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A lot of you made the move to grab C.J. Anderson #1 off the Waiver Wire. Which is the obvious move as we “The BEAST DOME NATION.” have been scouting out this C.J. Anderson/Ronnie Hillman/Montee Ball/Knowshon Moreno/Willis McGahee backfield for the last three years. Finally, we still do not have an answer on who the RB will be. What we do know is this.

Montee Ball is the future of the Denver Broncos RB system. While he has not shown that this year, the Broncos are not about to give up on everything they worked for without seeing this Montee Ball story come to a conclusion. All of last week, John Fox was praising how good Montee Ball has looked in practice. Montee shed a ton of weight during the rehab of the groin injury to try to be more like Ronnie Hillman with that breakaway speed.

It appeared that Ronnie Hillman was going to run away with the job, but one dropped TD from a bad route, and one bad ankle injury later. The door is wide open. While the front runner is the red hot always underrated C.J. Anderson. The Broncos really want to see Montee Ball win that job, and you can guarantee that Montee Ball if healthy and active on Sunday will see 10+ Carries against the Rams. Not only is it agains the Rams and their weak defense, but it is a game on turf where Montee can show off his new power and speed. Montee Ball has been given a lot of opportunities in his young career, has probably seized the moment on less than half of them, but this is another shot. Another shot for Montee Ball to be the Montee Ball the BEAST DOME NATION. knows he can be, but are almost over it after his failed attempts. Still, Montee has one X-Factor working for him that sets him apart from every RB in the NFL. He has Peyton Manning as his QB.





  1. Talk about being precise about almost being over it… almost dropped him 2-3 times but held on and had to sacrifice Hyde for Alf Blue for Foster’s handcuff.

    Hope this pays off this week. Montee is under the radar vs the Rams… ESPN projecting CJ at 14 and Montee at 4… crazy

  2. There is no really conclusion in the article, as far as what to do this week. Do you start red hot Anderson or Montee Ball? Do you play them both or none of them this week? Would you start either over S.Jackson and Jerrick McKinnon?

  3. There is no really conclusion in the article, as far as what to do this week. Do you start red hot Anderson or Montee Ball? Do you play them both or none of them this week? Would you start either over S.Jackson and Jerrick McKinnon? Just looking for advice

  4. I would go CJ / SJAX / Mckinnon / Montee in that order.

    CJ has the hot hand, and while Montee is back and I like him better than CJ, I want to see him one week – same as Andre Johnson under Mallet.

  5. I am going to the full montee… hot hand bla bla bla coachspeak. Not sure why they wouldn’t want to allow Montee a chance to succeed anyway; and this would be a great start

  6. Basically montee has this game and maybe next week before hillman to earn his job back. Yes the broncos are betting on montee the be there guy. But they arent going to keep handing the ball to a guy that isnt delivering. Look at the colts running game trent still cant do shit so bradshaw gets half the carries and goal line touches. Lets hope it doesnt turn into that situation in denver

  7. Alright fellas, I’m 4-6 and need to win out to make the playoffs thank god my league is log jammed at 5-5. At QB, Kap or RG3? At TE, Clay or ASJ? At flex, Britt, Anquan or DeAngelo Williams? Thanks guys really appreciate the help.

  8. Steve speaks with wisdom. CJ will disappoint those who play him this weekend.
    Full Montee = run, block, catch and score. You will see it all.
    Fanalysts ack like the broncos RB’s are sooo confusing but MUNT KNOWS.. It’s simple.
    Fox, elway, Montee and PFM are ride or die. Bottom line.
    CJ is a nice backup. If he ever has to start a couple, I like him. He had a sick play Sunday, but comparing him to healthy Montee is juz plain silly. See: Oliver, Branden.

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