By Muntradamus


The Playoffs are coming closer and closer, and we have to decide who will win it all.

The Western Conference was looking like a complete wild card, until the Suns locked up Kevin Durant. Grabbing Durant with CP3/Booker/Ayton and a bunch of physical wings that can play D was almost not fair. Then KD got hurt, which now has many of us in question if this Suns team can have the chemistry it takes to win it all.

The Nuggets really do not look good at all as Jokic is consistently being targeted as a terrible defender, which is the truth. MPJ and Aaron Gordon have looked good, but they also do not look consistent. If Jamal Murray does not play lights out like he did during the Covid Playoffs, the Nuggets really have no chance.

Ja Morant and the Grizz have no chance, especially with Steven Adams likely not returning. Even if Adams does return, he will not be the force he once was. Desmond Bane stock is dropping and Jaren Jackson Jr. is really not dominating despite the fact that the team needs him to. The Grizz is no longer scary.

Steph Curry and the Warriors can get hot, but this team appears to be over the hill when it comes to defense. You never know if the Warriors shooters can get them going, but eventually a talented team like the Suns can easily knock them out in the playoffs, if KD is healthy by then.

Clippers are interesting, but the Clippers always choke. The problem with this team is they just never finish, and Zubac/Plumlee cannot defend the paint against good centers. Kawhi and PG (if healthy) can definitely carry this squad, and this is a good year to do it as the Warriors do appear to not be that team. However depending on the Clippers has led to disappointment 100 times too many. If KD and the Suns get that chemistry, Suns should win the series.

Kings are over hyped, likely a first or second round exit when they have to play a serious team for a full best of seven series. Lakers could be the big underdog if Lebron returns to 100%, but that appears to be less and less the case as the updates come through.

Despite whatever team makes it out in the West. They will not win it all.

The Bucks will win it all.

Giannis and the entire Bucks team play almost perfect chemistry basketball. Jrue Holiday is maybe the most underrated PG in the game, he can lock up any defender and take over any game he wants to. Khris Middleton is healthy and playing amazing basketball, exactly what this team needs. Brook Lopez is playing top level ball defending the paint, and Bobby Portis is playing like the 6th man of the year that he is. Grayson Allen/Joe Ingles/Jevon Carter can all get hot with their shooting, and Jae Crowder can definitely come up clutch in a series playing defense.

Bucks have the chemistry, and they will take out the East and easily find themselves playing any team in the West and winning that series. Giannis is the most dominant player in the game, and should easily be the MVP.

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