FANTASY FOOTBALL: I Gotta Stay Hi-i-i-i-i-gh (Josh Gordon Strategy)


I Gotta Stay Hi-i-i-i-i-gh

(Josh Gordon Strategy)


By Muntradamus



Before we get into this article, two players will be posted in the BEAST DOME Hall of Fame.














When the BEAST DOME Fantasy Football Season started on July 17th, right around the MLB All-Star Break.  I was ready to make my first batch of WR Rankings.  I automatically left Josh Gordon off the list.  I knew the chances of Josh Gordon playing in the NFL this season was not likely at all.  My thought process was telling me if the NFL allows Josh Gordon to play this season and not be suspended all 16 games for violating the substance abuse policy, then anyone can get away with anything.

About a week later on July 24th the NFL came out with their Ray Rice suspension plan.  Here is the video of Ray Rice carrying his unconsious girl friend that he knocked out.




I don’t care how much weed Josh Gordon smoked.  Nothing is as bad as Ray Rice knocking out his fiancee, and carrying her around a Las Vegas Hotel like a Rag doll.  The NFL should be ashamed of themselves if they suspend Josh Gordon for more than two games.  I know the drug rules are the drug rules of the NFL, but this Ray Rice situation makes Ray Rice a horrible representation of the NFL.  Which is why these players are getting fined and suspended in the first place.  Josh Gordon is not beating a women and carrying her around a hotel.

The fact it is taking the NFL so long to determine the suspension on Josh Gordon, it is time to assume that this suspension is nothing more than a slap on the wrist.



 Josh is a humble intelluctual man.  This is not a stoner who is a mess and does not have his life together.

Josh Gordon is a young superstar who has every chance to be a role model for young WRs and Football Fans around the world.  He is not a Diva like Terrell Owens.  He is not a Diva like Keyshawn Johnson.  Josh Gordon is a humble superstar talent and he deserves to be on that field for the Cleveland Browns this 2014 season.

Josh Gordon has tested negative for 70% of his Drug Tests since entering the league in 2012.  The most recent case appears to be a contact high which could/should possibly reduce the suspension.  That is what we are currently waiting for as the appeal process is going on.

The fact the NFL is taking so long to make their final decision after Josh Gordon and his party appealed, the reality is the NFL may not have enough evidence to suspend Josh Gordon indefinitely.  Josh Gordon is the type of BEAST who is going in the 10th Round of Fantasy Football Drafts.

Last season on FantasyPros no Expert Ranked Josh Gordon higher than me.  He was part of the BEAST DOME DRAFT STRATEGY in 2013, and he is part of the BEAST DOME DRAFT STRATEGY in 2014.  If you are a VIP you would see where I would be telling you to target Josh Gordon on Draft Day, as well as the other WR weapons to grab so losing out on Josh Gordon would not even hurt your team.


Look at it this way.  You have the chance to draft a WR who had 1600+ Yards in 14 games in 2013, after the 10th round in most leagues.  The Browns are a much better offense this season, and the addition of Miles Austin should propel the Browns to be a much better team.  Between Miles Austin and a proven star in Jordan Cameron, it will be impossible for defenses to double team Josh Gordon or any player on the field.

I’ll throw in one last VIP tip which should convince you to spend the $25 on a BEAST basic.  Miles Austin is a great late round WR to draft along with Josh Gordon.  If you miss out on Gordon, Miles Austin can be more than a serviceable #2 WR in Fantasy Football.










  1. hahahaha that ash pokemon photo is the greatest thing i saw today.

    Munt what round should i target Gordon?

  2. What up Munt….I picked up josh gordon in my first draft of the season last night….I was a lil faded already so I really don’t remember which round….but it was late, maybe right before my defense…like round 12 or 13….also, everybody was laughing at my picks last night…my VIP picks….I told them to stand by….I will laugh last, or I should say we VIPS will laugh last! Thanks Munt…good luck fellow Beast bros!

  3. Nope, I’ve been preparing to draft Gordon like I did Gronk last year, around the 6-8th round. It’s rumors that he’s only gonna get an 8 game suspension. His appeal ended last Monday and still no decision. The NFL typically only has one day appeals and gives a ruling swiftly. His appeal lasted 2 days. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t suspend him at all. He’s the second best WR in the league, and paired with Johnny Football the NFL stands to make a ton of money of the Browns this year.

  4. There are tons of stoners who are intellectuals as well, that is a pretty goofy statement. The guy is risking his job over and over again just to smoke weed. If that isn’t a dedicated stoner, then I don’t know what it. Blaze on Josh!!!!

  5. Lmao I appreciate your expertise but Gordon? Really? This is like the 3rd time he’s been suspended there’s no way he plays this year I don’t care how freaking amazing weed is (though I agree the strict nfl policies on it are pointless). I also think your being a little harsh on Ray rice and ignoring the oppurtunity he has in Baltimore this year. New OC with a run first gameplan, much better o-line, much quicker this year due to lost weight, and his drive to come back from rock bottom and earn the trust of the fans back. I would be promoting rice.

    Also it was Atlantic city not LV, if you want to criticise players for beating women and the nfl’s failed punishment maybe point out Greg hardy instead

  6. Marijuana does not harm players like the Painkillers they load these guys up on. If weed helps them sleep and calm the pain then let them smoke all they want.

  7. Not saying Ray Rice will have a bad season at all. To me he seems to be the 2012 version of himself more than 2013.

    The reason I am not pushing Rice as hard as other RBs is because of the threat of Bernard Pierce. Bernard is too good not to get his 10-15 carries everyweek. Pierce is also a lot more physical than Ray Rice and could easily take a few TDs here and there in the redzone.

    It is going to be a full 100% RBBC just like Arian Foster/Ben Tate in the past. Ray Rice will definitely have a bounceback season, still would not favor that Top 15 RB production.

  8. MUNT is a BEAST. He just helped my co-manager and i with an auction draft and we got nearly all of the players we targeted. Also, if you’re new to BEASTDOME like i am, take this advice – listen to Munt. He watches ALL the games guys….he knows more than you. Be humble and listen to what he says. Your fantasy team will then BEAST this season. Personal example: we drafted Montee Ball last year after seeing Munt’s post on the FREE portion of beastdome. It was in keeper league….and we KEPT HIM this year after Munt’s prediction paid off….and we picked up ARIAN FOSTER and have lynch too. So thanks to Munt we have a great shot at three top-5 RB’S this year. And RG3 at QB. THANKS MUNT. Listen to Munt guys – he’s a BEAST!

  9. Suspended for 1 year announced today, what an unfortunate development from Roger Godspell and the other clowns.

  10. Cleveland Browns was supposed to be ESPNs team. They were supposed to make this team a story from draft day with Johnny Manziel to a potential playoff berth. They were going to carry it into the NBA season with Lebron.

    All that is now done. The Browns will be a below average team. Miles Austin like stated in the article will resume the Miles Austin role and should have a solid WR #3 with WR #2 upside in the Browns offense.

    A man can beat his girlfriend and treat her like a rag doll on camera. 2 game suspension.
    A man can barely be over the THC limit and be suspended for an entire season. Full season.


  11. Safe to drop him, any chance he tries to take legal action? Someone just dropped Jarrett Boykin in my league for Miles Austin. Should I pick up Boykin to replace Gordon or wait and see how this all pans out? I have the #1 waiver claim, and this guy sniped Boykin just before me in the draft.

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