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Like every good Horror Movie that is never made, just when you think things are going to look bright for all the Jimmy Graham Fantasy Football Owners to close out the season. Graham goes down with an injury that will put him on the pile of R.I.P. BEAST DOME players and the screen cuts to black. The RIP list also includes (Arian Foster/Steve Smith Sr./Marshawn Lynch). While this is Graham’s first time being a vital part of the BEAST DOME Draft Strategy, it will also be his last as the knee injury he has is too much to come back from.

Graham was looking like the vintage Jimmy Graham in Week 12 we all drafted, 4 receptions for 75 Yards including a few red zone targets, as well as being tackled on the 1 yard line. Graham was a Hall-Of-Fame talent two seasons ago, but injuries in New Orleans in 2014, plus this horrifying season in 2015 which ended as scary as it started for Graham’s career. It is now all gone.

The Draft Strategy will be completely different in 2016 with all of these key pieces gone. The 1st and 2nd Round pick now defeated. The 5th and 6th Round Picks with Achilles injuries.

There is still time to BEAST and win a Championship.


Luckily for the BEAST DOME NATION. Shortage of TE’s is something nobody has to experience as all of these options are owned in less than 50% of leagues. Players like Eric Ebron do not belong on this list as they dropped too many passes and lost their role or the injured/may never come back BEAST in ASJ.

In regards to David Johnson being the starting RB for the Arizona Cardinals. He is the #1 player that needs to be owned from the Waiver Wire. CJ2K is done for the season, Andre Ellington and his Turf Toe injury could be a tricky one which will definitely allow David Johnson to run away with the job.


Who would of thought that Scott Chandler could be the MVP to get you into the Playoffs. Last season in the BEAST PLAYOFF WARRIOR RUN PACKAGE I had all of my VIPs play Scott Chandler who got a very clutch TD for the Bills. The Chandy man is a very big target, and we all know how much Tom Brady loves playing with his TE options. No homo. Regardless, Chandler will get a ton of action with Brady against the Eagles and you can expect him to be owned in 100% of Daily Fantasy Leagues as well.


It took a while, but Kyle Rudolph is finally being used as the TE option he was supposed to be used as coming into the season. Norv Turner the OC for the Vikings was the mastermind of the Antonio Gates/Ladanian Tomlinson connection back in the Prime Charger Days, we are now starting to see that type of offense come to life these last couple of weeks. Rudolph does lose too many targets to Ellison, the 2nd TE, but in the end. Kyle is looking more and more like the #1 guy. Hey Stefon Diggs bandwagon fans, where you at?



Vern after reading took a step in the wrong direction after he was once again used as another weapon in a TE by comittee offense. This is starting to look like the Texans old days when Owen Daniels would get his TD’s vultured by players like James Casey. Kubiak has no problem using a 2 TE offense, and that is not what Vernon Davis owners want to hear. Still, let us give the benefit of the doubt to the bad weather. Denver has some really tasty matchups coming up against San Diego and Oakland, games where Vernon Davis can easily put up his vintage stats. Do not forget, Vernon Davis is in a contract year.


Crockett is going to have to be the guy for Matt Schaub to close out the season. Unlike Joe Flacco, Schaub does not make his weapons better and Kamar Aiken is a strong WR, but he will likely leave a lot on the table for other players to see in the target department. Schaub was very successful with Owen Daniels at Houston, and he will have to use Crockett in the same way. So sub in Andre Johnson/Owen Daniels, sub in Kamar Aiken/Crockett Gilmore


Clay is the dump-off option for Tyrod Taylor. Clay will never guarantee big numbers, but he will be used often and is okay at the end of the day for PPR leagues. Clay is not a BEAST but he is safe, that is the main point I am using here.


If you are in a very deep league, and all of these options are taken. Go with the guy we used to scream at the TV every time he made a catch. “Why aren’t you throwing to Graham!!” is a common phrase you have used when you see Luke Wilson make a 12 yard reception. He is not very good, and he reminds you more of Luke Wilson the Actor instead of a Professional Football player. But he will promise that he will be on the field, even if it is mostly blocking.


  1. Where would you rank Turquoise Julius on this list if he’s still available? I currently have him queued ahead of Chandler …

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