FANTASY FOOTBALL: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Tate (2014)


The Curious Case Of Benjamin Tate (2014)


By Muntradamus




Fantasy Football is around the corner, and now is the time when I will start to talk about a few players to keep an eye on.  The first player I will talk about this preseason is a player that the BEAST DOME NATION is very familiar with.  Some know him as “Tate Rape” from the days he would vulture the stats of Arian Foster.  Now we will call him “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Tate.”






Ben Tate




Throughout the history of time, Ben Tate was always the MUST OWN handcuff to the injury-prone BEAST Arian Foster.  The game that really shows off how good Ben Tate can be was his Week 15 match-up against New England.


BEN TATE WEEK 15. 2013




What made this game even more special was the fact that the Texans were a garbage football team all of 2013, and were just about to fold over their season with Case Keenum as the starting QB.  Ben Tate ran with burst and power and almost led the Texans to a huge upset in their home finale.


With Ben Tate being in a contract year, and the Texans being very unreasonable to let him walk for $7 million.  The Cleveland Browns opened up their check books and signed the future star RB to a 2 year deal.


What makes Ben Tate even sexier coming into this 2014 season, is that his contract is mostly incentive based on a game-by-game deal.  For every game Ben Tate is healthy, he earns $750,000.  Tate knows this is his chance to make a name for himself, and you can be sure that the Cleveland Browns will get plenty of publicity this season now that Johnny Manziel is the starting QB of this team.


The fact that Manziel is the QB of this team has it’s pros and cons.  The PRO is that the Browns will likely be conservative with their offensive attack.  Not only to keep Manziel healthy, but to make sure he does not make too many Rookie Mistakes against a much faster-paced NFL compared to the NCAA competition he faced.


The CON to having Manziel as your QB does mean defenses will be stacking the line of scrimmage often.  Not only to dare Manziel to throw the football, but to also get a lot of pressure to make sure Manziel gets hit nearly every play.  With everyone playing close to the line of scrimmage, that will make it hard for Ben Tate to have a lot of running room before getting hit at the line of scrimmage.


Despite this concern, it is important to look at the Browns as a whole this season.  Not only did they add Ben Tate, but they also added Miles Austin and Nate Buerlson to go along with the BEAST DOME favorite of 2013, Josh Gordon.  Jordan Cameron is still around which means that the Browns do have weapons to keep the opposing defense more modest than we think.


On Defense, the Browns added Karlos Dansby who is a play-maker at the middle linebacker position.  The Browns still have the best CB in the NFL in Joe Haden, and Donte Whitner was a great addition as a hard-hitting Safety.  First round pick Justin Gilbert fills out a much improved Browns secondary.  Despite all the upgrades, they did lose IDP superstar D’Qwell Jackson in the middle to the Colts.


The next factor we will consider with Ben Tate is his schedule.  While it is too early to determine how Manziel will do against the fast-paced NFL, we can speculate for the time being to see if the Browns will be a winning football team.


Like I said, it is still to early to judge Manziel.  Based on their 2014 schedule, it is very possible to see the Browns win at least 6 games.  While that stat is not as bad as it sounds, what does make Ben Tate a little worrisome is his schedule in the Fantasy Playoffs.





Both of those defenses will likely dominate Cleveland.  Especially the Panthers being at home in Week 16 in what will likely be a HUGE game concerning their playoff run.  The game to really get excited about is his match-up against the Texans in Week 11 where he will be running as if he was Adrian Peterson against his old team.



The Browns are on an upswing heading into 2014.  They added talented WRs, they have a hyped QB, and still have one of the best WR/TE combos in Gordon and Cameron.  The Browns offense will be more productive this year than it has been in the last decade.  Ben Tate will be a key focus of the Browns success as he will get a truck load of carries every week, as long as the Browns remain competitive which does appear to be the case.

If you have never seen Ben Tate run before, he is the clone of Boobie Miles from Friday Night Lights.




1,350 Yards Rushing.  14 TDs.






  1. Thanks for the Fantasy Football content! Cannot wait for more articles. I hope we get some Spreecasts as well, those were fun.

    Based on your numbers it sounds like at this point you think Tate will be a top 10 back?

  2. Being a Texans fan I can say that Ben Tate is legit and is going to make a lot of Browns’ fans happy. With all the media focusing on Gordon with his possible suspension and Manziel with all his antics, Ben Tate quietly will be a workhorse for this team. Great article Munt and I fully agree because nobody is talking about this kid, except you, and it will be nice to see what he can do as a lead back on a team that will be in the spotlight of the media throughout the whole season.

  3. Welcome back Munt. I agree he’s a great buy-low opportunity, but it’s BIG assumption he stays healthy enough to put up those kind of numbers. If Manziel doesn’t start at least half the games, the entire team will be hard-pressed to score 14 rushing TDs all season.

