Fantasy Football Busts: VeRG3 of Collapse (Week 4)

Fantasy Football Busts: VeRG3 of Collapse (Week 4)

By Muntradamus



The BEASTS were announced.  Two of them have already been thrown away once I found out some news about Matt Forte and Steven Jackson both not being 100%.  We have all learned the hard way if a player have a great matchup and is not 100%, there is too much risk involved starting them if you have safer options.  So start your safer options.

(Updated Saturday Night)

With that being said.  Here are the..

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*Sit these guys if you have better options.  Players selected were based on highest differential ECR (Expert Consensus Ranking).



Muntradamus QB Rank: #12 

Expert QB Rank: #4

The Bucs defense was exposed in Week 2.  Their secondary was injured, Eli Manning made them look like a rookie team.  We all witnessed the lie, here is the inconvenient truth.  The Bucs secondary is not as bad as you think.  Ronde Barber is a great Free safety, Mark Barron is a must-own in IDP leagues (Strong Safety).  Aqib Talib is better than any WR they match up against him.  RGIII will have to win this fantasy day with his legs.  Eric Foster is a scary line-backer, and Gerald McCoy will come up the middle strong.  Where else would you learn this.



Muntradamus QB Rank: #15

Expert QB Rank: #8

You know the Rule on Eli.  As soon as you go against him, he defies the odds.  Well I hope that is the case as I’m sure most of you own Martellus Bennett.  With Hakeem Nicks injured, you can expect Bennett to be busy again in the passing game, but back to Eli.  The Eagles secondary is very strong (#2 NFC).  Though they do not have good coverage Line Backers, so look for Bennett to be the man for Eli.  Which means Eli could be limited in the passing yard department.



Muntradamus QB Rank: #17

Expert QB Rank: #12

Nobody gets it.  If you are a frequent reader of BEAST DOME you can probably recite what I’m about to say without even reading the rest.  He has a weak arm, his main two options in the passing game are fragile, and now they Ryan Mathews healthy who is ready to be a large part of this offense.  With a vulnerable defense, the Chargers want Time Of Possession.



Muntradamus RB Rank: #23

Expert RB Rank: #18

Bad news if you just broke the bank for Leshoure.  Not going to be 100% against one of the best run defenses in the NFL.  Leshoure is no lock to get more than 70 total Yards.  In fact it may be a lot less.  But here is what makes Leshoure a X-Factor.  The Lions pass offense is going to get the Lions in the Red Zone often.  This could lead to that gift TD to save his day.



Muntradamus RB Rank: #31

Expert RB Rank: #23

Rhino, not a nickname owners will be calling him after he faces the tough Dolphins run D.  Williams has had fumble problems all season, he complains about his surgically repaired leg when he runs, and he has looked horrible.  He could not even get past 14 yards the first two games.  Against the Eagles last week, he had one long run in kill the clock mode to boost his stats.  Tough game ahead.



Muntradamus RB Rank: #38

Expert RB Rank: #28

Ahmad Bradshaw is a leader in that Giant Locker Room.  He will not take being a split RB with Andre Brown after this being his first season he does not have to deal with Brandon Jacobs.  Expect Bradshaw to run angry all night leaving Brown to only a handful of carries.  Tom Coughlin loves his veterans, Bradshaw is his veteran.

AHMAD BRADSHAW is a great replacement for Steven Jackson and Matt Forte.



Muntradamus RB Rank: #30

Expert RB Rank: #24

CJ Spiller is back.  He may not be 100%, but he is a threat in this game.  Starting Fred Jackson this week over a shoe-in would not be a wise move.  He does have the chance to do something on New England, but there is also a chance that New England who is now healthier this season defensively shuts him down.  That mixed with Spiller getting touches makes this a situation where I would find a better option.



Muntradamus WR Rank: #39

Expert WR Rank: #28

Seattle’s secondary just contained Aaron Rodgers and that lethal GB receiving core to terrible fantasy games all-around.  Does Danny Amendola have what it takes to lead this army of Rams against this lethal Seattle Secondary?  This commercial below describes Seattle’s defense.



Muntradamus WR Rank: #57

Expert WR Rank: #46

Patrick Peterson.  Remember Charles Woodson when he was the best corner in the NFL.  Peterson may be better than that.  Hartline is going to have trouble getting open Sunday, bench him without question this week.



Muntradamus WR Rank: #24

Expert WR Rank: #10

The Falcons secondary is loaded with talent.  This is not the old days were Steve Smith was guaranteed 100 Yards against the Falcons on a Sunday.  I expect the Panthers to take a run first approach Sunday, which could lead to only one passing TD.  Will Smith get that TD?  Is that a risk worth taking if you have a safer option such as Erick Decker?  Go with the Decker type player in this situation.



Muntradamus TE Rank: #18

Expert TE Rank: #15

The Falcons bring a lot of different looks.  Lots of heavy blitzes, lots of fake fake blitzes.  Expect Greg Olsen to be in pass protection this week more than often, the Panthers are going to win this game running the football.  Olsen is risky in this matchup.



Muntradamus TE Rank: #21

Expert TE Rank: #18

If you own Tamme, by now you are familiar with Joel Dreessen.  This will be a common theme all season for the Broncos and avoiding Tamme in every matchup is a good idea if you have a safer more effective option.  Someone such as Martellus Bennett is night and day better than Tamme.



Muntradamus K Rank: #28

Expert K Rank: #17

With Steven Jackson less than 100%, there is no way the Rams move the ball with ease.  Expect the Seahawks to stifle this Rams offense to a possible shutout.  Even though that is unlikely, it is not likely the Rams will bring many opportunities to Greg.



