Fantasy Football Rankings (Update): Reboot Megatron (Week 6)

Fantasy Football Rankings (Update):

Reboot Megatron (Week 6)

By Muntradamus


We are now in Week 6 of the Fantasy Football season.  Vital week to turn those losing seasons around.  This article will be updated again Thursday before the Titans/Steelers game.  After that there will be a new update with updated rankings released Saturday. This is going to be an exciting week at BEAST DOME and this is what is on tap.  Hopefully everyone was able to get their hands on James Starks off the Waiver Wire.







THURSDAY: 7:00pm (EST)- Until end of Titans/Steelers Game I will be on the chat live.






Before you look at my rankings, you are probably curious how I rank in the 100+ Fantasy Football Experts so far this season.




Kicker RANKING (#2)

WEEK 5 Rankings

QB Ranking (#9)

WR Ranking (#4)

D/ST Ranking (#7) 

*VICK BALLARD (RB) 24 (Last #52)
Luck/Wayne/Fleener. Small bump up.

*Joe Haden & D’Qwell Jackson look ready for Battle.
All Bengals get a downgrade (except Gresham and Hawkins)

*Colts Missing two DT’s.
Shonn Greene (Boost up)

*Darnell Dockett still not 100%.
Fred Jackson & C.J. Spiller (Boost up)

*Not showing my cards.
Stevie Johnson, James Starks, Josh Gordon (Boost up)


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  1. do i roll with bess or do i pick up sidney rice this week? i have colston and marshall on bye this week.

  2. I would roll with Rice. He’s got a much more forgiving matchup and Seattle is probably going to need to throw the ball more to keep up with the Patriots…

  3. Hey M.,

    I have the Pitt D/ST, but NE is available in my league. I have some roster space. Should I add them or roll with the Steelers? Thanks!

  4. Hi Munt!

    Dont know if you caught the latest wire, but it looks liek D Brown is out a couple of weeks. People need to pick up Vick Ballard if you need the help (which I do)!

  5. In my 2qb start league I have an offer of Demarco Murray for Luck (my backup for Brady/Ryan combo). I have these RB’s: DMC, Mendenhall, SJax. Replacement QB’s on the wire for my bye weeks are garbage. Should I still do the trade?

  6. Agreed, Rice is the better option. Although Wilson has been pretty bad, they’ve gotta start getting Sid the ball in order to open up the running game

  7. That wouldn’t be a bad idea. NE has an easy schedule from here on out, so they make a solid add

  8. I’d go for it. Murray would immediately become your RB2 and then you can try to move either Mendenhall or SJax for a comparable QB

  9. I have 2 problemos

    I’m not sure who to play in PPR Mikel Leshoure or Dougie “fresh” Martin?

    Also Jason Witten or Kyle Rudolph?


  10. I am not a fan of Sidney Rice. I think he is overrated even though he isn’t even rated high. This guy’s career was made as product of one of Brett Favre’s best years. NE knows he is all SEA has at WR. So he will get added attention.

    On the other hand, Bess is going up against a very much improved Rams pass-D. However, will the Rams pay more attention to stopping Hartline and possibly let Bess steal 60yds and a TD?

    Verdict: Leave Rice on the trash heap and go with Bess

  11. I have Gates and Witten in my main league.

    Gates – trending down, looks sluggish, dropping things he used to catch with ease, not getting open, and I even saw some moping last Sunday night.

    Witten – Has gotten better every week, still looks quick and has his mojo, getting more targets than Gates, and Romo will be looking mainly to Witten to help him silence all the critics coming out of the bye and for the rest of the season.

    Verdict: I would pull the trigger.

