Fantasy Football Haiku: Tate Raped..Again. And Again. (Week 3 Recap)

Fantasy Football Haiku:

Tate Raped..Again. And Again. (Week 3 Recap)

By Muntradamus


Week 4 Rankings coming out Wednesday Morning.

I had a perfect title for this weeks article.  Until I was left with no choice after that call on Monday Night Football.  Below is an entertaining video with how bad these replacements Refs have been.  Hopefully the real refs come back so bad calls do not effect your fantasy football players.  Because these refs are ruining the game.  I wish there was a compilation on YouTube, but here is a classic one on just how bad they have been.


For those that are new to BEAST DOME.  

Week 1 recap: (Tate Rape) – Owners started Ben Tate he did nothing. Because of Foster’s late questionable.
Week 2 recap: (Tate Raped..Again) – Owners benched Tate after Foster apperared healthy.  Tate scored 2 TDs.
Week 3 recap : (Tate Raped..Again. Again) – The infamous Monday Night Football Game.







Fred Jackson has the chance to reclaim his spot with the Bills this week.
Spiller and Jackson are both RB#3 quality three weeks from now.
Stevie Johnson is the MAN. Favorite Fantasy WR in the game.
Ryan Fitzpatrick should be busy in shootout against NE.
Scott Chandler will be a big threat to this offense.
Bills Defense  was a yard away from a INT TD.


Reggie Bush should be okay for next week.
Daniel Thomas vultred his TD.
Brian Hartline started playing well after Revis went down.
Anthony Fasano is Scott Chandler version .00001
Davone Bess is WR#5/#6 quality.
Dolphins Run Defense is the only thing that’s not terrible.


Patriots went Ultra Pass Heavy like I told you they would.
Wes Welker could not be happier that Hernandez is injured.
Rob Gronkowski will have a makeup game soon.
Brandon Lloyd has MONSTER potential.
Stevan Ridleys value is having a panic attack.
Patriots Defense is a matchup play quality defense.


Santonio Holmes showed why he was undervalued in all drafts.
Bilal Powell is going to take over for Shonn Greene soon.
Mark Sanchez earning a little bit of respect, real test next week.
Dustin Keller could still be a top 20 TE.
Jets Defense is droppable with Revis done for the season.


Ben Tate fumbled at a crucial time.
Arian Foster #1 RB value just got higher.
Andre Johnson was shut out besides one 60 Yard catch. TD.
Matt Schaub made the deep ball work.
Owen Daniels Low-End #1 TE/High-End TE #2
Texans Defense.  Still ELITE.


Andrew Luck is looking ELITE.
Reggie Wayne is matchup proof.
Donald Brown was saved with a 30+ Yard catch at the end.
Austin Collie done for season with achillies.
That’s somebody trying to tell him to stop before he gets another concussion.
Colts Defense.  Got 99 Problems, stopping MJD is #1.


Blaine Gabbert is a mirage.
Maurice Jones-Drew is still the KING.
Justin Blackmon will break out sooner than later.
Jags Defense has yet to impress me.


Jake Lockers breakout game was huge in so many ways.
Chris Johnson should now see running room.
Nate Washington and Kenny Britt see a value boost.
Jared Cook appears to be the #2 Target.
Titans Defense is still terrible.


Trent Richardson never sees less than 9 in the box.
Greg Little got benched for dropping passes.
Brandon Weeden does not have WRs.
Browns Defense has no chemistry.


Brown and Wallace are both WR#1 quality.
Ben Roethlisberger has the Todd Haley offense down.
Rashard Medenhall is the next starting RB.
Heath Miller has good TE#2 value. Playing a little over his head.
Steelers Defense needs Harrison and Polamalu healthy.


Joe Flacco runs the no huddle like a veteran.
Ray Rice is reaping the benefits of less defensive attention.
Torrey Smith, happy for you.
Anquan Boldin should emerge back as the #1.
Dennis Pitta looking great.  TE#1 value.
Ravens Defense. Will have better games.


Benjarvus Green-Ellis looking good so far.
AJ Green top 5 WR.
Andrew Hawkins. Rising up the Fantasy Charts.
Jermaine Gresham closing in on TE #1.
Bengals Defense is weaker than expected.


Ryan Matthews still not 100%
Going to lose goal line carries to Jackie Battle.
Phillip Rivers has no arm.
Malcolm Floyd is the #1 WR..
Until Antonio Gates stops getting doubled.
Robert Meachem is droppable.
Chargers Defense is as well.


Willis McGahee will be fine.
Peyton Manning has impressed me so far.
Erick Decker and Demariyus Thomas both high-end WR#2.
Jacob Tamme is close to droppable with Joel Dreessen playing so much.
Broncos D is Top 10 good.


