Fantasy Football Rankings (UPDATE): Super Cams Revenge? (Week 4)

Fantasy Football Rankings (UPDATE):

Super Cams Revenge? (Week 4)

By Muntradamus



Your favorite article of the week has been upgraded.  2.0 style.  The ECR is now going to be published as early as today.  This article will be updated again Thursday before the Ravens/Browns game.  After that there will be a new update with updated rankings released Saturday.

This is going to be an exciting week at BEAST DOME and this is what is on tap.



THURSDAY: 7:00pm (EST)- Until end of Ravens/Browns Game I will be on the chat live.






Before you look at my rankings, you are probably curious how I rank in the 100+ Experts so far this season.




Kicker RANKING (#1)

The other rankings I am not proud enough to share, but lets say they are dragging me down and soon I will get it all together.

Without further to do…



*Players that already played in CLE/BAL are in original ranking spot.


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  1. I’ve been offered either Andre Johnson for Michael Bush and Brandon Lloyd. PPR league. He’s also got Brandon Marshall so I could counter for him? What do you think. Johnson’s injuries vs Lloyd’s potential….

    Could you put together like a Rest of Year rankings for questions like this?

  2. I’ve been offered either Andre Johnson for Michael Bush and Brandon Lloyd. PPR league. He’s also got Brandon Marshall so I could counter for him? What do you think. Johnson’s injuries vs Lloyd’s potential….

    Could you put together like a Rest of Year rankings for questions like this?

  3. Hey Muntra,

    What do you think about trading BJGE and Celek for Chris Johnson and Brandon Pettigrew? I have McGahee, Quizz, Benson, and B. Powell as my other RBs.

  4. Hey Muntra,

    What do you think about trading BJGE and Celek for Chris Johnson and Brandon Pettigrew? I have McGahee, Quizz, Benson, and B. Powell as my other RBs. So glad I listened to your advice and was able to trade K. Smith.

  5. I have Martellus Bennett, Jason Witten, and Heath Miller. Definitely keeping Bennett. Holding the others hostage in hopes that I can put together a trade. Who do you feel is more valuable? Witten or Miller? I’m growing impatient with Witten.

    A trade that was offered to me is Jennings (my WR) for V Jackson (his). They’re both inconsistent. Thoughts?

    Should I be looking to trade Vick? My other QB is Peyton and I can’t imagine starting Vick anytime soon.

  6. Hey Munt,

    Thanks for all the advice! You’re awesome! I have a question and I trust your advice.

    Would you trade: Rashard Mendenhall and Alfred Morris for Chris Johnson? I think I have leverage here and might be able to get CJ for just Alfred Morris. I think if I got CJ I might be able to turn around and trade him for Cedric Benson?

    Let me know what you think. Thanks for all the advice you have given me!

  7. Munstrocity,

    I am thinking about offering Martellus Bennett, Desean Jackson, and Ryan Matthews for Andre Johnson and Antonio Gates. What do you think?

    I have MJD, D. Martin, McFadden, Lloyd, B. Marshall and Pettigrew as my other relevant players.



  8. Hey Muntra, thanks for the rankings. I need help at WR this week b/c of BYE week. I picked up LeShoure off the wire last week for nothing. I’ve asked for trade proposals and am evaluating a trade of Brandon Lloyd for Mikel LeShoure.

    RB – I’m starting McCoy, Lynch and FJax (hoping he starts), with McGahee, Tate, Jacquizz and LeShoure on the bench.

    WR – Because Wayne and A.Brown are on BYE this week, I’m starting LaFell and Garcon (hoping he starts). But I need to start another WR that I don’t have.

    Would you:

    1) Trade Lloyd for LeShoure straight up
    2) Pass and pick up Nate Washington or Nate Burleson and drop Tate (will have to bid high to get him back next week)
    3) Counter. He’s also got AJ Green, Victor Cruz and DeSean Jackson

    Thanks so much in advance!

  9. Hi Muntra,

    First time reader here. Love the site and your analysis, keep up the great work.

    Question for you: Does RGIII or Matt Ryan get the start this week?

  10. Nice; I was too hesitant to make the move on Kevin Smith.
    I believe Munt thinks C. Johnson will get better as the defenses focus on guarding against the passing game instead of him running. I would take a look at their schedules to see who is more favorable. I think Pettigrew is more dependable because Vick is too sporadic right now.

