith likely to be guarding Jackson, we can expect one of those bomb 60 Yard TDs.



LaFell is the sleeper of the Week at his position.  The Saints defense/secondary is as bad as Paris Hiltons acting in House of Wax.  With Roman Harper likely to keep an eye on Greg Olsen and Steve Smith, LaFell can create huge mismatches and easily find himself in the end zone again with over 80 Yards.  Brandon should remain busy in this one as the Saints are sure to make this one a shootut with Drew Brees, which only means a lot of points will be on the board.  It also helps that Steve Smith is not 100%, which means more plays could be ran for LaFell.



Count your Amendola’s if you were able to snatch this guy late.  He is clearly the #1 WR on the Rams, and that should always be good for 6 Receptions and 60 Yards.  While he is not the greatest start this week, he is one of the safest options at his position.  You can use him over an Antonio Brown or Mike Wallace this week with confidence, and a bit of luck one of them does not catch a long TD.



You have no excuse now.  There is a TE every season who breaks out into the next level.  That man is Martellus who in the perfect offense to succeed.  Not only is he one of the most physically gifted TEs in the game, he is on a pass first team that is missing it’s #3 and #4 options from last season, Mario Manningham. and Jake Ballard.  Nobody on that Giants Roster is there to take those two spots, which only leaves Bennett as the man to see over 7 Targets a game at least moving forward.  As defenses worry about Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks taking over games, Bennett can kill them with 12 yard catches over the middle.  He is a very dangerous threat in the red zone standing at 6’6/270.  Look for him to have over 70 Yards and possibly that TD this week, and then being the name on the waiver wire you were all too late to add.



You have read so much about me raving on Reggie Wayne and Andrew Luck, that I did not even mention the #2 option in this passing game Coby Fleener. Fleener was not only the TE with Andrew Luck in Stanford, but he was his 2nd favorite option in the Colts passing game last week.  Expect the Colts to go heavy pass against the Vikings, which should result in another fine performance that leaves you more than satisfied.



The Bengals are going ot beat the Browns.   They are also going to be in the Red Zone often.  With the Browns having D’Qwell Jackson, and Andy Dalton not being that good.  We could see Nugent come in often to kick short FGs.  Worth going with if you want a sleeper with a lot of points potential.



The Bengals defense has the easiest matchup of the week.  Playing at home is one advantage.  Playing against the Browns makes them must-start.  Add the two together, and he possibly have the #1 Defense of the Week.



Ryan Tannehill is not an offense where he is going to put up numbers.  This offense is all about Reggie Bush, and the Raiders front 7 is not too bad at stopping the run with how aggressive they are.  Reggie is going to have a tough time breaking out in this one, and Tannehill is good for at least three rookie mistakes which should turn into huge plays for your fantasy defense.


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  1. F-jax injury put me in a bind….PPR league would you start Hillis, Stewart, P. Thomas, or Quizz….for what its worth we also get a point/30 return yards as well

  2. Also ppr wr?? Torrey smith against phi or Malcolm Floyd (SD) against a much softer ten d?? I like Torrey this yr but I see Floyd getting a lot of work if Matthews is out and gates ribs banged up. Your thoughts?
    Thank love this site!

  3. Should be simple, but its not.

    D Murray
    Marshawn Lynch
    Alfred Morris
    Percy Harvin

    I have a RB and a flex to fill- IF Romo torches the Sea secondary, Lynch won’t get much play. Planning on starting DMurray, but that leaves me 3 great guys for my flex- Do I take Lynch and gamble, or Harvin because he is a Beast, or Morris while he still has a change to get 100+ yards early. This flex spot will be my most difficult decisions most every week.

    Anyone’s opinion is welcome.

    Tony, I would go McGahee, your value in having Morris is that you keep him away from someone who would use him as a starter. While i disagree slightly with Muntra on how good of a game McGaheewill have, the Falcons did allow 100+ yards and 2 tds to the Chiefs (that’s without Charles reaching the endzone) and he should be a safe play for at least 1 td.

