Fantasy Football: Felix Jones (Beast or Bust)

Fantasy Football:

Felix Jones (Beast or Bust)

By Muntradamus

Beast Dome Nation.

Each week I take a look at a breakout Free Agent player to determine if they are going to be a Beast or Bust heading down the stretch of the season.  You can read what I said about: 

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Tonight we analyze a player who once had the Dallas Cowboys RB spot on lockdown for not only now, but the future for many years to come.  After getting injured last season and watching DeMarco Murray tear apart a weak Rams Defense.  He was a backup all of last season, and likely this season as well.



Felix Jones was a disappointment this training camp.  First their were soft rumors going around that he could be cut.  Then he dropped passes on 3rd down in Preseason games.  Everything seemed to be going wrong, that he needed to go right.

After getting only 3 carries in the last 3 games, Felix Jones finally got the break he needed to be fantasy relevant.  After scampering for a 22 Yard TD in the 1st quarter, things were looking good.  Murray was still healthy, but then the next quarter Murray had to pull himself off.

Felix Jones ended up taking over the game with 18 Carries for 92 Yards and the TD he had earlier in the game.  Jones also added 1 catch for 13 Yards put him over 100 Total Yards in the game, and a likely Waiver Wire Add in EVERY Fantasy Football League this time around.  The extent of the injury to DeMarco Murray will not be known until tomorrow, but a sprained foot is never a good thing.


PREDICTION: BEAST. He will be a BEAST in the same way that Andre Brown was.  If the starter is out, in this case Murray, Felix Jones will be a Must-Start option in all Fantasy Leagues next week.  Next week the Cowboys play the Panthers, and although the Panthers could be improving their run D over the Bye week.  The Pathers are pretty awful for the most part defending the run.  Just ask Andre Brown who started against them in that Big Thursday Night game with over 100 Total Yards and 2 TDs.  Felix will be Must-Start next week if Murray cannot play, and likely a RB #2 if Murray has to miss any games moving forward.  Add Felix “The Cat” Jones, before somebody else does.

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  1. Wait to see the MRI results on Murray’s foot. If Murray is fine and will play next week, I would stay put.

    Starks was getting his first action, Green did not do enough to run away with the job. Turner looked very bad as well, but Quizz did not do enough to change the rotation.

  2. So you recommend patience with both? Starks looked a bit slow to me with the carries he was given.

  3. My dilemma: My backup RB is on a bye next week. I have Alex Green currently starting and Starks on the bench.

    Should I drop Starks for Jones? Should I start Jones over Green?

  4. Depending upon your leagues waiver system, you have two options. If you waivers don’t happen until Wednesday morning, then don’t rush anything and wait to see what the prognosis is on Murray. If you must do something today, then I would drop Ballard for Jones. Brown is only out for a couple weeks in Indy, and Ballard didn’t look that great. Meanwhile Starks and Green have starting opportunities for possibly the rest of the season in GB. If you MUST start a GB RB this week, then I would go with Green based upon his health and the number of carries he received last night.

  5. BTW, I have McFadden, Lynch, McGahee, Martin, C. Johnson at RB and C. Johnson, Cruz, White, S. Johnson at WR.

  6. Felix Jones – if Murray misses any time. Otherwise your team is too good for either of them.

  7. Are you in a 6 team league?! Crazy. Go for the WR, althought Britt I dont think is the best option out there – check for Mike Williams.

  8. Are you in a 6 team league?! Crazy. Go for the WR, although Britt I dont think is the best option out there – check for Mike Williams.

  9. Wait till we hear the results of Murray’s MRI. If he misses time, then pick up Jones for Starks. Regardless, start Green

  10. Might as well pick up Williams. Based on your depth at RB, even if Murray is hurt, Jones isn’t ever worth starting on your team

  11. Sorry, I meant Britt. But like Dubes said, Williams would be an even better pickup if available

  12. should I keep alex green or drop him for felix jones?Also have leshoure on the bench and I am kinda up in the air with him

  13. Thanks for the input. It’s a 10 team league. My QB is Ryan too! I just drafted really well then made a couple trades (Benson/Floyd for Lynch & Morris for Chris Johnson, which I’m not happy about). Trying to move DMC, Steve J. and Martin for Arian and Steve Smith. Mike Williams is rostered in my league so it looks like Britt gets the nod. Thanks again y’all!

  14. I would rather have Jones than green personally. I believe in Munt’s advice that Starks will take over soon. If hr takes over during a game, ur screwed with green.

  15. Then new info you gave suggest you should drop Bennett for Jones and play Jones over green/starks is whati would do, see if u can get a lance Moore or a Finley player for green while he is listed as a starter and their stock is down

  16. Alright fellow BEAST DOME NATION & Munt. I have quite the situation on my hands. I’ve lost Benson & Amendola and now Murray for however long he is out. My team as currently constructed looks like this – QB’s Brady & Schaub. RB’s Murray, McGahee, Quizz, Starks, Blount, B Powell(hoping to get Felix Jones to swap off waivers). WR’s – Cruz, Harvin, Colston, B Quick. TE’s Olsen & Kendricks(hoping to get Randall Cobb to swap off waivers). Now, I am in a 12 man league and I am in a 3 way tie for 1st in my division but I am starting to get very nervous with my RB depth. I am looking for any suggestions and anylizations of my team, thanks BEAST DOME NATION & Munt I can use ya on this one!

  17. McGahee and Quizz will be on a Bye next week, D. Murray has ligament damage 1-2 weeks. B Powell out with shoulder injury so good luck with F Jones..As far as Starks well Green looked like he will get majority of the touches on a passer friendly Packer team. Blount playing Saints so thats your best play 58 Yds 1 Td (2 TDs for the year) last week, where D Martin only 1 TD for the year but 55 yds rec yds and 76 rush

  18. Based on Murray’s injury how viable will Jones be for the remainder of the season? I am in an auction league so you have to bid for players. The biggest issue is everyone in the league overbids so much for players such as this. Is he worth using the majority if not all of my waiver funds?

  19. I suppose it depends on the extent of the injury to Murray. If you have a low waiver, for only a one week play not actually be worth it. If it’s a couple weeks, then sure.

  20. Ronnie Hillman will need to do more with his carries he will be Peyton’s screen man. Hillman has great hands. Hillman worth to be watched if McGahee gets injured.

  21. Munt – need a win this week. Here’s my team, what do I do:

    RG3 / Stafford
    McCoy / Matthews / Martin / Starks
    Harvin / Bowe / Smith / Nicks / Boldin
    Graham / Gresham

    Got BYES for McCoy, Matthews, Bowe. Need a RB2 if Starks ain’t gonna shine. Woodhead has been consistent. Blount? I already have Martin. Don’t know if I’ll get Felix Jones or Powell with my waiver position. Stewart is available as well.

    Please advise.

  22. I like the comparison Munt said about Felix Jones to Andre Brown. He will be valuable for 2-3 weeks (the extend of Murray’s injury) and then his value will likely decrease upon Murray’s return. Same thing happened with Andre Brown and Ahmad Bradshaw.

    I’m really not quite sure how auction leads work when it comes to waivers, but if you are desperate for wins these next couple weeks then make the move, but if not then don’t overpay for him because he could be worthless in a month.

    Just my opinion.

  23. Not over Felix Jones by any means. But if you are really desperate in a deep league then go for it…but don’t expect much out of him.

  24. Grabbed Felix, but barring any trade offers for him this week, Is it worth starting him over Forte vs DET (with BMarsh at WR – could suffer if Bears offense throws a stinker vs div. rival), Rice @ HOU, McFadden vs JAC?

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