For some of you. This has been a fairy tale story start to the season. You are 2-0. You have Arian Foster/Marshawn Lynch as your RBs with a deep bench that leaves you with Steven Jackson as your #4. Someone else took RGIII earlier than the target pick, which left you to take Matt Stafford or Matt Ryan. If you did have RGIII you had a BEAST backup in Jay Cutler or Matt Ryan, maybe even Tony Romo. You had STUD WRs fall to you late like Roddy White in Round 5 or Andre Johnson in Round 4 on draft day.

For others, the exact opposite has taken place.

TMZ ruined Ray Rice. RGIII pulling a Paul George in Week 2. Jarrett Boykin one of your key ingredients is now looking like the first official bust. Your league stole all of your WRs and all the QBs are off the wire as you are scratching at the bottom of the gutter for the last snort of crack. You snort crack right?

For those people. This is your story. This is.





Lost Week 2 by .1 Points. If RGIII doesn’t go down, I am definitely the #2 team of the Week. I am glad my squad is strong, but my QB position leaves me with a HUGE gap now that RGIII is gone. I hold a team meeting and regroup my BEASTS as I prepare for my Week 3 QB job.


Loving the McCown Thursday Night matchup where there should be plenty of garbage time. As well as the fact the Falcons Corners are about half of the size of Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans. I give McCown the start. I know I will need help from the Street in the future. So I sign Ryan Fitzpatrick for $21. I also go with PLAN B.EAST and sign Randy Bullock for Kai August Forbath.



Thursday Night Football my squad is ready to BEAST with McCown/Mike Evans/Steven Jackson. When I saw my opponent had Devonta Freeman I was ready to take a commanding lead. Only to see McCown hurt his hand in the 1st Quarter, and Lovie Smith staying true to his run game down 28-0 early.


Week 1: RGIII  12.55 Points

Week 2: RGIII  4.1 Points.

Week 3: Josh McCown  .9 Points.


With 420 Minutes Remaining on my teams clock for Week 3. I might as well take a Hit after seeing McCown land a serviceable .9 Points.

My team still may escape with a Win this week. Still, it is looking like my team is gasping for air as it has yet to score 15 Points from my QB position this season.

With my back against the wall. With RGIII looking like he is going to miss more than a month. With my team heading in the wrong direction. It is time to turn to a strategy that only the BEAST DOME NATION will be using.


Unless you have a QB in the Top 15 like a Cutler/Dalton/Romo this strategy is not for you. But if your team has no choices left at QB on the Waiver Wire. Your QB situation is dry and it looks like your season is coming to an end.



From the Fantasy Football Expert who brought you QB/K Combo. Sink Your Battleship. Plan B.EAST. TD’s A Make’em Dance. Brings you the strategy that will change the REST OF YOUR SEASON. You can mark my words that this strategy will work. This strategy is the strategy that brings you back into the Hunt. This is your ticket to the Championship.



Ryan Fitzpatrick/Arian Foster/Andre Johnson/Randy Bullock/Houston Def

This is the QB/K Combo. Mixed with PLAN B.EAST. Mixed with STACKING. With D/ST all in one. Which brings the “DOME” to the title as the sequel of PLAN B.EAST.

This strategy is for the Bold and for the team that wants to win it all. The reason this strategy works is simple.


TexansNot a game on that schedule outside of the Bengals is one that scares me.

If you are afraid of Ryan Fitzpatrick and his low pass attempt numbers this season, the Texans have already said that will change. They need to keep Arian fresh, and by having Fitzpatrick you won’t be upset when the Texans don’t run the Football. This preseason I have been making the comparison of Ryan Fitzpatrick to Rich Gannon. People in Sportsbooks say I am crazy, but they are the ones who are not realizing a key piece.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has never wored with a good WR in his prime outside of Stevie Johnson. He had Lee Evans at the end of his career before he retired, and featured WRs that came and left quicker than you can remember their names. Now Fitzpatrick has Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins who are both easy 1,000+ Yard WRs if the ball came their way consistently. Stevie Johnson went three straight seasons of 1,000 Yards with Fitzpatrick, and last season with Fitzpatrick on the Titans. The streak came to an end.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a very smart QB, and although the Texans will dominate on Sunday. Fitzpatrick is always good insurance for Arian Foster if he steals the TDs. If the Texans throw the ball 30 Times a game, Fitzpatrick puts up easy Top 15 QB numbers.

Best part about this strategy. Week 10 is the BYE week for the Texans. By then we should have RGIII (BYE Week 10) back for a couple of games, and we will be able to examine if he is ready to be a BEAST moving forward with the ankle injury. If not, you can ride with Fitzpatrick the entire way through.


