Fantasy Football Rankings (Update): Super Cam Returns (Week 7)

Fantasy Football Rankings (Update):

Super Cam Returns (Week 7)

By Muntradamus


We are now in Week 7 of the Fantasy Football season.  Usually this is the beginning of the serious BYE WEEK BLUES.  This article will be updated again Thursday before the Seahawks/49ers game.  After that there will be a new update with updated rankings released Saturday. This is going to be an exciting week at BEAST DOME and this is what is on tap.



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Before you look at my rankings, you are probably curious how I rank in the 100+ Fantasy Football Experts so far this season.





WEEK 6 Rankings

Overall Ranking (#12)

RB Ranking (#11)

WR Ranking (#18)

TE Ranking (#6)

D/ST Ranking (#6) 


Jonathan Dwyer.
David Thomas.
Ahmad Bradshaw.
& Many More.  All the Rankings have been tweaked. Injured players are GONE.


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  1. Motivator, I need to trade for a RB. Murray going down really hurt me this week as Bush is on bye and MJD is my only other top back. I have Demaryius Thomas, Mike Wallace, and Antonio Brown. Also have Luck , Stafford, and Freeman. What is a resonable offer for D.Martin out of the listed players.

  2. Hello M and thanks again for your awesome guidance. I’ve been 3-1 since discovering your blog, but most importantly, my team is looking stronger each week.

    I need some help with this week’s lineup. PPR, 2 RBs, 3 WRs and 2 Flex.
    RBs –
    Felix Jones is locked.
    Then I choose between Fred jackson and Law Firm.

    Flex – One of the RBs from above, Brandon Lloyd, James Jones or Jermichael Finley.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. How about Bradhsaw’s sudden foot problem? Think we should pick Andre Brown or David Wilson?


  4. who should i keep as a back up qb. I have cutler as my back up right now. fitzpatick, ponder, dalton, freeman and palmer are on the waiver. Are any of those qbs a better play this week and for the rest of the season? Thanks!

  5. Depends on who is your starter and when is his bye week (i.e. what matchup will your backup have).
    Either way, Dalton has been killing it this year. I’d go for him.

  6. bermingham i have matt ryan as my starter. cutler is my backup. I have cutler starting right now againt detroit with marshall as a nice combo. But i am wondering if cutler will come through. Is cutler a better option this week and for the rest of the season than fitz, freeman, or ponder? I want to have a back that will produce good numbers if ryan goes down. Who is the best and who has the easier schedule wk 14-16. Im thinking dalton or freeman over cutler for the long run. Your thoughts? Thanks!

  7. Hey Munt, It feels like Cam’s gonna have a big game to me but i’ve been debating starting freeman, agree?

  8. Munt I could really go for some quality advice, I started off 3-0 and have dropped the past three games on some very unlucky play most recently trading away rodgers, playing against him and dropping shon greene and playing against him….BULLSHIT. I always like your pickups and rankings and I believe that I have a Strong team in this 10 person league for prize money of 1000 dollars!

    Team consists of:
    QB,Rothleisburger: HB, Morris, BJE, Murray, Ballard, Blount: WR, Marshall, Harvin, Wallace, Smith(carolina), Brandon Gibson, Cobb: TE, Gates, Gresham: DEF, Arizona: Kick, Tucker

    My Dilemma, I have too many receivers and not a strong number 2 back. We start 2 backs, 2 wideouts, 1 flex. So obviously I am starting 3 wideouts. WHO on earth do I start this week….Clearly Marshall/Harvin/Morris, who is my number 2 I am thinking the Law firm but something is telling me to go with Ballard this week against the brownies. Then as far as my flex goes who do I plop in there, Smith/Wallace/Cobb or Gibson. I realize that I have a good problem I am very deep but now I have no clue on who to play. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I NEED to bounce back and win this league!!

  9. Hey Munt, what do you think about Beanie Wells ROS? He’s on the wire, and I’m thinking about stashing him. Here’s my current roster:

    QB- Drew Brees
    RB – Chris Johnson
    RB – Daryl Richardson
    RB/WR – Steve Johnson
    WR – Brandon Marshall
    WR – Wes Welker
    TE – Antonio Gates
    D/ST – Bills
    K – Shayne Graham
    Bench – Jacquizz Rodgers
    Bench – Vick Ballard
    Bench – Brandon Bolden
    Bench – Sidney Rice
    Bench – Danny Amendola
    Bench – Jermaine Gresham
    Bench – Dolphins

    Is anybody worth dropping for Beanie? Thanks

  10. Should I pick up bills defense? Over steelers?

    And should I continue with Finley or should I try for Olsen? I have pitta as my 2nd TE

  11. Depends who has D. Martin and how bad they need a WR. Antonio Brown might be the most even trade, but if they aren’t hurting for a WR you may have to sweeten the pot with Wallace or Thomas.