  11. I am thinking of trading Greg Jennings for Chris Johnson; hoping CJ will start to do better soon and be more valuable than Jennings.

    Any thoughts?

  12. Picked up Lesoure and Powell off waivers this week and now my RB corps is looking really good with BJG, CedBen, and WIllis McGahee. But with McGahee not as injured as he was supposed to be, should I trade him and go with my new rb corps or keep him for safety?

  13. would you trade hernadez, green-ellis, and amendola for Martelles Bennett, Sproles, and Steve Johnson in a ppr league?

  14. Muntradamus!

    I’m in desperate need of some help! I somehow ended up with both Gronk and Graham. I have to package one, along with DeAngelo Williams and Kenny Britt, in a trade for RGIII and Stevan Ridley.

    Which one do I keep?

    I figure that Graham has more potential, especially once Hernandez is back, but I don’t want to make the wrong call.


  15. Just to elaborate on my last post – my current QB’s are Cutler and Ponder so I am in desperate need of an upgrade.

    Also, would you mind picking a RB2 and a FLEX out of this group? (everyone’s input is welcome)

    Andre Brown
    Jacquizz Rodgers
    Mikel Leshoure
    Brandon Marshall


  16. Hey Muntradamus,

    Thanks for the advice about Bennett! Really saved my rear this weekend.

    Would you do R. Rice and A. Morris for DeSean Jax, AP and Chris Johnson?

    Again your advice is golden!

  17. DECKER (vs OAK) or JORDY (vs NOS)…COIN FLIP?

    Flex spot. 1.0 PPR.

    Jordy seems to b trending downwards while Decker is heading the opposite direction. Or is my vision blurred?

    Thanks in advance!

  18. Hey Muntradamus,

    I was offered a trade today for my:
    Aaron Hernandez & Andrew Hawkins

    For His:
    Jordy Nelson & Jacquizz Rodgers

    I have Amendola on my bench. Should I accept or should I counter replacing Hawkins with Amendola?
    Thanks in advance!

  19. Munt, do you think Pierre Thomas is worth keeping on the roster? Or should I drop him for B Powell?

    Same thing with Donald Brown, but at least he’s a starter.

  20. Munt,

    Should I hold onto Pierre Thomas? You had him as a must add the other week. Or should I drop him and pick up B Powell?

    Same thing for Donald Brown; I have D brown, but at least he’s a starter.

  21. Would u rather have Powell or mendenhall? Mendy was recently dropped, have a claim in, dropping hunter. What do u think?

  22. Hey-

    Like the rankings and material this week…good stuff. I gotta disagree with you about how high you are ranking CJ, even over Trent Richardson. I have both players, and there’s no way I’m starting CJ.6K over T-Rich even with a tough matchup. It’s hard to watch Johnson at this point…and I’ll believe he’s back when I see it in the stats.

    Quick question: Does my starting lineup with WRs/RBs this week look okay? Big matchup.

    WR- Bowe
    WR- Maclin
    RB- T-Rich
    RB- Benson
    Flex- Jacquizz

    Bench: CJ, T. Young, Ben Tate

    Thanks a lot again. I haven’t visited another fantasy advice site since I found this one…no need to watch those ESPN FF shows and stuff. Haha.

  23. Hey Munt,

    Tony Romo/Chris Johnson for Peyton Manning/Alfred Morris. Would you pull the trigger? I also have Dan Bailey as my kicker. I know how you like having the same kicker and QB. So let me hear your thoughts.

    Thanks for everything,


  24. Munt, I really like your advice and I have 3 different teams I am working with, 2 of which are 3-0, and the other 2-1. I have a tough matchup on the 2-1 team this week and I could really use a bounce back win. There are many things wrong with this team and it doesn’t help that we were all drinking and smoking during the draft….I HAVE 3 eagles starters, Vick, McCoy, and DeSean. I have very unhappy about it and really do not want to start Vick this week. I am half temped to pick up Christian Ponder vs Detriot, or Palmer vs Broncos, leaning more toward Ponder….what do you think?? Would love some advice on this team!!

  25. qb-vick
    wr-Andre Johnson
    wr-DeSean Jackson
    Shonn Greene, Boldin, Hillis, McCluster, S.Hill, D. Avery, Sam Bradford

    12 person league, so there is some free agent talent but it is scarce

  26. What’s up? Thanks for the advise. I’m 3-0 and looking to close out the first quarter of the year undefeated. Would trading Donal Brown for Chris Johnson be fair? or is BJGE for Chris Johnson more likely the way to go? Thanks and keep up the great work.

