By Muntradamus



We are now at the mid-way point of the Fantasy Football Regular Season, not playoffs. Some of you sit at 3-3, like Team BEAST DOME. Some of you sit a little below that, or a little above that.

Whatever your record is. Your fate is still undetermined. In a season you can really only afford to lose 5-6 games, MAX. Need to win 8 to be comfortable.

If you are not at that point, and you are just about ready to throw in the towel on your team and let all of your friends/colleagues laugh at you when your matchup comes up. Or just want to make sure you set your sail to the finish line.

Just remember the story of Mo.


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– MO







  1. 5 out of 5

    Craig(verified owner):

    Where were you ?

    While we were comfortably sitting on 1st round byes and winning trophies and cash where were you ?
    This time last year when VIPs were getting the Beast draft advice out there where were you?

    When we were drafting you were there you had your Yahoo or ESPN or Fantasy Pros ranking , well we had Munt.
    While we were drafting Payton and Orange Julius , while we were literally stealing guys like D Jax and Josh Gordon you were there you just had the wrong advice.
    While we were scooping up Lacy and Gio and Murray and Bell you were there , you just missed them.

    Where are you now ? You’re here, you’re close, take the next step.
    Losing sucks we’ve all been there,
    You’ve sat thru 6 months of ridicule this offseason, but that can end.
    Join us come to the Munt side of the force.
    Winning isn’t everything but it’s damn near guaranteed when you are a VIP here.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Yi-khy(verified owner):

    Munt gives you real insight. He finds you the beasts and the busts and the deep sleepers that turn out to be steals in the draft. Other people may think of them as steals but everyone with Munt’s VIP will know that they were ranked as beasts the whole time. Every other fantasy analyst gives pretty much the same advice. Every other website you go to will give you the same top players, same “upside” players. With Munt’s help you will draft differently from everyone else in your league and you will know who to draft and who to completely avoid. Munt doesn’t only look at the talent, he looks at the schedule, the teams strengths, coaching staff, the style of play, the supporting cast, the defense. You know that you will be getting real advice based on facts, rather than other “expert’s” “gut feeling”. I never liked to pay for fantasy football advice as I have always done well with my own research but Munt’s advice is the only advice I am willing to pay for. Outside Munt, the Beastdome community is great too. It’s well worth it.

  3. 5 out of 5


    BeastDome VIP is the only fantasy advice I have ever paid for. I was very hesitant to sign up in 2013 but can confidently say it was easily the best fantasy move I made in 2013 and drafted a team full of amazing sleepers and draft steals I rode all the way into the finals. The 2014 program looks to be just as awesome so far.

    VIP Season 2014 just started but already extremely pleased with both quality of content and amount of content released so far and coming soon in the near future: full rankings for each position and more importantly, full analysis and commentary on why someone will or will not have a good year – very helpful to know why someone is ranked where they and to have notes how that player can move up or down the rankings based on training camp and preseason.

    Lots of surprises so far with the rankings and some amazing value plays and draft steals based on current rankings and ADPs.

    In addition to rankings and analysis, you have the draft guide and draft strategy for each position to cover every possible scenario and outcome in your draft. You will be covered no matter how the draft plays out.

    On top of that, we have tons of Q&A time to get questions answered, bounce ideas off of someone, and get a professional opinion on those hard draft decisions or dynasty calls.

    $25 is a beyond a bargain for all you get. It is beyond worth it to go into the draft super prepared and with a set of rankings, sleepers, and busts that isn’t just the same old BS out there at every other site.

    Customer for life!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Beastdome is the only place I go to fantasy advice. Over the past three years Munt has helped me win multiply championships in both Football and Baseball. The basic VIP is a no brainer!!! Let his expertise help guide you to the promise land. Let’s face it, in Football it’s all about the draft. Sure you can find one or two players throughout the season, but if you blow your draft you’re in for a long season.

    Let the Beastman guide you. He’s preseason analysis will help prepare you for the season. His strategies all make sense. So much so that usually the other so called experts will start to tell you the same concept, but it’s three weeks later.

    Draft day could be very stressful; a small mistake could make for a long season. Our league drafts off line, as a group, so I don’t have the opportunity to take advantage of the Beast Draft Package. If I could that would be a definite, he made it looks so easy watching him draft last year on skype. I don’t let it bother me though. The pre-season articles, rankings and skype’s over prepare you for draft day. I’m usually the only one walking out after the draft feeling good about my team, found the late round steals and has a plan for the season. As mentioned, in football it’s about the draft and the pre-season analysis.

    Through various VIP programs over the years Munt has offered me countless advice, has taken the time to review my team personally and used his insight to make it better. Trade advice, man he helped me rape my opponents so much over the past several years the whole league is suspicious about my offers.

    If you want the advantage, the basic package will guide you. If you can, I would also take advantage of the draft day package. Last season we chatted about draft up until it was time to walk into the conference room. I’ll probable sign up for that package just for that reason alone.

    I hope everybody is ready to BEAST the season!!! Good Luck!!!

  5. 5 out of 5


    This will be my third year as a BEASTDOME VIP for fantasy football and Muntradamus continues to exceed my expectations. Just when I thought that my premier VIP experience was at its high point and I was getting the best service for my VIP investment, Munt seems to find some way to surprise me with new enhancements to his business that surpassed what he offered in last year’s VIP service. Whether it is a new means of communication through a social video platform to accommodate the ever-growing BEASTDOME nation, one-on-one live drafting via Skype on my iPad during an offline draft, or expanding the device platforms where BEASTDOME content can be accessed (like an iOS and Android app), Munt always steps up his VIP services to a new level that will provide you with a methodology to dominate your league and obliterate the competition.

    You can see from the numerous testimonials that Muntradamus has a very high degree of success with his VIP clients. I believe this is a direct result not only from insight derived from advanced knowledge and experiences, but also primarily from his genuine passion for this sport, his business, and the BEASTDOME nation. I’ve seen this passion first hand as I watch him communicate to me and my fellow VIP’s over Spreecast.

    So, if you’re looking for something different that doesn’t offer the same regurgitated so-called “expert analysis” that other one-hit-wonder “experts” provide, invest in one of Munt’s VIP packages today and you won’t regret your decision.

