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Week 4 of the Fantasy Football Season is one day away.  While you sit at home waiting for that time to tick away, I have the perfect game for you.


For those of you who do not know what SKYLLZONE is.  It is a 10 Man Snake Draft with one catch.  You are the 1 Human going up against 9 Machines.  The Machine is garbage and does not know what it is doing.  The Snake Draft takes less than 15 Minutes, and gives you the opportunity to play for a share of $100,000 in Week 15.

You can qualify for that monster Tournament simply by BEASTING the machines and finishing in 1st Place on any given Week.  Not only do you get a chance to play in the Qualifier, you also can win Cash each week ($20) or part of the Global Prizes worth more than $5K.

Jump in.  It is Free To Play.  Gives you a chance to draft an entirely new team each week to follow for fun.  Perfect alternate to Daily Fantasy Sports if you do not want to drop the cash.  Stick to the BEAST DRAFT STRATEGY from this Preseason, and you will BEAST the Machines no Problem at all.






SKYLLZONE Week 4 Busts

Frank Gore, RB, SF – SKYLLZONE ADP: 19.93

It is pretty evident that the days of Frank Gore are coming to an end, especially with a new back injury coming into play. This could be the last game Frank Gore puts up his value if he fails to impress his Fantasy owners. Time for Carlos Hyde.

Shane Vereen, RB, NE – SKYLLZONE ADP: 28

Shane Vereen is dealing with a shoulder injury and it is only Week 4. There is a long season ahead as the Patriots will try to limit the amount of hits Vereen takes this season as the Patriots plan a playoff run. If Monday night gets out of hand, Vereen is done early.

C.J. Spiller, RB, BUF – SKYLLZONE ADP: 34.8

Fell in love with a Spiller. This is a RB/Kick Returner who has the skills to BEAST, but the playing time to be a BUST. Fred Jackson is clearly viewed as the go-to RB in this offense with seniority over C.J. Spiller. Look somewhere else for RB.

Joique Bell, QB, DET – SKYLLZONE ADP: 39.7

Being a power RB against the Jets defensive line is a quick way to put up a bad week. Joique Bell will not be able to use his strength against the Jets who already shut down Eddie Lacy and Matt Forte in back-to-back weeks.




  1. Thanks for yet another strong article Munt.

    Beast Dome Nation – if Arian can’t go, who is the best play at Flex? Alfred Blue, Carlos Hyde, or Malcolm Floyd?

    I’m 1-2 and would clearly want to get to .500


  2. Who do you guys auggest I start

    QB- Kap or Fitz? I have Foster, Graham, Bullock & Texans d for what it’s worth.

    Flex – SJax or TRich?

    Thanks Munt and Beast Nation let’s keep rolling!

  3. I don’t think you can say JC is a bust of the week if he probably won’t even play/be limited.
    Who’s next week Josh Gordon ? Pls

  4. Buy-Low WR- Fitzgerald comes to mind, maybe AJ, VJAX and that is about it. All the other well established WR are playing well and wont be bought for cheap.

  5. I give gostkowski for parkey for the remainder? I have foles and matt Bryant to. I got Bryant in a trade, because im 0-3 and im trying to sink my oponents battle ship this week…if he plays ryan, he has rivers in at this moment. I made some moves this week though. traded off miller for SSS. and ellington for matin

  6. Was just offered Brandon Marshall and Ridley for my McCoy should I take it? I’ve got Andre Johnson, Cruz and Fitzgerald-ball, T quizz, Hyde, Bradshaw.

  7. Well, you are definitely hurting for a legit WR1, and had been blessed with two presumed top 10 RBs. However, you’re never going to start Ridley with the stable you’ve got (unless he fills a bye week hole for you, I haven’t checked), so maybe try to get her/him to offer you someone with better RB2/flex potential. Either way you probably win in the deal, as you’re swapping two guys who probably have similar ROS scoring potential (Shady’s probably a little higher upside, but hasn’t shown much flash, while BMarsh has dominated when healthy, and half the time when injured) and you’re getting an extra guy in the deal. But don’t do it for Ridley if it means you have to drop another guy on your bench to make room. I’m not starting another Pat offensive player until they show some effectiveness at least once.

  8. That’s my thinking exactly. I’m stuck on who might be better from his team though. He’s got AP, sankey, Blue, and Knile Davis as his Rbs. Stacked at Wr with Julio and Demarius Thomas with Marshall though

  9. Ask for Knile. Probly 10+ touches per game, demonstrated rb2 potential with jamaal in, and a top 10 rb if he goes down again this season.

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