By Muntradamus

*Updated (3/25 PM)





*This article will be updated once again Sunday Night.


*In order to be thee PLAYOFF FANTASY BASKETBALL MVP the “Player” must be someone that was not drafted in a majority of leagues to start the season.

1. Jordan Crawford

2. Ramon Sessions

3. Tristan Thompson

4. Chris Kaman

5. Klay Thompson

6. Brandon Knight

7. Bismack Biyombo

8. Gordon Hayward

9. Kemba Walker

10. Nate Robinson

(This is the leaderboard now.  It will change at the end of each week)




Here is what the Sunday Chat will be like:


March 21, 2012 – 10:11 am
Possibly just a couple of off-nights for Turner and Iggy… But I think Turner’s potential would bloom next season… He needs to define his play as a scorer or defender… Only a handful can put up big numbers and at the same time provide best defense… A little of maturity and versatility can make him one… Just my 2 cents…

March 21, 2012 – 12:37 pm
I traded Turner, Gallo and Bargnani for Ibaka, Crawford (WAS) and Matthews last week. I also landed Chandler after Gallo went down. I went from a likely terrible trade to more upside than I could have expected.

March 21, 2012 – 12:39 pm
nice trade boom, you definitely are the winner in that deal haha

March 21, 2012 – 12:40 pm
luke walton is making his cav debut sunday, anyone excited for that?

March 21, 2012 – 12:41 pm
Muntra, would dropping Rodney Stuckley for Ramon Sessions be a smart move?

March 21, 2012 – 12:42 pm
Goran Dragic was taken up before I could get to him…

March 21, 2012 – 12:43 pm
ehh you’re jumping the gun with getting rid of stuckey. his value is definitely down right now, but you remember what he was doing a week ago. sessions is looking great off the bench so far, is jordan crawford still a fa?

March 21, 2012 – 12:44 pm
The only thing excited for Walton is the bench he normally sits on.

March 21, 2012 – 12:44 pm
yes, he is still currently a free agent. Do you think he will become more consistent?

March 21, 2012 – 12:45 pm
The injury to stuckey worries me a bit, but I do value him as a player if he gets better.

March 21, 2012 – 12:46 pm
I like jordan crawford to be a more consistent version of stuckey. I hear you on the injury concern, players always lose a bit of value just look at what happened to LaMarcus after a sprained ankle.

March 21, 2012 – 12:47 pm
This chat feature is awesome, also, I decided to drop Pekovic for Chandler

March 21, 2012 – 12:47 pm
@boom i think he gets paid 80K a game to sit on the bench

March 21, 2012 – 12:47 pm
Ya, hopefully Aldridge will be back, he looked great last night

March 21, 2012 – 12:49 pm
Glad you like the feature. Ya LaMarcus has to build off that game, he has his confidence back. I think Wilson Chandler is a stud, just be prepared for someone else to add Peko.

March 21, 2012 – 12:51 pm
For sure, Pekovic is too good to pass on. Also, someone dropped Roy Hibbert (waiver wire till thursday). Do you think I should snag him or definitely hold onto Chandler?

March 21, 2012 – 12:53 pm
Hibbert has been inconsistent for sometime now. Definitely looks like the player he was last year as oppose to the player he was back in JAN. Double-Doubles are rare.

March 21, 2012 – 1:00 pm

Ah I see, what are your thoughts on Isaiah Thomas, Jason Kidd, DeMar DeRozan, Raymond Felton, Devin Harris, Carlos Defino? Are they even worth picking up before playoffs or should I just stick with the Stuckey?




Fantasy Basketball Playoffs.  What we have been playing for all season comes down to one week.  You could be the top team all season, then lose it away because you were not focused on making sure your roster is elite.  That is why I am here to help.

(If you want to read straight to the point notes on all your fantasy players, read the Daily Show).  Don’t Forget to check out the new, Trade Analyzer (COMING SUNDAY).



*If there is a Free Agent in your league that you are thinking about getting, post him in the comments section.  Never hesitate to ask any question as an expert will answer it.

(Players are ranked on who I would own)

1. Jordan Crawford- Jordan Crawford is easily the #1b, #2, #3 scorer on this team.  He will take 16+ FG attempts every night, and his ceiling has no limit.  He has the upside that will make him a fantasy playoff MVP candidate.  Must-Own/Must-Start in all Leagues.