  27. By the way the “other experts” are now talking up Powell and Quizz. Way to go leading the pack. So, would now drop D. Richadrson for Powell. I have Steven Jackson.

  28. Big game this week… Chance to bury a divisional opponent! (.5PPR league)
    Proposed Starters:
    BJGE, AP, AJ Green, M Austin, H Nicks, M Bennett

    My WRs have been hot but the matchups worry me this week.
    Bench: D Moore (Thanks for that pickup!), Lamar Miller, S Greene, B Powell, S Holmes and F Davis.

    Would you recommend swapping Moore in for one of the WRs? Do I have a better Flex option?

    PS – I’m a first year fantasy player, and your advice has helped me keep up with guys who have been playing for years! Thanks for the leg up!

  29. I have Chris Johnson should I bench him which I really dont want too but I have Daniel Thomas or Bilal Powell which one????????

  30. Stick with Jennings solely based on potential. V.Jax is on a team lacking threats so defenses can focus on him.

  31. who do you have at WR? I just traded F.Jax for Mike Wallace thinking that Spiller is going to adsorb a lot of Freddie’s production.

  32. Go with Thomas(against a weak Oakland Secondary), Houston’s front four are just as good if not better than Detroit’s.

  33. Greene and Powell are on the bench right now. You think Powell will outscore one of my WRs this week? I don’t think the Jets are going to move the ball on the ground vs the 49ers this week.

  34. Hey Munstradamus,

    I currently have DeMarco Murray, Andre Brown, Cedric Benson, and Steven Jackson. I was offered Matt Stafford for Steven Jackson, and my current QB is Cutler…should i accept this trade? Thanks!

  35. I know I’m not Munt, but I don’t think you could go wrong with picking one over the other. I would stick with Graham as well (The New Orleans DEF gives its passing game a bump), but I wouldn’t fault you for going with Gronk.

    It’s clear that you need to shop one, unless you can play them both in a flex spot, but beware of buying RGIII high.

  36. I wouldn’t start Powell. He is a good speculative add for the rest of the year but no way should you start him this week over BJGE, AP, Green, Austin, or Nicks. Powell will take over the job in NY, but for now he is on the wrong end of a timeshare and going up against arguably the best run defense in football.

  37. Would you do this trade?

    Fred Jackson and Denarius Moore
    Jaquizz Rodgers and Antonio Brown

    This is for a dynasty league where Rodgers and Brown are under contract for next season as well.

  38. Hey Munt,

    So my team looks like this



    Mike Wallace
    Antonio Brown

    TE Greg Olsen

    Should I trade one of my steelers recievers to get more diversification? If so which one would I trade? and who should i aim for, a WR or RB. who would be some equivalent trades? Im thinking realistic trades are demariyus thomas, miles austin,

  39. Hey Munt,

    I’ve been offered a trade that I think I’m going to accept. I’d like to hear your opinion on it. I’ve been offered Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings, Chris Johnson, and Cedric Benson for Wes Welker, Stevan Ridley, and Michael Bush. Welker and Ridley are both my #2s and Bush is my FLEX. Thanks for you time!

  40. Trade proposal update:

    Fred Jackson, Martellus Bennett, Denarius Moore


    Jaquizz Rodgers and Steve Smith (CAR)

    I have Hernandez and Rudolph at TE to replace Bennett

  41. Lucky1 thanks for signing up.

    QB Matty Ice is a great start this week.

    RB Martin and Leshoure are the RBs to foll with.

    CJ is not trustworthy yet. Forte is healthy. Tate is questionable every week. Jackson has Spiller. Quizz..

    WR Jones and D-Jax have great matchups.

    TE: Graham

    Flex: Wild Card. Go with JacQuizz Rodgers who could breakout against the Panthers D. More on him tomorrow in the Beasts article.

    Thanks again for signing up.

  42. This is a the right trade to make if you can get it.

    I’m surprised it was not accepted.

    I would not go after anyone but JacQuizz.

    Even offer Fred Jackson straight up for Quizz.

  43. If you can get Demaryius Thomas for one of the Steeler WRs that’s not a bad trade.

    However both WRs are great players to own since the Steelers throw so often. You do not need to trade as both are near top 20 options every week moving forward.