  6. 5 out of 5

    C Spit:

    I discovered Beastdome in fall of 2012. Since then I have gone from guessing and hoping to make the fantasy playoffs, to consistently drafting and picking up sleepers. I not only make the playoffs now, but I won one of my leagues.

    In Sept 2012 I didn’t even know who Martellus Bennett was until I read about him as a suggested pickup on Beastdome. He soon went on a hot streak with the Giants at the time. The same with Julius Thomas last preseason. I took him in the 17th rd while most players were being drafted to be cut later.

    While Chris Johnson struggled early last year, Munt suggested at the season’s halfway point he be targeted in trades if you didn’t have him. I traded for him right after his bye week. He got hot and lead me to the playoffs.

    No other site I’ve seen gives you a list of available defenses in the middle of the season to target for the playoffs. Not only does Beastdome offer great info, but Munt is active in the comments giving advice.

    Beastdome is the only site I trust to give me the framework for my fantasy draft and the best info throughout the season.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Tommy(verified owner):

    I’ve been following muntradamus and beast dome for about 3 years now for all sports, but the football draft kit is what puts him over the top. You will always be one step ahead of your competition with beast dome by your side

  8. 5 out of 5

    Mike D(verified owner):

    Started checking out FantasyPros in 2012 & saw Muntradamus as one of the experts & Beastdome as a site to read articles. The names just kinda caught my eye so I checked em out. Right away I knew this was the guy that was really doing his homework. It also seemed like I stumbled onto a website / expert that nobody else I was competing against knew about. I took Munt’s advice consistently & it has led me to wins & $$ time & time again. This preseason I decided to sign up for the Basic package $25 & it’s so worth it. Selfishly, I’ve always hoped those in my league never hear of Muntradamus. It’s like having a secret weapon, a WMB (Weapon of Mass Beastruction). Keep up the fantastic work Munt & thanks for answering my question on that Beastinar.

  9. 5 out of 5

    MGM(verified owner):

    “MUNT = BEAST. i BEASTED my auction simply by 1) signing up for VIP 2) using it. That means LISTENING to MUNT guys. MUNT watches ALL the games guys….he knows more than you. Good news for you = MUNT also knows more than your competing managers. Be humble and LISTEN to what he says. Your fantasy team will then BEAST this season. Personal example: drafted Montee Ball last year after seeing Munt’s post on the FREE portion of beastdome. It was in a keeper league though….and we KEPT HIM this year after Munt’s prediction paid off…albeit another year later but still….and picked up ARIAN FOSTER and LYNCH too. So thanks to MUNT have a great shot at three top-5 RB’S this year. And RG3 at QB. THANKS MUNT. Sign up for VIP and listen to MUNT – he’s a BEAST!”

  10. 5 out of 5

    Skmetallica(verified owner):

    This is my second year as a VIP at BeastDome and it is hands down the most valuable fantasy football resource I have come across in 7 years of playing. I was skeptical at first, after all it does sound too be good to be true. But Munt lives up to all the hype and then some. He puts his money where is mouth is and isn’t afraid to go against the grain of all the same vanilla advice being handed out be experts who always “hedge” their bets. Munt’s ability to filter out all the noise and focus on the factors that will help you win your league is worth its weight in gold. The cost for this package is a joke at $25. You will get much more than your money’s worth.

    Munt puts in an unbelievable amount of time and dedication to his work. Not only does he watch every minute of preseason action but then works all night to fine tune his rankings. He has several video casts weekly, lasting several hours at a time, where he personally answers all VIP questions and talks about strategy and players.

    Go ahead and give it a shot. When the season starts and beasts start to blow up, you don’t have to be the guy scrambling to the waiver wire or sending out desperate trade proposals. You will be the guy who will have these beasts in your starting line up or even on your bench!

  11. 5 out of 5

    Rome(verified owner):

    What can I say… 2 years with Munt has lead to 3 playoff runs and 2 championships. Not that the prizes matter, but the $75 dollars I have invested over 2 years has lead to $1200 in return. This year, I think is by far the best team I have had. Just check this roster Munt helped me assemble in a 12 team .5PPR league: Brady, VJAX, DJAX, Lynch, Foster, DougieFresh, and Heath Miller, that is just the starters my bench is deep as Fu……!!!

    If you have any interest in winning your league stay away from the big FFB network sites and invest a little money in Munt, his results, and our results speak for themselves.

  12. 5 out of 5

    Dan H.(verified owner):

    Munt is the man!! I love his energy and his insight. I have never felt more confident in my Fantasy Football drafts. This is the only place you will want to go to BEAST your leagues. I’m committed to the BEASTDOME nation 4LIFE!!

  13. 5 out of 5

    Rummy(verified owner):

    Just reading the articles on last year allowed me to absolutely dominate both of my leagues! With his knowledge, I transformed from a mediocre fantasy owner to a downright monster… Now, I am the most feared in my leagues. Nobody else is as dedicated to their craft as Munt. He watches and rewatches every NFL game, and his insight is second to none. Do yourself a favor: buy a VIP package and win your league. It’s that simple!

  14. 5 out of 5

    Rummy(verified owner):

    Just reading the articles on last year allowed me to absolutely dominate both of my leagues! With his knowledge, I transformed from a mediocre fantasy owner to a downright monster… Now, I am the most feared in my leagues. Nobody else is as dedicated to their craft as Munt. He watches and rewatches every NFL game, and his insight is second to none. Do yourself a favor: buy a VIP package and win your league. It’s that simple!

  15. 5 out of 5

    Sappy(verified owner):

    You’ll never notice the difference between amazing fantasy advice and poor fantasy advice until you see what you get from a VIP package. My fantasy football and baseball teams were always lackluster before I found BeastDome. Yes, I would have the occasional sensational season here and there but once I found BeastDome everything changed. Throughout 4 seasons of reading the free articles and advice that Munt gave out my teams improved drastically. I would constantly make the playoffs in all my leagues and that made me stick with BeastDome by itself.