2. Ramon Sessions- Ramon is the man for the Lakers.  All that potential you saw with him riding behind Kyrie Irving is now being blasted into full gear.  The Laker nation loves him, and the 3×2 potential numbers are there.  Kyle Lowry is Jason Kidd 2.0.  Ramon Sessions is Jason Kidd 3.0, if you want a good idea of his potential.  Must-Own/Must Start in all Leagues.

3. Klay Thompson- The future continues to be now for Klay.  He is the go-to guy on offense and should see upwards of 20+ FG attempts a night.  He will knock down a lot of 3PTM in the process.  The downside to Klay is the depth behind him with Richard Jefferson and Brandon Rush there who should be factors less often than you think.  Must-Own/Must Start in a majority of Leagues.

4. Tristan Thompson- Beast mode alert when he is out there.  Rebounds, blocks, steals, maybe double digit points.  He is very explosive.  He also is a player that at times can disappoint.  He is the starting center for at least this week and probably most of next.  I would snag him. Must-Own/ Must Start in a majority of Leagues.

5. Wilson Chandler- If Wilson was placed into this situation right now at the start of the season.  He would be a 4th round pick.  His upside to fill the box score with no Gallo on the roster is too huge to not have on any roster.  He also does it at the rare position of forward.  The only downside is the hand of Coach Karl who plays musical chairs with his lineup far too often.  Must-Own/ Must Start in a majority of Leagues.

6. Brandon Knight- The Pistons season is nearly over, and that means it is time for Brandon Knight to show Detroit what he’s got.  He has been playing heavy minutes all season, so in no way is he a rookie anymore.  Pick him up, he will be a huge difference maker down the line. Must-Own/Must Start in a majority of Leagues.

7. Goran DragicKyle Lowry is at least out another week, which means Dragic gets another shot to get 10+ assists.  He should continue to get his opportunities with no competition for PT.  Dragic really fills up the stat sheet and has Jeremy Lin 2.0 potential.  Must-Own All Leagues/Must Start in a majority of Leagues.

8. Bismack Biyombo- The Congo Sensation has the best playoff schedule.  He also got praised from coach Silas that he will continue to see 30+ Minutes if not 40 the rest of the way.  His block potential is too huge to leave on any waiver wire.  You can easily win the blocks category in your fantasy playoff matchup solely on him.  *Byron Mullens had a big game Saturday, which is a bit worrisome.  We will see if coach Silas holds true to his word on running him out there.  Must-Own in all Leagues.

9. Wesley Matthews–  As a starter Matthews is showing the potential we all hoped for when drafting him.  He has 20 3PTM in his first 5 starts.  That is 4 per game, and averaging nearly 18 a game during that span. Must-Own in all Leagues.


10. Nate Robinson– Golden State needs to sell tickets with this terrible squad.  Stephen Curry is pretty much done for the season, which means you can expect solid performances every night, with very nice assist potential.  *The big game of Jenkins certainly has people worried about Nate potential to be a starter the rest of the way.  Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues.

11. J.J. Barea- Barea is looking great recently for the T-Wolves giving them an engine that makes them a very high scoring team.  Assists will come, points will come, the only risk is if he has a bad game what will the T-Wolves do.  For now I would rather own him than Luke Ridnour.  The potential is very high.  *A thigh injury makes him a risk for this week.  Should still be great when healthy.  Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues.

12. Jared Dudley– Dudley has cooled down.  Probably not a player you want to count on, but someone that can get hot and put together some 20+ Point games.  Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues.

13. Jason Thompson- Thompson is having his hot streak of the season.  Of course we want to hope it will keep going, but I would not start him over a guy who has been proven all season.  While he was dominating, Tyreke Evans was not 100% or DeMarcus Cousins was in foul trouble.  As they both get going again, Thompson’s role will slowly decrease. Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues.

14. Gordon Hayward– The Jazz look to Hayward to be the SG they never had all season.  So far he has been performing very well with  potential to score 20+ any night with great intangibles.  He is Jordan Crawford on a less consistent level.  Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues.

15. Luke Ridnour – Luke is slowly losing the force, and starting to lose some value now that J.J. Barea looks like the much more explosive provider for the team.  The Wolves are still a high scoring team, so Luke will still get his assists.  Just not every night like you expected.  Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues.

16. Spencer Hawes- Hawes is starting to look like the player he was before all the injuries.  He should get better and more conditioned by the time the season ends, and you can expect some nice double-double lines down the future.  He could be a huge sleeper for Playoff Fantasy MVP. Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues.

