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If there is one player who is getting way too much love in the world of Fantasy Football. Martavis Bryant is by far one of the leading candidates. I was never a fan of Martavis and his “All or Nothing” type of style in 2014. Yes the Touchdowns came in bunches, as well as the production. Still, Tavis failed to record double digit targets in any game, as well as only averaging FOUR targets per game in his last 6. Not to mention he only averaged a shade above 5 Fantasy Points (standard) per game during those last 6.

While many expect Tavias to be a BEAST in his 2nd season in the Todd Hailey offense.


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I am here to tell you that Martavis is not worth your time this Fantasy Football Season.


In my June Rankings, I always held Martavis outside the Top 40 due to the fact he was the #3 WR in the Steelers Offense behind Wheaton. When Big Ben came out publicly to the Media saying that Markus Wheaton is the #2 WR and ready to have a big season. A few experts backed off. Some pushed even harder. You can see my current ranking below.

John Paulsen of easily the most overrated Expert who cannot point to one good call he has ever had, claims he is not threatened by the comments of Big Ben. The Experts on NFL Network are hyping up Tavis. These people are all wrong and are afraid to go back on earlier comments.

The saying goes. “Once you dig yourself into a hole. Stop Digging.”



Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 2.44.16 AMThe best thing that can happen this Fantasy Football Preseason is a long Martavis TD catch. Not only will every expert jump back to ranking him in their Top 30, but they will encourage you to burn an early/mid pick on a player that will burn your Fantasy Football team. If you decided to jump on the Tavis bandwagon last season, this is how your season closed out.

MARTAVIS BRYANT Week 12 – Week 17  (2014)

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Only one game that broke double digits for Tavis, in arguably the matchup where you bench him since the Bengals have a respectable pass defense, and you cannot take the combined 3 Points from Week 12-13.


Martavis Bryant should have never been hyped to begin with. Every Expert is in love with the deep ball, which shows that all Fantasy Experts lack the Fundamental’s of what it takes to build a Championship team. Sure that long TD feels great, but do you really want to play an all or nothing type of Fantasy Football Style?

On the Week 13 game where Tavis was able to put up 109 Yards and a TD. That TD did not come until the 4th Quarter as he only had 15 Yards heading into that catch.

If you think Martavis Bryant is the only BUST the other Experts are promoting, you are mistaken. Luckily for you I will go over most of them this preseason, but if you want to see my BEAST picks. Signup for a VIP PACKAGE TODAY. Whatever you do, do not waste your money on any other site, purchase Rankings that are actually custom made by someone who has more success in the (Daily & Season) Fantasy Football World than any Expert.Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 4.01.11 AM



  1. Right on point. Too boom or bust with him. I got him off of waivers last season, traded him while he was hot. Packaged him and got brandon marshalland r jennings out of the deal. Marshall alone paid me back what I lost before getting hurt. Bryant frustrated the other owner for the rest of the season and costed him his championship game. Top notch picks as always Munt!

  2. I’m kinda feeling this dude this year. His yards per reception received bested ODB. But he is a risk at how how high people are drafing him. There are tons of sleeper wide receivers as Munt says, why reach.

    Martavis Bryant
    is the highest ranked wide receiver of this group checking in 27th in the standard league expert consensus ranks. He’s not a sleeper anymore, but he remains a breakout candidate. Bryant missed six games as a rookie, but he was explosive when he did play totaling 26 receptions for 549 yards receiving and a whopping eight touchdowns. Standing 6-foot-4 and weighing 211 pounds, he makes for an appealing red-zone target for Ben Roethlisberger. Staying true to the theme of the article, though, it’s his exceptional YPRR that first caught my attention. Bryant’s 2.75 YPRR bested Odell Beckham Jr’s mark of 2.74 and ranked as the third highest mark among wide receivers who received 25% or more of their team’s targets. Let others worry about a sophomore slump, even a modest bump in usage would do wonders for Bryant. Simply playing in 16 games as opposed to 10 should provide that. Bryant has the size and speed, and if his early returns are an indication of what to expect going forward, it’s a matter of when, not if, he’ll become a top flight pass catcher at the NFL level. By this time next year, we could be talking about a top-10 wide receiver.

  3. Frank…you really need to lay off the crack man..the dude is a Cord Patterson 2.0. He cannot run a route to save his life. Add in Brown, Wheaton, Bell, Heath Miller to the target list… and you find yourself a big freakin bust in Bryant. Add to the fact the Steelers Offense will have trouble even getting on the field due to their crappy defense staying on it, Im passing on any Steeler this year. Did you not see the games and his stats up above??? The dude is either boom or bust, and you can take other more consistent wrs than this guy.

  4. Lol man you can’t read someone’s opinion without a personal attack.

    Re-read what I wrote. Not worth the reach. But he does have a lot of upside.

  5. Agree with Munt on this one.

    Bryant was great last year as a waiver wire pickup who could be plugged in for bye weeks or in a pinch…But he’s not some top 20 WR who is an every week starter and that’s how some people are valuing him.

    I rarely look at TD’s when evaluating WR’s as TD’s are fluky and don’t always tell the whole story. I like usage and target potential as my measures and Bryant didn’t excel with that.

    I’ll most likely not find Byrant on most of my teams this year based upon where he is being drafted. I’ll wait and pick him up after he gets dropped at some point :)

  6. Frank, you are right and i apologize for telling you to lay off the crack. Lets beast this season.

  7. Martavis is 6-5 runs a 4.4 and in preseason game 3 he looked like he has improved his route running. Seriously the dude looked like freaking Randy Moss…he was unstoppable! With Big Ben throwing this guy bombs and Antonio Brown getting all the double coverages I believe the sky is the limit for Martavis!!! Yes I’m all in on him this year!

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