    But in the 2013 fantasy football season I was given the opportunity to gain access to a VIP package. Munt held a contest for his new “Beast Franchise” and I ended up winning the grand prize of VIP access for the rest of the fantasy football season. Now I can tell you that made the biggest difference out of any fantasy material I’ve ever read. My team was already doing well with the free BeastDome articles but once I had access to VIP I never lost another game. I was given advice to grab guys off the waiver wire (like Alshon Jeffery weeks before he broke out) that changed my season. I went on an absolute tear and barely lost in the semi-finals and ended up finishing third (The guy had Jamaal Charles and his 61 points yet I still barely lost). Unfortunately, I got unlucky in the playoffs but I can safely say my team was stronger than any other in the league because of Munt. Now all my league mates are afraid of my team for this upcoming season.

    This is the first year I had VIP access in the preseason and I will never go back now. It’s been the easiest year to draft because I have material like the Beast Draft Strategies and Rankings giving me multiple options for every scenario in every round of the draft. I can confidently say that my team this year is stronger than ever going into the season and I’m more ready than ever to BEAST my league.

    Once you try VIP you’ll never go back. All of Munt’s advice is top class and it’s no wonder why his VIP clients BEAST their leagues year after year after year. It makes sense because instead of getting advice from these other “experts” (who spout off information that clearly shows they don’t actually watch all of the games), you are getting advice from a guy who spends the time to watch every game and analyze every player multiple times to make sure his projections will be better than all the other “experts.” Also, one of the best parts of having a VIP package is Munt dedicates so much of his time to personally help out your team and communicate with you so that no question or concern is left unanswered. And finally, with a VIP package, you have the capability to communicate with the BEAST NATION (all of the VIP clients who instantly become more helpful than any other site I know of). I recommend a VIP package to every single fantasy football/baseball/basketball player out there (as long as you’re not in one of my leagues) and can promise you it will be the greatest fantasy sports decision you’ve made in your life. I know it was for me.

  16. 5 out of 5

    Tony(verified owner):

    Ill start off by saying that Munt is awesome. You wont find someone else to give you this great of advice and then on top of that a ton of live Q & As for the price. This will be my 2nd year being a VIP and I do not regret it at all. If you want just one awesome pick Munt gave out last year it was Julius Thomas. We all know how that worked out. No one else was really on JT the way Munt was until after that first game. He really put a lot of time and effort into the articles and ranking he puts out. If you look at any other website they are all spewing out the same info and rankings. He digs deep to find the guys you can get cheap and have a huge payout on. I could seriously go on and on about how awesome Munt and the Beast Dome Nation is , but you really should just check it out for yourself. You will not regret. Money more that well spent

  17. 5 out of 5

    Kai(verified owner):

    My first year purchasing this package and it was well worth the. The insight Munt gave me in his articles really helped me prepare for my draft and get the team that I wanted. His beastcasts are amazing, the information he gives you is beyond what any other website out there gives you.

    Get this package at a minimum if you want to win your league.

  18. 5 out of 5

    Dj Nick:

    Munt is the fantasy expert who helps my team beast all season!!! I joined the VIP program in the preseason and the ultimate draft strategy to pickup guys like rg3, cutler, roddy white victor cruz, arian foster, montee etc.Every week he posted his rankings and analysis.Munt did frequent spreecasts where you can join a chat and ask munt questions on anything like lineups and trades. Munt was like your own personal fantasy football guru. He helped me tremendously the pre season and I have learned so much from picking his brain he is mad beast at what he does. I am ready for a BEAST season!! Thank you Munt!!!

  19. 5 out of 5

    K roz:

    Third year with the great and mighty Munt; the GM behind the curtain, the herder that let’s the goats run free, and leads the sane of mind into the fantasy battle. Pay close attention to the man behind the curtain, for he is the source of all wisdom you will need to crush your opponents this and all seasons. I doubted some of his picks at first, and was quickly righted, when I began to understand the train of thought he was using. Munt is a master at his craft, and for a reasonable fee, will share philosophies and league championships with YOU! Last year, following the call of the BEAST, my team went 13-1. 2012 my record was 12-2. This year, I do not expect anything different. Waited to see how the new VIP’s were going to pan out, but will be upgrading immediately. Fair, easy to navigate, and dominating… No reason note to commit to the way of the BEAST!!

  20. 5 out of 5

    Ant D.(verified owner):

    Finding Munt and Beastdome has been the greatest thing to happen to me in fantasy football. I’m a relative newbie in fantasy football having started only 3 years ago. First year, I joined 3 teams and bombed horribly. I didn’t know what I was doing and finished last place in 2 of 3. Second year, I did my research and visited all the main websites; rotoworld, cbs, etc. I joined 5 leagues confident that I would do well. I bombed again. 1 team went to the playoffs but the rest did poorly. I happened to stumble onto Beastdome by random luck and I haven’t looked back. I was wary of paying for any sort of package last year but the articles Munt posted on Beastdome was enough for me to win my first league ever. I did not hesitate to pay for a package this season. Munt is the man and I will happily beast this season with the rest of Beastdome nation!

  21. 5 out of 5

    Strtr88(verified owner):

    Long time fantasy player. First time Beast. I’ve been playing competitive fantasy football for 18 years now. I started playing back in the day when we had to keep score by checking the box scores in the daily newspaper. At first I was dominant. I took titles home three of the first four years in the league I cared about most. As time went on and the Internet came around I realized that everyone was getting the same info that I was. I struggled to find some advice that was different from the rest of the garbage out there on the major websites. Then last season I came across Munt. I noticed there was one guy on fantasypros that seemed to be dialed in week in and week out. I couldn’t wait for the 2014 season to begin. I signed up with Beastdome as soon as the vip began available and it has been well worth every penny so far. Original articles, rankings based off actual research and my favorite…the Beastcasts. Munt answers your questions live while you watch and provides you with the original content you can’t get anywhere else. I would highly recommend signing up asap.

  22. 5 out of 5

    JD(verified owner):

    This is my first fantasy football season — 3 months ago I didn’t know much about any NFL team or player. I started reading articles from ‘fantasy experts’ and quickly noticed what I have noticed in all other sports — pretty much everyone says the same s**t. Nobody has the sack to stand up and make a real prediction.

    After reading through the articles on Beast Dome, I knew I found what I was looking for. And I was right. Nobody touches what Munt does, or comes close to the time and effort he puts into this.

