Fantasy Football: Double QB Strategy

Fantasy Football: Double QB Strategy

By Muntradamus

What is this strategy you ask?  Chances are you have fallen in love with my QB/K Combo strategy, well here is another one to sink your teeth into.  How about drafting two QBs who are in the top 5..
“You’re crazy Muntradamus” – says the casual Fantasy Football expert.

Well, that may be the case.  But I know at least 8 RB’s who you can snag late in your drafts that will end up as top 20 options.  If you want those names, grab me as your assistant coach/scout.  Or even live out the Muntradamus Experience.

The reason you want to grab two huge QBs is a few reasons.

1) Your opponents will go into a full on panic thinking they have to reach early for their QBs.

2) You prevent yourself from ever matching up against one of those opponents.

3) Just in case the unpredictable happens and your star QB goes down.  It will feel like a feather hit you.

4) You never want to see another team rewarded for waiting for a good QB late to see one fall into their lap.

When does it make sense to use this strategy.

1) If Matt Stafford or Cam Newton fall to the 3rd round, and you already have Brady/Brees/or Rodgers.

2) If Matt Ryan/Michael Vick fall to the 5th.

3) If Eli Manning/Tony Romo fall into the 9th round.

You have to know what you are doing if you want to pull off this stunt.  I do know what I am doing.  You can too if you study my FREE DRAFT GUIDE inside out.


Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Mike Aviles, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet.


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