Fantasy Football Rankings (Update): Green Eggs and Cam (Week 5)

Fantasy Football Rankings (Update):

Green Eggs and Cam (Week 5)

By Muntradamus


We are now in Week 5 of the Fantasy Football season.  Vital week to turn those losing seasons around.  This article will be updated again Thursday before the Rams/Cardinals game (who nobody would watch if they did not have Fantasy Players involved.)  After that there will be a new update with updated rankings released Saturday. This is going to be an exciting week at BEAST DOME and this is what is on tap.





THURSDAY: 7:00pm (EST)- Until end of Cardinals/Rams Game I will be on the chat live.





Before you look at my rankings, you are probably curious how I rank in the 100+ Experts so far this season.




Kicker RANKING (#1)

The other positional rankings are holding be back from being #1 with a huge margin.  Maybe not having Stafford in my QB ranking as a top 5 this week by default will help me out.



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  1. Munt, who do you prefer to pick up Brandon Bolden or Bilal Powell? Thanks boss, keep up the ELITE BEAST work.

  2. Am I an idiot:

    Just traded Fitzgerald, Ridely and 49ers DST for MEGATRON.

    Go big or go HOME amirght!?!?

  3. Hey Munt and fellow Beasts –

    Luck or Schaub this week. I made the killer mistake last week of playing Ponder over Schaub. I’m afraid Houston will steamroll pathetic Jets, and Luck could be in a shootout. Or do I learn my lesson and take the safe Schaub?

  4. Would you do alfred morris and fitz for megaton? ppr
    Other running back Mccoy, Sproles, Matthews

  5. Not sure how to play this bye week. I carry one Qb, Te, K, Def and stock pile as many rb’s as I can. Now, with my Te (Pettigrew) on bye week, I’m not sure what to do. If I can’t make a trade what then? Do I go with no kicker (hope for the best), so I don’t have to drop anyone or do I need to drop someone from my roster and pick up a te? (Pitta and Chandler have been dropped and are on waiver).
    Here’s what I’m working with = Rb’s: A. Foster, BJGE, S. Jackson, F. Jackson, D. Brown, B. Powell, A. Brown, B. Tate, M. Leshoure – Wr’s : J.Jones, S. Johnson, K. Britt, P. Garcon.

  6. Would you do this trade. PPR. Fitz and Sproles for Megatron. My other Rbs are Mccoy,Matthews, and Morris

  7. Hey Muntra, sorry to keep bugging you! So I’m about to offer a trade for Demarco Murray because I desperately need a RB, and here are the two proposals, both of which would probably be accepted:

    1. I give: Wes Welker, Sidney Rice, Brandon Marshall
    I get: Demarco Murray, Calvin Johnson

    2. I give: Wes Welker, Sidney Rice
    I get: Demarco Murray

    So basically what I’m asking, do you think Calvin Johnson or Brandon Marshall will be better ROS? I’d wait to see your ROS Rankings on Thursday, but I’m not sure if I can wait that long to make the offer. As always, your help is much appreciated!

  8. Should I give DMC and Marshall for Foster? I do have some depth, but Marshall is still my best WR.

    Other RB are CJ, Mathews, and Morris.

  9. Thanks Knapp

    Bilal Powell is going to be the man for the Jets very soon. Could even have the gig essentially to himself next week against a weak Colts defense.

    Go with Bilal.

  10. I keep coming back daily. Consider me addicted.. Been working tradeoffers in my league to try & address my rb shituation.. Sproles/bradshaw/Draughn/Powell.. Sproles on bye next week & Bradshaw with injury history.. Need help and waiver wire not a good source for help.

    Just traded Larry Fitz + Jared Allen for Alfred Morris + JJWatt

    Still have JJones,Torrey Smith, Amendola, Mike Williams & Hawkins at WR so I’m good for depth.

    I’ve run the trade through some of the analyzers found online & most tell me I lost the deal.. I disagree but would love your 2 cents.

    We start 1qb,2rb,3wr,1te,1w/r,1w/r/q/t, def, k, 4 idp

    Also have Ryan/Flacco on byes for b2b weeks 7/8.. I stashed tebow in hopes he’s playing by then.. Pipedream? Other options were weeden/hasselbeck/wilson

  11. Mr. Muntra, just wondering how I can improve my team. I am 2-2 and up against 4-0 team this week.

    QB Big Ben
    RB1 CJ1K
    RB2 Mendenhall
    WR1 Julio Jones
    WR2 Reggie Wayne
    WR3 Nate Washington
    TE Gronkowski
    Flex Jackie Battle
    D/ST Vikings
    Kicker Blair Walsh
    RB McFadden
    RB Leshoure
    RB Bolden
    WR Vincent Jackson
    WR Jerome Simpson
    QB Andrew Luck
    D/ST Green Bay Packers

  12. I need to figure out my RB, RB, WR/RB positions. I have Bradshw taking one of those positions and I have to pick from S. Greene, J. Stewart and B. Powell to fill the next two. I currently have 3 QBs (Rivers, Romo, Fitzpatrick) and 3 TEs (Bennett, Davis, Witten) so I could drop one and add someone. Andre Roberts, James Jones and Andrew Hawkins are all still available. Any help would be great. Thanks.