    For $25, the Beast Basic package is incredible value. You get access to several articles (rankings and drafting strategies for each position, weekly preseason recaps/commentaries and weekly full rankings). Plus, you get access to the BEASTcasts, where Munt comes on live and answers fantasy questions, talks about news around the league, gives start/sit/trade advice, etc. This is literally HOURS of content which is re-watchable if you miss the live show. You will not regret this purchase.

  23. 5 out of 5

    Gridiron Samurai:

    This is the 2nd NFL season following Munt and my first pre-season experience, which I missed last year. I can’t stress the fact how valuable this package was. First, it is very affordable. Second, Munt gives you his analysis of the players you will target in your draft, what round to take them. Players to stay away from. He has done countless hours of studying to get this information to us at an affordable price. Prior to finding this site, I have done many other draft packages at other sites, and I’m talking about spending A LOT more for not as in depth information or expertise that Munt will provide. After reading Munt’s articles, taking his advice and countless times mock drafting, I felt ready to take on any league. I joined 10 leagues this year and I must say all of my teams are very similar and I feel super confident in all of them. This is the first year that I look at my team after the draft, and I know I have a SOLID structure. This is the only site I will follow! I can only hope that he will have weekly rankings. Thank you again Munt!!

    Your fellow Beast,
    Gridiron Samurai

  24. 5 out of 5

    Frank(verified owner):

    If you are playing in any middle to big money fantasy leagues, this is the highest ROI service you can use to draft your teams.

    Munt makes bold calls and uncovers the diamond in the rough players before any mainstream Karabro/Berry will have the confidence to get behind them on TV. Two years ago he won my a title with Alfred Morris, last year he got me to the championship thanks to uncovering Jordy and Desean has late draft WR BEASTS. Even when I was ousted from the playoffs, I had the material to bust anyone on FanDuel for the rest of the season.

    The draft package this year gave me a strategy for each round on what players I should target and who to target if I miss any of those guys. There’s rarely a stressful moment in the draft because you’re seeing the stars that the rest of your league passes on fall in your lap. You will also not find a service anywhere else for this price where you can get an e-mail response within 36 hours to your questions.

    Thanks for everything Munt look forward to another successful season!

  25. 5 out of 5

    Justen M.(verified owner):

    Beastdome VIP was the confidence booster I needed this season! I just was invited to join the “Real League” at my work and with the help of Munt and the Beastdome VIP, I went into the draft brimming with confidence and swagger, thus making decisive and maybe bold picks eventually hopefully leading me to the #1 spot!
    For just 25 dollars, you can make all of your friends think you are this “Gods gift to Fantasy Football” and tear them a new one this season!

    Do the right thing and buy the VIP!!!

  26. 5 out of 5

    John G.(verified owner):

    No better fantasy advice anywhere. The draft strategy was more helpful than any rankings posted. I was able to load up on all positions in a 12 team league. I probably won’t even have to hit the WW this year since my team is so deep. Time to BEAST. Munt is the man.

  27. 5 out of 5

    ShowMeYaTDs123(verified owner):

    ever since i found Beastdome a couple years ago, it has been the resource I go to for my fantasy football advice. Munt makes some very bold claims, but he knows what he’s doing!! i became a VIP member last year during the regular season and the results speak for itself….

    – in my brother’s standard league, i made my way to first place dominating the regular season, the playoffs and crushed the competition in the championship game

    – in my PPR league, i was first place in the regular season, got through the playoffs with ease only to lose by a few points in the championship game…so close, but can’t win’em all.

    This is the first year I signed up for the preseason package, but you get valuable info such as Munt’s strategy on who and when to draft and who not to draft, his rankings, and the awesome BeastCast series. I’m very confident in the team I drafted this year. For $25, this this is a great investment for any fantasy owner!

    Beast Nation stand up!!

  28. 5 out of 5

    Raul H(verified owner):

    Munt is always the man with the REAL sleepers. Not the mainstream hype players.The most helpful thing about this package is the draft guide. Munt lays out the plan of action and its on you to execute. Munt will instill the confidence you need in your strategy to BEAST your draft. On top of all of this, you also get to be a part of the amazing BEASTcasts (Video casts) where he will break down his thoughts on all topics. You also have the opportunity to ask him questions and get live responses. To me that is huge! Being able to see him answer my questions is much better than just reading the answer in an email or tweet without knowing the context of his answer. DO NOT HESITATE and start BEASTING your league!

  29. 5 out of 5

    Jeffisgone(verified owner):

    Thanks Munt,
    This is the second year I used Beastdome and I highly recommend it. Last year was a great year and I look forward to another similar experience this year. I really like the personalized attention and getting the knowledge of the preseason without having to watch. Thanks man.

  30. 5 out of 5

    Danimal(verified owner):

    I leeched off the free advice Munt provides on his website for two years before buying the VIP package this year. I’ve always been hesitant to pay for fantasy advice but when I heard this guy does live video chats and answers questions, I was impressed. I don’t know many “experts” who do this, but it’s a really nice personal touch to the whole experience. I definitely went into the draft this year with a lot of confidence. You can tell Munt cares about his VIP’s and not just about the money, even the one’s spending $25. Even if you are just an nfl fan and don’t play fantasy, it’s cool to hear about his analysis. It was cool seeing some SheBeasts in there this year! And above all, I’ve had a good amount of fun being part of the VIP experience. I know he’s got a lot of pressure to make all our teams great but he seems to really enjoy it and keep a good sense of humor about it all, something that I appreciate. Thanks Munt and good luck!

  31. 5 out of 5

    Mike S.(verified owner):

    As a young lad in 2012, I found Beastdome and instantly realized that this fantasy sports site was unlike any other that I have seen before. Munt really finds the sleepers before everyone else and always knows who to pick up and drop on the waiver wire, who to trade for and who to trade away, and most importantly, how to get your fantasy football team to win. From Kevin Smith to Julius Thomas, Munt finds a way to come through for your fantasy football team time and time again, which is why I will continue to support him by buying the VIP!