17. Evan Turner- Turner has been nothing short of a disappointment since his breakout week.  The fact he showed he is cable of it, and still getting 30 Minutes means you should stash him on your bench if you can.  A lot of owners were impatient and dropped him.  You can try to pick up the pieces and stash him until he gets it going again or starts shooting double digit attempts again.  Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues.

18. Brook Lopez- Brook is due back in 2 weeks.  We remember how many shot attempts he will take a game as he thinks he is the best scoring big man to walk the planet.  If you have the roster space add him as he can be a huge star in the clutch weeks of the playoffs.  Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues.

19. Eric Gordon- Gordon is preparing to play to finish the season.  There is a good chance he becomes completely useless, or even shuts it down.  But the potential to have a 2nd round pick who will play 30+ Minutes is too good to leave on the waiver wire.  Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues.

20. Raymond Felton- He could grab 10 Assists every now and then.  He can also have horrendous games.  I would personally look for better options, but he does have some nice solid potential with a Blazer lineup w/o Wallace or Camby which gives him a longer leash.  Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues.

21. Isaiah Thomas- Isaiah has been a starter despite all of the Sacramento fantasy star shifting.  His value does take a hit with Tyreke Evans being back to his usual self, you can still expect high-end Darren Collison numbers, which include around double-digit scoring and solid 6+ Assists.   Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues.

22. Brandon Bass- Bass is being very aggressive offensively.  The Celtics like him and they want him to run as many minutes as he can as Boston makes a run for the playoffs.  You should count on double-digit rebounds and solid scoring the rest of the way.  Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues.

23. Alonzo Gee- Gee continues to get opportunities, but he also continues to drop in value as Tristan Thompson develops a larger role.  The potential for big nights are there, but that are nights that are pretty mediocre.  Must-Own in 10 Team Leagues.


24. Jerryd Bayless- Calderon is keeping his value alive by going 0/10 from the field.  His potential is too high as you may remember last week to forget his must-start when he has the job.  Although the season is coming to an end, and there is no full-time job.  You still have to be prepared to have a superstar in your lineup.  Must-Own in 12 Team Leagues.

25. Jamal Crawford- Jamal is seeing nice minutes off the bench, but more importantly a lot of FG attempts.  The Blazers will let him do whatever he wants off the bench, some nights he will be starter worthy, some nights he will be reserve quality.  If you need a spark plug, you can take a risk with him. Must-Own in 12 Team Leagues.

26. Stephen Jackson- Captain Jack is back on a team where he has a role.  He is looking very good in limited minutes and should surpass rookie Kawhi Leonard by the end of the week.  The spurs trust veterans, and Stephen Jackson certainly falls in that category. Must-Own in 12 Team Leagues.

27. Chandler Parsons- Parsons does a bit of everything.  Like Brandon Knight he has seen big minutes as a starter pretty much all season long.  He is no rookie, and remains a decent stat sheet filler.  A poor man Wilson Chandler.  Must-Own in 12 Team Leagues.

28. Jason Kidd– Kidd is an interesting option.  Some nights he will up the box score, other nights you will wish he was on your bench.  He is going to be a vital part of the Mavs making the playoffs. Must-Own in 12 Team Leagues.

29. Courtney Lee-  Lee has some nice fantasy potential, but the fact that he remains inconsistent and has Kevin Martin returning soon, there is not a lot of reason to grab him.  He may play this full week as a starter, he may only play one game.  I would personally let him sit on the wire.  Ownable in 12 Team Leagues.

30. Charles Jenkins- Going 13/22 from the field will get everyones attention.  The fact that GS is trying to lose and sell tickets may mean it is still the Nate Robinson show.  If Jenkins goes off again, that is a different story and will be worth the add in all leagues. Ownable in 12 Team Leagues.

31. D.J. Augustin- D.J. is slowly fading, but he still has potential to put up some big nights.  The Bobcats do not have many trustworthy players on a consistent basis.  If anything he should get around 5 Assists.  Be aware of Kemba Walker stealing his minutes.  Ownable in 12 Team Leagues.

32. Kirk Hinrich- Now a full-time starter Hinrich gets 30+ Minutes.  He is still not that great of a player, but he can give you a decent amount of assists and a couple 3PTM every game.  You can do a lot worse than owning him, but you can also do a lot better. Ownable in 12 Team Leagues.