  12. Got an interesting trade offer and cant decide who to choose. This guy wants Marques Colston bad and is willing to give me any one player from his team. my choices are as follows

    Willis McGahee,
    BenJarvus Green-Ellis,
    Brandon Lloyd,
    DeSean Jackson,
    Tony Gonzalez
    Matt Forte,
    Greg Jennings,

  13. Need trade help. 10 man standard league. My roster looks like this:
    QB Ben Roethlisberger
    RB Arian Foster
    RB Jamaal Charles
    RB/WR Reggie Bush
    WR Larry Fitzgerald
    WR Wes Welker
    TE Owen Daniels
    D/ST Cardinals
    K Matt Bryant
    Bench Tony Romo
    Bench Steve Johnson
    Bench Philip Rivers
    Bench Jason Witten
    Bench Brandon Pettigrew
    Bench Malcom Floyd
    Bench James Starks
    Theres an offer of Andre Johnson and Demaryius Thomas for Jamaal Charles and Wes Welker. Good trade?

  14. Has D.Carter any value now that D.Brown is out for at least two weeks? Everyone is picking up Ballard, but I’m thinking that Carter would end up as GL back. Am I wrong? Can’t pick up Ballard because he just got picked up but Carter is available. This week against Jets…next week Browns and after that Titans.

  15. Thanks. It seemed like a decent move for me, but worried about depth in week 7/9. Really though, Murray helps every week, as opposed to being sorta weak for only two, so it does make sense.

  16. Muntrabeast! I’ve been offered Antonio Brown for Jordy Nelson/Battle. Battle isnt a factor imo because Im deep and strong at RB. PPR league (1pt). Pull the trigger?

  17. This game will cause Seattle to turn to Flynn. The Rams are pretty good against the pass and have an excellent pass rush. Go with Rice, he has more upside.

  18. Only value I see in this trade is that Witten has already has his buy week. The running game is going now that Matthews has returned and defenses will not be able to focus on Gates as much and will honor the play action, leaving Gates open down the middle. I would stay with Gates, Witten just looks slow to me.

  19. I agree with Maibett. Your Qbs are great. Move Luck for Murray, he is a beast. The Cowboys offense will be sharp out of the bye.

  20. Martin and Witten. Martin is still going to get 20 touches a game. Leshoure could lose significant touches to Bell. Witten is more of an option in the passing game in Dallas than Rudolph is in Minny.

  21. was offered gates and mendenhall for Gronk and torrey smith. I have plenty of WRs and my best RBs are Steven Jackson and Ryan Mathews. Good Trade?

  22. Donald Brown is out this week. Vick Ballard is getting the start instead.

    Can I really start Chris Johnson this week? I’ve been burned so bad by him and am in a must win. Thinking about starting either Ballard, Alex Green, or William Powell instead. Is that stupid?

  23. Whats up Munts??

    Well you’ve helped mold my squad into 3rd place so far.

    I was just offered CJ2Lame for Ridley. Ridley has been $$$ for me so far.

    Whatcha thinking??

  24. Yup, completely agree with jrome. Leshoure is in an offense that’s transitioning to a RBBC approach while Martin has 90% of the carries, and Witten proved last week that he’s back.

  25. I wouldn’t pull the trigger on that one. While you would get 2 great WR’s, the cost of Charles is too great. RB depth is essential to a solid fantasy team, so keep the guys you have

  26. I’d only add him in the very very deepest of leagues. He hasn’t gotten any reps all year, which is a bad sign considering who he plays for

  27. I like it. Jordy may have some big time games before the season is over, but guessing when that’ll happen is the problem. Brown is about as consistent as they get. Pull the trigger

  28. Personally, I wouldn’t do that. I think Jamaal Charles is too good right now. Andre Johnson is a beast but his numbers haven’t been that great. and no matter what the Pat’s think, you can’t deny Welker the ball. He knows how to get open and Brady will have no choice but to throw to him. Others may disagree, but that’s my opinion on the trade. Hope it helps.

  29. My team consists of..

    QBs: Joe Flacco and Cam Newton
    RBs: Matt Forte, Willis McGahee, Alfred Morris
    WRs: AJ Green, Julio Jones, Brandon Marshall, Brandon Lloyd, Brian Hartline, Danny Amendola
    TEs: Tony Gonzalez
    K: Jason Hanson
    Def: Chicago and Arizona

    My QBs are hurting me.
    Another kid has…

    QBs: Schaub, Rivers, Peyton Manning
    RBs: A Bradshaw, S Green, D Murray
    WRs: N. Washington, Andre Johnson, V Cruz
    TEs: Dressen and Gresham
    K: M Bryant
    Def: Broncos

    I want Peyton Manning. Any trade ideas? Should I even bother?