  32. 5 out of 5

    Nino C.(verified owner):

    I decided to cut the clutter of all the Fantasy Football talking heads out there, I want to have one to two people/sites I can trust and focus on to help me make an informed decision. I had stumbled upon Beastdome a couple a years back regarding NBA fantasy and I was impressed with the man’s knowledge. So when I saw he was doing Fantasy Football, and everyone else is pretty much spouting the same thing over and over with lazy analysis and regurgitated thoughts, I dived in. The $25 spend were well worth it, the attention to detail the accessibility of Muntra, the spreecasts and the question and answer sessions. His knowledge of the game is undeniable and I am glad I decided to give it a go. This is the more unique and more helpful fantasy football site I have found on the internet that provides a fresh and great perspective.

  33. 5 out of 5

    Brad Buettner(verified owner):

    Simply put, no expert gives better analysis or reasoning behind their picks than Munt does. Munt will not only take a players talent into account, but also their schedule, game plans and surrounding talent. It’s obvious he does deeper research than other analysts and it shows with his sleeper and breakouts picks. 25 dollars was well worth the fee to get this outstanding service. The thing I most enjoyed were the weekly BeastCasts where you could ask Munt questions directly. He always answered them with full confidence and would often instill me with the confidence to take the players he was touting. It’s early in the season but so far Arian Foster looks to be healthy and on his way to a resurgent season. Steve Smith in the later rounds is shaping up to be a gem as well. No other site gives you the individual attention and player insight as Munt does. It won’t be long until he’s a common name among all fantasy football players. Keep beasting Munt, I’ll be an annual subscriber.

  34. 5 out of 5

    William Ng:

    Stumbled upon Beast Dome Nation by accident. Was going through some experts on Fantasy Pros and clicked on Munt’s name. Was directed to his Beast Nation site… Needless to say reading his articles, a lot of information was dead on and when things didn’t turn out to his favor it was when injuries had occurred, but no one can predict injuries. First time as his VIP package owner and it must be said that the players he provided for 2014 to avoid has proven his in depth research of the game. I was able to avoid the busts and secure “beasts” for my fantasy team. Although my 2014 season started with me being 0-2 due to injuries and at the end of week 3 it looked like I’d be 0-3 but Munt’s pick of QB/K and Def (Cutler/Gould and CHI Def) gave me my first win. CHI Def came in and saved the week in the first quarter with 2 pick 6s off Geno Smith (NYJ). This just displayed how great of a fantasy expert Munt is, he doesnt have to pick your whole team, he’ll give you a few picks and it could save all three of your teams (I know it did for me). As Munt always says, its about the journey to the championship, he’ll “beast” your team to make sure you make it to the playoffs and if you do everything he says you’ll end up with the championship. $25 just for preseason ranks and beast & bust players… more than worth it.

  35. 4 out of 5

    KJ(verified owner):

    I finally spent the $25 to get Munt’s famous advice for my team after getting 2 year’s of free advice from Munt. I had 1 league that I drafted before the preseason and Munt’s preseason list helped me draft a pretty beast time with some nice sleepers (Hyde, Sjax and steve smith) without anybody even knowing about them. In my 2nd league which drafts the week before week1, it was harder to get the guys like Foster, Lynch, and other players due to the news reports but still managed to get Hyde and Steve Smith. The lists that Munt gave were very helpful in determining which guys I wanted to draft and by comparing the list to average ADPs I was able to score on players going later and earlier as well. Munt gives good advice and even though it was preseason only, he still gave advice throughout the season. If you wanted just a taste of what the BeastExperience is, then this is definitely something you want to invest in.

  36. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been following Munt and his Beastdome site for several years and have won 5 leagues out of 12 in that time span – some with very large money payouts. It started with his TD’s to Make them dance advice with The old Josh Freeman, Blount, and Mike Williams combo. I rode them to a championship when they crushed Seattle in the championship week back in 2010. His QB/K combo strategy has been one of the simplest and most effective strategies that I employ without fail. This year I shied away from the Beastdome site for a few weeks and have found myself in an 0-3 hole in two different leagues. Now I’m back full force on the Munt bandwagon – made 2 great trades to snag Doug Martin and Arian on the cheap – and am ready to turn the corner and dominate again.

  37. 5 out of 5

    Aaron(verified owner):

    Muntradamus does have that uncanny ability to see into the future. He has demonstrated that he can absolutely nail the first round of a fantasy football draft which is the most important round by telling us to draft Foster over AP, Charles, and McCoy. I was laughed at at my first pick for taking foster #4 overall and now look who’s laughing! AP not on the field, Charles has an ankle sprain and a brutal schedule and McCoy is concussed with Darren sproles on the field. Sure maybe it was a little luck, but at the end of the day does it really matter? The preseason package was easily worth $25 and more. You have to love the bold picks and that confidence that he has. He definitely knows his football. He is an expert with a unique perspective that is very refreshing in an industry that has a barrage of regurgitation of information. I’m glad I found Munt as he has taught me a lot about fantasy football that I probably never would have learned anywhere else.

  38. 5 out of 5

    Dropdimes15(verified owner):

    When you sign up for VIP with Muntradamus. What you are getting is a dedication you won’t find anywhere else. You are getting someone who fights tooth and nail to get YOU the insight and analysis that, 1 – no one else does the research nor has the instinct to deliver, and 2 – will prove to you every week you have a fellow soldier on the battlefield helping you personally win your own battle.
    But most importantly, Munt just knows what he’s talking about. And while there’s always the unpredictable, I.e. Peterson who led to my slow start this year among other injuries, his overall breakdown of the league shines through, as so much of his reasoning ends up being spot on. He’s a BEAST and represents the BEAST DOME very well, and at the very least you will appreciate the experience you gained in your journey.

  39. 5 out of 5

    bigpappapump(verified owner):

    I’ve been using munts advice for 2 years now this being my third and every year I’ve made the playoffs. The Last two years I’ve made the Superbowl only to lose by some crazy fluke play from backups, nothing you can do about luck. This first 2 years I didnt purchase the VIP package just going off the advice he shares on his website and that alone is ahead of all the so called expert advise out there. This is the first year I’ve purchased a VIP package and it was worth every penny. The Google hangouts with one on one team analysis is worth the whole package in itself plus the beast dome business hours and the spreecasts its the only way to beast your league and stay ahead of the pack!

  40. 5 out of 5

    MGM(verified owner):

    Why would you listen to a guy you don’t know named MGM (yes those are my actual initials) when i tell you to GO GET BEAST BASIC NOW! RIGHT NOW! Why would you? I’ll tell you why. Because you are a BEAST, not a SHEEP. That’s why.

