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Every Fantasy Site is telling you to take Le’Veon Bell in the 1st Round. Not only in the 1st Round, but a lot of experts are debating Top RB, and no doubt Top 3. If you do not think Top 3, then 100% all in on Top 5.

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Newsflash, Le’Veon is going to be suspended 3 games to start the year, maybe it gets reduced to 2. To start a Fantasy Football Season 0-2 is not a good feeling, to start a Fantasy Football Season 0-3, you cannot afford to lose more than 3 more games the entire year.

While Le’Veon was a BEAST amongst RBs to close out the season after LeGarrette Blount was released. You have to look at facts.



This season the NFL is ready for Le’Veon Bell. While DeAngelo Williams is a warm body, Le’Veon is the superstar who will get all the workhorse touches when he is healthy. The Steelers Offense remains 100% the same, but something is different.

The Steelers defense is a joke. Losing Troy Polamalu and not replacing him with a ready to go star is too big of a loss. Now teams will be able to control the clock against the Steelers easier than ever. Lawrence Timmons and Ryan Shazier have a lot more work to do this season.

With Le’Veon you have to look at the AFC North. The Bengals will be vintage again with Vontaze potentially healthy. The Ravens Defense is always tough but did lose Ngata and Ellerbe up the middle. The Browns are tough this season on defense now that they added Tramon Williams. Which will free up Donte Whitner to stop the run.

Let us look at it one step closer and really examine Le’Veon’s schedule. Assuming he has been suspended 3 Games.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.27.29 AMThat is not a pretty schedule for Le’Veon. While there are some soft matchups here and there, for the most part Le’Veon will be taking a lot of hard hits this season as that is what the AFC North is known for.

He is going to be the man when he is healthy no doubt, but missing 3 games is very big as far as total Fantasy Points go. Then to have Le’Veon to go against the Seahawks in Week 12. He might as well be out 4 games. I can imagine a lot of Le’Veon owners in Must-Win situations as well in Week 12 after Le’Veon put them in an early hole. Only for Le’Veon to be a BUST that week and put a stamp at the end of the season.


There is no way I would lead my BEAST VIPs to taking a RB in the 1st Round who is going to start your team off 0-3, and then play out a tough schedule. Le’Veon is not in my Top 10. If the suspension is 3 games he will barely be in my Top 15,

Don’t follow the sheep. Join the VIP Nation.



  1. Good view on it munt. Plus his knee he hyperextened is supposedly not 100% even now. One of my red flags coming into the season inclulding hammys, feet, knees, and to a certain extent back(exception beast mode having spasms but never affected his play, also gets a tender knee here and there). I look at it this way, the sheep will be all off him next year like arian last year. Thats when beastnation will swoop him up and beast next year! BEAST.

  2. Def on this one. Its no surprise Karabell has Bell so high…that guy BLOWS w/ predictions…and he charges ppl for his advice lol. BEAST

  3. This is actually laughable. Bell is match-up proof. When he faces tough run defenses, he just does more damage in the passing game. I agree that the 3 game suspension is more troublesome than some experts think, but no way LeVeon is outside of the top 5.

  4. There’s no doubt Le’Veon produces. But missing 3 games total stats is not going to put him Top 5 when it is all said and done overall. No doubt when he is healthy and active and has a nice matchup, he is Top 5 with upside of going to Top 3 if the matchup is a really good one.

    Still not a good Fantasy Pick if you want to start out 0-3 or 0-2. Not to mention the tough Week 12 game against Seattle where he is anything but matchup proof.

  5. Better than Beastdome??? Lay off the crack dude. Hope you dont troll but afraid u will based off that lame ass name u created. Matchup proof?? Tell that to Jamaal Charles last year, who Munt told us to avoid due to his bad schedule. That number 1 pick turned out to be just the 10th best rb last yr.

  6. Yeah that betterthanbeastdome is smoking the pipe. Most recent reports are stating that even after 7 months removed from a “hyperextended” knee, he is still not 100%. RED FLAG CENTRAL! This is not even counting the obvious suspension, and the tough schedule munt is pointing out. Sounds like a grade 1/2 tear like fred jackson had a couple years ago when spiller broke out. Didnt even mention the lisfranc trouble he had his rookie year. May not reoccur, but look at antonio gates for reference. He battled that off and on for 3 or so years, takin him out of tier 1 tight end in the process. You got munt’s bust of the year for free. Feel lucky.

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