  13. So you would start Andre Johnson over Torrey Smith and MJD in a PPR this week, although AJ hasnt gotten into the endzone in a whie and he’s playing the Jets?

  14. Mr Munster,

    Should I trade Bennett and Wayne for Gronk and N Washington? PPR league, Wayne’s spot would be filled by either Washington or Maclin.

    I think Wayne will be more consistent then Gronk and thinking of just rolling with Bennett.

    Thanks, enjoying the site, especially since usa today went all lame.

  15. Hi Munt,
    thanks for these ranking!

    Who would you go with as your flex this weekend (ppr) James Jones, Donald Brown or Anquan Boldin?

    I like Jones but already have Finley (and rodgers) so hesitant to start too many packers.

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Hey Munts. Just wanted to send you some love. I think i discovered you around week 1 on which i was also new to. Once i realized you had the one and only gold star , i was instantly hooked on Beast Dome and will never look back. Funny thing is i already grabbed Benson off the wire and traded cheap for McGahee to back up Lynch and Murray. I thought then maybe just maybe i have a little BEAST inside of me. I have since also traded cheap for J.Rodgers and grabbed B Powel off the wire. In the near future i will show you my entire roster. I think you would be proud. I bet my opponent this week is snickering at Benson in my starting line up. I wish i could see the look on his face. Just wanted to thank you for all past and future advice and send you a fist bump, no wait…….im sending you a great big one armed bro hug!!!

  17. Whats up Munts? Im in a dynasty league i am a very serious title contender this season. Mainly because its pretty obvious im the only competitor using BEAST DOME. I have a trade offer out there and think im about to land Andre Johnson. How good for how long do you think he can be? Percy Harvin and D. Thomas are also on trade blocks. Out of the two, who do you like better now and long term? THANKS!!

  18. Would it make me crazy if I gave up Stevie J. and Fred Jackson for Demaryius Thomas?

  19. Need help picking my Flex for this week (.5 ppr) after losing Holmes and Nicks. My options are: F Davis, K Wright, B Bolden, B Powell.

    If Britt is out should I start Wright? Your rankings list Powell as the go to here, but I’m wondering if you trust him for a start yet?

  20. What’s up Chief? Thanks for all the hard work and great advice. Since, I’ve learned about this site in week one of this season, I’ve been visiting all the time trying to learn the ways of the BEAST. Next year I’ll be here earlier for the draft too. Thanks.
    Above I wrote about my bye week options for Pettigrew. Well, besides Chandler and Pitta, Fred Davis is on waiver. Which way should I go?

  21. Hey Munt,

    I have Hixon in one league; should I start him over Stevie Johnson?

    In another league, I have James Jones; should I start him over Malcom Floyd?

    I know your rankings have Stevie and Malcom higher than Hixon and Jones, but not sure if the ranking is considering Barden, Nicks, and Jennings being out.

    First off, LOVE IT 3-1 thx to some help from my friends. Second year playing and I use a philosophy of core four and four. Draft four studs (hopefully), do a mock redraft each of the first four weeks to sort out the wheat from the shaft and cruise from there. Working out well (damn you ponder). Just wanting to thank muntra and ask if the league should be scared of this team. 1 pt PPR/ IDP starting any three DP. everyone does three LB’s because it requires little effort, leaving JJ Watt to me for free in week 4 and my pick of the litter at CB/S. So here goes. Start QB,RB,WR,TE,3 Flex(rb,wr,te), 3 IDP, K

    QB- Vick (traded F-jax for him this week, will grab foles when it happens), Tebow fa(we are here)
    RB- T-Rich draft, Morris fa, Bradshaw draft (had Brown, thx), Battle fa, Powell fa, Bolden fa, Jacobs fa, Hillman fa
    WR- C.Johnson draft, Harvin draft, Bess fa
    TE Graham draft, Rudolph (trade for Tony G. to many weapons on O + long tooth = inconsistent)
    LB Dqwell (traded Pettigrew, upgrade from the statue that has become Ray Lewis plus cmon when is petti starting over the beastman graham), DE Watt, CB Finnegan
    K Novak for now, used Walsh first four but like NO defense given up so much, matchup. Min will most likely score all td’s this week, still seven pts.

    Sorry for the long off it but just wanted to say thanks for helping out my prediction skills. Your insight has fostered my ability to see into the next few weeks and make some bold moves in advance of people blowing up, key in fantasyland. When the league is asking “why pick that guy up” and then he blows up is where you want to be. Not trying to fight on the waiver wire after the fact. See Brown, A, NYG week 2. Won that week and all I heard was that I was insane for starting him, till around 11 pm Thur, Hahaha. On fire ever since. You rule and glad to be here.