  30. Man chose Starks over A Green off waivers and I see you changed course. What gives? You learn something??

  31. Hey Muntradamus, gotta say you’ve built up a pretty good community here. Haven’t felt too inclined to ask for FF advice this year, but I’ve got a trade offer I need help parsing.

    So this is my team, in a 10 team standard scoring money league, sitting at 1-4 in 8th place:

    QB: Mike Vick
    WR1: Julio Jones
    WR2: Pierre Garcon
    WR3: Jeremy Kerley
    RB1: Shady McCoy
    RB2: Ryan Matthews
    TE: Jason Witten
    K: Shayne Graham
    DST: Seattle
    WR bench: Greg Jennings, Lance Moore
    RB bench: Alfred Morris, Doug Martin, James Starks
    TE bench: Martellus Bennett

    So the deal is, I give Morris and Moore and get Reggie Wayne and Chris Johnson.

    Everything I’ve consulted says this trade favors me, but I’m kinda wondering if I can negotiate and get Stafford off his bench instead of CJnoK. And while I need WR help now (which Wayne might not provide this week anyway), losing Morris jeopardizes my Week 7 chances against the league juggernaut.

    So accept? Negotiate? Reject?

  32. I recommend sticking with what you have. You have a really good team…couple of average QBs is fine when Morris, Forte, Jones, AJ green, Marshall, Lloyd, and Gonzalez is on your team haha.

  33. 100% pull that trigger. Jordy is a B U S T and with all of the weapons GB has at WR with Jennings and Jones, it isn’t worth keeping Nelson when he is up and down. Take Brown.

  34. Take. Murray is a solid RB#2 and him with Run DMC is solid. You could then trade Mendenhall or SJax for a backup QB.

    Murray over Luck.

  35. Three no’s.

    Charles is seeing a lot of playing time and it’s hard to give that up. Thomas is the #1 WR on the Broncos but Wes Welker has three straight weeks of 20+ points in my league at least. Andre has yet to prove his elite status fantasy wise this year

    Decline it.

  36. STL isn’t just shutting down the WR1, they’ve been pretty elite against receivers across the board. So I’d let Bess sit.

    As for Rice, NE isn’t great against the pass, but they do a good job against the WR1, so Rice might not be the best option either. On the other hand, garbage time could net a useful line.

  37. PIT isn’t putting up points. They’re no longer elite for FF purposes.

    So drop them and pick up NE instead. NE is probably only a matchup play, but this should be a good week for them.

  38. The IND offensive line is terrible at run blocking, and Carter has been nothing but a bust so far. Leave ’em on the wire until he shows some signs of life.

  39. How does Rice have more upside? He had one good year with Brett Favre as the QB. Since then here is what he has done; 2009=280yds/2td, 2010=484yds/2td, 2011 199yds/1td. YIKES!

    Bess on the other hand is one of the most accomplished and best kept secrets in the league at the slot position. He runs extremely good routes and has sticky hands. He will draw the Rams’ nickelback (Bradley Fletcher) not Finnegan or Jenkins. The Dolphins WILL BE throwing and I guarantee the Rams are not game planning against Bess but you’d better bet they are going to pay close attention to Hartline and Bush.

    …then there are the targets:
    Bess 38tgs., 22catches, 346 yds.
    Rice 26tgs., 17catches, 199yds.

  40. Who do you all think?

    Start 2 out of:

    S Ridley – Playing time shift? Fumbles make me sad
    S Jackson – Miami run D coupled with groin worries

  41. This is eeaaasssyyy…

    1) Dougie Fresh

    2) Rudolph – The Redskins have given up a TD to a TE in 4 of 5 games this year including a monster game to Gonzalez last week. I do agree that Witten is back but he is going up against the Ravens who have NOT given up a TD yet to a TE.

  42. There’s only 40 receiving yards, 3 targets, and 2 catches separating these guys right now, so this has got to be a floor vs. ceiling debate.

