Fantasy Football: Jonathan Dwyer (Beast or Bust)

Fantasy Football:

Jonathan Dwyer (Beast or Bust)

By Muntradamus

Beast Dome Nation.

Each week I take a look at a breakout Free Agent player to determine if they are going to be a Beast or Bust heading down the stretch of the season.  You can read what I said about: 

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Tonight we analyze a player who will likely be a player many owners are going to contemplate dropping or keeping after his 122 Yard Rushing night.  He was the best final second waiver wire addition you could hope for, and now he is a guy who could end up right back where you found him.



Dwyer came into this season as the clear #3 RB behind Isaac Redman.  When Rashard Medenhall was returning from an ACL injury, Dwyer had a few audition games to show his value.  In those games he looked like nothing more than a Free Agent RB who failed to reach over 60 Total Yards.

Then came Sunday Night where both Isaac Redman and Rashard Medenhall were listed as out.  The Steelers gave Dwyer a heavy dose of carries throughout the game, including his closer role where he rushed for over 50 Yards just to kill the clock.  While Chris Collinsworth for some reason compared him to Jerome Bettis, many of you will be disappointed if you read too much into it. 


PREDICTION: BUST. Let us not forget that he is #3 on the depth chart.  Even with Redman very questionable for next week, and Medenhall about 80% likely to play, you can expect Dwyer to slowly dwindle back to the bench.  He is a predictable runner and it will take a good matchup and a lot of injuries for him to be worth anything.  You can keep Dwyer on your roster for another week just to keep taps on Medenhall practicing, but more likely than not Dwyer will end up on all waiver wires by the time the season is over.

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  1. Would you trade Dwyer for J.Gordon or D.Richardson?

    My other RB’s and WR’s are (have to start 2RB 3WR and flex):

    Daniel Thomas

  2. Yes, I would. Try for Gordon 1st. He just missed out on a huge day yesterday & he stilldid really well

  3. yeh i would..who ever is about to do that trade is crazy..richardson already splitting carries with jackson..jackson could be traded away or lose evern more carreis later on. Gordon is the starter now..great size and speed..cle plays against week secondaries during fantasy playoffs too

  4. yeh i would..who ever is about to do that trade is crazy..richardson already splitting carries with jackson..jackson could be traded away or lose even more carreis later on. Gordon is the starter now..great size and speed..cle plays against weak secondaries during fantasy playoffs too

  5. I talked about Dwyer for Gordon trade with that owner….he said that he might give me S.Rice for Dwyer. I still try to get Gordon, but if I can’t get him….should I take Rice?

  6. What about that Dwyer for Rice? My team now is:

    Daniel Thomas
    Seattle D/St

    I picked a load of WR’s from the waivers and Tanner and Hardesty, but my rb’s for this week are not so good. I have to start three WR’s, 2RB’s and a flex. Charles is my other starting RB for this week of cource, but my other options right now are all bad. Should I still trade Dwyer for Gordon or Rice? What are the chances that Tanner or Dwyer or Hardesty will start and is worth of RB2 this week? In to scenarios what are my best options?

    1: I will trade Dwyer for Rice (this has better chances to happen). That leaves my RB2 options as Tanner, Hardesty, D.Thomas or J.Rodgers and WR’s Harvin,Young, T.Smith,Hill, Heyward-Bey, Roberts. If Tanner or Hardesty gets a start they should automaticly be in my starting lineup as RB2 right? If they both get the start then will they be better flex options than my WR’s? I mean 3WR’s +flex (Tanner/Hardesty/WR). And what would be my 3 starting WR’s?

    2: I don’t get the trade and Dwyer is still on my roster. Basically if Dwyer/Tanner/Hardesty gets the start that would be my RB2, but if more than one of them gets the start would that be flex starter as well? And what would be my best options as starting WR’s then?

    I know this is a little bit confusing and my english is not very good, but I hppe you understand and try to answer. :)

    And couple of more questions….I have to pick a kicker before kickoff and drop one player..what would that player be? And would any of these player be better option than my current players and if so then who would you drop to get them?

    R.Broyles (already have T.Young)
    A.Hawkins ( I already gave up on him)
    J.Blackmon (he has been my roster couple of times and I gave up…too soon)
    P.Hillis ( I own Charles)

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