Fantasy Football (IDP Rankings): Maybe It’s Mebane (Week 12)

Fantasy Football (IDP Rankings):

Maybe It’s Mebane (Week 12)

By Muntradamus


Last Week my Rankings at the IDP position led BEAST DOME to the #1 Overall Ranking of any IDP website.  Let’s continue to dominate.  As always feel free to help each other out, Kings612, where you at?



Week 12 Rankings




Patrick will be guarding Danny “my semi-sprained ankle” Amendola this week.  Love the matchup as Bradford throws to Danny as if he has no other weapon.  Peterson can get burned, but he can easily take a pick 6 to the house.


Von can create turnovers, he can gets sacks, and the Chiefs are a terrible team.  All of these things add up to Von Miller having a HEROIC MVP type performance as he should be blitzing often and chasing down Jamaal Charles.


If there is one thing you cannot do against the Seahawks.  Throwing the ball down field at will is that thing.  Ryan Tannehill has not looked good at all as of late and if he holds onto that ball too long.  “Maybe it’s Mebane” can reward you with a surprise sack/fumble recovery.  On top of that, when the Dolphins run.  Mebane will be there.


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  1. I have Fitzgerald Blackmon mike Williams amendola and denarius . I need 2. Which ones do I fly with??? Fitzgerald has a crappy qb and amendola is in a boot

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