RUN DMC finally showed up.  RB #3 overall.
Denarius Moore is ready to emerge as an every week WR#2.
Carson Palmer looking okay so far.
Brandon Myers still a good TE #2 so far.
Raiders Defense has holes on holes on holes.


Jamaal Charles finally broke out.
See what I think about him on the Trade Market (Thursday).
Dwayne Bowe is a solid WR#2 with #1 upside.
Matt Cassel disappointed. Throw him in the Waiver Wire Fire.
Jonathan Baldwin has machine potential. Will not be worth anything though.
Chiefs Defense is nothing to brag about.


I would not panic on Michael Vick
Desean Jackson had a tough matchup, will be better.
Jeremy Maclin will resume his 80 Yard role when healthy.
Brent Celek is a TE #1 in my eyes.
Eagles Defense let Fitzgerald beat them.


Tony Romo has to step it up.
Dez Bryant disappears too often.
Miles Austin may be the #1 target for Romo.
Jason Witten dropped another TD.
DeMarco Murray will be great when the Cowboys offense gets hot.
Dallas Defense has upside.  Low-End #1 D/ST.


Eli Manning is continuing right where he left off last season.
Victor Cruz was tripled.
Ahmad Bradshaw has a big week to reclaim job outright.
Ramses Barden is nothing, Hakeem Nicks is coming back.
Martellus Bennett.  You heard it here first.
Giants Defense looked great. Upside is there for top #5 overall.


RGIII is the real deal. Nearly matchup proof.
Alfred Morris now gets two fumbles.
Pierre Garcon will be the #1 WR when he returns.
Fred Davis stopped the bleeding.
Washington Defense has holes.


Adrian Peterson still playing like an ELITE RB.
Christian Ponder is a top 15 QB.
Percy Harvin is thriving with Ponder.
Jerome Simpson will only help Ponder and Harvin.
Kyle Rudolph is the Scott Chandler Version 3.0.
Vikings Defense getting stronger.


Cedric Benson is a BEAST.
Aaron Rodgers can only go up from here.
Greg Jennings slipped at the 1 yard line for an easy TD.
Jordy Nelson is falling quickly. Will bounce back.
Randall Cobb and James Jones are hard to trust.
Jermichael Finley. Dropping Passes is still an issue.
Packers Defense is good again.


Brandon Marshall was limited by Cortland Finnegan.
Michael Bush appears to have another game with no Matt Forte.
Jay Cutler needs Marshall to breakout for him to breakout.
Bears Defense is a rock solid unit.


Mikel Leshoure ends up being the steal of all drafts so far.
Matt Stafford has gimpy leg. Should have played better against Titans secondary.
Calvin Johnson finally scored a TD. Should have done that at least twice.
Kevin Smith is on the outside looking out.
Brandon Pettigrew was great in PPR leagues. Bigger things to come.
Nate Buerlson is quietly making a big fantasy impact.
Detroit Defense has problems. Needs secondary to get healthy.


JacQuizz Rodgers will replace Michael Turner this season.
Roddy White and Julio Jones will both be top 10 WRs.
Matt Ryan will reach the next level of Fantasy QBs.
Falcons defense is more than beatable.


Cam Newton had a bad game. He will bounce back.
Steve Smith still the easy #1 Target.
Brandon LaFell was targeted in end zone. Nothing.
DeAnglo Williams will be a headache all season. Same with Stewart.
Greg Olsen woke up, has TE#1 potential.
Panthers Defense has problems.


Doug Martin is the team.
Vincent Jackson was shut down by Brandon Carr.
Josh Freeman needs Vincent Jackson to get open.
Bucs Defense lost Clayborn. A little bit weaker after a good week.


Drew Brees is not disappointing anyone.
Marques Colston is after dropping another TD.
Lance Moore picked up the slack.
Jimmy Graham was the focus of the Chiefs D. Still got a TD.
Lance Moore is emerging quickly.
Darren Sproles and Pierre Thomas are the guys.
Saints Defense has problems.


Larry Fitzgerald made plays.
Kevin Kolb had a miracle game.
Ryan Williams gets another chance to steal RB job.
Chances are he fails and Beanie eventually reclaims.
Cardinals Defense is the next big thing.


Frank Gore had a bad game against a good run D.
Alex Smith reminded us why we don’t like him.
Vernon Davis is a BEAST/MAN CHILD at the TE spot.
Michael Crabtree is clear #2 Target behind Davis.
Randy Moss can be waived.
49ers Defense will have better games.


