Fantasy Football: What to do with Kevin Smith?

Fantasy Football: What to do with Kevin Smith?

By Muntradamus

Many of you, including myself.  Were shocked to see Mikel Leshoure get 26 carries.  He looked powerful, he looked angry, and most importantly.  The Lions were more than satisfied with what he was doing on the field.  Leshoure finished with 100 Yards Rushing, he even added 4 receptions for 34 Yards.

Take everything you wish Kevin Smith was, and you have that in Leshoure with nothing to worry about.  Nothing to worry about if you own Leshoure, not Smith.  Mikel is a possible RB#1 Potential moving forward.

If you own Kevin Smith, it is time to re-evaluate your situation with him.  His upside is capped completely.  To make things even worse, Joquie Bell was the only backup RB who had 5 carries for 23 Yards, as well as 4 receptions for 44 Yards.  Bell is notoriously known to Kevin Smith owners as the player who vultured one of Kevin Smith’s TDs in Week 1.  Now that Bell is the clear #2, Leshoure is the clear #1.  Well hopefully you took my advice earlier in the season when I told you to trade.  Because now Smith’s value is worthless.



If you did not trade him, you might as well look for other options.  Kevin Smith is nothing in Fantasy Football these days as he appears to not only lost his starting job, but his backup job as well.

So now you ask…Who do I pick up?

The solution is a simple one.

You can take my advice that I have been giving all year and add JacQuizz Rodgers if it is not too late.  Chances are Daniel Thomas has been snatched by another owner.  Nor is he worth anything when Reggie Bush is healthy.

Or you can look at my bold predictions from the start of the season, and still notice a RB by the name of Bilal Powell who is still on the waiver wire.


All of preseason, and now the past two games.  Powell has been a far more effective RB than Shonn Greene.  Powell has burst, he has some power, but most importantly he can catch the ball.  Greene does not fit this offense so well as the Jets really need a playmaker, not a three yard gain RB.  The Jets truly love Powell and want to give him more carries.  This week he out shined Greene, and even had a possesion to himself in Overtime today where he had 3 consecutive carries for 19 Yards.  Below is the comparison of the two RBs in Week 3.  

SHONN GREENE – 19 Carries 40 Yards. 2 Receptions 9 Yards.

BILAL POWELL – 10 Carries 45 Yards. 2 Receptions 24 Yards.

Powell could potentially be this years Kevin Smith down the line in the season.  I would make the move now before it becomes more clear to all owners that Powell should truly be the guy for the Jets.  Shonn Greene is in for TWO TERRIBLE WEEKS (Back-to-Back).  He plays SF and Houston, which will put a brighter light on the Jets needing to go with Powell after those games.


Huge Week Ahead in Fantasy Football here at BEAST DOME. We all want to make our teams Better, and my only Goal is to see all of you win your championship.  Stay Tuned for more content including the Waiver Wire article tomorrow.


Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Mike Aviles, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He was also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in one week, first time in Fantasy Sports History.




  1. Munt, currently have a hurt CJ spiller…hope to pick up either LeShoure or Jacquizz to help my team out a little. Problem is, I don’t know who to drop. I’ve got Arian Foster as my RB1, and I’ve got Law Firm and Sproles on the bench. I’ve got Malcom Floyd, Brandon Lafell, and Danny Amendola on my bench. Willing to give up one or two of those guys if it’s worth it…what do you think? Or should I just not worry about picking up Leshoure or Rodgers at all and keeping my current benched RB’s and WR’s?

  2. I was unable to sell J.Charles high last week. Fortunately I might have won my matchup (i’m leading by 34 p and opponent has Jennings + Finley left). Now that Charles had a monster game (as expected) should I still sell him high and what should I really ask for return? Is D.Martin enough? Martin has a awesome schedule, but I’m a little bit worried about him. What RB’s should I target in trade market for Charles? To help your answer, here is my team at the moment:

    QB: P.Rivers






    I might drop Hankerson and try to get some help from waivers…L.Miller, C.Ponder, B.Powell or so…but as you see, my RB situation is not so good. So what players should I try get trading Charles or should I trade him?

    Thanks….your site is AWESOME!!

  3. Hey Muntz,

    Unfortunately I have Kevin “worthless” Smith, Reggie Bush and Willis McGahee who are both injured. I picked up Mendenhall of waiver wire but his bye week is this coming week.

    So my only option for my 2 RB spots is Lynch and Jacquizzzz, but is Rodgers starting material yet?

    Gonna be a tough week 4.

    Also, will Big Ben’s 4th TD pass that was fumbled at the 1 yard line by Brown then recovered in the endzone for a TD going to be taken away from his points. I don’tt think that should be a passing TD right?


  4. I unfortunately was able to trade Charles last week for a lot of value, but could’ve used the 34 point outing. Feel lucky you got that, and now you can sell Charles as the potential #1 player he could be.