33. Kenneth Faried- Faried has potential to be a fantasy beast.  The problem with him is he sees minutes as consistently as Serge Ibaka, which is an overstatement.  He would be lucky to see 30 a game, which makes him too risky despite his hustle and rebounding potential.  Ownable in 12 Team Leagues.

34. J.R. Smith- J.R. is seeing more minutes under coach Woodson, but he is still a limited inconsistent fantasy option with Landry Fields ahead of him on the depth chart.  I would stash him if I had the roster space, for now do not feel it is a necessity to own him.  Ownable in 12 Team Leagues.

35. Jason Smith– Smith not only has a suspension looming, but Carl Landry is back.  The Hornets are too deep at the PF spot, and Kaman has a strong hold of the center job.  Not enough minutes to go around.  Ownable in 12 Team Leagues.




5 Games


New Orleans


4 Games







LA Clippers

LA Lakers




New Jersey

New York







3 Games






San Antonio


Playoffs Week 1 Playoff Sleeper MVPs

Must Start’em

Jarrett Jack (5 Games)- Jack has been playing amazing as of late and is coming off a week where had a 3×2.  This may be his last week to impress as Eric Gordon nears his return.  With 5 games roll the dice and start Jack over a majority of great guards.

Roy Hibbert (5 Games)- Hibbert is starting to come into his own as a the biggest man on the court nearly every night.  The Pacers will continue to feed their monster, and with 5 games you should feed him into your fantasy lineup.

Danny Granger (5 Games)- Granger is finally starting to show everyone that it is his still his team in Indiana.  He will start getting off more shot attempts, and is a no brainer in every lineup.

Chris Kaman (5 Games)- Kaman has been a beast for a long time.  He is a consistent 20 Point threat with great rebounding and block numbers.  On most of nights he is the #1 option for New Orleans, making him a top quality option on your fantasy roster.


Playoffs Week 1 Potential Killers of the Week


Nikola Pekovic (4 Games)- Great chance he does not return until Friday.  He may not even play this week making him a must-bench player.

J.J. Barea (4 Games)- J.J. could miss one game this week which would make him a risky option for the rest of the week.  I will personally bench him, but give him some nice expectations when he returns.

Nate Robinson (4 Games)- Nate now has some competition for PT, and may even miss Tuesdays game against the Lakers.  We all want to see him succeed, but chances are he will not.  Jenkins will get some PT to see what he can bring to the table in Golden State.

Derrick Rose (4 Games)- Rose may be back this week, but then again he is not worth the risk.  Unless you have garbage options to replace him in your lineup, you are better off not taking the gamble that he will be be an elite or even useful fantasy option this week.

Jared Dudley (3 Games)- Dudley has not been as consistent as he was a couple weeks ago.  With three games I will pass to make sure I do not get a dud in my fantasy box score.

Ray Allen (4 Games)- With Ray questionable for Monday, it is not worth the risk to plug him in your lineup.  If he plays three games, they are not all guaranteed good/great.  One dud, and you have a dud chance of winning your matchup.

Tim Duncan (3 Games)- Timmy has been great, but now a threat for a DNP in a 3 game week could really damage your season.  I would not take the risk unless I really had nobody to start.  One bad game, and one DNP means you have a huge disadvantage to win your matchup.

Tony Parker (3 Games)- 3 Games, a bad hamstring, and a team that is known for DNPs.  Check please.

Jason Terry (3 Games)- Terry should get his chances to have a big week, but he also has been very inconsistent and the clunkers have been coming more often than one would hope.  He is only for the owners who are desperate.

Shawn Marion (3 Games)- Shawn Marion has not been a good fantasy option since coming back from injury.  The 35 Minute games are long gone with all the depth, and Marion is a bench option in a 3 game week.

Jason Kidd (3 Games)- Too risky to begin with, in 3 games I will definitely pass.  He is a solid source of intangible stats when he has a 4 or 5 game week.  No gimme’s in a 3 game week.

Mike Conley (3 Games)- 3 Games may not be enough  to guarantee a good week for Conley.  If you have better options, use them.  30 Points and 30 Assists with 9 Steals would be considered a great week.  See if you can top that with a bench option.

Channing Frye (3 Games)- Frye is very inconsistent.  He has not been hot all week, and if you are extremely weak at the Center position, that is the only reason to play him in a 3 game week.

