Wednesday 2:28 AM.  I just woke up from a nap after helping VIPs for 6.5 Hours straight in Google Hangouts with screenshare/Waiver Wire/Trades etc.

My mind is foggy my passion is burning through my skin.  I saw my FantasyPros Rankings, again.  Yes once again I feel I got robbed and you will too when you see what happened.  FantasyPros ranking system has changed whether I want to admit it or not.  This is a site where I use to be the BEAST of the BEASTs, and now they are putting me at the BUSTs of the BUSTs.  Why?  Is it because I am not following the FantasyPros code of just labeling all the players the same and if we win together, we win together, and if we lose together, we lose together.  No Fuck That!

I beat to my own drum.  I spend hours among days doing research for my next week Rankings.  All of the mainstream websites already post week 3 Rankings.  How can they post Week 3 Rankings on Tuesday?  Do they watch all the footage from Sunday again in one day.  Do they even care if they are right.  Is that what it takes to be an Expert?  Just throw Rankings out with one day of research?

Regardless, Fuck the Noise. I know I am the best and below I will prove it.  If you want to focus on one position while reading this article.  Read RB.  That is where I really felt I got robbed.




RGIII hurt me no doubt in QB Rankings this week, same with Brady.  Besides that pick, the picks on the left are clearly more dominant than the picks on the Right from Week 2.  Colin Kaepernick #8, I put him #18 (248 Yards/1 TD/3 INT).  Everyone was all over Jake Locker, I saw the Vegas Trap in him.  I was higher on McCown than any expert who actually finished as the #9 QB in Week 2.  That’s fine if RGIII hurt me in QB Rankings, as long as Jamaal Charles hurts everyone else in RB Rankings I am fine.




RANKED #29 in his Rankings.

Ignore Russell Wilson BUST.  Ignore Jake Locker BUST.  Ignore Colin Kaepernick BUST.  Ignore Alex Smith BUST.  Ignore Ben Roethlisberger BUST.  Ignore Cam Newton BUST.  Ignore no Josh McCown.  Good pick on RGIII not putting him in his top 16.  If RGIII finishes that game this guy gets CRUSHED.






Arian Foster obvious BEAST PICK.  Murray ahead of the Experts helps.  Mark Ingram/Terrance West Picks BEASTED the competition.  T-Quizz did his thing on MNF.  Jonathan Stewart was a good pick, Rainey as well, lets give some love to Sproles.

Matt Forte good pick.  Jamaal Charles I ranked #14, his ECR was #2.  That means if you ranked him #3 or lower, you thought he was a BUST.  I ranked him #14.  Ellington/Moreno/Spiller/Jennings/Joique/Mathews/FJax/Gerhart/Martin all good picks.




36 Total Yards for his #1 pick in Forte. Jamaal Charles 0 Points at #3.  Gerhart 0 Points at #8.  Ellington BUST at #10.  Foster/Morris/Bell outside of Top 10?  Moreno BUST.  Joique BUST.

No Mark Ingram.  No Terrance West.  I had Toby Gerhart at #42 I had Jamaal Charles at #14!!






I’ll admit when I am bad, last week I had some bad picks.  Green/Desean got injured on me.  Mike Evans did nothing “BUY LOW.”  Golden Tate turned into a ghost after the 1st Quarter.  Bowe was not ready for a debut while Boykin was benched.  Miles Austin pick was nice, as well as Edelman.  Still a lot of bad BEAST/BUST picks.

Focus on the big differentials in my negative category.  Yes -2 is still wrong, but when I go -24 on Cord PAtterson.  -14 on Larry Fitzgerald.  -23 on Floyd.  -16 on Crabtree.  -16 on Hilton.  -11 on Cooks.  Those are some gangster picks that deserve props.  No, No.  They just focus on the bad.





It is what it is.  I wasn’t great, I don’t think this guy was so great either.  Wright/Patterson/Fitzgerald all BUSTS when I ranked these guys in the 30s.  It is what it is.







Look.  I can keep complaining about my IDP #s how I had Von Miller #2 (7 Tackles/Sack) when everyone else had him outside of the Top 30.  I had Stephen Tullock #6 (10 Tackles/Sack) when everyone had him outside of Top 25.  Or Michael Bennett in my Top 15 who got a sack, even my great DB picks with Dashon Goldson 30 Picks above the experts.  I can even rave about my Kai Forbath/Randy Bullock dominating the Expert picks.  At some point in this season, I have to realize.  Nobody is out there to help me in this industry.  I am not a big name corporation.  I am one man who is doing it all and sacraficing every hour of my life for my dream to come true.  While the other experts probably sit at home with their wife and are counting down the hours until the next Law and Order Episode.  Only to realize, they missed it yesterday.

