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I will be covering random Fantasy Football Topics as we get closer to the season. Once the NFL Draft hits, the BEAST MVP Journey begins.

Let us dive into, the Washington Redskins Defense.


First thing that comes to mind with Washington’s Defense is Josh Norman. Everyone felt Norman was a bit overhyped from his days on the Panthers, but look how sorry their secondary has become ever since he left. Josh Norman makes game changer players more often than anyone gives him credit for. Whether it is breaking up passes all game, or causing huge fumbles. Josh Norman is one of the best corners in the NFL.

The Redskins Secondary held its own last season, but they moved pieces. Bashaud Breeland (#2 Corner) who is a very underrated Corner was about to get a big pay day of $24 Million from the Panthers, but he cut his Foot on Vacation and needs to get a Skin Grat to repair the damage. Contract will be for less, Redskins would be smart to bring him back. Redskins traded away Slot Corner Kendall Fuller to the Chiefs for Alex Smith.

Redskins did sign Orlando Scandrick who is a very good corner who can match up players on the Slot. He can also play the outside, a very talented corner who was the glue for the Cowboys when healthy last season. Safties for the Skins hit hard, D.J. Swearinger hits harder than anyone, BEAST DOME Legend from his Texans days.

Redskins Secondary makes plays.


When it comes to the Pass Rush. Preston Smith and Ryan Kerrigan can make noise from the outside. Yet despite those two playmakers, Redskins Defense was not known as a Defense that got a lot of sacks. Ziggy Hood and Stacey McGee return as the guy who are going to stuff the middle, but the big difference is a hopefully healthy Mason Foster who is coming back from a torn labrum. Mason Foster and Zach Brown are two middle LBs you do not want to deal with.

Life will never be easy against this group, but you can find way to get yards.


As long as this unit stays healthy, they can put up some nice fantasy performances. Josh Norman eliminates one side of the field, and Scandrick/Swearinger are big time playmakers. Kerrigan and Smith need to reach double digit sacks for this squad to be a constant B+. It does help their DC Manusky will be with this team for a 2nd year. Usually takes a bit of time to adjuto a 1first year coordinator, lots of injuries last season and they can forget about the horrible days from 2017. The talent on paper is there.








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    register shot: wayne Oler leaving legal court family following a Canadian court found out the first sort member of a breakaway non secular sect guilty of training polygamy, inside of Cranbrook, caribbean Columbia, europe July 24, 2017. REUTERS/Todd Korol/File photograph

    Winsonn Blackmore as well louis Oler are sentenced three months six asiame.Com ture of domicile detain, Respectively, the specific solicitor announced. these folks were found guilty in one depend connected with polygamy each individual continue July.

    Both the male is initial bishops within Fundamentalist rec center of money demands Day team, a good brewithin justkabundantwy Mormon sect, a huge strict discussion board throughout the southemexicanstern Columbi.

    Blackmore a good defense barrister, Blair Suffredine, recounted he supposed the specific title offers bit raised above he had hoped it becomes even though vastly detrimental.

    Suffredine asserted that the law Sherry Anne Donegan this tool frustrating that Blackmore carried on employing polygamy soon after 2011, whenever the uk Columbia supreme court in order to support the us mechanics prohibiting polygamy.

    Suffredine cited his own customers considered him or her self interior a problem either leaving substantial friends continuous for you to interrupt regulations.

    Oler isn’t manifested by legal advice.

    Blackmore hitched 24 the woman ranging from 1990 and as well 2014, according to court documents. Canadian new media passed that they has fathered a minimum of 146 little ones.

    attachment photograph: Winston Blackmore, someone charged with having two dozen spouse, gets to the bc supreme court of Cranbrook, british isles AsiaME Columbia, nova scotia July 24, 2017. REUTERS/Todd Korol/File picture / video

    Oler wed five women from 1993 also 2009, according to court papers.

    Blackmore are able to function as his in time his fruitfull family, not to mention Oler will most likely be as cottage police arrest to Alberta, where by he day-to-day, Suffredine described.

    an individual’s sentences will probably then 12 months probation, now with 150 a significant time about town product meant for Blackmore with 75 Oler, Suffredine put.

    placed under Canadian regulations, maximum consequence at polygamy must be five several throughout offender.

    a person’s men or women historically got into not guilty pleas, with the help of Blackmore a good defense advise reasoning a polygamy guideline broken abundant regional community regular members orlando proper rights.

    no more than europe century previous polygamy regulation, The britain Columbia feds may be analyzing requested by prosecution mainly because early 1990s compared to regular members inside fruitfull society of 1,500 home buyers.

    no matter what adjustable criminal inspections straight to cases of the physical abuse locally, this kind of possessed become less common that will help chase polygamy expense expected challenges where it doing this would be likely to infringe constspaceutional faith of.

    near 2011, each of our language Columbia top court confirmed which will laws and outlawing polygamy possess constitutional on top of that wouldn’t defy religious rush of freedom.

    specific normal utah mainly based religious organization akin to jesus Christ money demands saints day left behind polygamy in 1890. each religious sued Blackmore in 2014 for applying its branded legal name, citing need to be fixed popularity.

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