  4. We will get Spreecast as we get closer to the end of July.

    Still a little premature to say Tate is a Top 10 RB, these stats are determined on the fact that Manziel will be able to move the ball with consistency. We will see what the preseason shows us. For now, huge upside.

  5. I agree with the statement.

    “If Manziel doesn’t start at least half the games, the entire team will be hard-pressed to score 14 rushing TDs all season.”

    These stats are made with the assumption that Manziel has the job and is moving the offense down the field with his great weapons. Once the Browns are in the Redzone, get ready to create a Tate TD dance. He will be active like Trent Richardson from his rookie season.

  6. Nice article Munt, great to see some football content for the upcoming season.

    Are you assuming that Gordon plays this year? How much does his absence affect Tate? Miles Austin and Nate Burleson are not going to strike fear into any defense.

  7. All of this article is on the assumption of two things.

    1) Josh Gordon only being suspended for a couple of games at most. I know the ban looks to be season long, but he did not kill somebody. Drugs are Drugs and the NFL has never punished a superstar like this since Ricky Williams.

    2) Manziel is able to be a capable QB in the NFL. If Manziel looks like Christian Ponder, then Tate is in for a long season.

    The purpose of this article is to show you a potential sleeper who you can probably draft as a #3 RB, who will give you ELITE RB#2 numbers if the situation plays out like it should on paper.

    The preseason will teach us what we need to know.

  8. Thanks for the article Munt, always a good read! Can’t wait, 84 more days till kick off!!

  9. Cleveland was a great fit for Tate with their zone blocking scheme. Joe Thomas is one of the best in the business and if the rook from Nevada works out inside, Tate could be in for a nice season.
    Still can’t believe they didn’t grab Watkins. They must know something about Flash Gordon’s upcoming suspension that we dont!

  10. 1,350 Yards Rushing. 14 TDs. WTF?

    1. There was only one RB last year who had more than 1,349 yards rushing, that RB was LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles with 1,607.

    2. The Philadelphia Eagles won 10 games last year.

    3. Mike Vick (the guy with the 2nd most attempts on the Eagles) managed 9.12 YDS/Attempt last year.

    4. The second highest yards rushing totaled last year was by Matt Forte at 1,339 yards.

    5. The Chicago Bears won 8 games last year.

    6. Josh McCown (the guy with the 2nd most attempts on the Bears) managed 8.17 YDS/Attempt last year.

    7. Bobby Rainey “led” the Browns last year with 532 yards rushing.

    8. In the article on this website, the author states he sees “at least six winnable games”.

    8. On Monday August 19, 2014 Manziel and Hoyer of the Browns combined to go 9 out of 22 for 81 yards, that’s 3.7 YDS/Attempt (rounded up!), WITH Josh Gordon in the lineup.

    1. WITHOUT Josh Gordon (because we all know he’s going to be suspended for AT LEAST HALF of the season), Manziel and Hoyer are going to keep defenses more honest than Vick or McCown?

    2. With 9 (or maybe even 10) guys stacked in the box because they are literally laughing at the Browns QBs, Tate is going to rush for more yardage than Matt Forte did last year. (Please note, Matt Schaub was laughed at last year and Arian Foster ((who was backed up by Ben Tate)) did not manage 1350 rushing yards.

    3. Ben Tate is going to see so enough carries to allow him to manage 1350 yards rushing, even though there is a fresh young rookie on the roster who is already good enough to steal half of his Tate’s (his name is Terrance West). (And that’s assuming West isn’t actually starting by week 9 because either Tate is not injured.)

    4. There may be six winnable games on the schedule, but unfortunately for the Browns, they are going to only actually win 5 of them (TEN, JAC, OAK, BAL ((Because they won’t care in week 17)) and probably shock some other team).

    5. I’m a Raider fan, thanks so much for sticking us with Schaub. I guess I should be thankful. You could have stuck us with Hoyer or Manziel.

    If somebody out there knows of a sportsbook out there that has a prop bet that Ben Tate will rush for 1,350 Yards and 14 TDs, could you please contact me immediately? And could you please loan me all the money you can possibly spare?

  11. ^ hater

    coool…how much time did it take you to write that lmao

    he even put links lmfao

    ps terrell prior was your greatest hope

  12. ^GeTsHaToN

    Actually, JaMarcus Russell was our greatest hope. JaMarcus Russell was actually a great quarterback, IF he was allowed to drop STRAIGHT back, not being forced to take a step to either side. He had an 80 yard cannon of an arm under those conditions. Of course the problem is, how often do you get those conditions in the NFL? And if you asked the guy to scramble for even one step, suddenly he was a loose cannon.

    At the end of the day, Terrell Priors’ passing was like a pile of fresh dog poo sitting on the sidewalk in 130 degree temperature. JaMarcus Russells’ passing was like a pile of fresh dog poo sitting on the sidewalk in 140 degree temperature. Does it really matter which pile you step in? No, your shoes all all messed up with either one.

