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58 Days until the NFL season starts. I don’t know if I can point out 58 Busts but I will definitely try. Here we got an obvious one.

A losing franchise, whose star player is suspended the first six games of the season (Patrick Peterson). Whatever the case, the Cardinals are not winning anything in 2019.

Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury come in to vamp things up, but that sounds way better on paper than it is in reality.

KYLER MURRAY has two WRs on his squad that are respectable. One is a living legend who no longer has the speed to seperate from defenders. Larry Fitzgerald. Second weapon is a young unproven in-between slot WR/deep bomb WR in Christian Kirk. Then a pair of TEs who are definitely not starting on at least 90% of NFL Teams.

Murray made a living in College throwing deep bombs to WRs who were being guarded by Sophmores in College. Now he goes up against All-Pro Secondaries filled with, Multi-Millionare, Superstar’s their entire lives, players that know what you are doing before you know what you are doing.

Murray was also running away College Kids who were struggling to finish their communication Major. Now he will be running from Superstars who ate those college defends, and who will feast on tiny little Murray anytime he is vulnerable to taking a big hit.

No matter what offense Kingsbury draws up, no WRs are going to get open. Murray might have been able to run away from college kids, but NFL players are going to pancacke the little QB who looks 5’6 on the TV screen Max.

Nearly all the Industry Experts have Kyler Murray Ranked as a Top 12 QB? That means they would actually rely on him? I can name 23 QBs I would rather have than Murray. His ECR is #14, which means he goes drafted in nearly all leagues. I guarantee you he will be a Free Agent in nearly all leagues by the time the season is done.

IF you take advice from any Expert who thinks Kyler Murray has real QB1 potential and deserves a spot on your roster. Good luck.

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