By Muntradamus


Fantasy Football season is approaching us already. Seems like it was just yesterday Tom Brady threw the Super Bowl trophy from one boat to the other. We had Free Agency, we had the NFL Draft. However we still have a BEAST Free Agent Defense still waiting to sign. These moves are bigger than moves of the NFL Draft. An example of this last season was when Gerald McCoy signed with the Panthers on June 4th, 2020. However that move did not matter last season as the Panthers Run D was having trouble since Week 1.

Regardless, here is my Fantasy Free Agent Defense. I would run a 4-3. Would be pretty impossible to run on this team, but you can attack my corners one on one.


4 DL


Houston was a huge reason the Colts were able to make the Playoffs last season. The best pass rusher this team has had in the last two decades, and they let him walk for no reason. Maybe his Sack total is never league-leading, but the amount of pressure he puts on a QB every game is one for the ages.


Big Daddy Richardson is one of the best run stoppers in the NFL. The addition he brings to any front line will automatically make it a tough day for the opposing RB. Unless he ends up on a really bad team, however he alone in his younger days was able to help make the Jets Run D a formidable unit. He did it once again in 2020 to help lead the Browns into the Playoffs.


From 2015-2019, Casey was a Probowl DT for the Titans. Last season with the Broncos he got injured 3 games in with a torn bicep and is now a Free Agent. He will be 31 years old this season and still has plenty left in the tank. Whatever defense takes him will add a HUGE run-stopping force who also gets pressure up the middle. A poor poor man’s Aaron Donald.


This guy was one the leaders in sacks less than a handful of seasons ago. Mental health issues was a hiccup after the career year, but he appears to be back on track as one of the most fierce old-school pass rushers in the game following back-2-back full seasons with no lapse, and one Pro Bowl. Whatever defense adds him will get a guy who can get double-digit sacks. Only 33 years old, Griffen definitely has a great season left in the tank.

3 LB


KJ Wright has been the Lamar Odom to Bobby Wagner’s Kobe Bryant. While Bobby Wagner has been the best MLB in Football for what seems like the last decade, KJ Wright has been right there by his side making just about as many great plays. Wright is a superstar and arguably the best OLB in the game, at least mentally at the ability to defend whatever play is coming his way. Wright is not done at all, in fact playing without Wagner can open the door to his career where we truly discover how great he is. Definitely capable of playing MLB, the only reason he did not is because Bobby Wagner was.


Williamson is a good built like a house of bricks veteran LB who can make an impact wherever he goes. Solid run stopper who plays better in a 3-4, than a 4-3, but he is the best middle linebacker in Free Agency and he will be someone we will want to track.


Yes he is definitely more of a pass rusher than an OLB. However he is the best pass defending pass rusher in the NFL and in a 3-4 system he would be perfect on the outside. Soft zone coverage with the ability to blitz with the best of them. Vernon can stick with RBs or TEs.

4 DB


Sherman Island is no longer a scary place to be. He can still compete with WRs who have below average speed for the position, but that is not something to put on the resume. Sherman is looking to be better suited as a Saftey from this point forward, the perfect way to transition ala Charles Woodson into the Hall of Fame. If he continues to get embarrassed at the corner position, he may always be remembered as overrated. That is a big downfall from cover of Madden without anyone doubting the honor.


Vaccaro is a playmaker wherever he goes. Not only is he a playmaker, he is someone QBs do not want to throw to because they know he will capitalize on mistakes. Vacarro was part of the Titans Defense these last three seasons, and the Titans D have become superstars overnight making playoff runs every season. He was great with the Saints his first five seasons and at only 30 Years Old, Vaccaro will make another defense great overnight.


A potential superstar who could never stay healthy. Hooker got injured in 2020 and suffered the grand slam of knee injuries last year, Achillies, ACL, MCL. Something that says avoid him completely. However he is just 25 years old and was a first-round Top 10 Pick for a reason. He is still battling every day, and you do not bet against that. Hooker is a superstar, could be best for him to sit another year and get really back to full strength instead of rushing it. Whatever team grabs Hooker, grabs a lot of potential.


Laugh all you want at Josh Norman who is definitely losing a step in the speed department every season. However do not laugh at the fact that Norman is a playmaker, he forces fumbles and makes game-changing plays with the best of them. Norman was battling a hamstring injury last year and missed a majority of the start of the year. He was even a helping hand in getting the Bills to the AFC Championship. A move to safety ala Charles Woodson would help.


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