Fantasy Football Bust: Turner The Burnt Out Burner (Week 2)

Fantasy Football Bust:

Turner The Burnt Out Burner (Week 2)


You were probably hoping to see my Week 2 Rankings (Update).  Which has some big moves since they were last published on Tuesday.  The Updated Rankings with the comparisons of the ECR (Expert Consensus Ranking) will come out Saturday at 4:00pm Pacific time.

With all of my Week 1 Success, I have been named as the BEAT THE EXPERT OF THE WEEK on FANTASYPROS.  This gives you a chance to create a salary cap team for free, with the chance of winning $1000 in the pot.  On top of going for that big $$$$, if you beat my salary cap team.  You win $5.  If you are new to the site, I am a salary cap king in fantasy sports.




Now onto this article.  A lot of you made some bad start decisions which did not pan out last week.  Raise your hand if you got Tate Raped in Week 1.  Without further to do, here are the people that should definitely be on your bench this Sunday.

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I had RGIII ranked higher than any expert last week against a weak Saints pass defense in what was expected to be a blowout.  The Rams do not have a weak pass defense.  They also will not put up a lot of points on the scoreboard.  If Pierre Garcon plays, he will have a bad matchup against Cortland Finnegan who held Megatron out of the end zone in the home opener in Detroit.  On top of that, nobody else can be trusted as a great fantasy option in the passing game. (Fred Davis is on the border, he needs a big week).  I would bench RGIII this week regardless of Garcon playing, this is more of the Alfred Morris show this week in Washington.  Until he fumbles.



Everyone is all over Joe Flacco because of his Monday Night game.  While I can definitely say he impressed me, he will not do well against the Eagles secondary.  Nandi will eat up Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (who was my DB of the week in week 1) is a toss up matchup that can go either way.  The Eagles will also control the ball and move the ball better than the Andy Dalton led Bengals.  On top of everything, they are now in Philadelphia for the Eagles home opener.  It will be electric!



Although Gore looked good in Week 1 against a soft Packers defense.  He will not have a tough challenge against the tough Lions Brick Wall.  The Lions run defense is top 5 in the NFC with all their big names led by Sugh and Fairley up front.  The only way the 49ers win this game is through the air.  And while you may hope for those goal line TDs, Kendall Hunter can easily vulture those scores, and maybe Brandon Jacobs somehow becomes active for this game, but I doubt it.  Gore is good for less than 60 Yards, unless he breaks a long one somehow.



A lot of you are new to this site.  The way I became known was for discovering Kevin Smith last season before any expert had a clue he would be relevant.  The 49ers run defense is so good, I would be more afraid of Kevin Smith getting injured in this one than having more than 40 Yards Rushing.  Hopefully he makes it out healthy, and they utilize him more in the passing game than anything else.  His ankles are made of glass, and Patrick Willis & Co. are made with technology that no defense has ever played with.



The Browns are a really bad football team.  Playing against the Bengals in Cincinnati is a terrible situation for this franchise.  The good news is, the game could be closer than we think if the Browns defense steps up without Joe Haden.  Chances are they will not, and after seeing how bad Richardson looked against a suspect Eagles run defense, I do not see it getting any easier in this one.  Leave Richardson on your bench until he proves he can rush for 80 Yards.  Not playing in the preseason for a rookie because of knee surgery is never a good thing.



Greene Machine against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense in Pittsburgh.  Not the best sentence his owners want to hear.  How about this one, Mark Sanchez is one of the worst road QBs in the NFL. Let me throw another fun fact at you.  The Jets will be without Darrell Revis against a Todd Haley offense that will pass/pass/pass and find all the wholes in the secondary to make the Jets score points quickly, meaning no Greene in the game plan.  Bench him.



Those who are new to the site.  I am the most avid JacQuizz Rodgers fan this season.  Last week my theory held true about Michael Turner looking burnt out as he did not top 40 Yards against the Kansas City Chiefs. He looked like your grandma rolling a 40LB bowling ball down the lane.  The Broncos run defense is more physical than the Chiefs.  They shut down the Steelers running game last week, and they will probably do the same again this week.  I would avoid this situation entirely, as this could be the week JacQuizz finally emerges.



