Fantasy Football: Championship Week

Fantasy Football:

Championship Week

By Muntradamus



Week 16 is the Championship for most of you.  I will be back Monday Night to get us all back on track to take home the crown with a waiver wire article.  Good luck and thank you everyone for your patience as I participated in the DSFC.

*Finished 6th place out of 20.

Bad luck with Charles Clay going down early, especially when Lane and Fasano ended up with TDs.  Doug Martin and Peyton Manning did not help as well in matchups that were obvious on paper.  Better luck next time.

Let’s take it home BEAST DOME NATION. we have made it this far.



  1. I definitely suffered a lot of that this week, BUT your advice this season has helped guide me to the championship week promised land in 4 of 8 Yahoo! Pro Leagues.

    The only one that really hurt was a game that meant the difference between 3rd and 7th place for the regular season that ended with me losing by the smallest marging between any two teams all season…0.04 points.

    Keep beasting and thanks again for taking time out of your day to help me with my kicker question.

  2. And btw, it saved my a** in a points only, full 17 week, TD-only, keeper, salary cap league.. points are precious in that format.

  3. Giants torpedoed me and I’m sure many others this week. Had Eli, Cruz, Wilson, and Tynes starting… Ouch.

  4. Amazing how far the pendulum can swing from one week to the next. Wk14 Josh Freeman, David Wilson and Danario Alexander – in a PPR league combined for 81.66 points.

    Wk15 these same 3 combined for a total of 13.56 points, I lost this week by 19 points.

    Oh the joys of Fantasy Football –

  5. Three posts, three sad stories.

    I’ll perk up the mood a bit by adding that I survived Demaryius Thomas putting up 1 PT, while going against Adrian Peterson & Marshawn Lynch:

    The Seahawks D has carried me these playoffs but one must always make limber decisions:

    Seahawks D vs 49ers
    Panthers D vs OAK
    Rams D @ TB??

  6. Got one move game tonight that will decide the fate of one of my playoff teams (3). So relying on CJ2K to return to mid season form against the Jets. My opponent has me by 3 points and has the jets defense, so Titans got to beat them big to eliminate that 10 point defense deficit. So 13+points from CJ2K AND number 3 team will be in.

  7. Muntradamus, you’ll always be a winner with all of us, and we all had that happen to us this week. I had Roddy White playing, should have just stuck with Dez. He got me a great big 1.6 points. In my other league, Colston, Big Mike, and Jennings got me a total of 18 points. If I add in Fitzpatrick and Meyers, it gets worst. Yet, I still have a chance, I JUST FORGOT RULE#1 PLAY YOUR STUD REGARDLESS, LOL. Had Cousins 28 points and Stevie had 18, they were on my bench.

    Anyway, you’re still the best to all of us here. And we all look up to you for all the advice you give.

  8. Thanks for all of your advice this season Munt, sadly I was another victim of the Giants and Bucs with Josh Freeman, Eli and Tynes putting up a great 9 points in my league where I lost by 4 points

  9. I agree wit u Blueniner, its some sour grapes round herre.

    But not me, I won my leagues super bowl by 42 points yesterday! Still waiting on the payout calculations but it looks to be over $1000.
    Thanks for the advice Munt.

  10. Check out the payouts on the DSFC:

    1st: $100000.00
    2nd: $36000.00
    3rd: $20000.00
    4th: $12000.00
    5th: $9000.00
    6th: $7000.00
    7th-8th: $6000.00
    9th-10th: $5000.00
    11th-14th: $4000.00
    15th-20th: $3000.00


    Munt helped guide me to the semis in all 4 of my money leagues. Moving on the championship match in 2. Chance to still win moolah in all 4. No complaints whatsoever!

    U da man.

  11. Cool C Sizzle, nice payout. In my family’s keeper league, my payout for most wins and most points got me 200. If I when it all, that’s another 400, and bragging rights for another year. That’s worth more than the money. But not bad for a family league that just start 3 years ago. Started with a 300 dollar winner take all pool. Now it has other payouts and next year it will have a trophy or a belt, Aaron Rodgers, lol. Ohh shoot, let me see if I can find that.

  12. Can’t blame Munt, as I lost Gronk, McGahee, Bradshaw, and Nelson to injuries, but unfortunately Freeman and the Bills D fell through this week, and I didn’t move on. Good luck to the rest of you.

  13. I’m going to go with San Diego in New York against the Jets week 16 for the Championship… They stop the run… They score in droves on Defense and Sanchez will throw many picks!

  14. Somehow made it to the SHip in a 10 team league with Rivers and Palmer as my QBs…Rode Palmer and James Jones for awhile, then jumped ship and rolled with Kaepernick since week 12! Stashed Demarco Murray on the bench all season basicallly but now he’s coming thru for me in the flex.

  15. I was gonna start Roddy, but saw that he was missing practice. After further investigation, I presumed that he may only play to keep his 8 yr – no injury streak going- so I pulled him for Steve Smith. All the press said he was going to “suit up”, that was my biggest clue.

  16. Started the season 0-3, cuz my crappy league mgr switched sites at the last minute and I was at work with no time to set or run a draft. Got stuck with players like Phillip Rivers and Roy Helu. I scrambled like mad to get good information and make good moves. Sometimes putting up as many as 9 trade proposals in a week. So far I have made 8 trades and 40 total roster changes. I used the lessons on this site to guide me. Not necessarily the recommended players, but the techniques to build a winning team. Finished 8-5.
    I am in the championship with EVERY matchup favorable including all my bench players (unbelievable huh!!!), and my opponent has all 9 of this weeks starters hittin’ the road. I like my chances.

    Thanks Munt.

  17. QB – Tom Brady
    RB – Stevan Ridley, Ahmad Bradshaw, David Wilson, Danny Woodhead, Reggie Bush, DeAngelo Williams
    WR – Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Steve Smith, Jordy Nelson, Miles Austin
    TE – Greg Olsen, Rob Gronkowski
    D/ST – Broncos
    K – Stephen Gostkowski

    Free Agents – The usual suspects in a 10 team league

    What to do?????

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