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The beautiful thing about Daily Fantasy Sports in Today’s Age is that no matter what day of the week it is, no matter how much money is in your bank account, everyone has an equal shot of winning life changing money. Sometimes the Entry can be as little as $2 to win over $25K, sometimes it is as little as $5 to win $100K.

Right now I have my opportunity. I do not have to beat thousands of people, I do not need to worry about anything. All I need to do is BEAST, and that is all I plan on doing.

180 Teams. I control 2 of them. 50 Advance to Round 2.



You can Purchase my Week 11 Rankings + 2 Teams that I guarantee will win your Double Up League or full 100% Refund. Click BEAST IMAGE Below.twitterbeast2

 TEAM BEAST DOME will be back on Monday to get you Ready for Thanksgiving









Comment Below with the amount of Receiving Yards for the Following Players.












AMARI COOPER vs. HOU (Mexico City)




For each question your Prediction will be subtracted from the actual answer.



Gronkowski Total Yards

You Predict 47. Gronk has 67.

You end up with -20 on that question.

You Predict 87. Gronk has 67.

You end up with -20 on that question.

Closest to Zero with their overall score which will be added up from each question.

Wins the Hot Tub!!

Winner will be selected Monday 11/14 after Monday Night Football.

DEADLINE TO ENTER IS 9:55am PST Sunday Morning

US residents only.No purchase necessary. Each contestant agrees to a complete release of Facebook and Beast Dome. You also Acknowledge that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook/ Instagram. Entrants agree their name will be posted if they are selected as winner.

*Thank you for your entry*




  1. ANTONIO BROWN @ CLE 141 yds

    ODELL BECKHAM JR vs. CHI 91 yds

    MIKE EVANS @ KC 82 yds

    DOUG BALDWIN vs. PHI 68 yds

    AMARI COOPER vs. HOU (Mexico City) 84 yds

    DEANDRE HOPKINS vs. OAK (Mexico City) 72 yds

  2. A. 109 receiving yards
    B. 89 receiving yards
    C. 78 receiving yards
    D. 73 receiving yards
    E. 81 receiving yards
    F. 76 receiving yards

  3. Golden Yate here!

    123 yards

    116 yards

    76 yards

    67 yards

    AMARI COOPER vs. HOU (Mexico City)
    88 yards

    DEANDRE HOPKINS vs. OAK (Mexico City)
    47 yards

  4. ANTONIO BROWN @ CLE 95 yds

    ODELL BECKHAM JR vs. CHI 92 yds

    MIKE EVANS @ KC 90 yds

    DOUG BALDWIN vs. PHI 72 yds

    AMARI COOPER vs. HOU 88 yds

    DEANDRE HOPKINS vs. OAK 69 yds

  5. Antonio Brown- 94 yards

    Odell Beckham Jr- 88 yards

    Mike Evans-91 yards

    Baldwin-66 yards

    Cooper- 89 yards

    Hopkins-77 yards

  6. A
    ANTONIO BROWN @ CLE- 95 yards

    ODELL BECKHAM JR vs. CHI- 85 yards

    MIKE EVANS @ KC- 90 yards

    DOUG BALDWIN vs. PHI- 70 yards

    AMARI COOPER vs. HOU (Mexico City)- 90 yards

    DEANDRE HOPKINS vs. OAK (Mexico City)- 55 yards

  7. ANTONIO BROWN @ CLE 89 yds

    ODELL BECKHAM JR vs. CHI 97 yds

    MIKE EVANS @ KC 80 yds

    DOUG BALDWIN vs. PHI 80 yds

    AMARI COOPER vs. HOU (Mexico City) 60 yds

    DEANDRE HOPKINS vs. OAK (Mexico City) 25 yds

  8. Receiving Yards for the Following Players.
    ANTONIO BROWN @ CLE 105 yds
    ODELL BECKHAM JR vs. CHI 125 yds
    MIKE EVANS @ KC 83 yds
    DOUG BALDWIN vs. PHI 69 yds
    AMARI COOPER vs. HOU (Mexico City) 92 yds
    DEANDRE HOPKINS vs. OAK (Mexico City) 75 yds

  9. A

    ODELL BECKHAM JR vs. CHI 85 yds

    MIKE EVANS @ KC 90 yds

    DOUG BALDWIN vs. PHI 70 yds

    AMARI COOPER vs. HOU (Mexico City) 70 yds

    DEANDRE HOPKINS vs. OAK (Mexico City) 70 yds

  10. A
    ANTONIO BROWN @ CLE — 91 yds

    ODELL BECKHAM JR vs. CHI — 75 yds

    MIKE EVANS @ KC — 76 yds

    DOUG BALDWIN vs. PHI — 57 yds

    AMARI COOPER vs. HOU (Mexico City) — 64 yds

    DEANDRE HOPKINS vs. OAK (Mexico City) — 76 yds

  11. A
    ANTONIO BROWN @ CLE — 163 yds

    ODELL BECKHAM JR vs. CHI — 53 yds

    MIKE EVANS @ KC — 35 yds

    DOUG BALDWIN vs. PHI — 22 yds

    AMARI COOPER vs. HOU (Mexico City) — 78 yds

    DEANDRE HOPKINS vs. OAK (Mexico City) — 37 yds

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