Watch this video and enjoy the rest of your season as a Texans Fan.



  1. Great article, some quick question:

    My sister has Aaron Rodgers, does she need a backup QB? I could possibly drop Darren McFadden or JStew to grab Fitz.

    I just got out of my last Physical Therapy session after hurting my leg again (4weeks ago lol), and my PT guy has doubts about RGIII. He said that the Redskins will probably not rush him back, his diagnostic was RGIII to be out at least 6 weeks minimum, and his season could very well be over if they shut him down for more rest. With this in mind, do you think dropping RGIII for Fitz now would be wise? I love my boy RGIII, but I do have Matty Ice.

    Oh the indecision by me hahaha…

  2. If you have Matt Ryan. Your team is set and this strategy is not for you.
    If you have Aaron Rodgers. Your team is set and this strategy is not for you.

    However if DMC/J-Stew see the return of their starters. You can add the insurance policy with Fitzpatrick if you do not own a backup QB. If you have Arian/Andre/HOUD.ST with Bullock on the wire. You can add Fitzpatrick.

    If you have Flacco/McCown or are in a 2 QB League. This strategy is for you.

    Keep RGIII and hold out hope. Last thing you want to see is RGIII going up against you in the Fantasy Playoffs.

  3. Bravo, Munt. This was an awesome article. I am sitting at my desk at work laughing my ass off when you wrote “play the music”…. Hahahaha. It was great. I had some people looking into my cubicle for a few minutes as Baba O’Reilly played and calmed my nerves!! BEAST!!!!!!!

  4. 0-2. RGIII down. Ball not showing up. Roddy not showing up. SJax weak last week, big this week. Boykin bust. Welker and JGordon taking up room on my bench.

    Week 3 start. Doug Martin 0. Roddy White 0. Not sure how to proceed. Romo, Ball, Cobb, (Roddy), Harvin, JGraham, Colts D/ST, and Graham since I’m facing Cam. Hope everyone else shows up. Might have to blow up my team.

  5. Yo Munt im in a 16 team league. I got RG3, Josh McCown, Brian Hoyer at QB. Only QBs left on the wire is Chad Henne and McGlennon.

    I got Lynch, Arian, Trent Richardson, and Jonathan Stewart at RB. Andre Johnson, Golden Tate, Mohammad Sanu, Mike Evans, Kenny Britt, and Josh Gordon at WR. What QB should I target in a trade and who to give up?

  6. Munt – should i drop bears for cards dst this week? Arizona on bye next week, set myself up and stream onward? Or sit tight with the bears?

  7. If we are ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE: Like no names on the WW and need a QB (so WW like Hoyer/Derek Carr). Especially in a 2 QB league :).

    Can you name some RBs we could consider trading for fitzpatrick?

    Is greene like the borderline?

  8. I just picked up Fitzpatrick and Bullock. Dropped Smith and S.Graham (my opponent has Brees).

    My starting lineup:

    QB: Fitzpatrick
    RB1: Forte
    RB2: Foster
    WR2: Patterson
    WR3: E.Samders
    TE: Gronk
    flex: D.Brown
    K: Bullock
    D/St: Saints

    Michael Floyd

    Any suggestions? I feel like I have the best lineup I can get out of those. Patterson worries me a little bit with QB situation and he has some kind of chest injury, but you can’t really bench him. Bit still KB is next man up…and Im seriously considering that.. Thing is that now that Peterson is out and they lack offensive playmakers and they have to score points, I think Patterson will get the ball in his hands any way possible. I trust Turner on that. About those stashes. Blue is the guy I can’t afford to drop. I need a WR for week 4 because almost all of my WRs have bye weeks so Crowell is the one I’m dropping for a week and try to get him back. Thinking of picking up K.Stills for week 4 or would Malcom Floyd be better option now that Allen has some kind of injury? I will list my opponents lineup here also so that Munt and others can comment on what should I do based on the matchup and lineups or am I good to go.

    My opponent:

    QB: Brees
    RB1: Ridley
    RB2: Sproles
    WR1: D.Thomas
    WR2: A.Brown
    WR3: S.Smith
    TE: Donnell
    flex: Ivory
    K: Vinatieri
    D/St: Carolina

    So it’s not a easy matchup for me at all and I’m not feeling very confident. I would be very very very appreciated if Munt and all of you from BEAST nation could navigate me through this. Simple help for a lineup is enough and comments on the Fitzpatrick and Bullock pickups. Did I do the right thing and how far that carries me? Thanks! Keep up the good work!

