FANTASY FOOTBALL BEAST OR BUST (WEEK 7) Can You Digg It?! (Stefon Diggs)


(WEEK 7)

Can You Digg It?! (Stefon Diggs)


By Muntradamus


Mike Wallace said Stefon Diggs reminds him of Antonio Brown. Last season a Rookie WR out of nowhere in Odell Beckham Jr. took over the Fantasy Football Season.

All the hype in the world is being spurred on Stefon Diggs after back-2-back dominant performances. Both times without 2014 WR star for the Vikings, Charles Johnson on the field. Coming into this season the HYPE train was on Charles Johnson, everyone loved the chemistry him and Bridgewater had to close out the year. Many took Charles Johnson as a WR3 this Fantasy Football season. With Charles Johnson set to return, the Vikings and their passing game has a lot of weapons.

Mike Wallace/Charles Johnson/Stefon Diggs/Kyle Rudolph

While Stefon Diggs does have a lot of speed, he has a very small frame for his height. He cannot go over the middle as often as you want making a catch in traffic, or he may break his ribs. The Vikings are a team that want to win games by running the Football and playing good defense. While AP has struggled the last two games against the Broncos and the Chiefs, Bridgewater has had to make more happen with his arm, resulting in Stefon Diggs coming out of nowhere to put up better numbers than Randall Cobb, even with Cobb having an extra game.

With Charles Johnson likely returning this week, and Adrian Peterson likely to have better days ahead. It will not be very often Diggs puts up better games through the air than Mike Wallace and Kyle Rudolph, who combined for only 32 Yards last week. Add in the X-Factor Charles Johnson to the equation, and there are not enough mouths to feed in that Vikings Passing game.



  1. lol… some dude named Rammer28 posted this on RW Forum… and ofc got blasted for it.

    Come on Rammer28 – i know you want to have a “confirmation bias” – you know better

  2. You see far Muntradamus, but insight comes with quiet patience and me thinks you are predicting hastily on this one!

  3. While Diggs is talented, there is not enough meat to spread around to all the options. Unless Teddy Bridgewater starts throwing 350 Yards per game, let us see Bridge do something special against a good secondary before we get too excited.

  4. Point taken and you very well may be right. I think opponents know what you know – MN plans to win by running the ball and playing good D. That being said – opposing D will be vulnerable through the air if they underestimate the pass.. which they will and for good reason. Diggs is the only WR in MN that actually wants to be a WR in MN. Stars are born in MN and this is why. He will do whatever it takes. This is my humble opinion.

  5. I just don’t see Bridgewater supporting multiple WRs per game. Diggs will have some nice games, Wallace will have some nice games, Charles Johnson from the grave will have some nice games. In the end you are looking at a WR#3 who will give you around 70 Yards Per Game Over/Under. The upside is there, but he is not going to be the guy who wins you your league and unless you have a weak WR core, he is nothing more than a bench player.

  6. I think you’re wrong on this one Munt. All of the Broncos DBs were raving about how good Diggs is.

  7. Diggs is better. Baldwin is too inconsistent and Russell Wilson is getting him less than 5 targets per game. I am doing something to fix the Teach Me How To Douggie Issue on TEAM BEAST this week. Not going to be pretty, but it will be an upgrade.

  8. Not doubting his talent, just doubting his Fantasy Value.

    WR#3 Value at best with a lot of ups and downs, too inconsistent to really trust and will not earn that “BEAST” Title and be more or less a good bench WR.

  9. You could be right, but I still picked up Diggs just in case and dropped Denard Robinson. At the very least I have some trade fodder. I’m 3-3 and my WR core is coming together now with Dez Bryant, SSS, Evans, John Brown, Boldin, and now Diggs. Hopefully that type of depth can eventually net me an RB for the final push.

  10. After reading some more of your comments I see you do believe in the talent but not so much the situation. I agree with you there, and I also agree he should be looked at more as a WR #3 with upside. But that’s not necessarily a bust, but as you said, that’s not beastly either. I think right now it can be argued he’s a fringe top 25 WR play, who has potential to be higher with his talent. As you have stated, the situation may keep him back from being any higher, though. Too many fantasy players are too black and white with their thinking when the majority of the time the true value lies somewhere in between.

    I’ll also throw this out there – there have been a few reputable MIN beat writers who believe Peterson has looked a little slower this season. Maybe he’s still shaking off rust? Maybe it’s just been a product of the last few games? Or maybe teams are just stacking the box and daring TB to throw? Anyway, whatever the case, I think MIN is going to have to throw a little more going forward. Because of this, and also because TB has shown (and said) he has a rapport with SD, I think there’s very real potential here for him to emerge as a fantasy commodity. There is risk, opportunity cost, but that’s the case for any move in fantasy. This situation has a bit more probability of hitting, though, as opposed to a C. West (no one really knew anything about him), and I think he’s worthy of a roster spot to see if it happens. Not everything in fantasy is clearly laid out in front of you (rarely is) and chances have to be taken. Weighing the risks and rewards in this case, I think it’s a good move to take on Diggs if you have the opportunity.

  11. hah who are the initials if u dont wanna say name? im trying to find wr help in a 12 manner, missed diggs/marv jones as waiver flyers… saw doug baldwin but didnt want to pick him up (which is why i asked lol). tell me u arent gonna lance moore it

  12. Hey Munt! You were big on Terrance Williams and he’s been a non-factor last few games. Your thoughts on him vs Diggs over next few weeks

  13. I will put it like this. He was drafted in the 6th-7th round of most drafts, and is now a Free Agent because of lack of targets on a high flying offense

  14. Thank you for the well thought out comment Mark. I agree with you on Minnesota needing to throw the ball more as defenses are definitely stuffing the box and forcing AP to only run up the middle if he wants to gain any yards at all. Diggs is nice, has good speed, not sold on his hands, but good speed. Top 25 is a little high, especially when he comes down with a 3 catch 50 yard game which kills your week ‘Doug Baldwin style.’

  15. hrmm, when you put it like that my guess would be a roddy or a dre? that would be ugly… and neither available in the leagues im looking in

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