Fantasy Football Busts: LaFell In Love With A Spiller (Week 5)

Fantasy Football Busts:

LaFell In Love With A Spiller (Week 5)

By Muntradamus


The BEASTS were announced.  Tomorrow our destiny awaits us as are team hits the battlefield in what will be an EPIC Sunday.  I wish you all the best, and thank you once again for choosing BEAST DOME as your premiere source for Fantasy Sports.

WEEK 5 RANKINGS (Updated Saturday Night)

With that being said.  Here are the..

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Fantasy Football


*Sit these guys if you have better options.  Players selected were based on highest differential ECR (Expert Consensus Ranking).


Muntradamus QB Rank: #9

Expert QB Rank: #5

Second week in a row RGIII make this list.  While his matchup this week against ATL will mean passing yards will be at minimum.  His rushing yards are going to have to save him again this week.  RGIII has the speed to take over any game, but then again.  I would start the safer QB who is going to throw for over 300 Yards, then the QB who you need 11 Points from in his running game just to save your week.


Muntradamus QB Rank: #14

Expert QB Rank: #8

Not looking good for Cam against this tough Seahawk Secondary.  This defense made Aaron Rodgers look like a mediocre defense, so Cam is going to have lots of trouble getting numbers with his arm this Sunday.  While Cam is one of the most exciting Fantasy Player to own, this is a week I would definitely look to my bench if I had a solid name like Joe Flacco on it.


Muntradamus QB Rank: #24

Expert QB Rank: #18

Hard to trust Alex Smith when the 49ers run the ball just about as much as they throw it.  Smith and the 49ers should dominate the Bills this Sunday, which means only a few pass attempts here and there in the second half.  I would avoid him this week, and possibly the whole season at this 49er running game pace.


Muntradamus RB Rank: #15

Expert RB Rank: #6

Why do other experts have him ranked so high is the question?  Yes I know he is great, he is running like a man who is on Fire and need to jump in an ocean to put himself out.  But the truth is, take away those long TD runs and you have yourself a 10-20 ranked RB.  Not #6.  If he gets the HR 80 Yard TD.  Then so be it, but if he does not, then the #15 Rank is exactly where he belongs.  The Ravens know what Charles has on his mind.  Bernard Pollard and Ed Reed will be keeping a close eye on the speedster.


Muntradamus RB Rank: #35

Expert RB Rank: #22

Once again I predict Ryan Williams way below the experts.  Once again I am correct.  Williams is not a talented RB, he simply runs with his head down and picks up a few yards at a time. After the latest injury, Beanie Wells cannot come off the new IR quickly enough.


Muntradamus RB Rank: #33

Expert RB Rank: #24

F-Jax against SF?  First of all, they are in SF.  Second of all, C.J. Spiller is healthy.  Third of all, the Bills are going to get blown out. No reason to start Fred Jackson unless you are possibly accepting that you may only get 4 Points from him this Sunday.


Muntradamus RB Rank: #34

Expert RB Rank: #26

C.J. Spiller against SF?  First of all, they are in SF.  Second of all, Fred Jackson is healthy.  Third of all, the Bills are going to get blown out. No reason to start Spiller unless you are possibly accepting that you may only get 4 Points from him this Sunday.


Muntradamus WR Rank: #49

Expert WR Rank: #44

Not enough balls to go around the field in the passing game this week.  LaFell is falling to the the #3 WR quicker than people are realizing.  While he could get the fluke TD, there will only be one or two this week.  Chances are, LaFell does not see it.  Seattle and that secondary is too dangerous.


Muntradamus WR Rank: #23

Expert WR Rank: #15

Big Ben and that Eagle pass defense will be a good matchup.  What will be even more important is his protection as Big Ben tends to get sacked often in big games like this.  Trent Cole and Jason Babin are over due for a huge game, and if they have that big game.  Big Ben will not have time to launch the deep balls to Wallace. The Eagles Secondary is #2 in the NFL (IMO) which means this is not going to be an easy game fro Wallace to get his numbers.


