By Muntradamus

When Denver losses Sunday to San Diego they will be 1-4 heading into their bye week. People will be chanting for Tebow, but what will fantasy owners be chanting for?

If you own Brandon Lloyd, you have to love the fact that Lloyd has put up career numbers Kyle Orton and is having a good year so far, in his two games that he was completely healthy he has combined for over 14 catches and over 200 yards. This after coming off his breakout campaign. Lloyd had only one solid game with Tebow last year, not too much to be excited about with him behind center.

Lloyd owners want Orton.

If you own Eric Decker, Decker is putting up top 10 WR numbers, it’s hard to imagine him having a higher ceiling than this, so a move to Tebow would probably decrease the amount of pass attempts in a run first offense. Decker is a perfect candidate to sell high on just anticipating the move of Orton.

Decker fans, time to sell Decker now while he has some value, you can score a RB3 for him. But you want Orton.

McGahee/Moreno owners, you are screaming at the top of your lungs for Tebow. Tebow is an explosive QB that will move the chains that will garnish more rushing attempts. McGahee is having a comeback year, but it’s only before time Moreno works his way back into that situation. I see both of them splitting carries a month from now.

McGahee/Moreno owners want Tebow.

All in all, it really isn’t Ortons fault the Broncos are 1-3. Their defense has been putrid all season, Orton still is managing to put up top 10 numbers in passing yards..and top 10 in INT thrown. But at least their offense has potential with him, it’s not like putting up Jimmy Clausen as your starting QB.

Whatever the outcome is, people will be hoping that Denver can be a more explosive fantasy team, and everyone remembers how good Tebow was as a stater last year, especially in the fantasy world.

If you’re struggling at QB2, and you can make a move to get Tebow take the shot.

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