By Muntradamus


*In order to be thee PLAYOFF FANTASY BASKETBALL MVP the “Player” must be someone that was not drafted in a majority of leagues to start the season.

*Updated 4/8

1. Goran Dragic

2. Jordan Crawford

3. Byron Mullens

4. J.J. Barea

5. Ramon Sessions

6. Kemba Walker

6. Tristan Thompson

7. Isaiah Thomas

8. J.J. Hickson

9. Gordon Hayward

10. Kevin Seraphin


(This is the leaderboard now.  It will change at the end of each week)




*If there is a player on this list you are considering, ask below and I will respond with my thoughts.  It also helps if you give me some options you would drop for the player.


Jordan Crawford

Danilo Gallinari

Zach Randolph

Kemba Walker

Byron Mullens

Jordan Crawford: Despite two bad games in a row, I am not worried about the fantasy god of Basketball right now.  He should get right back on track as the Wizards love him and still let him play 30+ Minutes in both games, even when he could not hit a shot if our Playoff Fantasy Basketball lives depended on it.  He will be fine, and I still expect him to win the PFBMVP award.

Kemba Walker: He took 26 FG attempts two games ago.  The potential is huge down the stretch of the season.

J.J. Barea: If you want a safe assist PG, Barea is your guy.  Luke Ridnour may be limited or not come back the entire week, but Barea has already proved he can co-exist with Ridnour in the lineup.  Before Barea went down the thigh injury he had a 3×2 with Ridnour healthy and starting.

Kyle Lowry: Not sure how it is going to shake down with Lowry and Dragic when they return.  Dragic did too well to just go to the bench.  It is a situation worth monitoring, but Lowry was at an elite fantasy level before the injury.  Though Dragic was playing much better across the board.  Either way Lowry may not be the fantasy player he once was as Dragic deserves equal PT.

J.R. Smith: J.R. is clearly the #2 shooting option on the Knicks now.  His potential is sky high, and he can win you your 3PTM matchup by himself this week.

Shannon Brown: The new scorer for Phoenix.  He is shooting the ball at a high volume, and is doing very well giving you a bit of everything including a lot of 3PTM.  The only downside to Brown is if Dudley and Michael Redd get hot.  So far Brown has stayed above the pack.

Rodney Stuckey: Stuckey is one big game away from going back to his vintage form and taking over this team.  It may come Sunday, it may come in his next one.  Either way he will be must-add material with monster performance.

J.J. Reddick: J.J. is the new starting SG for the Magic.  He should make plenty of 3PTM and is now seeing around 40 Minutes a game in his first start.  I would add him.

Devin Harris: Harris is the PG for the Jazz, and he is the only way they will make the playoffs.  He is coming off of a 28 Point game, and if those assists can go up from 5 to 8 he will be playing at a MVP level.

Jameer Nelson: Nelson is starting to cool down, and now with J.J. in the starting lineup, it will be hard for him to get his shots.  However he does have big-time scoring potential and it would not be surprising to see at least one 20 Point game this week.  Those assists should be nice at around 6 a game.

Iman Shumpert: Shumpert sees a lot of guaranteed minutes every night, but that does not necessarily translate in a lot of points.  He is solid at getting intangibles and is almost like a James Johnson type player at the guard spot.

O.J. Mayo: Mayo has 5 games this week, but his role is the not same as it was a week ago from this time.  Mike Conley is healthy, and that means less shot attempts and ball handling responsibilities.  Mayo is a last resort.

Mario Chalmers: Chalmers is very inconsistent now that the Heat are healthy, if you are desperate for a steal or two with a 3PTM or two, and J.R. or Reddick are not available, then you can go with Chalmers.

Randy Foye: He has been the leading scorer for the Clippers night in-and- night out.  However Mo Williams is due to return soon which could hurt his value.  Foye was the offensive MVP for the Clippers this past week.



Danilo Gallinari: Wilson Chandler may be declared out for the season soon.  That clears the path for Gallo to be the fantasy player he was to start the season as he has no competition for PT.  Add him in all leagues for immediate results.

Zach Randolph: Z-BO appears to be back in prime form.  He is taking double digit shot attempts, and he is racking up big double-doubles.  He must be added in all leagues as he is ready to explode for a big 5 game week.

