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Another week, another week of looking at superstars that FantasyPros Experts are completely overvaluing on name alone.

Content is flowing non-stop here at the Dome, enjoy and special article coming for Halloween.



ECR #5

Discount Double Bust takes on the best defense in the NFL. While Aaron Rodgers is Aaron Rodgers, the Packers offense is not the same without superstar Jordy Nelson. James Jones is doing a nice job picking up some of the slack, but his production and volume is not nearly the amount of Jordy which is forcing Randall Cobb to take on the entire offense by himself. This week Cobb goes up against Aqib Talib. When you add all that up plus a tough road game in Denver who will get to the QB before you finish reading this sentence. Aaron Rodgers is not going to be Aaron Rodgers like.



ECR #1

Last week in my analysis I was assuming Joe Haden and Tashaun Gipson were going to play, which is why I expected the Browns to put more energy in stopping the run game. The first half against Gurley went flawless, but then the floodgate opened which was all started with a gift TD thanks to a WR being tackled on the 1 inch line of a deep bomb pass. Gurley and the Rams should expect to be in a very low scoring game against the 49ers as these two teams always play eachother very well. #1 RB? Ok Gurley Hype train, your next stop is Week 8.



ECR #16

Hi I’m Muntradamus and I have DirectTV.

Hi I’m a Fantasy Sheep Expert and I have cable.

Munt: I actually goto the Sportsbook and watch all the games. Even if it is a blowout, I will still watch. After the Football day is over, I re-watch all the NFL games on NFL Game Pass.

Sheep: I just analyze box scores.

Woodhead did absolutely nothing all game against the Oakland Raiders. It was not until the Chargers were down by 4 scores late in the 4th Quarter where Woodhead picked up two cheap garbage time TDs which made him a Fantasy Legend. For the second week in a row, the Chargers tried to win a game without running the Football. For the second week in a row, they lost.

If the Chargers are going to make the playoffs this season, they need Melvin Gordon to carry the load and make this team multi-dimensional. It also does not help Woodhead that Branden Oliver is now in the mix after a good enough game last week. Gordon is running at full strength, Woodhead can go back to the bench in non PPR leagues.



ECR #10

The Weather/atmosphere in Cleveland is going to have the Arizona Passing game out of rhythm on Sunday. Larry Fitzgerald will go up against Joe Haden, and Carson Palmer will not have the Dome. Fitzgerald could see more targets if John Brown misses the game, but in the end Larry Fitzgerald will remind us of late 2014 Fitzgerald.



ECR #21

If you have not traded Stefon Diggs for a Golden Tate or James Jones yet, you are just asking to lose all your value in 1 roll. Teddy Bridgewater did what I said he had to do to make Diggs successful last week. Throw for 300+ Yards.

Life is great in a Dome, now the Vikings go to the cold outside elements in Chicago. The weather is only going to get worse as the season goes on and the Vikings are going to rely on that running game and defense more and more. Diggs better get his stats early, because the Vikings will be running out the clock all 2nd half.



ECR #27

Kills me to put him on this list, but this matchup is not a good one for James Jones. The Broncos Defense moves too fast for the Packers and Chris Harris Jr. is physical enough to body with James Jones who is becoming a Box-Out WR. While James Jones is FAR from done, this is a week that will remind you why the rest of your league slept on him when he was on the Waiver Wire.





  1. I don’t know if Gurley is the #1 RB this week, but to call him a bust? How is he still making this list? You’d be crazy to bench him. This kid is the definition of BEAST… move over Marshawn!

    Fitz, he might see some of Haden (who has been pretty awful this year anyway), but I would think that Haden will be more on John Brown anyway. Haden never covers slot receivers and Fitz lines up there more frequently than anywhere else on the field.

    Also, I really like Diggs. The kid can ball, he’s a game changer. He could regress at some point, so I don’t disagree with you necessarily, but I’m hanging onto him for sure. Also, you mention that Teddy has to throw for over 300 yards for Diggs to do something, but can’t you consider Diggs a big part of Bridgewater’s improvement? IE: 1st 3 games without Diggs – Teddy AVGed 168 yards per game. Last 3 games with Diggs – Teddy AVGed 278 yards per game. Just something to consider. The kid is talented, he could overcome the adversity you proposed.

  2. LMAO. Lets see big Teddy throw for over 300 yards as the season gets colder. He is not. They are going to ground and pound it to AP. Last chance to sell high on Diggs. Dude looks like a twig too, lets see how he does going in the middle. He has had a nice 1st half of the season, but everyone doubting Munts calls are assuming that Gurley, Diggs, ext are like the next Messiah or coming of Jesus themselves. Lets see how Gurley does against legit teams, not a banged up Browns team, and Diggs with Teddy playing in colder weather. There is another 1/2 of season left and if people are still thinking to take Gurley over Lynch at this half of the season…you people ARE ON CRACK.

  3. Teddy doesn’t need to throw for over 300 yds in order for Stefon to be successful. Any reasonable fantasy player is valuing Stefon as a high end WR3 with low end WR1 upside in favorable matchups.

    I don’t know what else Gurley has to do to prove he’s legit. The Rams literally have no one else on offense and he’s still producing at an elite level. He’s a top 5 back barring injury.

  4. Nice commentary and matchups. Do you think Peyton Manning is done, or can reach down and play well for the rest of the season?

    Only reason I haven’t given up faith completely is I remember how underwhelming Tom Brady was to start last year and especially the year before (South Park made fun of how bad he was:, but then he went on a tear and has been playing at MVP level ever since.

    Definitely Manning has looks done, but it’s hard to believe it’s over already.

  5. Also, concerning Diggs – Peterson has still been getting 20+ looks in the games Diggs has put up great numbers. The Vikings offensive line is sub par at best which means they’re going to have to throw a little more. Also, since their line isn’t great, they’ll have to rely more on intermediate throws which benefits Diggs.

    As for the cold weather – Diggs grew up and went to college in Maryland. You don’t think they experienced their fair share of inclement weather up there? This will not be significant factor.

  6. heres how this story ends: diggs keeps appearing on the bust list, and diggs keeps putting up big games.. then a month from now diggs will get hurt and munt will claim he was right all along

  7. Peyton doesnt have the arm strength but a lot of his throws are right on the money. D-Thom has been dropping more passes than usual but I am not worried.

    Storyline after SNF. Peyton and the Broncos Offense is back

  8. What did you say? Can’t hear you, Diggs is too busy beasting along with Gurley. Get on the bandwagon already.

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