    And Beast Basic is going to help you absolutely CRUSH your league.
    Because i had the same questions but i trusted my good friend J-Hillionaire when he told me to sign up for VIP. a League championship later, i’m eternally grateful to my friend, and to Muntradamus!

    There IS a catch. You have to LISTEN to the guidance you are paying for, and FOLLOW the rankings. It takes some faith, for sure. But then when you wake up with sleepers and BEAST picks weeks if not MONTHS in advance of the rest of the world, you will pat yourself on the back for purchasing this GOLDEN WISDOM for the small price of $100.

    Can you really put a price on bragging rights from your friends?
    Can you put a price on WINNING?
    Not to mention if you’re playing for $, you actually CAN put a price on winning.
    So really it is the best of both worlds.

    I’ve been a VIP for 2 years, and in my 4 leagues last year i went 1st, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, and one of the 2nd’s was only b/c my kicker missed a FG week 16. I look forward to more championships this year.
    Maybe the strongest endorsement i can give is that my #1 fear going into any league is that someone else in the league is also a VIP, or even just a Beast Dome reader. But at the end of the day, even if others are reading Beast Dome but are not VIP’s, it is not the end of the world.

    So, the choice is up to you – if you want to know what championships feel like, if you want to know what crushing your competition feels like, if you want to KNOW who to pick (instead of just guessing like most owners do but will never admit that), then become a BEAST.

    Sign up for Beast Basic today.
    It will be the best $100 you’ve ever spent on anything sports-related, or winning-related.

    MGM out.

  41. 5 out of 5


    If your reading this review,it means you are on the fence about rolling the dice with Munt; I’m here to kick you off that fence. I followed Munts free articles for2 years prior to purchasing the beast preseason package, and honestly I waited 2 years too long. This is more than just articles, we are a collective group of wolves who feed on the sheep. Munt and the beast community look out for their own. If you don’t want to just win, if you want to BEAST, then join today and let’s get it! Couldn’t be more happy with my purchase.


  42. 5 out of 5

    Eightyate(verified owner):

    Been a fantasy football player for almost 20 years now. There was nothing I hadn’t heard or seen before. That was until two season ago when I stumbled upon Beast Dome. Not sure how I found it but damn am I glad I did. You can spend your time on FantasyPros, Yahoo. ESPN, CBS…blah blah blah. All of it is the same spoon fed crap. It feels like these idiots only have one opinion they share. Everyone else is so afraid to be wrong or ridiculed that nobody goes off the beaten path. they all have the same sleepers, busts, etc. But not Munt. He gives you personal advice on almost a daily basis. The live Beastcasts are worth the sign up fee alone. Having an expert answer your questions instantly and personally! How are you going to beat that. You can be a sheep in the herd or you can be a BEAST and lead the herd. Your choice. I know where I’ll be.

  43. 5 out of 5


    The first year I signed up for VIP I won the league. Both years I signed up I have made the playoffs. His advice is better than just looking at the rankings at the other sites. I will take strategy over rankings any day of the week.

  44. 5 out of 5

    YS(verified owner):

    This is my 2nd year being a VIP and was on the fence about joining again this year because I play in free leagues but chose to become a VIP again for 2 main reasons:

    1. The Beast Dome Community – it consists of a great group that shares the same passion for Fantasy Football. Everyone helps each other with lineup and trade advise with the same goal in mind – Championship

    2. Munt – Munt sees talent and opportunity in before it happens. He identifies players to target that will have big seasons even before the football season starts. Some of these players end up showing up in preseason or early in the season then everyone starts hopping on the Munt-Train. You get very similar advise everywhere else but if you are looking for against the grain, top quality, game changing analysis and research, Munt is your guy.

  45. 5 out of 5

    Ben A:

    I will NEVER forget the time I stumbled on Beastdome. I was on Fantasy Pros and noticed this guy named “Muntradamus”, loved the name of his site, so I decided to check him out….my whole outlook in fantasy football forever changed…for the better. He is like the Anonymous of our real world, destroying the bs sheep path that the rest of society takes, and gives us an original, truthful take in the fantasy realm. All started with the Mike Williams article, TDS MAKE EM DANCE… I have never seen a WR just completely take over a game 2 weeks in a row, a player who truly came out of nowhere, and Munt called it a week before it actually happend…. I knew his name is the truth. I have been part the Dome for the 3rd year now, and I have gathered so much knowledge from these years. I now question the mainstream outlook of players, and avoid the ESPN’s, Yahoo’s, CBS’s, and Roto’s of our world. Once you try VIP, you will be coming back the next year, the year after…and the year after. The knowledge you will gain is truly worth the investment.

    Let me tell you all that are hesitant to purchase the $100 package. DO IT. He does Beastcasts 4 times a week and you gather the knowledge of Munts thoughts on players to target, when to target them, and most importantly, WHY you should target them. His knowledge is incredible, insightful, precise, and most of all, accurate. He gives us every angle of players to get during our drafts, and which ones to avoid. The beastcasts alone are worth the investment. YOU HAVE TO GET BEAST BASIC if you want to win your league. Its a MUST-HAVE.

  46. 5 out of 5

    Mike D(verified owner):

    For those of us lucky enough to have found at some point over the last several years, we all realized that we stumbled across something extraordinary. Muntradamus’ articles on players, teams & strategies were not only so fresh & accurate but also felt really unique & different from all the other “experts”. It was something you knew you wanted to be a part of. Beastdome content is amazing, but before last year’s fantasy season started, I decided to step it up and become a VIP because I realized that Muntradamus had way more content than that which is posted to There was much, much more to be found on But if you want access to you need to buy a package. So sign up for a Beast package like BEAST Basic as I did before last year. I was so happy with all that I got out of it that this year I increased my package from BEAST Basic to Preseason BEAST. Muntradamus is without a doubt the hardest working expert in the game & he has a genuine desire to make all of us in the BEAST Nation winners. My fantasy football success the last 3 years is due to Munt. The advice he gives you is personal & direct. He gives YOU advice about YOUR team. Not like those dudes on TV or other sites. It may seem like a lot of money at first, but it’s a very wise investment if your gonna win more money than it costs for a BEAST package. Trust me, with Munt by your side, you’ll be very glad you purchases a package and became a VIP. Step your game up… Be a BEAST!