I am happy with my journey.  I will continue to BEAST.

No Expert can do what I do.



  1. i appreciate your humility in admitting faults. you’re a badass munt. keep living the dream… we’re with ya!

  2. Munt, I don’t know how you do it, but you are the most accurate Expert in the Fantasy Realm today. Keep up the great work, and keep teaching us your ways. See you during the next hang out, first one was AWESOME. BEAST.

  3. Munt,
    As of now my starters are Peyton Manning, Arian Foster, Chris Johnson, Randall Cobb, Jeremy Maclin, Keenan Allen, Jordan Cameron, Houston D/ST, and Justin Tucker (couldn’t get QB/K combo). My bench is Carlos Hyde, Joe Flacco (Peyton’s week 4 bye), James Jones, Khiry Robinson, and Devante Adams. How does it look? Who would you drop for Cameron’s bye next week? Thank you.

  4. What’s up fellas? Hope everybody’s season is going well. 2 quick lineup questions for this week.

    QB – Kap or McCown?
    Flex – Trent Richardson, SJax or Hakeem Nicks

  5. Hey Munt~

    We all know your a BEAST! We don’t need Fantasypros to tell us you are not or ranked lower etc. Remember what Arian said..”Media is full of propaganda and you’re a subject to their agenda. Don’t let them think for you.” He couldn’t be more right. It looks like Fantasy Pros or other sites try to get into your head so that you lose focus and crash. You are better than that Munt! Stay on target brother!

    Gridiron Samurai

  6. I understand your beef with fantasy pros. But for us , who keep on checking back here, on your site, we really don’t care what fantasypros, cbs , or ESPN say of you. We are here for one thing only – some help to get us W in our fantasy leagues. As long as you keep on doing that we will keep on coming back. I am for instance -1-1 right now and I am kind of feeling the same way about my team, which I drafted rhe help of DRAFT VIP package.
    Need help with starting WRs this week- which 2WRs do I start Roddy White, Steve Smith or Julian Edelman.

  7. Question about kicker situation. I Have Cutler at QB. Also have Arian and Andre Johnson, as well as Alshon Jeffery to pair with Cutler. Do you recommend QB/K or grabbing Bullock?

  8. If you have any guts you’ll post this on here and respond to it. You feel like you got robbed on RB? Well the Charles injury saved you big time. Look at what Knile Davis ended up doing. Charles would have been top 5 easy. Probably top 3. 14 was a terrible ranking which you ended up lucking out on. Sure you hit on Ingram but Pierre Thomas @ 13 and Khiry @ 33 were brutal. I guess your strategy is just to rank all NO rbs high, hope that one hits, pat yourself on the back for the one that does and ignore the two that don’t. Way to play it safe. Seriously Thomas ranking was brutal as were Trent, Hyde, Gore, Gio and Asiata while S Jax, Bush, Stacy, Greene and Khiry were all merely bad. But you choose to ignore those picks in your write up. Honestly your rankings weren’t that good and if you were willing to look at them objectively you’d see that.

  9. You also give yourself credit for Charles/Moreno/Mathews/Martin. Three were knocked out of the game early and 1 didn’t play. So how exactly were those good calls on your part?

  10. Hater #1654 on the FantasyPros Rankings. Here we go.

    Knile Davis and Jamaal Charles are two different RBs. Knile has a lot more power than Jamaal. Everytime Jamaal touched the ball it looked like his head was going to get ripped off. Sounds like you are a Jamaal owner who took him #1. Good luck next season.

    Usually the Saints use all 3 RBs in a RBBC. It wasn’t some sort of strategy to rank them all up there. They split the carries/touches evenly more often than not. Look at Week 1. Pierre 14 Touches/Ingram 14 Touches/Khiry 7 Touches.

    Pierre at 13 is still better than Gerhart at #8.

    Trent was not a bad ranking. He had 95 Total Yards. Better than Steven Jackson was ranked in the same spot as the #3 Expert. Same with Reggie.

    Hyde/Gore. What can you do, last week I got no love for having Gore lower than every expert when everyone Ranked Gore Top 10. Some Top 5. HydeorDie.

    Now you are just nitpicking my bottom half rankings. Go to any other site and you will see garbage on theirs.