    Historically, we know that PIT receiving TDs tend to go Wallace and Miller. That stayed true even without Mendenhall around. Now with him back, I think that means even less TD opportunities for Brown. But there’s no doubt he’s the possession receiver on his team. So he’s got a nice, safe floor.

    Nelson, meanwhile, is a big play receiver on a pass first, pass second, pass third team. The GB offense may not be clicking right now, but do you want to bet against that happening for the rest of the season?

  43. I don’t think you have enough RB depth to do that trade.

    I WOULD however trade Welker for Thomas straight up…Thomas is on his way to being a stud’s stud and he has a legend throwing him the ball. Thomas’s YAC makes me giddy.

  44. I would say yes — if for no other reason than the Steelers remaining schedule is very favorable for receivers.

  45. You have a damn good team there. Definitely much stronger than the other guy that has Peyton.

    Question is; Are you losing weeks because of your QB’s? Also how bad do want Peyton?

    If you answered YES and ALOT, then I would try Flacco/Lloyd or Cam/Lloyd for Peyton.

  46. Well assuming the Vikings, Cardinals, and Falcons are not an option then I would stick with Pitt. They get TEN for crying out loud. You have a better than 50% chance that Matt Hasselhoff (yes I know his real name) will just hand the ball to a defender in fear for his life and let them run it back for a defensive TD.

  47. Donald Brown is OUT! anybody know much about backup Vick Ballard… D Brown was my flex play this week….

  48. According to the Daily News, the Giants’ coaches are now “excited” about David Wilson.

    How much would you read into this?

  49. I’ve got 4 ridiculous WR’s:
    – Percy Harvin
    – Demarious THomas
    – Roddy White
    – Reggie Wayne

    As with every week I have no idea who to pick – percy of starting – awesome matchup + he’s consistent, white is so unpredictable (i’m in a tough league so i can’t have off weeks) and only got 6 targets last week, and Wayne+Thomas are both in beast mode.
    Just wanted to know you guys’ opinion –

  50. Is this a good trade??

    Steven Jackson and Marquess Colston

    and I would receive

    Matt Forte and Brandon Lloyd .

    Keep in mind i have Brady at the helm

  51. ok ppl
    4 RB’s, 3 Spots: Shady, AP(revenge game?), Turner & Mendenhall both have matchups .. who sits??

    OR I play all four and sit a QB (Eli, Luck, Dalton)? Munt’s got Dalton on top out of those three this week but I don’t like Haden coming back on AJ. Eli’s got the 9’ers. Luck is averaging 300+….

    NEED INPUT ^(;..;)^

  52. I do not think Morris for Wayne is fair value. “Career game” notwithstanding.. And while CJ is technically a RB, I don’t foresee him turning it up to Morris’ level this year, so you wouldn’t be getting much value there either.

    Probably better to hold onto the starting RB asset, but something like Morris and Garcon for Wayne and Stafford could be a lot sweeter for you.

  53. Yeah do that Aero25, Murray should instantly make your team better, and if the Boys could ever get things right on the line, he’ll be running all over people. Make that trade

  54. T Top, what does your bench look like? Who else do you have. You could offer him Lloyd and some RB 2/3 and see if he bites. He could use a receiver, and Nate just isn’t getting it done, if you play in a 3 wr league that is. So try that and see

  55. I might start Ballard over him. That being said, You never know when CJ’s lineman are gonna figure something out. With Hasselbeck in, the passing game should open up the run game a bit more, so I’d take the risk with CJ

  56. While Ridley did fumble, he is the #1 RB in one of the league’s most explosive offenses. CJ is a high risk, medium reward player at this point. Stick with what you’ve got

  57. My roster: cam ponder ridley spiller starks best wilson hillman rogers julio AJG Cobb Hawkins hixon pitta

    I like my team I am just not winning. Cam has burned me a few weeks as well as pitta and spiller. Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

    My thoughts were A) sell high on Ridley for Demarco but now I think I will hold B) Buy Luck with Ponder and quizz and try to trade Cam for a stud RB or TE (graham?) I don’t want to break up Julio and AJG unless it becomes absolutely necessary. I have a lot of potential talent on my bench I am waiting for and Jahvid Best could give me a real boost next week if he is cleared. Help a brotha out I really need a win.