Muntradamus K Rank: #21

Expert K Rank: #10

Now not 100% and may not play.  I originally had Kaeding ranked this low at #21 because the Chargers offense is not as good as people think.  Playing in the epic Arrow Head stadium on Sunday.  You can expect the Chargers to have trouble in this one.  Bench Nate.



Muntradamus D/ST Rank: #21 

Expert D/ST Rank: #14

The Lions Defense has been horrible this season.  Last week they allowed Jake Locker to look fantasy relevant, and now they are playing one of the hottest QBs in the game with Adrian Peterson looking as good as ever.  You combine the two things, and you have yourself a very long day if you are the Lions defense.



Muntradamus D/ST Rank: #14

Expert D/ST Rank: #6

Romo and the Cowboys need to put on a show for Jerry Jones on Monday Night.  If the Cowboys play as bad as they did last week, somebody is getting fired because they will be embarrassed on Monday Night Football.  I see the Cowboys getting it together and sending a message to the NFL that they are still America’s team.  Though that was like 1995.


Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Mike Aviles, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He was also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in one week, first time in Fantasy Sports History.


  1. Hey, Love the site.

    Got a trade question:

    Should I send Colston, McGahee and Ryan Williams for B. Marshall and Chris Johnson?

    I already have foster, doug martin, fjax, and cj spiller at RB and thought to have CJ just in case he picks it up at the end of the year.

    Thoughts? Thanks dude.

  2. The Eagles aren’t going to ignore Barden like the Panthers. It’s clear from above you shouldn’t expect Eli to have a good day with his wideouts. Barden is going to be well accounted for by the D. I think Hawkins has proved to be consistent enough to get that start.

  3. Nicks is out so I need help picking a flex (.5PPR):

    B Powell, S Greene, L Miller, F Davis, S Holmes, D Moore

    Scott Chandler and Brandon Myers are available as well.

  4. Would you start J.Rodgers over F.Jackson in flex this week? And N.Washington over D.Amendola as WR3? What do you think of my matchup this week?

    My Team:

    QB: C.Ponder
    WR1: P.Harvin
    WR2: T.Smith (15p)
    WR3: N.Washington
    RB1: R.Rice (8p)
    RB2: J.Charles
    TE: A.Gates
    Flex: J.Rodgers
    K: B.Walsh
    D/Dst: Seattle



    My opponents starting lineup:

    QB: E.Manning
    WR1: V.Cruz
    WR2: D.Jackson
    WR3: K.Britt
    RB1: T.Richardson (15p)
    RB2: A.Brown
    TE: J.Graham
    Flex: P.Thomas
    K: D.Akers
    D/St: Baltimore (12p)

    So trail by 4p after thursday games. Still good chance to win?

  5. Much of my team is questionable (F. Jackson, S. Jackson, M. Leshoure, K. Britt, P. Garcon, etc.). Well, earlier this week I dropped Daryl Richardson for Powell, believing Steven Jackson would be ok. Jackson appears not to be 100%. So, do I drop Powell and pick up Richardson to handcuff for Steven Jackson?

  6. With Powell and Greene splitting carries and having a terrible matchup and Miller likely being the third back to get carries, none of those guys should really even be considerations. I would go with Moore.

  7. Would you trade Gronk for Jennings in a PPR league?
    My WRs: Nicks, A.Brown, D.Thomas, B.Hartline.
    My TEs: Hernandez, Rudolph.


  8. Flex play: Desean Jackson or Deangelo Williams?

    Giants have that weak secondary but you say that panthers are gonna be coming run first this weekend.

  9. Start Bradshaw. Leshoure at least he isnt battling for tds with cam and stewart. Like he said… Lions will be in the redzone often

  10. Muntra tha stunta so I’ve got pettigrew starting, but I need to start a reciever and a flex, Washington lafell and Bennett who should I roll with?

  11. Dropping triple doubles.

    I would leave LaFell on the bench.

    Panthers may only have 1 passing TD through the air, may not go to LaFell. Locker will need to put up garbage time points in this one which could be great for Nate.

  12. Richardson does not have long-term value.

    Powell is the guy who will give you another option to trade in the future. Richardson even with a start is not a great option this week, Seahawks defense will eat him alive.

  13. I like Ridley over Leshoure.

    I like Maclin one spot ahead of Steve Smith in the updated rankings this week.

  14. The only place where I always disagree with you is with Greg Zuerlein. When are you going to learn to stop ranking him as one of the worst kickers?

    The rams are bad, no doubt, but they’re good enough and their defense is good enough to get him in FG range at least once or twice a night since he can hit 50+ yarders with ease.

  15. When he does well against a caliber defense like the Seahwaks.

    So the Rams get a handful of red zone opportunities, if they convert those 3 tries into TDs. Greg Z is not a great starter.

  16. Sounds great, can’t wait to see him in your top 10 every week going forward and top 3 in ROS rankings.

    Seriously though, it was flat out irresponsible to recommending benching somebody like Zeurlin, have you never watched him kick?

    Yeah the team surrounding the kicker matters, but the ability of the kicker matters a ton too. If Zeurlin was almost any other kicker he would have had a really bad day today, but he’s not.

  17. Greg Z.

    Looked good, Rams offense was able to do more than I expected. Would not say top 10 every week, or top 3 in ROS. But I will tell you one thing, it will be hard to put him past #20. He’s growing on me, thanks for your observations.

    Hartline was the real story. Making Patrick Peterson look like a joke this week after he shut down. Sidney Rice/Brandon Lloyd/Desean Jackson..

    The drama continues.

  18. Nice job, Munstradamus, You pretty much hit them all except for Hartline’s monster game,. Eli and RG3 both had decent performances. But the rest was pretty much right on.

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