Fantasy Football Question Of The Week: Are My Guys Going To Play? (Week 17)

Fantasy Football Question Of The Week:

Are My Guys Going To Play? (Week 17)

By Muntradamus


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Week 17 is a week where many teams end up resting starters, which in return ends up causing many Fantasy Owners to lose a crucial matchup.  This article is going to review each team that could potentially sit out starters, and my outtake on the situation.  Also a little preview on some of the teams on how I feel about them heading into the playoffs.  More on playoff predictions next week, where Fantasy Football never dies on BEAST DOME.


GREEN BAY: If they win. They are the #1 Seed.

Never again will the Packers rest any starters in Week 17 before the playoffs.  Last season they had the Superbowl on lock down with their eyes closed.  After going undefeated, Green Bay decided to rest Aaron Rodgers in Week 17, and then go on to lose in their first playoff game against the Giants.

Aaron Rodgers will be an ELITE play.
So will his WR Trio + Finley. Especially Greg Jennings.
You can leave Alex Green on the bench.


SAN FRANCISCO 49ers: They need to Win for at least NFC West Crown.

Bottom line, the 49ers are playing to blowout the Cardinals so they can gain all the momentum in the world to win the NFC.  The 49ers definitely have the talent to do it, but will have a long playoff road ahead likely starting in Round 1.  Will one of the playoff teams be able to figure out Kaepernick?

Probably.  But the probably will make it very tough if they lose to the Cardinals Sunday and play as a Wildcard team as opposed to winners of the NFC West.

Colin Kaepernick will be playing at his best level.
So will Michael Crabtree.
Vernon Davis is long overdue, but too late to trust now.
Frank Gore could see limited carries to rest up.


ATLANTA FALCONS: Already Clinched #1 Seed

I’ve never seen a more vulnerable #1 seed in the Playoffs for some time.  The Falcons do have the offense to put up points with the best of them, but this defense is not consistent like a Superbowl defense usually is.  The Falcons need to have a strong game against the Bucs to send a message going into the playoffs.  This team is not a lock to win the Superbowl, so they will play to blowout the Bucs for confidence.

Will we see the starters get benched?  Probably.  But it won’t happen until the Falcons are up by 35 Points in the 4th quarter, and that won’t happen unless all of your Fantasy Players had Huge games.

Matt Ryan is an ELITE Play.
WR Duo + Tony G. is an ELITE Play.
Michael Turner/JacQuizz Rodgers will likely get more work in the 2nd half.
Because Matt Ryan already put on a  show.


HOUSTON TEXANS: Playing For #1 Seed if they win.

Enough said. Plus they are playing the Colts, a team they want to crush going into the postseason.  Don’t think twice about your Texans.

Matt Schaub will be Schaub.
Arian Foster wants to go into the postseason with full steam ahead.
Andre Johnson will look to keep his momentum.
Owen Daniels may miss the game, you can bench him.

DENVER BRONCOS: Playing For #1 Seed if they win.

Peyton Manning knows he not perfect right now, and there is no reason for him to put a sparkling finish on a season the Broncos will likely want to remember forever.  If I had to pick one team in the AFC to win it all, Denver has been my pick since Week 7 as they were mentioned in my Haiku as the team to beat all along.

Peyton Manning will be ELITE.
Knowshon Moreno is a lock to be a Top 10 RB. Where art thou Willis McGahee.
D-Thom/Decker will be ELITE.
TE situation is hit or miss every week.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: Win could put them in as #3 Seed.

It could really turn them into the #2 Seed if the Packers lose along with the 49ers.  Regardless, Seattle is the team to watch in the NFC. BEAST MODE and that Defense which will be at full strength is ready to destroy any team.

Pete Carroll has turned the Seahwaks into the USC Trojans.  They will run up the score, they will have Heisman type performances from their players at the NFL level.  They will destroy you emotionally.

Russell Wilson is ELITE.
Marshawn Lynch is ELITE.
WR group could be led by Golden Tate (Deep Sleeper).