Grant Hill (3 Games)- Hill puts up mediocre numbers on most nights.  In a week of 3 games, I will pass on the chance that he does not explode for 20+ Points.  I will pass when setting my lineup.

Evan Turner (3 Games)- The Turner show has come to an end, and in 3 games I will not be tuning in.  Hope that you play an owner who still believes.

Elton Brand (3 Games)- If Brand struggles in one game, and the 76ers decide to go Thaddeus Young heavy then you only have a low-end double- double guy for two games.

Thaddeus Young (3 Games)- Thaddeus is a great option, but in a 3 game week he is a bit risky.  One bad game and you are done as he usually does not explode for games that have two game quality.  I would look for a better option.


*REMINDER I WILL BE LIVE TO CHAT FROM 7-10 (PM) Pacific Sunday night (3/25).

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  1. I personally would keep Gordon. Both are inconsistent options, but I like Gordon’s outlook better…especially after that hot performance with 45 pts.

  2. im in a relatively deep league, would u drop paul george and if so what caliber of fa would be worthy?

  3. Ben Gordon will be a great fantasy option until Stuckey comes back. Once it is official, then this is a good move to add Turkoglu as he is coming off a very strong performance. If he gets going, you can expect Andre Iguodala type production.

  4. I do like Gordon Hayward. He is a great option to own in 10 team leagues with the potential to be must-own in all leagues by the end of next week. The Jazz count on him to be their best scoring guard, I will add him in the update tomorrow.

    Good looking out.

  5. I would drop him for any option that is own-able in 10 team leagues. Paul George is not a fantasy player I would count on, especially with the emergence of Hill and Barbosa off the bench. List your FAs, and I will tell you who is best.

  6. right on boss. i dont have anyone to drop so im upgrading SG/SF wilson chandler for gordon hayward. i hate denver they have so much talent they should split into two teams =]

  7. hawes, mo williams, stack jack, maggette, zaza, andre miller, bayless, parsons. not much after that. i’d go with hawes but he’s got 3 games in my chamionship week and i’m confident i will get there. also keeping an eye on hickson and favors but not holding my breath. my biggest need is boards/blocks.

  8. Here is my current team. I want to add Jordan Crawford and Wilson Chandler, but I’m not sure where I can make room for them. I don’t know if I really need help on points, which is about all the Crawford will give me. I was also thinking about dropping Jeremy Lin for Goran Dragic.

    PG Ramon Sessions
    SG Kobe Bryant
    G Jeff Teague
    SF Ersan Illyasova
    PF Antawn Jamison
    F Manu Ginobili
    C Al Jefferson
    C Javale McGee
    Util DeAndre Jordan
    Util Klay Thompson
    Bench Jeremy Lin
    Bench Ray Allen
    Bench Nikola Pekovic

  9. Hey. I’m in a points league in which a basket is 1.5 points, reb is 1.5 points, assist is 2 points, blocks and steals are 3 points. Turnovers are -2, missed shots are -0.5. Right now my roster is: jj barea, wade, klay thompson, josh smith, ersan ilyasova, drew gooden, marc gasol, bismack biyombo, james harden.

    Out of the top 10 in your list available players in my league are tristan thompson, and brandon knight. Below the top 10 nearly everyone is available. It’s a 12 team league with 10 players per team. Can you guys make any suggestions so that I can make a hard push for first in the last few weeks.

    Thanks in advanced!

  10. My team is as follows

    PG- Deron Williams
    SG- Tyreke Evans
    G- Rajon Rondo
    SF- Andre Iguodala
    PF- Zach Randolph
    F- Josh Smith
    C- Demarcus Cousins
    C- Greg Monroe
    UTIL- Roy Hibbert
    UTIL- Paul George
    Bench- Bismack Biyombo
    Bench- Luke Ridnour
    Bench- Nikola Pekovic

    My team is pretty bad in FG%, FT%, turnovers and 3 pointers. but very good in points, assists, rebounds, steals and blocks. Now that I am in the playoffs I am ok with winning 5 to 4.

    Should I pick up Jordan Crawford or Wilson Chandler? If I should which player or players should I drop? thank you for the great advice in advance.

  11. I am ranked 2nd in my league and playoffs start next week but the guy ranked 1st in the league traded deron williams and got kevin love. What players should i trade and who should i got after to improve my team and beat him in the championship.