  5. Hi Munt,

    Hope you are doing well! Thanks for all the great advice. You told me earlier in the year that my team was great except for my RB situation. I am in a 2 QB PPR league and I made some changes. Please tell me what you think of my team now. Would I be able to win it all with this team? Thanks so much in advance.

    M. Ryan
    A. Luck

    D. Murray
    M. Leshoure
    B. Tate
    J. Rodgers

    B. Marshall
    P. Harvin
    P. Garcon
    D. Amendola

    A. Gates
    B. Pettigrew


    M. Bryant

  6. Hey Muntz,

    Thanks for all your help so far. I have a simple question, one that I already know the answer to but I need an expert to push me to pull the trigger.

    Would you trade Rashard Mendenhall for Cedric Benson if the offer presented itself? I’m guessing yes, but isn’t Mendenhalls upside pretty good when he comes back? Right now I have R.Rice and A. Morris as my starters.

    Thanks for all the help so far!

  7. I have to ask another question…hope you have time for answer. :) My TE’s are A.Gates and C.Fleener. Would you drop Fleener for any of these players:

    C.Ponder (My QB is Rivers)
    S.Draughn (I have J.Charles)
    B.Pierce (I have R.Rice)

    In what order would you put those players in waiver claim?

    PS. Sorry my bad english….I’m from Finland.

  8. i got the same Cj spiller problem i picked up jacquizz in the last round of my draft and im planing to start him as my rb2 Looked soild against the chargers kinda plays like Spiller run/catch ability

  9. Chtu

    I would drop LaFell for Leshoure in a Lindsay Lohan second.

    Leshoure has #1 RB potential moving forward.

    Your RB situation sounds stacked, do you have anyone esle to drop for JacQuizz. Big things coming his way. Your other bench WRs are too good to drop.

  10. Benson>>>>>Medenhall

    Rashard is no lock to be at full form, even if he is I would rather own Benson in the long run. The Steelers are going pass heavy in the new Todd Haley offense, Medenhall also has to deal with Dwyer and Redman behind him who will not give up on being the starting RB this season.

    Benson is a MONSTER. The Packers offense will present plenty of TDs.

  11. I have a RB dilemma. Who should I start in a league that plays 2 RB no flex. I have:
    Mikel Leshoure
    Lesean McCoy
    Jamaal Charles
    Trent Richardson

    Any advice appreciated.

  12. Munt, I have Jamaal Charles, would you still trade him after yesterday’s performance. I have Romo as trade bait I’m thinking both of them for Demarco Murray what say you?

  13. Hey Munt! I stumbled across your website randomly earlier this week. You convinced me to pick up both Andre Brown and Leshoure. I owe you big time!!!!!

    You seem to see a lot of potential in Leshoure though. I got offered Roddy White for Leshoure+Torrey Smith. Should I take it? I’m really week at WR. My starters are Jordy Neslon/ Colston/ Andre Brown. Pretty solid at RB though. (I got Foster, Murray, SJax, Ridley, Jacquizz, and now A. Brown) Let me know what you think! And I’m definitely hooked on this site. I’ve already read every article back through week 1 of the preseason. Loving every bit of it. =)

  14. Muntradamus, quick question. a person in my PPR league is asking for a trade. They will give up Andre Johnson and Steven Ridley for Andre Brown and antonio gates.

    I have
    Matt Ryan
    Doug Martin
    Julio Jones
    A.J. Green
    Torrey Smith
    Justin Blackmon
    Brandon Pettigrew
    Kyle Rudoplph (Waiver)

  15. Hey Muntra,

    What do you think about trading BJGE and Celek for Chris Johnson and Brandon Pettigrew? I have McGahee, Quizz, Benson, and B. Powell as my other RBs.

  16. I could drop Joe Flacco…but that leaves me QB-less.

    Steve Johnson
    AJ Green
    V Jax
    Danny Amendola
    Brandon Lafell
    Malcom Floyd

    Arian Foster
    Darren Sproles
    Law Firm
    CJ Spiller

    K: Gotskowski

    QB’s: Flacco and Matt Ryan
    TM San Fran
    TE: Gronk

    I can see me only dropping Malcom Floyd to make room for the Quizz…or F Jax? Definitely doing Lafell to Lashoure though…what do you think? Thanks for your help man.

  17. Hey Munstradamus,

    i was offered Matthew Stafford and Daryl Richardson for Marques Colston and Cedric Benson…my current QB is Cutler, so what do you think? Thanks in advance.

  18. You need the QB upgrade.

    However you are giving up two studs that are a vital part of the team. Trade Market with R.O.S rankings is coming Thursday. From there you can see who to wheel and deal.

  19. Finland! Love International fans.

    Go with Ponder over Fleener.

    Ponder could very easily be a better QB to use than Rivers. Even this week.

    If you miss Ponder I would go with Powell and forget the rest.

  20. Thanks Munstradamus. The trade offer was declined, but i just picked up Ponder off of waivers…hopefully things work out =]

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