CINCINNATI BENGALS: Win Could make them the #5 Seed.

The Bengals have not earned the respect to be a team that can rest its starters before the Playoffs.  Plus there is a good chance the Ravens and Bengals matchup in the first round of the playoffs.  It would not bode well for this franchise to lose the game in Week 17 at home against the Ravens.  Then play the Ravens in Baltimore in the First Round of the Playoffs.  Not to mention a loss nearly guarantees a matchup with the Patriots in New England.

A.J. Green/Andy Dalton show needs to put on an academy award performance in Week 17 to give the Bengals a real glimpse of a chance of this being their year.  It is probably not.

Andy Dalton Top 20 Play
Benjarvus Green-Ellis will be Busy.
Jermaine Gresham gets an upgrade this week.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: Win could give them a 1st round Bye.

The Patriots want to play their playoff games at Home. If they can earn a Home Field game in the 2nd round of the playoffs, they will do what it takes to get that win.  Expect Brady to put up a Sunday to remember against a Dolphins Secondary that historically has seen some bad games against Jesus Brady. The Jesus of New England.

Tom Brady will be ELITE.
Stevan Ridley will be ELITE.
Wes Welker + Brandon Lloyd will be ELITE.
Gronk may not play. Update coming in Rankings.

BALTIMORE RAVENS: Win could give them #3 Seed. But likely they will remain #4.

Ravens need to win Sunday.  This team has looked terrible on the road nearly all season.  In order to gain some confidence for this team so they are not one and done, they have to beat the Bengals to ensure that they are the likely team of the AFC North to advance the furthest.

While they still may play to win, does not mean they will.  In fact, they could easily get embarassed and end up benching Ray Rice to keep him fresh for the playoffs game.  The Ravens would not want to show their game plan to beat them if they fall behind early.  I would go into this game with some caution knowing it is not a slamdunk.

Ray Rice is ELITE.
Joe Flacco is on the Waiver Wire.
Torrey Smith/Anquan Boldin not ELITE.
Dennis Pitta hit or miss.

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: Loss Could push them to the #6 Seed.
Against the Patriots.

If the Colts can find a path that has them avoid playing the Patriots until the AFC championship.  They will do everything in their power to make that path happen.  If it involves taking down their AFC South Rival Houston Texans, they will play to destroy them.  Start all Colts as if they were playing a Playoff game this week.

Andrew Luck is ELITE.
Vick Ballard is Top 20.
Reggie Wayne is ELITE.
Donnie Avery/T.Y. Hilton hit or miss.
TE situation is the same.



Is there any reason to run Trent Richardson to the ground in a meaning less game at less than 100%.  Absolutley not.  If the Browns give Trent Richardson more than 10 carries, this franchise does not deserve to be in the NFL.  Even if he comes out healthy, they gain absolutley nothing by it.  They risk their Franchise player for nothing.

I expect more carries by Montario Hardesty than Trent Richardson in Week 17.  Especially against the Steelers.


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  1. Surely you jest Hal….The Redskins and Cowboys are going to be doing everything they can to get the win this week. RGIII is looking for a feather in his Rookie cap!

  2. Yeah, I’m just looking at last week and feel like rg3 is getting cocky. Gotta love the upside though…

  3. The Cowboys, Redskins game is a obvious, get your players on the field game. It’s all hands on deck for both teams, especially the Boys. The want to prove to all the critics that they are better than reported. I think there defense would be a good play too. Robert 3 sticks won’t be as mobile as he was the first meeting, if he wears the brace. And Dallas now knows they can play with anybody and be in the game, even late in the game. Gonna be a great match up.

  4. Down 18 points going into week 2 of my championship and been riding Matt Ryan/ Bryant all year. Should I throw in Romo on a hot streak in a big game instead? And if so which kicker would you roll with? Bailey/Crosby/Prater all available atm… Thanks in advance everyone!

  5. Exactly.

    Redskins have not clinched anything yet, they will play to win and have the momentum going into the postseason.

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