(Montee Ball)


By Muntradamus


A name that will live in history of BEAST DOME. A player we all grown to love, and all grown to hate. We do not need to go through the stories of Montee, or Where Were You when Montee Fumbled against the Giants.

All we need to do is look at the future of Montee Ball. A player that has taken handoffs from Russell Wilson in College, Peyton Manning his first two years in the league, and now Tom Brady. Will this finally be the breakout Montee Ball story we have been waiting for? This is his best chance to make something of his career and here is why.

First of all he will be playing for a Super Bowl contender. While that was the case his Rookie Season when the team actually made the Super Bowl, this time he will actually be involved in the offense. An offense that can you argue is the #1 offense in the NFL.

Second of all he will be paired with his college Teammate James White. White and Montee were a two headed monster at Wisconsin, you cannot underestimate what the bond between these two can do for Montee on and off the field. Just seeing James White on the sidelines when Montee goes in for a play will tweak something in his brain to remind him of his days at Wisconsin.

Third, only Brandon Bolden stays in his way. The Patriots have made it pretty clear they do not want James White to take too many carries on his baby frame. He has yet to carry the ball 5+ times in a game, and if the Patriots lose White to injury then they are really screwed when they want to go pass heavy. Look for Montee to only compete with Brandon Bolden for the lead dog RB.

Fourth, and most important of all. Tom Brady. Brady can turn Danny Amendola from a Waiver Wire Player to a WR#1. He can turn Dion Lewis from a Waiver Wire player to a low-end RB#1. He can even make Brandon Bolden the #1 add in all leagues, despite these players being far less talented than so many others at their position. Brady moves the ball down the field no matter who is playing, Montee Ball will get plenty of opportunities.


While Montee is not MUST-ADD in all leagues right now, or even a player to really consider. He very will could be for Week 17 and you need to clear up space on your roster to make sure you can add him, as long as you are not dropping a player that somebody else could instantly use against you.

I would not drop Buck Allen to add Montee, if Buck is my worst player. I would drop Joique Bell.

All it takes for Montee to be the lead RB for the Patriots is a Brandon Bolden fumble. One fumble from Brandon Bolden, Montee will get 15+ Touches a game. Not to say that Montee is 100% safe with a Bolden Fumble, then Montee needs to hold the job and not mess up himself. If Montee is hungry, this is his opportunity to eat. Speaking of eating, Montee is apparently out of shape and will have to earn his spot from the Practice Squad.

MONTEE BALL is RB #5 Quality at Best. One Brandon Bolden Fumble, Montee becomes RB #4 Quality with the upside of RB #2. Truth is, he will probably be relevant Week 17, when many Fantasy Football seasons are already over.

While the journey for Montee has been one that the BEAST DOME NATION has been following every step of the way. This is his best opportunity to be the man he is supposed to be, only Brandon Bolden stands in his way.


  1. Any chance you can give us some insight on who to start for your fantasy football team that missed the playoffs?

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