  9. Do not blow up your team.Your starters are solid top to bottom. You are streaming DST and kickers, but everything else is solid. Romo will come alive this week. Play Welker this week. If you don’t want to wait for Gordon, then drop him – but who are you going to pick up? Sanu? Quick? Asiata? All garbage and all should not be starting on a team like yours.

    Be patient. It’s the beginning of the THIRD WEEK. Lots of football left to play, folks.

  10. Muntradamus: this is really a reply to the “Best expert I can be” post for this week, but the message boards are so day-to-day, I wanted to post on the most recent.

    First off, I want to give you a lot of credit for your many strong analyses and for being one of the few experts who really attempts to call busts and breakouts week-to-week.

    That said, you weren’t robbed on RB rankings on FanPros for week 2. I don’t think you’re looking at how experts get ranked the right way. Your final expert ranking is based on the net point gain or loss if readers were to follow your rankings-based advice on EVERY pairwise comparison of players at a position, not whether your rankings were more accurate than ECR (they’re related, but not the same).

    As a case-in-point from last weeks’ rankings, five players that contributed to sinking your expert accuracy rank: P Thomas, G Bernard, JStew, Rainey, and Sproles.

    First, PThom (RB12) and Bernard (RB15). Now, I don’t think this actually hurt anyone’s fantasy team, cuz no one would be psychotic enough to play a NO RB (esp the 2nd or 3rd guy) instead of Gio. However, IF they did, they would have lost ~20 pts on that decision alone (about the same if they followed Vereen (RB9) > Gio).

    Finally, Stewart (23), Rainey (27), Sproles (28). True, you were ahead of ECR on all three of these guys, but you had the order wrong, and that’s huge for FanPros expert rankings. Anyone starting JStew over either of the others lost 6 or 12 points on the decision. ECR was lower on all of these guys, but had the order correct, so any expert who was in line with ECR gets +accuracy when comparing any two of these three guys, while you get -accuracy.

    There are obviously counter-examples that favor you (any of the above three guys over Gerhart gave you big +accuracy), and I think that being about 50/50 on some of these big calls explains almost exactly your ~50% accuracy score for week 2 RBs on FanPros.

    TL;DR: Big, gutsy bust/breakout calls will tend to be 50/50 and pull FanPros expert accuracy scores toward that value.

  11. Hey BEAST. Wouldn’t bench Patterson this week, as he’s the ONLY explosive offensive player on MIN, and is probable. Ask me, KB/Sanders is a closer call. I have Sanders, and fully expect him to start catching TD passes from Peyton this season, but I don’t know if this is the game where that starts, with SEA having something to prove after last week. That said, the Denver offense has something to prove after February… So yeah, tough call on that one…

  12. BenDontBreak : Patterson is Q with a chest injury….just to be clear. :) Not P. But yes Im starting him if he is active. I like Sanders vs. SEA, The way you attack vs. SEA is by deep ball and he is the only guy who runs those deep routs. I don’t care if Welker come back….might take a few targets from J.Thomas and that’s fine. Broncos will move Sanders all over the field and he will get some looks when Sherman is vs. DT.

    The thing I’m worried about the most is that Foster is banged up and my other RB Forte has a tough matchup. I have to get points with my RBs because I lose with WRs and QB in my matchup. And Ridley might play monster game vs. Raiders and Sproles is always a threat. So the think I’m wondering here is that should I try some hail mary picks… Benjamin or even Kelce at the flex over Brown to have more upside as a underdog in my matchup.

    I would love to hear Munts opinion on this.

  13. Ok now I saw news ” Vikings WR Cordarrelle Patterson probable after full practice on Friday “. So that’s good.

  14. I am 0-2 and after playing mccown last night because rg3 got hurt last week, it looks like I will start 0-3. I am sweating here…my back up is BIG BEN and I can pick up JOE FLACCO if I have to next week. Just to let you all know….yes FITZ is owned by a fucking Texan fan in my league. with all this being said I have a guy in my league who is just as disperate for RBs as I am for QBs…yah that other guy is an AP owner. so anyway I am thinking of trading him Montee Ball for his Matt Ryan…I presented the trade to him verbally at work and he looks like he wants to do it. My other RBs are FOSTER, KHIRY, INGRAM, CARLOS HYDE, BEN TATE and SHONN GREEN….if I make the trade I will have the matt ryan / roddy white combo and always wait for BEN TATE and MARK INGRAM to return back….

  15. Give up talent to get Fitzpatrick. It is more important you have a QB that you can trust for 15+ Points then ride with a Waiver Wire player like Hoyer or Carr who can ruin your week like Josh McCown just did for me.