J.J. Hickson: J.J. has been very inconsistent, but he does have double-double potential.  The Blazers may be cautious with Nicolas Batum which could create some extra PT for J.J. if they make some adjustments to that rotation.  Either way, he is not the most dependable.

Jason Smith: Coach Montey Williams loves Jason Smith.  He will run him out there more minutes than Carl Landry, Gustavo Ayon, maybe the entire Hornets team if he can.  However there are going to be nights where Carl Landry is too hot to sit and those nights Smith will disappoint his owners.

Chandler Parsons: Parsons is playing well, but with Kevin Martin and Kyle Lowry due to return soon.  That should mean a lot less touches and possibly minutes for Parsons.  I would avoid him, but if you still like his potential then get him on your team.  Do not be surprised to see Courtney Lee eat into his minutes.

Stephen Jackson: S-Jax is the SF for San Antonio.  Kawhi Leonard may be starting, but Jackson is more effective and is getting more minutes.  He is still not playing enough minutes to get his vintage numbers, but soon he will approach 30 and then he will be an excellent add in all leagues.

Linas Kleiza: James Johnson appears to be done this season, and James Johnson is the type of player that can come in and dominate.  He has high-end double-double potential with a bit of everything.  If he gets hot this week, it will be too late to add him in any league.



Byron Mullens: Mullens has been a scoring machine, and makes 20+ look routine.  He should not be a FA in any league as the Bobcats have 5 games this week.

Nikola Pekovic: The greatest Pek of them all appears ready to go 30+ Minutes.  Once he breaks into that threshold he should be a double-double machine.  May take one more game before we see that, which only leaves you with three solid games this week from him.

Tristan Thompson: Thompson has 5 games this week, and he also has the center job all to himself.  Varejao is still not ready to return, so this is the week to get your money’s worth out of him.

Kevin Seraphin: Seraphin has been great replacing Booker and Nene.  When both return, you should not expect the same consistency as those rebounds and minutes will decrease significantly.

Bismack Biyombo: Bismack had his best game in sometime with a 14 Point, 14 Rebound effort.  Will it come again, probably not.  However with 5 games you should roll with the Congo star who can possibly win you blocks on his own with one or two MONSTER games.



5 Games






4 Games




Golden State








New Orleans







San Antonio





3 Games



New Jersey




Kemba Walker:
5 Games is plenty of action for Kemba to have a breakout week.  He could possibly shoot 80 FG attempts over this span.  Who knows what his potential is with that.

Byron Mullens: 5 Games for Mullens should result in 100 Points.  Give me that to go along with hopefully 50 Rebounds, and you have a must-start option in all leagues.

Zach Randolph: 5 Games for Z-Bo and you should get at least 50 Points and 50 Rebounds.  The scoring should be higher, that is just his floor.

Mike Conley: Steals, Assists, 3PTM.  That is all we want in a 5 game week from Conley.

Paul Pierce/Rudy Gay/Marc Gasol/ Rajon Rondo/Kevin Garnett/Antawn Jamison: All have 5 games, and you would be starting them anyways.  Now you get an added bonus.

Derrick Rose: Rose only has 3 games, but he proved he is 100%, and should be added and starting in all fantasy leagues over that time.



Jeff Teague:
3 Games is not enough time for Teague to have a full great fantasy week.  He should be solid in each of the games, but I am not taking the risk of one bad one.

Luol Deng/Carlos Boozer/Joakim Noah: Three games is not enough for these Bulls who are all inconsistent when Rose is healthy.  None of these guys are expected to be solid the entire week.  None of them.

All 76ers: The most inconsistent team only gets 3 games this week.  None of them have been good for a week straight to begin with, and after all starters failed to score in double digits.  I am avoiding this team all together.


  1. just made the finals and want some advice on my team going into the last two week matchup.
    I know have:

    Deron Williams
    Isiah Thomas
    Rodney Stuckey
    Jose Calderon
    J.R. Smith
    Gordon Hatward
    Eric Gordon
    Gerald Wallace
    Andre Igoudala
    Serge Ibaka
    Al Jefferson
    Andrew Bynum
    Marcin Gortat

    Notable free agents: Al Harrington, Zach Randolph, Byron Mullens, Danillo Gallinari, J.J. Barea, Brandon Knight, Randy Foye

    Should I make any moves?