  47. 5 out of 5

    Sean(verified owner):

    2 really IMPORTANT Things you need to take into account when trying to win your fantasy football league:

    1. You probably do not have all of the time in the world, the resources or money, to watch every NFL game – regular and preseason. I don’t. I watch a good amount of games during the regular season and I keep abreast of all the important breaking fantasy news. But still, my knowledge of the game is not enough to win a fantasy league that’s full of legit fantasy-killers.

    2. And this is related to #1, because it doesn’t make sense for you (or me) to do all of this on you own, you’re going to have to rely on someone else’s opinion for your draft. Now, I encourage you to take a look around the fantasy football landscape. There are so-called “experts” everywhere. The thing is, everyone is spitting out the SAME RANKINGS. Seriously, you’ll find a little bit of reshuffling of players w/in a tier, a crappy “sleeper” selection here or there, etc, etc. But come on, I dare you to read what some of these guys said last year. Take a look at some of their preseason rankings – they’re ALL THE SAME.

    Now I’m not telling you that Munt is better just because his picks are different. I’m telling you Munt is better because the majority of his picks are DIFFERENT and RIGHT and LEAGUE-WINNING.

    Arian Foster. Marshawn Lynch. Mike Evans. These are just a few players who he advocated for that helped me win a league last year and get to the Super Bowl in my other. Even the ones he doesn’t get right (*important note – no one is going to get every single call correct – anyone who tells you they do should be spending his talent on other, more important tasks than fantasy football) – such as RG3 or Montee Ball – the reasoning behind his picks are still logically sound (Montee Ball because he’s going to benefit from Peyton’s offense) and I was able to rebound by picking up Hillman and then C.J. Anderson (both with Munt’s advice of course).

    Anyways, what I’m saying is that Munt is simply BETTER THAN THE REST. Take a look at what he’s saying, compare it to the rest of the sheep-experts, and make that decision for yourself, and you will see the difference. BEAST

  48. 5 out of 5

    Johnny Utah(verified owner):

    2015 will be the fourth season of fantasy football that I have been following the prophecies of Muntradamus, and this year is shaping up to be stronger than ever.

    As an “insurance guy”, it what the QB / PK combo aka Fantasy Football Business Overhead Expense insurance that got my curiosity. A couple seasons later, and he has my undivided attention.

    While the articles on provide a glimpse into the unique perspective of the mind of Munt, you don’t really get the full spectrum and scope of his incredible analysis until you get the VIP treatment.

    $100 is many things to a lot of people, but this time of year it’s only one thing: an investment that you can parlay when you BEAST your league for years and years to come as a VIP client to the NUMBER ONE fantasy expert.

    Rankings are numbers on a page. They are a list of names without context. It’s like calling a page from the phone book qualified “sales leads”.

    With Munt’s in-depth analysis, you get input and context to his rankings that make sense. It’s going into the weeds, but the way he articulates it makes it seem clear as day – as if it was right there all along.

    If you want to stack your team with studs and sleepers so deep you’ll be fighting off the trade offers by week #5, I suggest you consider this: skip the guac for every burrito you eat throughout the duration of the fantasy football season and put that $100 into the pot for the VIP Muntradamus Experience.


  49. 5 out of 5

    Andy (TOEJOB):

    ok…been with beast dome for 4 years and this will be my 2nd year as a VIP..!!..highly recommened..munt knows his usaually in more than 10 leagues each year..last year i was in like 20 and made the playoffs in all of my leagues except NFFC…they have diff rules…but i didn’t do too well in the playoffs but thats not because of munt..i was just unlucky and my payers didn’t produce..cant do anything about that..thats the truth..but I’m still back and forever be a beast VIP..!!!..believe me there are so many experts out there that I or anyone can follow and pay for advice..i chose to follow munt and ONLY munt!!!…when u follow diff experts it gets real hard and your choices contradicts itself…my advice to all of you is to follow 1 expert and its MUNT!!!!..he’s a real good guy and he is very thorough with his picks and analysis..!!..he does sometimes make bold choices but why not..they all do..!!! and the truth is..munt is not always 100% right with all his choices..but who is..but I’m very confident with all his choices and i follow him 100%!!!!..thanks munt and BEAST..!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 5 out of 5

    AnonyMous (So my league mates don’t find out):

    if you want a fantasy football service that goes above and beyond anything else you’ll find, this is it. ESPN, Yahoo, most fantasy magazines…. 99% of them produce near IDENTICAL rankings and analysis. Nobody wants to be wrong leaving out a consensus top 3 overall pick from their top 10… Munt isn’t afraid to do that. He lives and dies by the selections he gives us. Last year, most everybody had Jamaal Charles as the #1 overall pick. Munt called him a bust as a top tier elite RB, and his call ended up being right. He promoted Arian Foster as the #1 fantasy player, while the rest of the fantasy world touted him as a borderline 2nd round pick.

    If you want to win in fantasy football, it’s hard to gain a true advantage over anybody else if you’re doing the exact same things as them and have access to the exact same news and information as them. Either Munt literally has a crystal ball that can forecast the future with accuracy, or he is very good at obtaining information, but whatever it is, he’ll tell us things that happen days or weeks in advance of a site like Rotoworld or ESPN telling us.

    Example: Everyone was reporting Arian Foster would be out 3-6 months. Munt IMMEDIATELY said it would be something he wouldn’t have to go on IR for. One week later, the exact report comes out on Rotoworld.

    Do I SOLELY rely on Muntradamus for my fantasy football season? No, but this is my vital and most trusted source of info. To get a truly unique perspective on most every player that isn’t just a collection of “wisdom of the crowds”, you NEED to sign up.

  51. 5 out of 5

    Alex(verified owner):

    The Beast Basic package is worth the investment. Last year was the first year I invested in it, and I handily won my league’s regular season title on the strength of Munt’s advice. His draft strategy post displays strong “outside the box” thinking, which is critical for the highest success in any field, and fantasy football is no exception. Munt doesn’t conform to much of the groupthink errors of other fantasy “experts”, he crafts novel strategies and ranks players according to his own research and philosophies, and the result is exceptional.