    So whats the chances of running this joint and making my league mates to look like fools when I am 13-1 going into the playoffs? Plus no one is making moves and sticking with the team they drafted hoping they were right 5 weeks ago, I see this as the downfall since the NFL is always a fluid situation. Am I right and this should be a walk in the park since they are sleeping at the wheel when it comes to picking the next breakouts? All thoughts and critics welcome, let us win this beast domers.

    Thanks, Georgec

  23. Hey TK,

    Gonna try to help ya here since a second set of eyeballs never hurts. Ben vs samuel and rodgers cromartie will be a let down game. Vick and mccoy will try to run that clock out and eek out a win to stay atop plus steelers will want to get that run game going with mendenhall no time to waste to see if he can still do it. Start Luck he will have to heave it up all day. Benson can’t own a game on the ground so the clock will stop a ton giving more ops for Luck than pit will get.

    I like Bess over Washington, he won’t be on Hasselbacks hit list and AP will wind that clock down since Min is all about racking up safe wins, they have to pile them on. The Bengals will focus on hartline and are not good at walking and chewing gum at the same time and he will be wide open many times. I am from cincy and have not seen a secondary here since the swat team, 1988 and still waiting. Tannehill will be in a shootout and will go to bess often if you can get him.

    Last, go get Adam vinaterri to go with Luck or cover your bases with Novak to get some points when Rivers stalls a drive or 8. That’s my take. Good Luck. peace. georgec

  24. I personally would roll with luck. Schaub will be solid, I think you can’t go wrong either way this week

  25. I wouldn’t. Maybe Cruz or green or white plus morris, if I needed the RB even then I’d want a little better RB

  26. I wouldn’t accept that for him, maybe add Mathews, I have been contemplating it if I get a tier 2 rb back

  27. Not the best trade.

    You probably should have tried to do it for Fitzgerald and 49ers alone.

    Hopefully the Madden Curse does not strike..

  28. Thanks for the kind words.

    “besides Chandler and Pitta, Fred Davis is on waiver. Which way should I go?”

    Fred Davis and Pitta are the two you want to focus on. Pitta looks to be the best now, but Fred Davis is getting in rhythm with RGIII.

  29. Keep Rolling George. Glad to see you in the community feel free to answer other questions and what not. Enjoy your stay at the BEAST DOME.

  30. MrWd

    Rankings are updated (every Saturday Night( Check them out and from there you will see who I like.

  31. Will thanks for the kind words.

    Love Andre Johnson this season, he will completely bounce back starting this Monday Night.

    Between Percy and D-Thom

    Long-Term I like D-Thom I think him and Peyton are getting a very strong connection. Hard to trust Ponder every week of the season.

    Good luck and thanks for commenting in the DOME.

  32. Just traded Trent Richardson, Jammal Charles and Stevie Johnson for Ray Rice and Ryan Mathews, PPR league, what do you all think. BEAST DOME!

  33. It’s a very risky trade. I don’t think I would have done it. 3 very good players for 1 stud and 1 enigma.

  34. I agree with Rocksteady. Even if you take Stevie out, an argument can be made that Richardson+Charles > Rice+Mathews. I don’t think I’d have pulled the trigger

  35. Munt, if this injury to Benson is serious do you recommend picking up Joique Bell or Bernard Scott? I just put in a claim for B Quick after Amendola was injured. My current team is Qb’s – Brady, Schaub Rb’s – Murray, Mcgahee, Benson, Quizz, Powell WR’s – Cruz, Harvin, Colston, N Washington TE’s – Olsen, Cameron

  36. Don’t trade that was the best trade for you. T-Rich was a keeper and Charles is fantasy-wise amazing. Mathews is a backup and I’d rather have the 2 RB’s PLUS Stevie Johnson over Rice and Mathews.

  37. Try to get Joique Bell. Mr. Consistency (6 pts, 8 pts, 8 pts, 10 pts) in my league. Only getting better.

  38. Would you guys drop Brandon Bolden for Jacquizz Rodgers? (Standard scoring)

    I’ve also got Foster, Murray, Martin, and Leshoure. So I’m not hurting at RB (except this week).

  39. Bolden is looking very explosive as of late. With the Ridley fumble, you will not want to let Bolden go in any league. Tough it out with Brandon as his long-term success looks to be growing by the week.

  40. Great site – the numbers don’t lie:

    Looking for expert advice on how to improve a decent (so far) team (14 Team PPR).

    Looking to upgrade at WR, DEF, K

    QB D. Brees
    WR Miles Austin
    WR Antonio Brown
    RB Jamaal Charles
    RB Adrian Peterson
    TE Martellus Bennet (post Aaron Hernandez inj.)
    K Lawrence Tynes

    BENCH: Christian Ponder, Jaquizz Rodgers, Andrew Hawkins, Devon Bess

    I’m 3-2 with plenty teams breathing down my neck. Can you see a trade that could help me ?

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