  12. Hey folks, been very short on quality Rb’s since the Wells, Williams injuries (not that they helped me anyway…)

    Current roster ,12 team league, non PPR:

    Rice, Felix, D.Brown, Ballard, Stewart and Wilson.
    Fitzgerald, Colston, Bryant, Crabtree, Blackmon<=(thanks for the heads-up Munts)

    I just offered Bryant+Felix for D.Martin.

    The owner of Martin has DeMarco Murray and is in need of a WR. But now I'm having second thoughts since Murray is week-to-week.

    Should I do this trade?

    Other Rb's that could be available for a WR is Ridley, Bradshaw, McGahee and Mendenhall.

  13. I’m working on a trade: I’ll be giving up BJGE and Andre Johnson for Ryan Matthews and Jason Witten. Do you think it’s a good trade? My other receivers are Marshall, Lloyd, and Denarius Moore. My other RBs are McGahee, Felix Jones, Bolden, Starks, Quizz.

  14. I’m working on a trade: I’ll be giving up BJGE and Andre Johnson for Ryan Matthews and Jason Witten. Do you think it’s a good trade? My other receivers are Marshall, Lloyd, and Denarius Moore. My other RBs are McGahee, Felix Jones, Bolden, Starks, Quizz.

  15. You need the help at running back but I would try and get a guy who I know is healthy for Welker. Teams can never really tell with foot injuries how long it is going to take a player to recover, look at Garcon and McFadden last year. You may be getting a player you will never use.

  16. Dalton. He has one of the best WR in the game and a pretty good cast with Hawkins and Gresham. Cutler would be good for matchups cause once they play a team who can shut down Marshall cutlers screwed. If schiano wasn’t run heavy then I would go freeman as well. Williams, Martin and Jackson’s a good cast.

  17. anonymuous and johnjohn i would start freeman over cam this week..i just traded cam for romo. I just cant trust cams accuracy anymore. He needs to throw more tds. Freeman this week. you can always do a qbbc approach week to week with the two.

  18. Hey Mike,

    the Giant’s have been using Wilson lately, who has been producing well for them. And Brown was out with a concussion and is just getting back. I would lean toward Wilson, as they have been waiting for him to break out and they drafted him for just this reason, Bradshaw going down. If you can grab Wilson, get him, he should get some PT this week.

  19. Jeff i would go finley..any moment now he will blow up. get bills for the playoff run if you have room..go with steelers d

  20. Hey Nick, I would start Freeman. He’s playing against N.O. who’s defense isn’t that great, but can put up points. In order to stay with N.O. Freeman WILL HAVE TO THROW, Brees will not be the odd man out after Brady and Rodgers had explosive games. He will be slinging the ball. So Freeman will have to do the same. PLUS, PLUS, PLUS, if you can get Big Mike Williams, you will be yanking in more points. Big Mike has been getting it in big time. So go with Freeman, and play/use him the next 2 or 3 weeks as his match ups are Vikings, Raiders, Chargers and Panthers. Looking good for a minute, IMO

  21. As much as I think Cam can have a big day too, I don’t think he will have a better day than Freeman, IMO. Cam is facing Dallas’s defense which is good, even though they lost, bad coaching will kill that team eventually. Plus, unless the Panther can establish a running game, they not going to have a great game. When the Panthers are running on all cogs, Cam, Stewart, Williams, it’s very hard to beat them. Lately they haven’t been doing that and it’s been effecting the passing game, especially Smith. So I would go with Freeman, he should have around 16 fp’s when it’s all said and done, IMO

  22. I need help choose three for week seven… Antonio Brown, Denarious Moore, Mike Williams, or Randal Cobb?
    BTW I have Aaron Rodgers at the helm so it kinda raises Cobb’s value i believe.

  23. David Wilson has the talent but Brown is getting the 1st team reps with Bradshaw out. Based on that it looks like Wilson will still be the back up if and when Bradshaw goes down.

  24. I have Peyton on a bye as well as cam newton. So you are saying play Freeman over Manning for the next few weeks?

  25. Would you trade M.Stafford for S.Ridley and J.Freeman? I need wins now and take that division lead and playoff spot. I’m 2-4.

  26. The Jets didn’t sign a running back this week because of Tim Tebow’s ability to play the position, sources tell ESPN New York.
    Both Bilal Powell (shoulder) and Joe McKnight (ankle) are out, leaving only undrafted rookie Jonathan Grimes behind starter Shonn Greene. Beat writer Rich Cimini takes that as a “sure sign” Tebow will be involved. Look for him to top his season-high of five carries and handle the short-yardage work. The Jets are going to have to pull all the tricks out of the bag to hang with the Patriots in Foxboro. ”

    Will this affect your rankings at all? :D Interesting, but Tebow must sill have a minimum upside?

    passing: 3-6 31yds 1TD
    rushing: 8 carries, 24 yds, 1TD

    … the most…..13 fantasy points?