    I would give up a good backup RB for Fitzpatrick if you need the QB. Better than Greene.

  16. I definitely hope you’re right about Sanders. I hope Welker is back to take over the slot, draw extra coverage, and free Sanders up to run some deeper routes.

    Anyways, regarding Brown vs KB, that is a tricky one. Brown showed some real upside with Indy as runner and receiver, but we haven’t seen enough of him in the SD offense to know what to expect this year.

    KB has nice upside as hands-down the best deep receiving option in that offense, but the Steelers did a good job bottling up the Baltimore WRs, with the exception of some spectacular work by S3 which still didn’t amount to 10 fantasy points. Steelers offense also looked anemic last week when faced with Baltimore’s competent defense. It’s reasonable to expect them to continue to struggle against a Carolina D that stifled Detroit’s much-better-than-Pittsburgh’s offense. The longer Carolina plays with a substantial lead, the lower KB’s potential upside.

    So, if you’re thinking hail mary picks, Brown might be your man anyways. Although he hasn’t done much with his 12 touches so far this season, he has demonstrated potential to score 20+ points (twice last year), and is going against a BUF defense that looked pretty vulnerable to receiving RBs when they saw Forte in week 1 (although they have yet to concede a TD to an RB). And, fun fact, he’s only fumbled once in 646 touches spanning this and the last five seasons, and the other team didn’t even recover it.

    Things could definitely be worse though! Ridley is a speculative play, if he fumbles early (4 lost last year), or Belichick just doesn’t like him this week, he could bust bad, and you’d think Washington will make a special effort to keep Sproles down around his week 1 numbers or less.

    Good luck!

  17. Offered Patterson and KB for Johnson and trade was rejected. I can’t get Johnson. But am I still ok with Fitz, Foster and Bullock? Or should I try some other QB? I just like this HOU idea.

  18. Munt, what do you think of Jerick McKinnon at RB? Played QB in college, fast and athletic. Is he worth a stash?

  19. Worth a stash. Asiata is not good enough to keep this job to himself all season. AP makes the Minny RB job look better than it is, but there’s some fantasy potential when the matchup is right out of their running game.

  20. Struggling to decide who to start… Steve Smith, Sr. on the road vs CLE or Brandin Cooks at home vs. MIN?

  21. I can see in your rankings at fantasypros that you have Fitz ranked at 28th. Is this strategy just to protect Arian and will it work without Andre Johnson?

    I have Fitz, Foster and Bullock. I like this idea, but not sure how it will work. I have a option to stream QBs or ride with Fitz untill something better comes up (RG3 is on waivers) or I can pickup Romo……really really really hard to trust on Romo now.

    Romo is your 10th ranked QB this week?

  22. My Actual Rankings are not published on FantasyPros until Sunday right before kickoff.

    What you see is the Expert Consensus Rankings mixed with my actual Thursday Night Player Rankings.

  23. Romo is 6 Spots ahead of Fitzpatrick in my actual Rankings. If you feel confident you can get your win with a combined 35 Points from Fitzpatrick/Foster. Then go with Fitz and go for the Win.

  24. 35p is just what I’m looking for. :) Thanks Munt! There are two things….I hate Romo in real football and I would like him to fail and in fantasy football I don’t trust him at all at the moment. :D I will ride this Fitz train!

  25. Would you drop AP? I got him in the first and took Foster in the second. I could put in bids for Moreno or Ingram who were both just dropped.

    Also RG3 and Dalton are my QBs. Would you drop Dalton for Cousins or Geno Smith?

  26. Don’t do it. Ryan is great, but if you really want a QB you should be able to get Brees, Manning, or Rodgers for Ball.

    I’d hold Ball personally. With Tate and Ingram hurt, and Hyde still seemingly behind Gore for now, you need Ball. Big ben at home vs TB should be fine for next week and can either him vs Jags or Flacco vs Colts week 5 are solid plays.


  27. Dropping AP seems like the logical move at this choice. IMO you have to wait it out because the last thing you want to see is AP get scooped up by another owner if he is only suspended 8 games.

    Look I think he should be suspended for the season after they said Rice is done. This NFL season is too crazy with these X-Factors you have to hold on.

    Dalton is good enough to carry you while RGIII is down. Dalton over Cousins and Geno.

  28. thanks man. got a little discouraged earlier this week (aka turned into a little b****). ready to BEAST this week.

  29. Hey Munt, time to give up on Witten yet? Guy hasn’t put up the numbers I was hoping for and I picked up Gates off waivers, gonna try to get Owen Daniels off waivers this week as well. Thanks for the help in advance.

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