  52. 5 out of 5

    ReignManAdam(verified owner):

    Munt’s VIP services are so00 worth it! Have been a VIP for about 4 years now. Not only in football, but basketball and baseball as well. I have never missed the playoffs, and won money in almost every league I’ve joined. Nobody’s perfect, but Munt will prepare you like no other expert. He’s spot on with many breakout superstars (aka BEASTS) and rock solid on his busts. Predicting busts can be just as helpful as telling you which players to draft. All mainstream fantasy football media will hype players and Munt will call out the busts of the pack. The best part of VIP for me are the VIP BEASTcasts! You get an inside view of the mind of a BEAST! Very valuable to see Munt’s mindset and the thinking that goes into his strategy for the year. I don’t know of any other expert (and I’ve looked around) that offers anything close to the VIP services here. Most sites just offer access to written material and ranks. Some offer podcasts, only problem is, once you’ve listened to one, you’ve heard them all. You know, sheep. Afraid to be bold, always playing it safe. Picking guys like Corda-whatever Patterson! Where is he ranked now?! And ALL of the “experts” had him ranked as a top WR. Munt called him a BUST and was spot on! And you know that because he gave you that info for free on! If you are reading this you obviously are highly considering purchasing. It’s time to stop following the herd and become a VIP BEAST!

  53. 5 out of 5

    STL(verified owner):

    So last year, I profited from Munt’s generosity. I dunno if he’d want this spread, but doing my draft before finding his site (so I had basically NO Beast targets) I was able to use just what trickled through to pick up some really really key waivers, etc. I grabbed Forsett, Steve Smith Sr. and CJ Anderson who were all made apparent to me as important pieces; I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on what Beastdome and was all about. As a first time FF player, I played 2 leagues competitively and came in 1st/2nd. All of this I did without paying Munt a dime. Then roll forward to this year, the prices are up a bit and I really think about it and finally plop the cash down; HOLY crap I had no idea what I was in for. I’m a bit obsessive about stuff so immediately I’m like “where are the posts!?” and I was reminded at that time that even training camps hadn’t started, so I chewed my nails for a few weeks wondering if I had made a mistake and then it hit like the wall of an on-coming storm, article after article, BeastCast after BeastCast (in case you don’t know, this is 1 hour + that Munt takes questions , discusses strategy and even hosts others on screen). It was and still is information overload.

    Thanks to Munt I sincerely believe I’ll be grabbing 2 top 10-15 RBs after the 3rd round, a top 10 WR well afterwards, around the 7th, etc. Seriously I fee like the first rd matters, but almost doesn’t… if my 1st pick gets injured, meh… Munt sets your team up with beastly depth and starting lineups that will make everyone cry as they propose trades trying to dismantle you.

    I dunno if I would be able to justify much more than $100 for this (just because I only play in 2-3 redrafts, and generally the pot at stake combined is < $200 across all) but for $100, I’ve gotten to chat with a bunch of guys who love FF, hear analysis that is some crazy next-level kinda info and glean trends from a guy who watches every single game. Now my biggest concern is that after the pre-season I lose access to this and go back to just catching the crumbs through, but this year I’ll have a basis and foundation and a list of potential breakouts to monitor all season that just cannot be beat.

    If you have any combination of leagues where you could potentially come away with more than $100, then this package is worth it; get it, draft, sleep easy at night and BEAST.

  54. 5 out of 5


    If you are reading these reviews, it is probably because you are on the fence about signing up for the VIP package or questioning whether it is really worth it. Both myself and the thousands of other that have paid for his advice over the years will all respond with a resounding YES! DO IT! WELL WORTH IT. There is a reason so many of us are such huge fans and pay for his analysis year after year – it is the best advice around and the only premium site you need.

    Here is why I feel this site is the best value in Fantasy Football:

    YOU GET YOUR PERSONAL FANTASY ANALYST – Some people think the price isn’t worth it and ask why pay for rankings? But I think that is the biggest misnomer with this site and services. You don’t just pay for rankings, you are hiring a Fantasy Football consultant. You have an “on call, always available, will always respond to any question” Fantasy Football professional at your fingertips. Want to know why Player A is ranked so low? Want to know what to do with a certain draft slot? Need some sleeper RBs for a 20 person 20 round league? You get direct access to the man and can ask and converse with him yourself.

    INSIGHT – other sites will give a list or rankings of players. Maybe a few sites will give a sentence or two or some unhelpful stats. BeastDome will give you full and complete analysis, so you know WHY a player is ranked a certain way. For me, that is just as valuable as the rankings, help with reading a given situation and getting all the angles and making sure I considered everything.

    EFFORT & KNOWLEDGE – The amount of time he puts into rankings, analysis, and draft strategy is just incredible. This is the guy’s full time job and he spends his entire day analyzing and breaking things down. He watches film, reads the beat reports, check the stats, runs the numbers, and looks at the data models. Right or wrong (and they are almost always right) he offers the most well researched rankings in the industry, hands down.

    I could go on and on and on about how much I enjoy the service, how good the rankings are, and how much a value it is, but instead read on and see all the other reviews like mine about how almost everyone that pays for the services loves it and all the good things over people have to say.

  55. 5 out of 5

    Sebastian Reyes:

    hi everyone, i’m from chile, south america and here it’s hard to find people who are knowledgeable in american football, so the internet and social media are a MUST for me to keep track on what is going on and preparing myself for fantasy football season. I’ve been keeping track on BEASTDOME for 2 years before going for it and getting a VIP account. I have paid for premium FF advice before and i was not satisfied, a couple of picks were good other were busts.
    And this year i went for it and got a VIP account, it has been totally worth it, every penny and consider that 100 usd are worth more for me than for you guys ( exchange rate ) and still i would get a VIP account every year from now on.
    Lots of beasts picks and constant content update preparing myself great for draft day and killing it.
    Munt has made beast picks every year, just look at his website for past years, he hasn’t change anything i can confirm he made those choices pre draft.

    So don’t hesitate anymore and if you want to win in FF get a VIP account now


  1. I’m 0-6 and I need help badly. This is my first year playing. Everything I’ve done so far, does not seem to work. Is it too late to sign up for the packages? What is the price to sign up for the remainder of the season?


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