Fantasy Football 2015: I Like It Raw (Odell Beckham Jr)

Fantasy Football 2015:

I Like It Raw

(Odell Beckham Jr)


By Muntradamus


There will be a time in your draft when all the star Running Backs are gone.
Likely late in the 1st Round.

There will be a time when you need to draft a superstar Wide Receiver.

Likely late in the 1st Round.

With Superstars like Megatron/Dez Bryant/Antonio Brown/Julio Jones and others still on the board.
Other Experts are leading the sheep to take Odell Beckham Jr. as your star #1 WR without thinking twice.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 1.30.25 PM
Odell Beckham JR. Expert WR RANK

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 1.13.38 PM
Not only am I telling you to think twice, I am telling you to avoid all together.


Let me get this first sentence out of the way. I still see Odell Beckham Jr. as a Top 10 WR this season, closer to #10. There are many reasons to avoid ODB JR. this season, there are many reasons to want ODB JR. this season. Regardless the bad outweigh the good and it is the right move to let someone else take him as a Top 5 WR.

#1. Victor Cruz

With Victor Cruz healthy, Odell Beckham Jr. will see those 15-18 target games (2014) drop to at least 12 as Victor Cruz is a favorites of Eli. Not to say ODB Jr. will not be the #1 target for Eli Manning this season, this is just to say that Victor Cruz on the field does make a difference as far as Eli Manning’s eyes when he looks to throw.

While you can argue this will free up ODB Jr. from being double teamed, you can also argue that ODB Jr. can have dud quarters along the way this season. Something you do not want for the #1 overall WR in Fantasy Football.

#2. Shane Vereen

The addition of Shane Vereen is a big one. The Giants have already admitted they are going to throw to Vereen a lot, and there is a good chance we see him play a little in the slot this year since their backfield is so stacked with average talent.

With Vereen on the field, you can argue that ODB Jr. will lose another handful of targets, taking him from 12 a game with the addition of Cruz, down to 10 a game. While the same argument can be made that ODB Jr. will not be double teamed. All of a sudden we are seeing more and more options get in the way of ODB Jr. being the consistent #1 WR that all the Fantasy Experts are raving about.



Redskins improved their secondary adding Dashon Goldson.

Eagles improved their secondary adding Byron Maxwell/Malcolm Jenkins.

Cowboys 1st Round Pick Byron Jones can be a good physical CB.

Does not help ODB Jr. at all that he is going up against the AFC East as well the best defensive division in football. The pass rush from all those teams with strong secondaries (New England will make it work) it is hard to imagine Odell Beckham Jr. throwing up BEAST games in all 4 of those games, if not 2/4.

4. Conclusion

Between Victor Cruz/Shane Vereen/Larry Donnell and Ruben Randle, who Eli Manning has said will have a breakout season. It is hard to imagine Odell Beckham Jr. getting his superstar numbers every single game. While there is no doubting the talent of ODB Jr. there is doubting the consistency especially when you compare the players that experts are telling you to pass up.

(Calvin Johnson/Dez Bryant/Julio Jones/Antonio Brown/Jordy Nelson/Randall Cobb).

These guys are proven superstars on offenses that are going to be putting up points. Odell Beckham Jr. is living off of a season where the Giants were injured everywhere and had to throw all day to only player.

Did I mention potential Madden Curse as he is the cover athlete? Something to not take too seriously, but history tells us otherwise as only one player was able to avoid the curse. Calvin Johnson.

This is not 2014 anymore.

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  1. Great is insane that Megatron is being taken later than ODB JR…that is NUTS.

  2. I have ODB and Antonio Brown on an autodraft mistake team. Do you think i should trade ODB for a another WR or for my lackluster RB roster?

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