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On Monday Night of Week 5, we all thought it was the end for Matt Ryan and this Falcons offense when Julio Jones finished the night with a season ending foot injury.  With Roddy White and Steven Jackson banged up as well, there was a little chance this offense would succeed again.


WEEK 7 vs. TB

Matt Ryan found a wide open Harry Douglas for a 37 Yard TD.  As well as locking in on all 7 of his pass attempts.  JacQuizz Rodgers took little screen passes and turned them into TDs.  He finished 20/26 for 3 TDs and over 275 Yards.


Now Ryan has a healthier Roddy White returning this week, as well as Steven Jackson.



So now we have to ask ourselves.  Is Matt Ryan the QB that can still be a Top 10 Option, without his #1 Option?


The Falcons are about to enter a tough patch.  Between the Cardinals/Panthers/and TB at home with possibly a new coach.  Chances are Matt Ryan will not be his lethal 340 Yard/2 TD self that we drafted him to be.
After that, his schedule opens up with some good matchups.  Now we have to ask ourselves.  Is it worth keeping Matt Ryan, a QB who many see as a player who can get 300 Yards/2 TDs with his eyes closed worth the risk of keeping him.

To answer that question.  NO.

Matt Ryan is not worth a QB even such as Michael Vick.  Ryan has a low ceiling for Fantasy value, and having a safe low-ceiling QB is not going to win you your league.  You have to go big at QB, or you have to go home.



IF Ryan only has 240 Yards and 2 TDs.  You are at a disadvantage.




*Especially after his gift TDs in Week 7*

He will lead your team to an 0-3 stretch before picking it up again.


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  1. I told my friend to sell Matt Ryan, and he is not listening to me. 0-3 here he goes…sigh…

  2. Just because he’s holding onto Ryan doesn’t mean he’s going to go 0-3, there are way more factors than just Matt Ryan.

  3. I’m assuming Tom Brady…. With Gronk back, Vereen and Amendola making a return sooner rather than later he should be able to finally get some consistency just in time for the playoffs.

  4. So I was just able to sell high on Matt Ryan to upgrade my QB2 position. I traded away Ryan, Shorts, and Reed (another sell high) to get Brees and Ellington. So now Brees is my QB2 in a 2QB league. Brees as a QB2 is unheard of, but it’s true. My roster now looks like this:

    QB – Peyton and Brees LOL!!!
    RBs (start 2): Shady, Spiller, F. Jax, Ellington, Mendy, Hillis, Bryce Brown, J. Stew
    WRs (start 3): D. Jax, Roddy, Thompkins, Boykin, N. Washington
    TEs: Orange Julius
    D/ST: Chiefs
    K: Bailey

    I’m very lucky to have a team like this in a 12-team PPR money league. Thanks to Munt, I was able to wheel and deal to get my team to be as BEAST as this.

  5. What are you guys’ thoughts on picking up Mike James? I currently have Shady, SJax, J Rodgers, McGahee, Helu & J Bell. I’m awaiting word on a McGahee for Heyward-Bey trade and have offered Helu/J Bell for CJ2K. Would you pick James up, or consider Ivory, Vereen (stash), Brown (stash), Ball?

  6. Tony Romo – top 10 but still no recognition as a top 10 name… it’s harder to get Brady vs Romo… which is ridic

  7. Im looking to upgrade at RB or either wideout..what should i do. I got Jordan Reed to pair with somebody. What do you think beastnation? Thanks!
    My rbs: charles, sjax, mathews, stacy, stewart, ball
    My wrs: desean, garcon, gordon, harvin

  8. go for either eddie lacy or steven jackson with a few of your bench wrs and jordan reed. maybe even shoot higher for frank gore with a better wr and jordan reed. i think you have enough wr depth with gordan and possible return from percy. whatever you do hold onto JC and DJax.

  9. Dogmusk…I would take it. Just traded Ryan for Brady straight up. How is you WR situation.

  10. Your WRs are pretty solid, all had down games last week but all will be on the rise. I like the idea of getting a RB to complement Charles… maybe gordon/garcon/harvin and Stacy for Lacy or just straight up gordon/garcon/harvin for Le’Veon Bell.

  11. Mostly agree, but I don’t have much faith the SJax will be as great as people think he will be after the injury.

  12. I think Ryan outperforms Brady ROS. But that is just my thought. Hell I think Locker outperforms them both.

  13. I just made the same trade this morning…I traded Matt Ryan for Brady…but I feel a lil uneasy about it

  14. I made the same trade this morning, traded Ryan for Brady….ppr league / 6 Pts for TD passing

  15. I like the idea of going Lacy or Bell. If RG3’s owner has a solid back that would upgrade you, you could offer Garcon and Reed. Sell the fact that Washington has already had their bye.

  16. So I just got offered a pretty juicy trade….I recieve CJ2K and Vernon and I trade away Larry Fitz and Gronk….My team is pretty stacked but I am hurting for a hb…My team is Manning,Pryor, Morris, DeAngelo, Woodcock, Kendal Hunter, Chris Ivory, Demarius Thomas, DeSean, Roddy, Larry Fitz, Sidney Rice, Witten, Gronk, Panthers, Prater. My runnings backs are not the best but they will do however, I am thinking now about creating a LEGIT championship team. I appreciate all of your thoughts, and Munt if you read this I would really like your input!

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