(Week 3)




Sorry about the Rankings Delay this week on BEAST DOME.  There were so many changes due to injuries that changed all of my rankings that I could not copy and paste something like I did last week.


Starting from here on out I will give everyone access to Muntradamus.NET 5 minutes before kickoff on Sunday and leave it open to view all of Monday.


Sorry for the little hiccup and I hope you all BEASTED your league.  Haiku will come out Monday Afternoon.




Password: terrelldavis


  1. Steve…don’t think so…way I read it everybody at Beast Dome will have access to Weekly rankings right before kick off for last minute adjustments, VIP’s should have access all week like it is now.

  2. I get you’re trying to get subscribers, but 5 minutes to kick off gives me little reason to check this site. I liked before when you gave the ranks by position – that doesn’t give away your fantasy pros rankings. Just saying, I liked the site last year better. I also felt the price increase from last year was a little steep. that’s just my opinion, I love munts takes – and would’ve subscribed for price from last year that’s no longer available. I also did the draftstreet last year that got access to some content. That was cool. Best of luck, I’ll check occasionally.

  3. AlwaysNextYear, I am a 2 year member. The first year I paid, so we deserve the weekly rankings before the people who have not paid… that is what makes the VIP experience different. You will get your money’s worth, even for $130 bucks. You get beastcasts tuesday through saturday with days just for waiver wire pickups to trade days, as well as start/sit. So I suggest you learn the term you get what you pay for.

  4. Thought I was a badass for trading my 10th rd (110th) pick Vick for Kaepernick… until I see him play the Colts this weekend lol… at least I managed to get Josh Gordon thrown in for Jason Snelling… to console me in week 3

  5. I’m not saying he should be free, I’m saying the price charged is on the rather high end of FF. Last year his prices were in line with the competition – I’m sorry to say this year it’s tripled compared to the competition. If you guys can tell me why I should spend more than 3X the going rate for premium FF information, please inform me.

    From a financial standpoint I play in 3 money leagues. If I win them all I stand to get about $1000. At best I’m spending 10% of my winnings on this site if I join. And the odds of 3 leagues (no matter how good your info is) is not likely, it takes a good amount of luck to win outright. So in reality I’ll probably win one, place in one or two. So my earning will be about $500 if all goes well. So now we’re talking about 20% for one site. Not including the $150 fee to get into the leagues.

    Maybe you guys spend a lot more to play FF, I don’t know. But I’m trying to see why he’s $100 compared to $25 or $30 for other sites like this. Just being real.

  6. I liked the site last year better as well. The rankings by position were free last year, why should I pay for them this year? Munt is rank #2 for QB and #4 for DST but not even top 20 in anything else. Not even top 20 overall. I understand it’s two weeks into the season, but I can’t see myself paying for VIP when he’s not even among the top 20 most accurate experts. Don’t get me wrong, I stumbled upon beast dome last year and won my league thanks to his waiver articles (cobb and morris) and rankings, but I’m not sold. I also don’t believe in paying for things I can get free elsewhere.

  7. Let me just make this clear, Munts info, insight and advice is well worth every penny, its just that the 4 of us simply cant afford to put that amount down for FF. Munt youre the man, keep on BEASTING!

  8. Dude, its only week 3… you can be number one in week 1, then by week 3 be number 88 because of the short averages. Get a clue! Munt will be fine and will bump his record up.

  9. OH, and name me one Fantasy site where the expert you are getting information from, will skype you back anytime of the day or night, keeps files of your teams win/loss record, gives you one on one attention of who to trade, and creates live chats from Tueday through Saturday? That is why people pay for Munt… he goes ABOVE and Beyond the average 30 dollar site… but you can go ahead and go elsewhere… Beastdome is where its at.

  10. I can understand not having the funds to pay for VIP or being convinced. The truth is I think all sites out there have just as good a shot at predicting the future as I do. The difference here, and the reason I spend so much time on this site, is that Munt spends an enormous amount of time compiling sound, rational arguments for players to perform or underperform. Much more so than any other site I’ve seen.

    In the end, this is all for fun (for me atleast) and I appreciate Munt’s confidence more than anything. I found BeastDome mid way through last season and his articles alone took me from 12 of 14 straight to the playoffs. His pre-draft articles stacked both my teams this year.

    Find the site that makes sense for you. I’ll be Beastin’ right here brotatoes – best hope you’re not in my league!

  11. I don’t like how he takes down the rankings so quickly. I want to see how he does before I decide to give up 130 bucks. People commenting and saying “Hes the best” doesn’t sell me, especially when he’s not even in the top 20. I saw his rankings the past couple weeks and they were just pedestrian, nothing special. Maybe this is why he takes them down so quickly? I’ll give ya the season Munt but so far it seems you’re just hit and miss….the same as any site

  12. VIP…The Proof is in the Championships!!!

    Quick story…I found Beast Dome a little over two years ago towards the end of our first Fantasy Baseball League. It was Rotisserie, and I was on the bottom. Using the advance rankings, daily suggestions I managed to pull myself out of the cellar and just short of second place. If I found the site a month earlier I probable would of won it.

    Needless to say I was a Beast Dome addict. Love the insights, love the articles. I’m especially grateful for the time Munt has given to me to answer every question i asked regrading my Teams. I joked with him once, but it’s true… All said and done the cost of the VIP program is only a few cents per question.

    When Football rolled around last year I couldn’t wait to join the VIP program. Why?? One reason of course was to take advantage of my League (Do you let the people in your league know about this site?). And second, the main reason was I wanted to COMPENSATE (FEED) the Beast. Look around!! I have no clue on how much work is involved but I’m sure glad I don’t have to do the research. With the VIP program I killed it in Football. Took the Championships.

    Baseball this year, same reasons joined VIP again. Smoked the draft because I modified ESPN Rankings to the Beast Dome’s. Team Killed it all season, took the League…. RBI’s, HR’s Run’s easily 50-60 over the 2nd place team. The Teams 20-1-3, Championship this week, will I win? I hope, every game is a variable, I know my chances are better. (oh the loss, it was by 1/1000 of a point on Batting Ave because of a point correction.)

    Football, joining VIP was a no brainer!!! A birthday gift request I made to my children. Fantasy Sports is taking a educated guess from analyzing all the data. I’ll take the advantage by talking to a BEAST any day.

    Munt thanks again for all the help!!!!

  13. Good lord, if I know it came with all that I would have paid. I’ll have to get into some more expensive leagues next year. I’m in a $40 league. Not really worth it for just that. Still, even the free advice has me doing well.

  14. Well if you did go elsewhere…why are you still here? I know you still lurking and reading his stuff. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. If you want to play lil league FF then his free stuff on Beastdome is perfect for you. But if you want to play in the Big League then you pay for quality. What other expert you can skype/email/spreecast? exactly! just stick with yahoo for your “fantasy expert”…see where that get you

  15. Hey munt. That password didn’t work for me. And I just want to double check so for rankings we can go on the @12:55 on Sunday ? Using that password or what ? Thanks !!

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