    Andrew, Lloyd is a good player, but consider the NE offense: Brady spreads the love around every week. Sure he could go off, but he is at most times a 4th option after the TEs and Welker. I would go with The Denver receivers (1st and second option) or Wayne (Luck’s 1st option, or the NYG receivers (1st and 2nd option) over him personally. But its a hard decision and one I am glad I don’t have to make!

  4. Hey Muntra, sorry for continually bugging you, but I really appreciate your help. Would you trade Stevie Johnson and Michael Bush (and maybe Sidney Rice) for Willi McGahee and Eric Decker? I’m thinking about making the offer. Thanks!

  5. Hi. I think this is a great article. We all want to improve our teams and dominate. I’ll be keeping an eye open and definitely work on making some moves. Thanks and congratulations on taking week 1 top overall accuracy on fantasypros.
    Here’s what I got in a 10 team standard; qb, wr, wr, wr, rb, rb, te, flex (w/r/t), k, def:
    Qb> E. Manning
    Wr> J. Jones, P. Garcon, S. Johnson, K. Britt, T. Young
    Rb> Foster, Tate, S. Jackson, BJGE, D. Brown, M. Leshoure, I. Redman, Fred Jackson (handcuffed Foster w/ Tate and missed on Spiller)
    Te> Pettigrew (not high on him this week; may drop Redman and go with another -Kundolph, Fleener, Bennett, Daniels, Lewis?)
    K> Hanson (does switching K like Defenses work?)
    Def> this week Cinn
    What do you think?

  6. All I gotta say is, b marsh say it ain’t so!!!!! Dropped the easy td that would have salvaged his stats, ouch. But I swooped Bennett, hoping he goes nuts this week and everyone wonders how I did it lol. I have pettigrew would u start Bennett over him? And also what rb would u look to get in exchange for Nate Washington? Thanks muntra

  7. I would def bench the still risky Morris, put percy in your flex as he’s up against the colts and should go off ( esp. if your league is ppr) but then it’s tough. Seatle’s d is tough, but that long athletic secondary should force Dallas to run at least a decent amount, while Dallas’ d will be able to focus most of its attention on lynch. I’d probably go with demarco but it’s very close.

  8. Thanks for the compliments on the site.

    Floyd will go up against McCourty, not a bad matchup. Torrey Smith however should see a lot of targets since Nandi will be all over Boldin. Floyd is the safer option, Torrey has more upside.

    In a PPR, Floyd should have more receptions.

  9. Mitt

    I like Percy Harvin this week.
    I like DeMarco Murray this week.

    The toss up is with Lynch, and although the Seahawks do play well at home. Russell Wilson seems to be a very bad QB.

    Thanks for answering other peoples questions. Feel free to do the same in the chat too!

    “Together We Win Championships”

  10. Jump the gun and grab JacQuizz “All Over Your Ankles” Rodgers. He could over shadow Turner this week.

  11. Locher

    I would go with LaFell who is a great sleeper to score.

    And Olsen who will be in a shootout against the Saints.

  12. Keep Michael Bush now that Forte reportedly has a high-ankle sprain. You will like where he ends up in next week’s rankings. I have not done them yet, but I am looking forward to seeing where he ends up, easy top 10.

  13. Love McGahee.

    He could score twice this week on Monday Night, Broncos will be driving all game.

  14. Get your engines ready for Martellus.

    I would roll the dice on him this week, easy matchup.

    For Nate the Great, the best you can get now is Ben Tate, maybe. His value has dropped since the article was published.

  15. I have Foster, D. Murray, Lynch, and Green-Ellis. I’m stuck on deciding to who to play the 2nd and Flex position. Out of D, Murray, Lynch and Green-Ellis who should start this week. Should i start Green-ellis and switch out D. Murray or Lynch. Or keep Lynch and Murray in?

  16. Good call on Amendola. I started him instead of B.. Lloyd and won my match up because of your suggestion – Thanks! Who do you like better for week 3?

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