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BEAST DOME QB 2016 from Kozed on Vimeo.


The QB Position

You can take Luck out of the equation and always go with an ELITE like Aaron Rodgers with a healthy Jordy Nelson or by taking Cam Newton who has a healthy Kelvin Benjamin. Going with either guy will cost yourself a 2nd/3rd Round Draft Pick. I have a better strategy.

For the first time in BEAST DOME History. I am telling you to not worry about the Quarter Back Position and fill out your roster. When the time comes, you will be able to snag two stars for bottom of the barrel draft picks.

My QBs   of 2016 are…

#1 Matt Stafford

Before you say, I don’t want to mess with that again. Stafford finished the last 8 games of 2016 going 6-2 with 20 Touchdowns and 2 INTs. The change to Jim Bob Cooter lit the Lions offense on fire to close out the season. The Lions did not make a change at the Offensive Line Position, and the Running Game is as weak as ever now that Joique Bell is gone. Ameer Abdullah and Theo Riddick who both are at their best when they are catching passes in the open field. Neither can take too many carries without the risk of injury.

The best part about Stafford is the fact the Lions throw the ball to run the ball. Golden Tate should get 5+ Bubble screens a game, and Stafford will bootleg a lot to pick up short yards in the quick passing game.

Last season the Lions faced Minnesota/Denver/Seattle/Arizona 4 weeks in a row to start the season. In 2016 they have one of the most cupcake schedules in the NFL. Lions only have 3 games that are away from a Dome, and 2 of them happen within the first 4 games of the season.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 9.03.42 PM

You can argue that Calvin Johnson no longer being there makes the Lions a worst team. However during that span of Stafford going off for 20 TD/2 INT in the final 8 games. Calvin Johnson went over the 100 Yard Mark during that span only once with 6 Touchdowns.

The Lions got much more athletic with Marvin Jones who can stretch the field and really go up for passes, along with Andre Roberts who is a very talented vertical threat. Most of the heavy lifting will be done by Eric Ebron and Golden Tate, but the Lions are loaded with playmakers in the passing game who can take a 5 yard pass and turn it into a 20 yard gain. The pass attempts will be there for Stafford all season, especially in the Red Zone.


The Falcons were plagued with Offensive Coordinator  Kyle Shanahan doing a horrible job running the Falcons offense in 2015. It is one thing to stop using Roddy White, it is an entirely different thing to not do anything to replace him.

So this season Roddy White is no longer there, and in comes Mohamaed You Sanuze You Lose. Sanu is a very talented WR who can make big plays down the field and should be an excellent compliment to Julio Jones who is arguably the best WR in the game today. Julio is still at his peak, and as long as Matt Ryan takes his shots at Julio, Matt Ryan will end up with good numbers.

The X-Factor that is really going to help the Falcons is the addition of Alex Mack. Mack was the Center with Kyle Shanahan in Cleveland, and him coming over to Atlanta to man handle the offensive line will allow Matt Ryan to concentrate more on picking opponents secondaries apart.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 9.15.02 PM

The Falcons schedule is an interesting one, but it goes very well with Stafford’s. Falcons play @Philly for Stafford’s Bye Week is big, and the start of the season should be a Boom for Ryan and the Falcons offense which includes a Monday Night Football Game in New Orleans. If you play it right between the two, you could be in a Dome all 17 Weeks of the season.

The Fantasy Playoffs can easily setup Stafford @Home against the Bears on Week 14. Ryan @Home against the Chip Kelly and the 49ers on Week 15. Then you can let Stafford take the Championship home for you on Monday Night Football Week 16 in Dallas, a Stadium which almost guarantees a 400+ Yard Performance as he always tears up his home state Cowboys.

In the end, you can build an unstoppable team this season in Fantasy Football while getting 2 QBs who play on teams that are constantly in a Dome. They are on teams that are known for their passing games, and two QB’s who could easily be considered on Talent alone Top 10 no questions asked. Matt Ryan is currently Ranked the #18 QB on FantasyPros, Stafford at #19. Two Quarterbacks who should throw for over 4,500 Yards and 30+ TDs no questions asked.






  1. Guess munt couldn’t turn down that dome schedule. Lol. My thinking wasnt too far off. Clean up the talent, get one of these qbs later. Still have cutler in the mix too, just bad weather end of season. Guess it cant be helped since our beast picks last year like BMarsh are going 1st/2nd round. Good stuff munt cant wait til the packages hits the shelf.

  2. Video was well done always entertaining and though provoking. It’s a solid strategy I like where you are going looking at strength of schedule and the key playoff schedule/domes. Leaves you lots of early rounds to swamp up talent. But I’m having a hard time getting over their last season performances. This one needs time to sit in me for a little I can probably come around.

    I agree with not picking a qb early I got Luck last year and that ended terribly. There is another committee I am eyeing the old injury prone vets below who are top 5 when healthy. Big Ben in the 6th is decent value. People snatch qb’s very early in my league

    Ryan (11.07 ADP) Stafford (12.07 ADP)


    Palmer (7.11) and/or Rivers (9.09) and/or Romo (10.04)

  3. Just when I think I’ve finally conceded to the idea of going QB early this year, Munt pulls the table from out under.

  4. Why no love for eli and rivers? Much better track records. Almost as cheap. Heck even Brady late is pretty good value.

  5. yeah I was thinking Eli would get some love on this. or Brees. Both look like values this year.

  6. While I like this strategy you can pickup QBs off the waivers all year that will get your 20+ points and not even burn up a draft pick.

  7. There are a ton of good QBs this year . I’m a guy who usually takes a QB in the first 3 rounds but I’m waiting this year. There are about 10 good QBs this year but RB is looking really thin. I want 2 wrs and 2rbs before I think about a QB. I can win with a Palmer or a Bortles or even a Carr if my roster is stacked.

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