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Last season, the Bills were my Fantasy Football team of choice for BEAST DOME to be head over heels on. After a disappointing 2022 season when the Bills lost in the AFC Championship to the Chiefs, the Bills came out and said in 2023 we are going to feature Stefon Diggs more than he ever has been featured. I had all my BEAST DOME clients rack up the Diggs/Allen combo with their 1st and 2nd Round pick if they drafted near the 7-12 range. The result?

Josh Allen was the leading Fantasy Football QB by a milestone, which led to all clients easily making their Fantasy Playoffs. When you consider all the great BEAST DOME sleepers of 2023 added to their rosters after the mid-rounds, including underrated superstars like D’Andre Swift/Nico Collins/Adam Theilen/Isaiah Pacheco and others who will not be named. No Expert ranked these players anywhere near where I had them. Needless to say it was a great year for BEAST DOME.

The result for Stefon Diggs was a terrible year, if you ever wondered what gaslighting meant, it basically means what the Bills did to Stefon Diggs in 2023. Diggs was nearly invisible the majority of the second half of the season despite being promised to be a featured star. Diggs still ended up with 1,183 Yards and 8 TDs which was better than any of his first five years in Minnesota, but his worst year in Buffalo. If any client did not win it all, it is only because Stefon Diggs did not do his job and disappeared. Stefon disappeared so much, he vanished out of Buffalo to Houston.

With Diggs gone, it feels like a new team, but we are not going to talk about offense here in this free article. We are going to focus on defense.

Bills completely gutted their award-winning safety combo in Poyer/Hyde. Those two playmakers at safety had so much chemistry together, they made it impossible to throw the ball against the Bills from 2017-2023. Very odd to see two safties stay together for that long together, it is the end of an era in Buffalo.

Bills tried to make things better by grabbing Mike Edwards from the Chiefs, which is not a horrible patch, but replacing seven years of chemistry at safety is something you cannot patch. The reason the Bills should change from the Mafia to the Nepotisma.

Nepotism. It is something we see in the corporate world. Someone’s Uncle hired a nephew for no reason etc. Usually when we see it in Football, it does not work out. Kyle Shanahan was a good story, but his dad was one of the greatest Football coaches of All-Time so he probably learned something. I saw Kyle Shanahan when I was a kid in Hawaii on vacation and approached him in the gym while he was working out, and asked what it was like coaching Terrell Davis, my favorite player. He said, “Kid, I do not want to answer that right now.”

Meet Bob Babich, Bobby’s father. Coach in the 1980’s who was nothing more than a College position coach until finally being a head coach for North Dakota State in 1997 for a few years, then was promoted to being a Linebacker coach in the NFL for over a decade. Bob also had some opportunities as a Defensive Coordinator. In 2017, the Bills wanted to hire Bob Babich as the team’s LB coach. He said fine, only if you hire my son who sucked at Football, did nothing in College, and make him the assistant Defensive Back coach. They said fine.

Bobby has been with the Bills when Poyer and Hyde came into Buffalo in 2017. He was the Defensive backs assistant coach, then was upgraded to the safeties coach with Poyer and Hyde in 2018 through their great years to 2021. Was transferred to the Bills LB coach the last two years after his dad retired, and now is the Head Coach of the defense aka Defensive Coordinator.

So in reality, he has shown over this time that he has been a good side coach throughout his time in Buffalo. However, he can no longer just rely on superstar talent making him look good as a position coach, now he has to be the leader of the orchestra. While many like the new young style of Mike McDaniels, players do not respect it when it is all said and done and players know they can have things their way as long as they pretend to keep the coaches ego up. You will not get Game 7 energy out of your players, you will get regular-season energy out of your players with the way Bobby coaches. Bringing on a nepotism hire with no track record sounds like something a developing team would do, not a team that is on a Super Bowl or BUST train with the entire city riding behind it.

With no track record, too young, no in-game experience of ever calling plays, and a defense that is learning how to adjust to a brand new look. Things will be rocky for the Bills defense in 2024. Bills can certainly stop the run with the best of them as they have a massive defensive line. However with a new secondary, and a linebacker core that has not looked the same since they lost Tremaine Edmunds. I see this Bills defense taking a step back from being Must-Draft in Fantasy Football every year, to one you will find on the Waiver Wire.


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