  44. You need the QB upgrade.

    For you to give up your #3 RB who is going down instead of up for the preseason #4 QB overall. Make the trade. Cutler will not get it done for you.

  45. You got it joven

    I would keep your lineup as is.

    All guys look strong, do not like the Bailey vs. Moore matchup.

  46. You can drop Richardson to get Powell.

    Powell has the chance to be the starting RB in a few weeks which would give him better value that you can move later on if anything.

    The Experts rankings change after they look at my rankings ;)

  47. Good to hear you’re going strong. Not a bad trade to move Brown for CJ.6K. Brown is no lock to keep his job all season, CJ could be more explosive now that the passing game is getting there.

  48. Add POnder.

    Drop S.Hill (useless)

    Let the chips fly on Ponder, you already have Vicks do or die weapon with Jackson. So you’re covered.

  49. I would rather get the Romo CJ deal.

    CJ will bounce back sooner than later, Morris could still lose his job.

    Romo will be a 300 Yard/3 TD QB again. Manning will do a lot of managing when McGahee is at his best, which will be often.

  50. Good move using Richardson.

    He got that gift 1 Yard TD on a drive he did not do a thing.

    But that’s fantasy football for you.

    Lineup looks ready to roll for Sunday. I stopped watching those shows too ;)

  51. Decker has the better matchup, and is likely to see more targets.

    However this is a matchup that Jordy can easily get 2 TDs.

    Now is the time to trick an owner into thinking he is buying him low. Sell him for Benson or Stevie Johnson.

  52. Either keep both.

    Or trade Gronk or Graham for a star QB for Stafford/Ryan/Brees/Brady/Rodgers.

    Do not give up the best TE and a RB and a WR for an unproven QB and a RB who could be phased out of the game plan some weeks.

  53. The team getting Aaron Hernandez wins that trade easily.

    Green-Ellis is a top 15 RB
    Amendola is a top 25 WR in a good matchup

    Sproles is spotty.
    Stevie is good, but I would rather have the better RB in Green-Ellis and the better TE in Hernandez who comes back next week.

  54. Ryan gets the Green Light.

    If Ryan has an easy game he automatically starts over RGIII. Not a bad guy to use as a trade chip to see what you can get. Ryan is a top 5 QB all season.

  55. Start McGahee over F-Jax. Spiller is healthy/playing.

    You cannot give up any of those RBs without trading.

    With that said, Lloyd for Leshoure is a nice trade. You should make that as Garcon may not play this week.

  56. love the nickname.

    I like the trade, however I would not make it.

    Bennett and Gates are about even in value as of now, Gates may only be a handful of spots higher.

    Mathews and Jackson are both useful players, they equal more than Andre Johnson.

    If you want Andre.

    Offer Mathews straight up.

  57. Figure out a way to end up with Cedric Benson.

    I would pull off the trade for both Mendy and Morris for CJ, but do try to get Benson. It would be better if you can do Morris straight up for CJ.

    Glad you like the advice ;)

  58. What’s up Munts?? I’m a loyal fan of your site.

    I’m 1-2 and in desperate need of a win. I’m conflicted on who to start @ flex.

    2wr,2rb and 1 flex.

    I have Marshall/ Jennings @ WR. Martin/McGahee and Ridley @ RB.

    I already started T.Smith @ WR (winning) so I have a WR slot, 2 RB slots and a flex.

    I was thinking about starting all 3 RBs and Jennings @ WR.

    Whatcha thinking Muntradamus??

    Thanks in advance.

  59. Oya forgot to add.. I have Forte and Quizz Rodgers.

    I’m thinking of giving Forte another week off

  60. DChicks

    Saw you dominated in the BEAST DOME league last week. Nice going!

    I would accept the trade for Andre Johnson. Michael Bush is good, but he is nothing when Forte is healthy.

    Johnson when healthy is night and day a better option than Lloyd. There will be weeks where Lloyd is inconsistent, though he will continue to dominate with Hernandez out for another week.

    R.O.S Rankings is in the Trade Market article.

  61. In the RB ranks u have Fred Jax in late 20s below a lot of other RBs. In the flex u have him rank in low 20 s above some of those same RBs and that includes some decent WR options as well. Did u mean for that?

  62. K.Britt is out….does this means that N:Washington will rise in your rankings? I have Amendola now in WR3 slot. Should I start Washington ahead of him? And also should I start Rodgers over Fred Jackson in flex?

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