Fantasy Football (IDP Rankings): Game of Chance-llor (Week 6)

Fantasy Football (IDP Rankings):

Game of Chance-llor (Week 6)

By Muntradamus


LIVE CHAT THURSDAY:  7:00pm(EST) – Through End of Steelers/Titans game.

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IDP Nation.  Another week, help eachother out with the best squads and feel free to share strategies you use when selecting your IDP player.  There will be modifications this week as a lot of players are uncertain with their injury situation.  Stay tuned, you will see the Rankings updated Saturday Night.



The Patriots are going to run 80 plays this week, which means theirs a good chance Kam is all over the field ready to make his first INT of the season.  Kam is one of the most talented safeties in the NFL and against Tom Brady he will be on full display.



Fresh off a concussion. McClain will be thrown into action against a high voltage Falcons team that will be running out the clock.  This could easily be Phillip Wheeler who ends up with the top spot, but for now Rolando and his 10+ Tackle per game potential in this environment is the perfect matchup.



Move over all Defensive Lineman.  J.J. is the new top dog and is getting to the QB like a truck.  Playing against the Packers this week with no Cedric Benson, you can expect plenty of sack opportunities as the Packers go pass happy.  Which will allow Watt to fight through the not so great Green Bay offensive line.




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  1. Should I start weeded in a qb flex spot?others I could put there would be wright,j.Bell ,Ballard,s-jax,or bess.thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  2. LaRod, Ballard and Denarius Moore. Pick two? Need to figure out an RB2 and flex.

    Also, do you think the Panthers RBs are buy lows?

  3. My pick 6 of the week, Eric berry. Bucs have gone back to pass happy and against a chiefs team coming off of a great defensive game against the ravens, freeman will grow frustrated and force some risky thr

  4. The only buy low panthers are Cam and possibly Smith, stay away from the RBs. I like LaRod this week, possibly taking a screen to the house and Moore is the easy choice out of your options.

  5. I am going on the other side of this game and saying Mason Foster returns a short pass for 6.

  6. My weekly maths picks are:

    DB – Morgan Burnett/Charles Woodson (Tramon Williams gets tackles as well, but these are the guys to own obviously), Chancellor (Earl Thomas is an okay pick but I think Chancellor will take opportunities away from him), Pollard, Mark Barron/Aqib Talib

    DL – Brandon Mebane, Ryan Pickett (other GB players are underwhelming) and maybe Sean Lissemore.

    I’ll probably roll with Pollard seeing how I had already owned him and I Chancellor & Burnett are already owned. I’m on the fence about Dumervil and Mebane though, gut says Dumervil .. my maths say Mebane. Might choose Mebane just to live on the edge, at least I have reason to back it up if I do.

    Hope this helps some people.

  7. I personally think Berry will have a weak outing this weekend, he hasn’t been great this season thus far and he has a horrible matchup.

  8. Kingof612

    You can expect an upgrade of “Maybe it’s Mebane.”

    You have been the MVP Of the IDP NATION so far this season, keep it up.

  9. Jrome

    I like the prediction.

    Foster should be busy tackling Jamaal Charles all game, the pick 6 would just be the icing on the cake.

  10. Tuck I would not play this week since the Giants do not make mistakes.

    Cole, he should bounce back. Last week Big Ben broke a tackle for a sack, this week Cole faces a vulnerable Lions O-Line.

  11. With the news about Aqib Talib being suspended for 4 games, you can discount him this weekend. Slight bump to Barron, but not much .. he already was going to get ‘his’. Peace.

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