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Arian Foster.  A player who is losing more value in his stock than any 1st Round Pick in the most recent weeks.  Arian is now slipping into the 2nd round of some drafts.  Mostly because of Arian Foster Being the Best Teammate he can be.


Texans Cheerleaders took it a little too far.  Warning. Only 10 seconds is plenty.




Today the Texans released Andre Brown.  Andre will be a starting RB on a different team at some point late in the season.  This was a very surprsing move as Andre Brown had BEAST potential in this Marshall Faulk role that Arian is going to be thrown into.

Not only that.  If the Texans gave Arian a breather in the middle of a drive, and two plays later they were inside the 10 Yard line.  The Texans may be inclined to leave Andre Brown in there for a little bit of redzone work while Foster catches his breath.

With Andre Brown gone, the Texans leave themselves with a very questionable backup RB situation.  This move shows confidence in Arian Foster and his role with this offense.





One player stands out.  The potential ‘Wild Cat Specialist’ BEAST aka Ronnie Brown may have something left in the tank.  Ronnie will be nothing more than a Veteran change of pace RB who will need a breather nearly after every couple of plays.  Which is a positive for Arian Foster who can jump right back in for the Redzone if the situation calls for it.


Health and talks of Arian Foster rumors that are so far from the truth have made Arian fall to the 2nd Round of some Fantasy Drafts.  As Arian always says on twitter.


The Texans first preseason game was beyond horrible.  Arian Foster nor Andre Johnson played, and the Texans looked like a team that is ready to go 2-14 again.  After the horrible game Coach Bill O’Brien said this.


If the injuries that both Arian Foster and Andre Johnson are going through are real or long-term.  They would not be listed as “questionable” for a Week 2 Preseason Game.  If anything they would not even talk about them coming back onto the field until the end of Preseason Week 3.  These are obviously injuries that would not hold these two out of a regular season game.

Just like I explained in..


First was the “minor hamstring injury.”  To start off, not worried about this.  It is early August, Arian Foster is going to touch the ball 350 times this season, at least.  He is the Marshall Faulk of the Texans.  With no Ben Tate, the Stage is set for Arian Foster to have a MVP Historic season.  I am sure if it was a Week 8 matchup against the Titans, this hamstring injury would not keep him out. Not only would he not be out, Arian would be the #1 RB in Fantasy Football Rankings across the Industry.”


“The reality is this.  Arian Foster is the focal point of the Texans Offense.  Arian Foster is only 27 Years Old.  Arian Foster is in the most perfect situation to improve upon his 2010 season where he recorded 2220 Yards/64 Receptions/18 TD.   So I ask you this.

If Arian is playing Week 1 against the Redskins.  It is the 1st Pick of your draft.

Are you really going to let Arian slip?”


(#1) PICK







  1. Wow…You are really bullish on Foster…

    I agree he could and should have a solid season IF he can stay on the field.

    I do think the Texans will be a bad team though. Fitzpatrick is a journeyman QB with a noodle arm that belongs as a backup and not a starter. Although, he is probably an improvement over what the Texans had last year.

    Will be interesting to see if Foster can bounce back this year.

  2. Hello Munt,
    Glad to see that you are still analyzing like a BEAST! I wish I could buy a VIP package, but money is tight so just gonna read every one of your articles on here. Thanks again for giving me some amazing tips in the past, and looking forward to any advice time to time. If I scrounge up $25 dollars for the basic package, I will let you know in due time. This guy is the real deal everyone and has given me perfect seasons in the past. Take his advice!
    Kind Regards,
    Garrett, aka Scream on Beastdome

  3. I rather get joque bell than arain fosters back up. ..or devonta freeman vs fosters back up. ..just trying to understand why it’s better to get Hans cuffs when you can get other valuable rbs….anybody want to shime in? Thank you

  4. I agree with Michael, I don’t really like handcuffing if there isn’t a clear cut backup who would get all the carries, such as Christine for Lynch or Starks for Lacy or Helu for Morris. Most times it becomes a RBBC or the backup is bad so its a wasted pick. I would rather spend that late pick on sleepers or value picks, which can be a home run if it pans out. Like last year, instead of handcuffing Forte/McCoy, I picked up Moreno.

  5. Arian “The Barbarian” Foster will go off this season as he is planning to take this team on his back. No matter what happens injury wise you still have to take a chance on this guy because he is worth the risk this season. This has “legendary season” written all over it for Foster and he knows as well as the Texans. Beast on my friends and draft with confidence!


  6. If you sign up for VIP munt gives you certain rbs to handcuff, and which ones not to worry about…. There is your answer =)

  7. Consider all the negative press Foster has been getting lately, where do you see Foster dropping to in a ppr draft?

  8. I’m wondering if Munt is going to revisit the Foster prediction…

    For me, this is the biggest prediction of his this season and his most bullish stance. This will be the prediction I either sing the praises of Munt for if it comes through…Or be lamenting if it doesn’t.

    Personally, everything in my head says to let somebody else draft Foster. His body seems to be breaking down the past couple years with all kinds of nagging injuries….calf, hamstring, back, etc, etc. And his performance hasn’t been all that great either.

    I want to be a believer. I’m in a 14 team auction league and I’m positive Foster will probably be more than half the cost of the top RB’s and could be a tremendous value. Or he could torpedo my season…

  9. No other real expert in that list than Pianowski. No disrespect but he knows much more about fantasy football than you have ever known.

  10. A running back with a back injury is too much of risk in the first three rounds, no matter how good they used to be. Arian Foster was an undrafted free agent and is very expendable at this point in his career. I would not be surprised if Bill O’Brien and the Texans moved off the 28-year old. Jonathan Grimes has also looked solid in the preseason. I don’t expect the Texans to rely on one RB, and see them leaning on a committee. There are just way too many solid players available in the first three rounds to waste a pick on Foster.

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