  58. Thanks guys! Appreciate the input. I am actually not losing weeks because of my QBs, but they are making it closer than it should be. I guess I’m just being greedy. I offered the guy Cam/Lloyd.. he didn’t bite.

  59. If you can trade Ridley for Demarco straight up, I would do that in a second. You definitely have a lot of potential talent, but you might not have the luxury of waiting for it to come to fruition. You need people that can win you games now. Shoring up your RB’s needs to be priority #1.

  60. This is an absolute steal for you. It will be hard for Luck to break into the Brady/Ryan rotation. Maybe trade a lesser position player for a QB with good matchups on the bye weeks.

  61. I traded Big Ben, CJ1K, and Nate Washington for Drew Brees. Any suggestion to improve my team will be much appreciated. Thanks!

    QB1 Drew Brees
    RB1 DMC
    RB2 Mendenhall
    WR1 Julio Jones
    WR2 Reggie Wayne
    WR3 Vincent Jackson
    TE Gronkowski
    Flex Leshoure
    D/ST Dolphis/Vikings
    K Blair Walsh
    QB2 Andrew Luck
    RB Brandon Bolden
    RB Jahvid Best
    WR Jerome Simpson

  62. I’d solve that problem by trading one for a decent RB. I say that because if you’re as stacked at RB as you are at WR your league can’t possibly be all THAT bad. Keep one of your beasts to spare and upgrade another position.


    I get – Arodg + Ryan Matthews

    He gets – Demaryius Thomas + Forte

    My team:

    QB: Romo/Flacco
    RB: Forte, DMC, DBrown, Starks
    WR: Andre, Nicks, Demaryius, Hartline
    TE: Rudolph, Witten

    Worth the risk of giving up the hottest WR in the league besides AJ Green?

  64. Any good sleeper WR’s to pick up if Harvin is out on Sunday? he was limited by hamstring injury today at practice. I’m going to take a huge beat down is he doesn’t play……even now dealing with bye week problems and my opponent has J.Jones, M.Wallace and A.Brown. If Harwin is out….how about D.Aromashodu as deeeeeep sleeper?

  65. Munt,

    There is talks of A Bradshaw not looking too good after that big game last week and D Wilson will get more carries.

    If true, do you think I should trade A Bradshaw and M Floyd for Pierre Garcon and Rashard Mendenhall?

  66. What’s up Munt?
    I have M. Jones-Drew on bye…
    A. Bradshaw@ S.F
    S.Ridley@ Sea
    Jacquizz Rodgers vs. Oak
    J. Starks@ Hou.
    Tough matchups for Ridley & Ahmad…which 2 I start? all coments will be appreciated.. thanx
    btw, u think A.Hernandez is good for this week?

  67. My WR are against tough matchups this week.
    Team is:
    QB: Andrew Luck, Christian Ponder
    RB: Run DMC, Gore, CJ?K, Vick Ballard, B. Powell, Jacquizz, James Starks

    WR:Cruz, Colston(bye), Lloyd, Hartline, Josh Gordon. I have a waiver on Sidney Rice.
    TE: Vernon Davis, Gates
    Pick 2rb 2wr 1te 1w/r

    RIght now I have:
    RB1: Run DMC
    RB2: Gore
    WR1: Cruz
    WR2: Lloyd
    TE: V.Davis
    W/R: CJ?K

    Who would you start?

  68. I’d pick Alex. Giant’s secondary isn’t that great and he’s looking better and better.

  69. You look pretty good, but I’d pick up someone to replace Simpson his health issues concern me. Some FA WR that I like are Donnie Avery, Josh Gordon, Sidney Rice, Quick or Gibson.

  70. Tough call. I would wait for sunday’s game. We know what we have with jacquizz. See how Green does before dropping someone like quizz for starks.

  71. I have both Colston and Lloyd and so far Colston has been the better producer by far. I think there are just too many mouths to feed in NE, and with the return of A. Hernendez that will only get worse. He’ll have great games but won’t be as consistant as Colston who get’s targets on targets. S.Jax seems to be better from his groin injury and will get even more carries due to amendola being out.