  27. I’m really flipping coins here. :( I have to start RB2, WR3 and flex out of:


    I know that I should just look at the rankings, but still not feeling very comfortable starting highest ranked players Blount, Blackmon and Burleson. Blount has a chance to get goal line TD, but he might as well lay an egg. If Richardson does not play then Hardesty is the best option as RB2, but….any upside when Richardson does play? Can you really count on Blackmon to get something going on against poor Raiders defense? They played well last week against Atlanta. What about Henderson? I’m hearing that L.Moore is going to play ant that destroys Henderson’s value. Burleson is against one of the best secondarys in football but he might be the safest bet to get something. Not looking good this week.

    As for now…I have Blount as RB2, Blackmon as WR3 and Burleson as flex. Any suggestions?

  28. I have James Jones and Kenny Britt on m bench should i start them over any of these players?
    Andre Johnson
    Mike Wallace
    Miles Austin

  29. eagles finn go blackmon, blount, and burleson..blackmon is there best receiver he will get targets..burleson will continue to see decent targets with megatron opposite him, and a fat blount would be nice on sunday..he gets in the endzone.

  30. Play the matchups Nick. If Peyton plays a tough D, go with Freeman. At this point I would go with manning if the matchup looks good

  31. That’s my plan A and if nothing changes this week….that’s what I’m going to do. It’s just hard to trust on Blount but…..what can ou do but hope for a TD. They SHOULD try to slow down the game though by running.

    Munt, If Dwyer get’s the start against the Bengals, where would he land in your rankings? I just picked him and dropped Tanner. If he starts then will he be better play than Blount as RB2 or Burleson as flex? Or move Burleson as WR3 and leave Blackmon out. What to do in that scenario?

  32. Rashard Mendenhall (Achilles) and Isaac Redman (ankle) will not play at Cincinnati in Week 7 after missing a third consecutive practice on Friday.

  33. Do I drop hartline this week for blackmon? my wr’s r jennings, maclin, hartline(all out this week), in the meantime i picked up jones whos been good, then i grabbed gordon and washington to start this week, should i keep gordon and washington as starters for this week or drop hartline or someone else ?? gibson, wright,blackmon and avery are all still available..

  34. Jimmy Graham is out for Sundays game according to Rotoinfo as he is not traveling with the team.

  35. Here’s my team
    QB: rivers/freeman
    Rb: spiller, bush, and r matthews
    Wr: Calvin, white, Britt, Burleson, m wiliams, J morgan
    Te: Pettigrew
    Def: NE
    K: janikoswki
    Idp: bowman, Joe h, and Clemons
    What moves can I make to improve my game
    2-4, and 10 man ppr

  36. Try to get Rudolph or Hernandez. I would trade either Britt or Mike Williams for one of those.

    Be flexible with your defense.

  37. How can I improve my team?
    QB Drew Brees
    RB1 DMC
    RB2 Mikel Leshoure
    WR1 Reggie Wayne
    WR2 Julio Jones
    WR3 Vincent Jackson
    TE Gronkowski
    Flex Randall Cobb
    Def Vikings
    K Blair Walsh
    QB Andrew Luck
    RB3 Mendenhall
    RB4 Darryl Richardson
    RB5 Brandon Bolden
    RB6 Goodson
    RB7 Hardesty
    RB8 Andre Brown ( I have about 8 RBs for this week due to injuries and match up).

  38. Miles Austin or Denarius Moore for my flex this week?? The rankings say Austin but they’re so close on the list I figured it’s worth asking…

  39. Also for RB – BJGE, Blount, J Stew?

    Been starting Law firm, but he doesn’t seem to know where the end zone is and has burned me a few weeks with little production…

  40. I would drop pitta for Olsen. And pit isn’t a good D rightnow. Try min, den, atl, NE for a decent D. Otherwise Pit won’t be good until palomalu is healthy again

  41. Hey guys I have a pretty shitty dilema, the league cominissher put a limit on Free Agents at 25. I have already used 21 of my 25. My team is extremely solid and I am deep for bye weeks except on Kickers and Defense….As of now I have Arizona and Tucker. Tuckers bye week is next week so I need to pick up a kicker that I CANNOT change for the rest of the season. Janikowski, Bailey, Suisham, and Vinateri. All of these kickers have had their bye week already so they are my safest bet. Would really appreciate the comments on this. As of now I am leaning toward Janikowski and Suisham! Thanks guys.

  42. I think Seabass is the way to go… His leg is really strong and the Raiders are having trouble at times finding the endzone which allows field goals for Janikowski.

  43. Good trade. I like AJ to rebound, but Mathews is worth it. & a good upgrade. Witten is solid & I would rather play him in the flex than BJGE playing Indy anymore (ok, maybe not Indy-but I wouldn’t be confident)

  44. No, I wouldn’t. I would rather have Stafford & his 42+ throws a game, it is a fair offer though

  45. Janikowski is your best bet. See if you can snag Denver’s D or Bills D, who has the best schedule playoff time. & trade AZ D

  46. Ouch, that’s twice already this season I used your defense rankings and received negative points..

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