Russell Wilson looking better.
Marshawn Lynch will thrive if Wilson thrives.
Sidney Rice needs more targets.
Zach Miller not worth using.
Golden Tate. One shot wonder.
Seattle Defense.  Best secondary in NFL.


Steven Jackson was not 100%.
Danny Amendola is a PPR machine.
Sam Bradford will do better at home than the road.
Rams Defense. Improving quicker than expected.

Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Mike Aviles, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He was also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings, first time in Fantasy Sports History.  To check his Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings Click Here.


  1. Hi. Can I have your thoughts on Steven Jackson’s value? His point production, schedule, and bum team are making think I should trade him. Also, I’m thinking of trying to sell high on A. Brown. to Bradshaw owner. What level wr or rb can I get in return? Thanks.

  2. Hey Munt,

    Your advice is golden! Just wanted to see if I would be giving up too much on this trade?

    Alfred Morris & Scott Chandler for CEDRIC BENSON?

    Thanks again!!

  3. I got offerred Hernandez & Garcon for Mathews & Bennett (my only TE right now, Davis Myers & Chandler available on ww)(he has Eli & Graham already) not something I’m jumping in but… he also has my foster backup & j-rodgers, I really need a WR and was hoping to use cj0k as a chip but so far can only get M.Williams… Idk if he wants him. I can also give up hunter, lafell, Spiller/ f-jax (have a waiver out to claim Hawkins & drop hartline)i could also holdto my guys… I value ur advice

  4. What’s happening Munt? Hopefully all is well. Can I get your thoughts on Marques Colston I just can’t figure this guy out, I know you said he’s over due but do you still feel the same way?

  5. You will read about him in the Week 4 Trade Market.

    His value could not be any lower, he is still the man in New Orleans right up there with Graham. That foot is bothering him, he will be fine.

  6. Thanks GB

    i would decline the first trade. Mathews is the best player in the deal, nothing wrong with Bennett yet.

    Figure out a way to get JacQuizz without giving up a starter on your roster. He will be worth it in the long run, starting this week.

  7. If you are getting Cedric Benson you are the clear winner.

    Ced Ben is the man in that high scoring offense. He will clean up easy TDs all season.

  8. Trying to get rid of ChrisJohnson. Worth it to trade straight up for benson or morris? I also have Mendenhall, Jacquizz, and Mcgahee

  9. Wasup Munt,

    About Ryan Williams…… All the experts are saying that he is a much better player than wells and that it was expected that he would take over the starting job eventually.

    I am would like to know why you are so down on Ryan Williams.

    BTW I have Andre Brown I want to trade him for Ryan Williams with the Bradshaw owner.

    Looks like a good trade to me what do you think?


  10. Skill great question.

    The reason I do not like Williams is a lot of reasons.

    1) He continues to fumble in crucial situations.
    2) He says he is worried about his bad knee every time he runs.
    3) Besides one long run in kill clock mode, he really has not done anything. Besides one good preseason quarter against Oakland.
    4) Beanie Wells was a stud last season who had 3 TDs in one game. 100 Yards came easy against easy opponents.
    5) The Cardinals offense is not that great in the 1st place, not a lot of TDs.
    6) Beanie Wells is the better RB when healthy. Beanie has yet to be healthy this season. As soon as that trend reverses the coaches will be reminded why they fed him like a workhorse.

    Short-Term that’s a good trade until Beanie is healthy.

  11. I was thinking Rodgers but I was worried about the fact he’s basically the back up right now behind turner right ? Would he be able to put up like 15 pts a game roughly ?

  12. I did an auction league this year for the 1st time. I got both foster and rice, the league also has an Offensive flex which a 2nd QB can be played. There r 2 RB slots. In the fold I Am sitting on d brown, J Rodgers, Mendenhall, my QBs are Peyton, Palmer & Sammy B. I received a trade offer to acquire Brees and Doug martin. Ihave to give up rice & Torrey smith, my wr are solid in Wallace, Bowe & Colston. That is it & little on the ww. We start 3 WRs or 2 wr/2te. & I would have to play celek & Rudolph on my WR bye weeks, I think the trade is fair, but the real Q is do I take it? This guy can do it cause he drAfted brees & Brady. This is a half pt ppr league. I almost think keeping my big 2, rotating the beat qb matchup & shuffle jaquizz, brown & mendy and maybe Palmer will have a lot of games like last week. Your advice?

  13. None at all.

    The Jets offense can barely support one WR when Keller is healthy. With Hill an option, and Sanchez less trustworthy than most QBs. I would stay away from everyone besides Holmes.

  14. Started thinking I might be able to swingg a trade, giving up rice, Palmer for Floyd-SD, stafford & either steven Jackson or Chris Johnson

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