  72. If you are going to do the trade, do it for Forte, he’s the best prospect by far. I think Colston is in for a big year though. The Saints are never going to stop throwing.

  73. You want a deep sleeper?

    Go with Harry Douglass against the Raiders. Matty Ice will throw for 3+ TDs this week, Douglas can easily be on the receiving end of a long one.

  74. To get Aaron Rodgers…

    Without a doubt.

    But look to move Flacco and possibly Hartline to get a solid WR you can count on. Jeremy Maclin is a good target.

  75. Best Dome Nation, Muntras, this is my remaining team, thanks to Antonio and Mendy, I’m in a hole, starting off the week with about 8 points, should have been at least 12, IMO. But can’t cry over that, it’s ova. So here’s what I have Mattie Ice, Schaub, Romo – Roddy, Magatron, Andre, Dez – Foster, Mathews, AP, Demarco, Spiller – who should I start, need 2 qbs 2 rbs 2 wr 1 flex.

  76. Rice has more upside, this week. Not over the course of the season, which could change if they put Flynn in. He is going up against a leaky secondary in NE. Thinking that the Rams are not game planning for Bess is a mistake. Game plan for Hartline is Finnegan. Forcing Tannehill to throw to Bess or to the TE using a safety over the top to intercept the attempted pass to Bess or Fasano. Good opinion on your part and we will see how it goes Sunday.

  77. munst, talk to me about Jarrell Freeman. He’s been a beast, and he’ll be on the field a lot with the other IND LBs injured. Don’t you want to move him up in your rankings so I can start him over M. Burnett?

  78. I’ve got 4 ridiculous WR’s – Need to start 2
    – Percy Harvin
    – Demarious THomas
    – Roddy White
    – Reggie Wayne

    – percy im thinking of starting – white is so unpredictable and only got 6 targets last week, and Wayne+Thomas are both in beast mode.

  79. Dumb

    Torrey Smith was getting into a zone before last weeks dud game for all in baltimore. Look for him to be solid for most of the season. He will be a poor mans victor cruz with his big play potential.

    Vick- Getting jmac back will help him tremendously. He has too many weapons not to be good. He has had red zone issues thus far but just think if he figures that out(which he will) we are talking an extra 1 or 2 tds a week.

    Big ben is quality but thats it. I know they will lean heavy on the pass going forward(crappy running game) but you would be giving too much up

  80. WYZEGUY hit the nail on the head. D-MART is a no brainer although he will miss some goaline carries and everybody seems to forget that LESHOURE is decent but was expected to split carries his first game but SHWARTZ kept him in because he was having a good game. IN DET its comittee although way and i wouldnt be suprised if BELL steps it up and starts to play more of the snaps because of his versatility.

    Rudolph over witten because Witten has to compete for more targets whereas Ponder has proven that he loves Rudolph especially in the red zone. Rudolph hasnt had a monster game(yardage wise) because he has played decent competition or they were blowing out their opponent. Role with Rudolph with confidence on a 4-40-td day at worst!

  81. dont do this trade. Colston is sooo consistent and will have strong games going forward especially if graham is hobbled with his ankle. S-jax hasnt even begun to play yet this season and Jeff Fisher loves to run the ball. Even though Bradford has been putrid you know they have to develop the pass to make the run work and when that happens S-Jax will be ready to punish other teams.

    I love forte but hate LLoyd regardless if he has a stud qb throwing his way. Belicheck game plans whereas the saints don’t(i.e. some games bill will committ to the run and clock management whereas the saints pass every game every down)

  82. Id think twice about trading Colston for any of those players. Forte is obviously the best option though.

  83. So the other guy wants RB help — Your RB’s are Mathews,McCoy, Morris (Martin/Starks have no trade value right now).

    Moore is just a chip in. Most likely the week you’ll need him there will be an equal or better option on the waiver wire.

    Mathews, McCoy are both studs with proven track records. Morris is a rookie on a magic carpet ride. Im starting Mathews/McCoy every week while Morris sits.