    Stacy/Greene/Asiata. Didn’t get any love for ranking Stacy a BUST last week. It helped that Gerald McCoy got injured. The Greene ranking makes sense, the amount of carries in the game he got does not. Lets talk more about Rainey if we want to talk about Asiata. Giovani owners are really excited about Jeremy Hill stealing all of his #s moving forward. He snuck in the TD before it was too late. Giovani is a great sell-high. You sound like a goat so you may want to take that note.

    All of this still doesn’t outweigh having two 0s in the #3 Experts Top 10. If you took this guys advice for Daily Fantasy Football, chances are you ended up with a week to forget. “Gerhart is a good price go with him.” “Forte is going to be the #1 RB this week. Go with him”

    I’m just trying to be the best expert I can be.

  11. BEAST.

    Munt you are a beast. Glad you’re not listening to all these jokers man. I have been playing fantasy football for 5 years and used to take in all the content from all the major sources and i can say that you are the REAL DEAL. Don’t even sweat RG3 man….and all you readers out there hating on him for RG3 – listen ANY player can be injured at ANY time. This is the NFL not a computer simulation. People are out there trying to take each others’ livelihood on the field. Anyway, and i don’t hear ANYONE giving you credit for Montee Ball…they were hating on you last year or whatever. You were so AHEAD of everyone else you were 1 year early. No one is perfect in sports or predicting anything – if they were then some NFL teams would be 16-0 or NBA teams 82-0. But that never happens (and when the Patriots did it they lost the one game taht mattered most if i recall).

    Keep on BEASTING Munt. There are guys out there like me who are so glad you do what you do. And there are many more who don’t even know you exist….yet. (i just hope when u go huge the opponents in my leagues don’t find out you exist!)


  12. Matt,

    You need to realize…Munt called Jamaal Charles a bust MONTHS ago dude.. he even said there is a great chance he gets injured due to him playing much more physical teams and tougher schedule…he called it dude… The guy is legit, stop being a whiny bitch that you drafted Jamaal or even Shady McCoy.

    Keep it up Munt


  13. Munt you are really good. I visit other sites too when I have time but there’s nothing like your advice. Keep it up.

    Just traded Matt Ryan and Brian Quick for Aaron Rodgers. I have all the players you recommended. Currently 2-0 in both leagues thanks to the Barbarian. Will keep you posted.

  14. Munt,

    My man! I am sure you have done this, but I am attempting to bring some rational to the conversation, look at the actual finishes for each player and compare them to your rankings as well as the expert that finished #1. Then you can statistically see how far you were away from reality compared to the other guys, but remember to do it across the whole field of players that you ranked. My guess is fantasy pros has a program that analyzes this data and the expert with the least variance in their ranking based on where the players actual finished gets number one. So, while your beast/bust picks destroy the competition, your rankings across the board are further, as a whole, from where players actually finished (fantasy points wise).

    Without a doubt you are the EXPERT, the others just mooo and follow along. The alogorithm, however, does not account for the picks that you make, the picks that actually have the potential to change a fantasy season, like not picking Charles(at all). It ranks all players with the same value weather they were picked in the 1st round or not. Your picks matter where is counts, the players people actually start. You are probably off on players that no one is starting anyway, but it brings your overall accuracy down. STAY MOTIVATED and keep BEASTING!!!

  15. Munt, eff these haters, none of these garbage experts put in a fraction of the amount of time that you do on your analysis. No one else has the balls to put their bold predictions out there like you do, well in advance, not when the bandwagon has already got rolling. I only read the other sites to know what the goats are thinking.

    Keep BEASTING and keep the dream alive!

  16. First you have to understand that I think Muntradamus has some great analyses, especially in his pre-season rankings, and I’m not hating.

    That said, Munt’s long-ago bust call on Charles is like the mirror image of his long-ago beast call on RG3. Those big pre-season calls, one right, one wrong, foreshadow his expert accuracy performance through the first couple weeks. Big, high risk calls like that tend to be about 50/50, and making a fairly large number of these calls every week is going to lead to a lot of counter-balancing + and – fantasy point picks, and that’s going to drag expert accuracy on FanPros toward 50%.

    Muntradamus is pretty ballsy, and calls em like he sees em. He’s going to make some great calls and some terrible ones. Your job as a manager is deciding which ~50% to roll with.

  17. While losing RGIII does hurt. It is recoverable as there are plenty of Waiver Wire QBs who can score 16+ Easily. It also was a 5th-8th Round Pick on RGIII you are losing.

    Losing your 1st Round pick, maybe 1st overall in Jamaal Charles. That damages you for good and usually impossible to comeback from. You need your 1st Pick especially at a thin position like RB where the wire is very thin.

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