By Muntradamus


Every Fantasy Football Season I embark on a journey. A journey where I am not satisfied unless I am the .00001% of the greatest of the greats. I have embarked on this journey every year since I started BEAST DOME back in 2010. Every year up to this point, I have not reached that .0001%. Sure I have won $30K (career high) in the Championship qualifiers in the Bahamas back in 2016, won $20K in one day in 2022, hit the $10K+ threshold multiple times in the past two years. However I have never reached the $100K+ or $1Mil+, and that is always my goal. Once again for another year, I failed.

However that is just my journey that I go through. From what you all see in the public, telling people they were fools for listening to the sheep drafting Bijan Robinson, or shouting from the mountain tops to my MVP clients about D’Andre Swift while all the other sheep were praising Kenneth Gainwell as the RB to draft in Philly. Ranking Nico Collins higher than any expert, the list goes on and on. The Thursday Night Predictions were nearly flawless including the Super Bowl. Every client made the Playoffs with the Fantasy Football draft guide. Some won the Championship, some came short. That performance is how I make the Top 1% in your eyes year after year. However for me, making the Top 1% means nothing to me now, even though when I started BEAST DOME that would be everything in my eyes.

As good as that feels to be the best of the best when it comes to Ranking players in the preseason year after year, I still feel defeated and like my Season Grade for myself is a F because I did not finish in top .0001% and take home that life-changing tournament win. However that could be my biggest problem, and maybe all of our biggest problems.

We are all so hard on ourselves for not being the best we know we can be, but still way further along to the point where many wish they could be as far as we are. Even our past selves would be proud of where we currently stand. Maybe your breakthrough has not come, but as long as you know you are on the right path and keep working hard your miracle will come. I am living proof that I know my breakthrough is coming I believe in miracles. Until then. See you next season Fantasy Football Season.






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