    The offered assets – Wayne, CJ123ABC

    Wayne = ROS Top 10, good chance Top 5. Must start.

    CJ123ABC = Not top anything, BUUUTTTT he has been there before and lightning could strike.

    Jones,Garcon,Wayne is a badass WR group.

    I guess what Im saying is……….be bold, live alittle! DO IT baby!

  84. I know something about Vick Ballard…He will be the RB for the Colts vs. the Jets this week.

    I dont see anything remotely enticing about Vick Ballard. Nothing.

  85. That trade would really depend on what else you have on your roster.

    Sjax – aging player with very tough schedule ahead

    Colston – Brees has a great chance to be #1 overall QB ROS and his favorite receiver is Colston

    Forte – beast on a good offensive team but the issue with him hasnt changed from the start of the season — limited TD potential

    Lloyd – every reason why he could be a top 10 receiver this year was/is legit but as we are finding out the Patriots just have too many mouths to feed and now they have a dynamic run game. ROS is trending down for him

  86. McCoy?AP = must starts regardless of matchup

    Turner = has to be in your lineup this week. Normally not a big fan though

    Eli = has had good games against the 9ers in the past

    Luck = nice chance he goes over 300 with 3 tds again

    Dalton = AJ Green had a great day against Haden last year

  87. Your team isn’t deep enough to make up for Cam’s shortcomings. Unfortunately you team will be whatever Cam is that week.

    Ridley for Murray = yes

    Cam for stud RB/TE = not sure anyone is willing to give up a starter for Cam right now. you’d be selling almost at rock bottom

    Luck = if you could get him he would be your best QB

  88. Mr. Muntra,

    Should I start Leshoure or Randall Cobb at flex?

    Also, Jahvid Best or James Starks for long term roster stash??

    I have DMC, Mendenhall, Leshoure, and Bolden.


  89. Should I start Fred Jackson, or Jaquizz? Or should I go after Bolden, Powell, Starks? All are still availiable on the waiver wire.

  90. Trying to determine if I should try to make a move or if I should stay put. I am sitting 3-2. Going to lose this week due to too many players on byes
    (QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, Flex, TE, K)
    S Smith
    S Rice
    M Bush
    O Daniels

    A Roberts
    N Burleson
    Donald Avery
    Daryl Richardson
    Jerome Simpson
    Michael Floyd
    A Dalton

    Guy who has few WRs I like – Bryant, Wayne, and D Thomas, has shown interest in manning and MJD. If I was able to get two of those WR and Big Ben would it be worth it to lose MJD and Eli?

  91. I wouldn’t take any of them off the waiver wire after last week’s performance. Starks had a point, Bolden looks to be hurt, and Greene solidified his role in the Jets coaches’ eyes.

  92. Dalton is a reliable starter with the kind of numbers he puts up so the QB part of the trade shouldn’t be a problem. (Roethlisberger and Dalton are great QBs)

    As for the RBs/WRs part I don’t know who you would replace MJD for.

    WRs need improvement but I wouldn’t do it unless a get a RB back to replace MJD. Maybe Bryant/Wayne/Thomas AND a RB instead of 2 WRs.

  93. I would not recommend that.your RBs & Eli is your strength, u have no depth at rb. your WR could use a boost, but Jennings will be back. If u played rice & Burleson, had a chance, did you win?

  94. 12 team PPR QB/2RB/3WR/TE/Flex

    My team
    QB: Newton/Ponder
    RB: McCoy/Mathews/Blount

    Does a trade for my McCoy, Bowe, Blount
    for Mike WIlliams, McGahee, Green-Ellis, sound good? Williams is just sitting on his bench. His other RB is Trent Richardson.

    I see me having a better WR and two mid RBS, for 1 top RB. Blount is just a filler.

  95. I did not. His Rodgers 50+ points killed me ha. I will look for other options. Problem is most people dont value MJD as he should be cause his team is terrible.

  96. Thanks. Im super weak at WR and I guess I was getting desperate. Another guys offering me Greene, FJax, Hicks for McCoy.

    Trying to figure out how to get decent WRs at a low price.

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