By Muntradamus


After I wrote an article on May 31st claiming Bijan was overhyped and easily the BUST of 2023 Fantasy Football leagues. The backlash started coming quickly.

You can read the original article here.

I am pasting it below in this article for everyone who is new to BEAST DOME.




By Muntradamus


Every year the Sheep over hype Rookie RBs to the ends of the earth and back. I was guilty of this once with Montee Ball (2013), injured and fumbled the job away, drunk as well on the job. How was I supposed to know? At least I made up for it that season with his QB Peyton Manning as the greatest 5th/6th Round Steal of all Time setting NFL Records and leading all the BEAST DOME NATION to Championships. Now I just laugh when I see all the Sheep Experts make the same mistake every year. Every year those sheep have been wrong. Like clockwork, after failing on Clyde Edwards-Helaire in 2020 as a late 1st Round Pick (Only to over-hype him again in 2021/2022), then stabbing at Javonte Williams early 2nd Round in 2021 (Only to over-hype him again in 2022), cannot forget Darrell Henderson.

This year, the Sheep do something they have not done in a long time. Probably the first time since Edgerrin James was drafted by the Colts in 1999. They picked a Rookie RB to finish as a top 3 overall Fantasy RB!


There is no doubt this guy has talent. Some say Adrian Peterson, he definitely has some of that dominant University of Texas Ricky Williams in him when you look at the College Tape. There is no question in the world Bijan is a special RB, and a future 1st Round Pick in Fantasy Football. However, the sheep world seems to think the Future is now with Bijan Robinson as he is selected in the 1st Round of all Fantasy Drafts. Which is a mistake.

While the future is now for the Falcons, RB is a position the team really had no problems with last season. Cordarelle Patterson reminded us all that he still has some Marshawn Lynch in him when he takes 10+ touches, while Tyler Allgeier started out 2022 slow, only to show he has some Warrick Dunn in him ripping off big fantasy games to close out the season. While Bijan is definitely better than both Patterson/Allgeier, there is no need to force feed their Rookie Stud 30+ Touches right out of the gate. In fact, 20+ Touches might even be a lot but it is doable.

The Falcons offense this season has Desmond Ridder as their starter, but the reigns on his job are looser than Paris Hilton in A Night Club back in 1999 back when Edge was a Rookie. Taylor Heincke is the backup, and he is capable of doing the same things Ridder can do, if not better. Regardless of who the QB is, there is one thing the Falcons need to do on offense. That is control the ball on the ground and eat a lot of clock. Something the Falcons did great to close last season winning their last two games. The Falcons were 7-10 last season, in those 10 losses, 8 of them they lost by less than one possession. They are a team on the brink of turning things around.

While the future is bright for Bijan Robinson. He is extremely overvalued as a Fantasy RB. Go ahead and let the Sheep take him in the 1st Round as they are wasting a valuable draft pick on a player who will likely be a low-end RB1 in Fantasy most weeks. Cord could definitely steal some goal line TDs, Allgeier can steal 6+ carries on the ground each game. The ceiling is so low that if Bijan does not finish as the #1 or #2 or even #3 Fantasy RB, then he was drafted too early. 80+ Total Yards and a possible TD is the likely Weekly floor. While that is not terrible, it is not a 1st or 2nd Round Pick, or even 3rd or 4th for that matter.




Now it is August, and the writing on the wall is looking more and more clear.

First of all, Beat Reporter’s opinions are Free for a reason. The key is what the Head Coach said. “We may have the idea that we want to get guys a certain number of carries and then all of a sudden Allgeier gets a hot hand and what you’re doing with him is working. Don’t be rigid. We have to win the game.”

Translation, Allgeier could be our best RB and he will continue getting touches until he proves the coaches wrong. There could be games where Bijan Robinson is not our lead RB.

Can you imagine spending a 1st/2nd Round Pick on a RB that is not going to even be the lead RB every single game? That is what these “Sheep Experts” are leading the sheep to do.

Just to prove how you can not listen nor care about Beat Reporters’ opinions. Allgeier 170 Touches, Bijan 301 Touches.

301+170=471 Touches

In comparison, Dalvin Cook and Alexander Mattison last season for the Vikings combined for 390 Touches. If you think the Falcons offense of 2023 is better than the Vikings offense of 2022, tell me what Fantasy League you are in and I will pay Double the Entry Fee to be in.

The most important factor of these 471 touches is, they did not even factor Cordarelle Patterson. If you think Cord is going to sit on the sidelines and not take at least, bare minimum FIVE touches a game. You are crazy and you have never watched Atlanta Falcons Football. Cord is one of the most powerful, and explosive RBs in the NFL. If I had to pick one power RB to finish a drive near the goal line, I would go with Cord Patterson over a lot of starting RBs in the NFL. Cord is going to vulture a few TDs from Bijan, you can believe that.

This beat reporter thinks it will be 56 Bijan/44 Allgeier. Even if you do not include Cord Patterson, which is blasphemy, how can any Sheep justify drafting Bijan Robinson in the 1st Round or 2nd, or even 3rd Round of Fantasy Football Drafts?

After reading that quote from Arthur Smith my Ranking of Robinson Falls lower from #23. It is obvious this is going to be a RBBC. Bijan will definitely lead the way of the RBBC, but there are RBs who have the job to themselves on capable offenses that will not have to worry about, “The Hot Hand.”



With the NFL devaluing single RBs, the likelihood of you standing on a landmine goes up every single season. The Sheep are screaming from the mountain tops wrong answers year after year after year. If you are with the BEAST DOME NATION this season, you will be coasting through your Fantasy Football season with a smile on your face. Just like all of us did last season with #1 RB Josh Jacobs we stole in Round 4/5.



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