Lloyd and Welker are going to switch off weeks.  If both go off, one of the big TEs had a bad week.  This week, Brandon Lloyd will be matched up against the big physical Patrick Peterson.  That will leave this being a week where Wes Welker should have his advantage of getting over 80 Yards, I expect Gronk to be a Monster this week and possibly grab 2 TDs, if not 3.  Find a safer option than Lloyd, did not even mention Aaron Hernandez, and on top of that the Patriots should murder the Cardinals which will lead to kill the clock mode in the 2nd half.



If you read the Shonn Greene exert, you will see I mentioned Mark Sanchez as a terrible road QB.  The Steelers defense will make sure Santonio does not beat them, especially in his old building and being on a rival team.  The Jets do not have many other options for the Steelers to focus on, especially with Keller out.  Holmes will not beat Pittsburgh this week, he will also not beat your fantasy opponent.



Nandi is guarding Boldin.  That is all I have to say.  If you want to see how #1 WRs performed against Nandi check out box scores from last season.  Larry Fitzgerald was the exception, and let me tell you.  I never seen so many lucky breaks in a game.



I feel sorry for all the fantasy owners that went out drafting Robert Meachem like a #3/#4 WR.  I had Meachem ranked lower than any expert by a long shot, he does not fit a Phillip Rivers offense.  Rivers deep ball, is not deep and it is easy for the secondary to catch up to, even if Meachem beats them.  You ever watch the kids that throw in the Punt/Pass/Kick competition?  That is what a Rivers deep ball looks like when he throws to Big Meach.



The Ravens Blitz/Blitz/Blitz.  The Eagles need to protect Michael Vick in this game and make sure he has the time necessary to get his injured WRs open.  We could see that one TE screen which breaks him out for a big game, but most of the time we will see Celek doing max protection blocking.



Everyone is thrilled they have the new Billy Cundiff that can actually make FGs.  This is not as good of a matchup as the last one against the terrible Bengals offense.  With the Eagles looking to control clock and have great possessions, the Ravens will be working hard in every possession to even reach Eagles territory.  Expect Joe Flacco to have some trouble in the passing game this week, leading to less FG chances for Tuck.



This is a risky one, but I will share my thoughts anyway.  Yes the Ravens looked great on Monday Night against the Bengals in Baltimore.  This is now the Eagles in Philadelphia with a QB who is capable of putting up Video Game numbers on rookie mode.  On top of that, the Ravens run defense did not look great at stopping Benjarvus Green-Ellis, Lesean McCoy is much better than Green-Ellis.  Vick could be turnover prone.  But he could also have a monster game, and nobody would be too surprised.  They are not a good start, but then again you can do much worst.  Much worst.


Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Mike Aviles, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He is also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in the same week, first time in Fantasy Sports History.



  1. Good looking out. The best projection from 2011 was when you predicted kevin smiths breakout. It make me picking up from FA.

    Anyway I am having serious problems. I am in 10 man – 2qb league. We start the following,

    2qbs, 2 rbs, rb/wr, 2 wr, wr/te, te,k, and defense

    Qbs: Cutler, Luck, Locker
    Rbs: Rundmc, beastmode and Doug martin
    All my rbs have week 5 bye
    Wrs: Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, v cruz
    Te: K. Rudolph

    Bench: J Locker, K britt, Ogletree, J Dwyer and R cobb.

    I can receive Peyton Manning and Russel Wilson for Marshaw Lynch OR Doug martin.

    I am considering Lynch.

    Should I pull the trigger? I will have no rbs in Week 5.

  2. I Know you love W. McGahee and C. Benson. I have them both. Im in a dynasty league. Would you trade either one for JacQuizz ?

  3. Had a good feeling Trent was going to explode and I started him over Maclin and Kevin Smith. Certainly paid off so far, just hoping Kevin Smith doesn’t get hurt tonight like you said and he has some value left to deal him. I couldn’t get a deal done last week.

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