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The Tennessee Titans. A team that has not seemed like a legit team since Eddie George used to carry the rock with Air-McNair (RIP) throwing the deep bombs. The Titans showed some signs of life at times, but also showed signs of not being a championship caliber team at all. What did the Titans do to change things up?



The Titans Defense has always looked better on paper than they play in real life. 2017 appears to be another year of that coming true however they added some skill to their secondary with 1st Round pick CB Adoree’ Jackson, but most important of all the signings of Pro Bowl caliber players in Logan Ryan CB from the Patriots, as well as Jonathan Cyprien SS for the Jaguars who is one of the best in the game as far as IDP.

With the secondary looking stronger than ever, it is all about the Linebackers containing the run, and once again the Titans are stacked with talent. Wesley Woodyard, Brian Orakpo, Derrick Morgan these are all strong names. How about their Defensive Line which still holds superstar Jurrell Casey and Big Boy Sylvester Williams from the Broncos at DT to clog the middle.

All of a sudden, I believe in this Titans Defense. When you tie everything up and realize Dick LeBeau who eats and breathes defense for a living is the DC. The Titans Defense can be more dangerous than they have been in the past.



Marcus Mariota (QB 2) continues to improve, but has yet to show he is a stud every single Sunday. The Titans did make a drastic move this offeseason and brought in Corey Davis (WR 3/4) who could be the next big thing at WR. Talent wise he looks like he could be on the Brandon Marshall track. However he will be limited due in part to the Titans offense and how it runs.

Delanie Walker (TE 1) is always the go-to guy. Rishard Matthews (WR 3/4) slides into the better half of the 1-2 WR punch with Tajae Sharpe (WR 4) who was a favorite of Mariota’s last preseason. Andre Johnson and Kendall Wright no longer in town leaves more targets for those two, but then the question becomes. How do the Titans fit Corey Davis in this passing attack. Sure he is more talented than Tajae Sharpe, but still being behind Delanie Walker and likely Rishard Matthews leaves the Rookie WR as more of a WR3 than a WR2 simply because the consistency will not be there in the target department.

When you factor in the Titans are all about the rushing attack with DeMarco Murray (RB 1) who could be one of the leading rushers in the NFL this season despite the fact that Derrick Henry (RB 3/4) and his super stardom is just inches away on the bench. The Titans really have a lot of weapons. As far as the rushing attack goes. You can always depend on DeMarco Murray to get his 20+ Touches each Sunday, especially when healthy. Derrick Henry is one of those (MUST OWN HANDCUFFS) which will allow you to focus on getting other players instead of investing a heavy pick on a high caliber backup RB. In the end it is probably a strategy to avoid just because we can see more Henry this year than we did last season. Murray is only getting older. However the Titans are using the same offensive line from last year which should bode very well for chemistry.

The new OC will be Terry Robiskie who was the WR coach for the Falcons. The Falcons offense did a lot of mixing and matching as far as RB/WR contribution. Which is great for the team, but not great for any specific player.


Run. Run. Run. and once the defense over commits to stopping the run, you have to let Mariota pick and pop your defense at every opportunity you can. Mariota should be using his legs a lot this season as the Titans have to start winning games before Mariota turns into another Vince Young. The Titans do have a playoff caliber team that can win games with either their offense or defense. The key is to avoid turnovers and control the clock on Defense. Teams are going to struggle against the Titans Defense, lets keep it that way.


Unless DeMarco Murray falls later than he should, or Derrick Henry. The Titans are really a hands off team as far the Draft Strategy. Delanie Walker is a nice option at TE and could find his way, but he is already behind BEAST DOME Legend Martellus Bennett and others. As far as Titans go, 8-8 is realistic and maybe a chance for the Playoffs. If the Titans make the playoffs, Marcus Mariota will be a Top 15 QB when it is all said and done. In my eye Mariota is a matchup play only QB and I am not ready to lean on him for anything more than emergency status.


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