Fantasy Football: Don’t Get Too Excited About Larry Fitzgerald

Fantasy Football: Don’t Get Too Excited About Larry Fitzgerald

By Muntradamus



Some of you did not have the chance to own the legendary soon to be hall of famer Larry Fitzgerald last season.  Let me tell you, it was the worst experience I ever had with a 1st round pick with a player of his caliber.  Let me explain why..
Kevin Kolb was the starting QB for the Cardinals to open up the season in 2011.  This is how Fitzgerald produced with Kolb, next to his production is how I felt.


Week 1: VS. CAR (3 Receptions 62 Yards) The Panthers…serious..
Week 2: @ WAS (7 Receptions 133 Yards 1 TD)  A 73 Yard TD in the 4th quarter saved the game.
Week 3: @ SEA (5 Receptions 64 Yards 1 TD) Nothing in the 2nd half of that game.
Week 4: VS. NYG (8 Receptions 102 Yards) There is hope..
Week 5: @ MIN (4 Receptions 66 Yards) The Vikings..seriously Kolb throw him the ball!
Week 6: BYE
Week 7: VS. PIT (4 Receptions 78 Yards) Nice performance, not ELITE though. Kolb looked terrible.
Week 8: @ BAL (3 Receptions 98 Yards) 66 came on one catch, and nothing in the 2nd half..

Time to trade Fitzgerald while he still has any value.  He was around the #12 WR at the time, and averaged 9.85 points.  He can perform better, but I did not want to wait for Kolb.

But then Skelton became the QB, so I decided to give Skelton a chance thinking it could not get much worse, maybe he will throw it to Fitzgerald to maintain his job in the NFL.



Week 9: VS. STL (4 Receptions 43 Yards 1 TD) At least he got a TD in his first game..keep holding on.
Week 10: @ PHI (7 Receptions 146 Yards 2 TD) Most surprising game of the season, and he almost had a 3rd.  I already love Skelton.
Week 11: @ SF (3 Receptions 43 Yards 1 TD) TD against the 49ers, I will take it.
Week 12: @ STL (3 Receptions 55 Yards) Not a good performance.  But the last three weeks are still bright in my eyes.

Then the Cardinals decided to bring Kolb back as a starter.  Fitzgerald managed an average of 12.75 Points with Skleton.



Week 13: VS. DAL (4 Receptions 55 Yards) Where’s Skelton..
Week 14: VS. SF Kolb got injured on the 3rd play of the game.  So Skelton returned.



Week 14: VS. SF (7 Receptions 149 Yards 1 TD) Please never bring back Kolb.
Week 15: VS. CLE (3 Receptions 65 Yards) Joe Hayden may be that good..
Week 16: @ CIN (6 Receptions 105 Yards 1 TD) I love you Skelton.
Week 17: VS. SEA (9 Receptions 149 Yards) Wow, what a difference.


With Skleton, Fitzgerald managed a season average of 13.38 Points per game in non PPR leagues.  He had 107 Points in 8 games.

With Kolb, Fitzgerald managed an average of 9.25 Points Per game in non PPR leagues.  He had 72 Points in 8 Games.


Watching Kolb this pre-season has shown me he is still doing the same things that made him so terrible last season.  He would take the snap, and immediately look at Fitzgerald.  While Fitzgerald runs his route, the defenders just look into Kolb’s eyes and start shadowing Fitzgerald.  Then Kolb would panic, look at the rush coming at him instead of down field.  Then either take a HUGE hit, or throw an incomplete pass out of bounds.
Even this Pre-season, all of Fitzgerald’s numbers have come with Skelton as the QB. 
IF John Skelton is the starting QB, Fitzgerald is a top 5 WR, possibly #3.  IF Kevin Kolb is the starting QB, Fitzgerald will feel like a #20 option for how you drafted him.  Keep a close eye on the situation.

Interesting note while we are on the topic.

BEANIE WELLS W/ KOLB averaged 12.88 Points per game.  He had 8 TDs in 7 Games.
BEANIE WELL W/ SKELTON averaged 8.25 Points per game.  28 of his 58 Points came in one game against the Rams.


So in conclusion, if you draft Fitzgerald this season..

#1. Make sure Skelton has been announced as the starting QB. 
#2. Make sure Kolb is far behind in the depth chart, if Kolb becomes the starter.  Look to trade Fitzgerald if he has one bad game with Kolb.  Maybe even do it before that game.



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