    Anyway, props on the website, and thanks for posting my reply!

  13. You put a lot of time into it. Had to throw you your fame ;)

    If you read above your comment you made. I did say this is pending Josh Gordon not being suspended.

    Also Terrance West is no threat to Ben Tate this season. Ben Tate is too talented and ready for this moment. One fumble from Terrance West and he becomes nothing more than a Ben Tate breath break RB (Almost is right now). Tate has this job won. Much Stronger more BEAST RB.

  14. Ben Tate, injured? Say it isn’t so. Who’d a thunk such a thing? (Well, actually, anybody who has followed Ben Tate would have. Although, I will admit, I thought he’d wait until about week 5 this year.)

    I think its time to define, in numerical terms, the minimal qualifications to be dubbed “BEAST RB”. Lets see if you agree.

    1. A true BEAST RB must have rushed for at least 1,100 yards at least once in his first three years. This means, that even though there may have been somebody ahead of him on the depth chart, and even though the team may have made a playoff run to rest the starters, his talent was so good that he could not be denied!

    2. Ideally, a true undeniable BEAST RB should also confirm his status by having second year with at least 1,000 yards in one of his first three seasons.

    BEAST RB’s:
    Adrian Peterson: 1,341 year one. Check.
    Confirmed it in years 2 and 3. TRUE UNDENIABLE BEAST!

    Alfred Morris: 1,613 year one. Check.
    Confirmed it in year two.

    Matt Forte: 1,238 year one. Check.
    Confirmed it in year 3.

    Arian Foster: 1,616 year two. Check.
    Confirmed it in year 3.

    Jamaal Charles: 1,120 year two. Check.
    Confirmed it in year 3.

    Lesean McCoy: 1,309 year three. Check.
    Confirmed it in year 3.

    Ben Tate: 942 year one. Sorry.

    Ben Tate is like the first car I ever owned, a shiny Ford Mustang. Oh, it had that 402 engine and was a gas guzzling’ pig. And unless you had a Corvette, you dare not raise your engine at the stoplight offering me a drag race because I was going to embarrass you. The problem with the car was, I could never run it more than three months without having to take it to the shop. It was always a fuel pump, motor mount, broken axle or something. I am currently driving a 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse. Oh yeah, its a total beater, but the damn thing just refuses to die! Every morning when I put the key in the ignition, that car only says only thing to me. “RRmmm”. In fact, BEAST RB Redskins RB Alfred Morris is still driving his 1991 Mazda 626!!

    Now, I have to go over to my fantasy league and insert Terrance West into the lineup! He’s on pace to qualify as BEAST RB! Go West young man, Go West.

  15. Looking back at the season just past, I thought it would be time to nominate the biggest bust RB of the year, The nominees are …
    1. Ben Tate
    2. Bishop Sankey
    3. Trent Richardson
    4. Zac Stacy

    (Of course we all know who the “winner” will be, but humor me, please.)

    Indeed, no BEAST RB’s on that list to be sure.

    But Bishop Sankey was a rookie, so I’ll give him a pass.

    Trent Richardson isn’t half the RB Ahmad Bradshaw is, but at least he didn’t get cut.

    Zac Stacy? Well, I think everybody knew he was too slow and plodding to hang on to the job all year.

    That leaves Mr. Tate! A total of 371 rushing yards on the year! (Russell Wilson ran for 842!) But more “impressive” was the fact that he was cut (not traded for, but CUT), not once, but TWICE within a 6 week span. WOW!, that’s hard to do!

    If we include Ben Tate’s next three years of production, he might get that 1350 yards and 14 TD’s. (That’s IF you really believe Ben Tate will be in the NFL 3 years from now. And if you believe that, then you probably also believe Manziel or Hoyer will lead the Browns to a Superbowl next year. I have some beachfront property in Nevada to sell you, cheap!)

    My man Redskins RB Alfred Morris didn’t have a spectacular season, actually it was his worst as a pro, but still he did manage over 1,000 yards rushing. Again, he’s like my 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse, I haven’t had to take it to a mechanic since May of year 2013, it’s not pretty, but it gets the job done.


    I agree with you on Ben Tate being a HUGE bust this season. But once again injuries played a huge factor in this. 6 carries for 41 yards in his debut. Then came back from injury and ran for over 200 Yards and 2 Tds in the next two games combined.

    Then the downfall.

    But once again, this article was published way before the season started and the comments even say IF Josh Gordon plays a full season. By the time the preseason came around, he was barely part of the Draft Strategy. If you include Ben Tate on this list, you have to include CJ Spiller.

  17. Agreed. C.J. Spiller belongs on the list as well.

    Thanks for being a good sport and replying. I just like to talk crap from time to time (you probably would have guessed that own your own)!

    Good luck in your future endeavours.

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