Muntradamus WR Rank: #27

Expert WR Rank: #18

Second consecutive week Smith makes this list.  He will need 80-90 Yards to be successful where the experts have him ranked.  This could easily be one of those games where Cam does not even throw for 250 Yards.  Meaning the chances of Steve Smith reaching that total is a lot slimmer than you think.  The TD’s through the air will be only 1 or 2 max, which means it could go to any Panther player since their offense is now developed to being so tricky.  I would start the better WR this week, wait for a better matchup when it is not the Seahawks.


Muntradamus TE Rank: #10

Expert TE Rank: #6

Rudolph is a goal line TD machine.  While the matchup against the Titans is golden.  The chances that Ponder has a good game is about 7.3/10.  I would start the much safer ELITE TE if I had one.  Adrian Peterson is going to have a Sunday to remember.


Muntradamus TE Rank: #17

Expert TE Rank: #11

I don’t know why I’m so  much lower on the Greg Olsen totem pole than other experts.  Olsen could possibly be the #1 Target for the Panthers as of late, but against the Seahawks fierce Pass Defense.  I only see Cam Newton getting 1 TD through the air.  While it could be Olsen, it could easily be Smith or LaFell.  I would play the safer option if I have one.


Muntradamus K Rank: #17

Expert K Rank: #12

In a game in New Orleans, you are not going to beat the Saints by kicking 3 FGs.  Maybe two, but most likely one, is all you can afford to do against the Saints high power TD offense. There are better kickers around, but if you own Rivers.  Novak is a great kicker to start as insurance.


Muntradamus K Rank: #23

Expert K Rank: #17

Let’s consider me 1/1 on bust kickers this week.  That 1/1 was Jay Feely and his day Thursday Night as he only had 1 FG in a terrible loss to the Rams.


Muntradamus D/ST Rank: #26 

Expert D/ST Rank: #17

I don’t know about you, but the Jets as a whole team look like possibly the worst team in the NFL.  They are sure to get steam rolled on MNF in New York, which has me wonder how anyone can consider this unit top 20.  Nobody can stop that passing game with Revis injured, running game will dominate old LB core.


Muntradamus D/ST Rank: #20

Expert D/ST Rank: #11

Did the other experts see how good Tannehill looked on the road against a fierce Cardinals defense?  Apparently they do not believe in Tannehill and the Mike Sherman system, they will find out the hard way as Ryan is ready to have this offense take the next level.  Stopping Reggie Bush will be no breeze in the park as well.   Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Mike Aviles, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He was also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in one week, first time in Fantasy Sports History.


  1. I know you have suggested many times about trading Steve smith and Greg Jennings. Unfortunately I have both. I do have people interested in them but w Jennings injury I can’t really get rid of smith right now. Which would you advise trading more?

  2. Hey Munt love your analysis but have to disagree with the Bust on Wallace. The eagles d has not kept a #1 reciever under 100 yds the last two weeks. I think brown and wallace both go for a minimum of 90yds. Pitt will have trouble moving the ball on the ground and will win this game through the air.

  3. Jrome

    Appreciate the honesty.

    Like my ranking indicates, I still expect Wallace to have a solid week ranking him within the top 25. Chances are it’s the Antonio Brown show instead of the Mike Wallace show based on the pressure of this Eagles D-Line.

    All it takes is one deep ball for Wallace to have a monster game, this week it will not be as easy to get that monster deep pass. Jackson’s TD came on a 19 yard route.

    Sunday will show us the truth.

  4. If you have to keep one. I would keep Jennings.

    His trade value is too low right now, Smith you can still get a lot in return.

  5. I’m in a tough spot. Assuming I have CJ2YPC starting at RB2 and Gates starting at TE, that leaves me with the choice of Fred Jackson Or Rudolph at flex. Which one should I start?

  6. Would you trade smith / o Daniels for Benson/Hernandez? I know you really like both Benson and Hernandez.

    Outside of those I have Foster/MJD/M Bush
    Jennings/Burelson/S Rice/Andre Roberts/Michael Floyd/Avery/Donald Jones.

    Love the site appreciate all you do.

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