  2. Alright, made it to the semi finals. Here’s the FA situation: Gallo, Pek, jr smith, Vasquez, Gerald Green, Alonzo Gee, Lester Hudson
    and my team:

    Rajon Rondo
    Goran Dragic
    DeMar DeRozan
    Andre Iguodala
    Kris Humphries
    Paul Pierce
    Marc Gasol
    Bismack Biyombo
    Evan Turner
    Kemba Walker
    Klay Thompson
    Kevin Love
    Jordan Crawford

    Thinking Turner for Gallo maybe? Would love your input. Thanks

  3. Munt,

    I’m thinking of dropping Teague for Jason Kidd (who is projected to be back this Tuesday).

    Thinking of dropping Drew Gooden (I have Ersan Ill—— as well) for Danilo Gallinari or Bismack Biyombo.

    I also have Nic Batum and he’s in a health scare at the moment.

    What do you think?

    Gooden is quite solid in providing rebounds, assists and points, but he has been on a slump since his back is sketchy.

    The guy I am playing is strong with steals, 3 pts, and blocks. So I plan to take the FG%, FT%, pts, assists, and rebounds.

  4. This is my list of players playing today:

    Goran Dragic
    Eric Gordon
    Russell Westbrook
    Nicolas Batum
    Byron Mullens
    Ersan Ilyasova
    David Lee
    Marcin Gortat
    Kemba Walker
    Kevin Seraphin

    Bench: Drew Gooden

    Washington and Charlotte are playing each other, so Walker, Seraphin, and Mullens should be good starts? I am assuming both teams’ defense are not that great?

    Gooden looks risky since he will play against OKC.

    Please let me know if you think Gooden would be better than one of the others.

  5. Update: Nic Batum is a game-time decision; he didn’t participate in the shoot around today.

    His game is at 7 pm while Gooden is at 5 pm. Looks like Gooden is a safer bet?

  6. Great to see you made the championship Frank!

    Add: Mullens. Randolph.

    Drop: Iguodala. Hayward.

    Mullens has been a scoring/rebound machine. Zach Randolph has 5 games this week and is playing like a beast right now.

    Iguodala has been inconsistent along with all the 76er options. Hayward is solid, but Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap are the team right now. Devin Harris is also starting to be more aggressive.

    Barea and Gallo should be added in all leagues. Especially Gallo who should resume his role possibly tonight. He may be the better play than Stuckey, but for now you keep it as it. Just monitor those two guys very closely.

    Keep me updated, and congrats on making the finals!

  7. Eliot congrats on making it to the semi-finals.

    I would do the following.

    Drop: Iguodala. Turner. Thompson.

    Add: Gallo. J.R. Smith. Pekovic

    Iguodala and Turner are too inconsistent to trust in the playoffs. Klay Thompson is not seeing the PT he once was. Too often he is under 30 Minutes.

    Gallo is due back today and should resume his role as the go-to-guy. J.R. Smith is starting to shoot the ball a lot, 22 FG attempts in his last game. He is ready to explode for 8 3PTM in one game. Pekovic is a game away from being must-owned in all leagues. He is at 25 Minutes a game, soon he will be back to 30+ and dominating.

    The other option is Greivis. Vasquez may be more solid than Pek this week, but if you need the big man. Go with Pekovic.

    Good Luck and keep me updated. Congrats on making it to the semi’s!

  8. MrWd

    Teague is playing too well to be dropped for an old not 100% Jason Kidd. I would stick with Teague.

    I would drop Gooden for Gallo if you are deciding between him and Bismack. The slump is for real, and he is a NBA veteran who has never had a role like this in his career as a pro. The minutes are definitely taking its toll.

    If you are trying to take rebounds, and punt 3PTM then go with Biyombo. Gallo could hurt you in FG%, but he will help you in Points much more.

    Since it’s the Semi’s and you must be at 100% this week to advance. I would drop Batum and have a full healthy squad picking up either Gallo or Bismack.

    Chronic Knee problems do not sound good at all, and the Blazers are going to be eliminated sooner than later.

    Add: Gallo. Biyombo

    Drop: Batum. Gooden

    Good Luck. Keep me updated, and congrats on making it to the semis.

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