  12. Hello Muntradamus and the Beastdome Community,
    Here is my current lineup as of right now before playoffs:
    PG Deron Williams
    SG Dwyane Wade
    SF LeBron James
    PF Kevin Love
    C Dwight Howard
    G Ramon Sessions
    F Dirk Nowitzki
    UTIL: Greg Monroe, Carmelo Anthony, LeMarcus Aldridge
    Bench: Antawn Jamison, Ty Lawson, Wilson Chandler
    How does my team look for playoffs? Also, Jordan Crawford, both Thompsons, and Brandon Knight are currently FAs. Should I consider dropping anyone for them? (none of my undroppables though of course) Thanks in advance.
    Kind Regards,

  13. What is the status on Nate Robinson? He is a free agent in my league and I’m not sure if I should pick him up or not.

    Also with my team injured(Drose, Pekovic, Kmart, and Iggy being out tonight), I thought it would to wise to drop Kmart for Courtney Lee in order to get some points this week. Hopefully it will be enough to hold off the 8th seed next week. What do you think? I’m in a h2h daily league btw.

    My team:

    Devin Harris
    Courtney Lee
    Pau Gasol
    Marcin Gortat
    Javale Mcgee
    Paul Pierce
    Andre Iguodala
    Nikola Pekovic
    Jeremy Lin
    Derrick Rose
    Goran Dragic
    Ryan Anderson

  14. Harry welcome to the site.

    Since this week is do or die, time for you to treat it like so.

    Kevin Martin is probably out a majority of the week. Add Courtney Lee to give you a viable option.

    Dragic should be huge. Pekovic is someone that is out until Friday. If you think you can hold on with him on your bench until then, do it. I would not pick up Nate Robinson, his value is a huge question mark with Jenkins breaking out for 22 FG attempts.

    If you gave me a list of FA’s I would be able to help you out a bit more.

  15. If you do not need the assists, I would consider adding Jordan Crawford for Ty Lawson. Crawford has been a lot more consistent, and offers a lot of upside heading into the fantasy playoffs. He will shoot the ball at will and give you huge numbers. However dropping Lawson is a risky move, and the smarter choice could be to drop Wilson Chandler who only has one solid game as a starter.

    Crawford is definitely a guy who would make a difference on your roster. Maybe even start him for the struggling Carmelo Anthony.

    Thanks for joining us on the chat tonight!

  16. I would drop Lin, add Dragic.

    Dragic will give you monster numbers this week, but that is it.

    Long-Term Jordan Crawford is a must-own guy. He is only getting better and his ceiling has not been reached. He has a great chance of being the PFBMVP I would drop Ray Allen or Jeff Teague for him. He is a much safer option than Allen, if you feel you need the assists then keep Teague.

    If you do not need the assists than drop Teague and add Crawford. Either way, make sure Crawford is on your roster. You do not want to face him.

  17. You should add both Crawford and Chandler.

    The players I would drop are Ridnour and Paul George.

    5 Games for George does not guarntee a good week. He could be terrible in 3 of the games easily if not all of them.

    Ridnour has some value, but it will mostly be gone by the time Barea comes back.

    Add Crawford and Chandler for both players, and your team instantly upgrades. You may lose a bit in FG%, but you come a lot stronger in the other categories almost guaranteeing you a better chance to win.

  18. Well I do have Gordon Hayward on waivers but aside from him it’s just Stephen Jackson, biyombo,Brandon bass, Alonzo gee. and austin daye as players you’ve previously mentioned. I was actually wondering if I should drop pekovic for Hayward earlier, what do you think?

  19. Hello M,

    Playoff begin next week. Here is my line up:

    Nate Rob
    Tyreke Evans
    Wilson Chandler
    Z. Randolph
    M. Gasol
    P. Gasol

    Here are some current FAs: Tristan Thompson, Barea, James Johnson, Jason Thompson, Isaiah Thomas, Jameer Nelson, Gordon Hayword, Zaza, Alonso Gee, Varajao, Ben Gordon, Rush, K. Leonard…

    Thanks in advance!

  20. If you need to win this week, I say go for it and pick up Hayward.

    Biyombo is going to be a guy for you to target if you make the playoffs to fill the gap at center, and blocks. Him and McGee will give you a lethal combo.

  21. Ridnour and Nate Rob are on their last straws.

    Ridnour might lose PT completely to Barea.
    Nate Rob to lose PT to Jenkins.

    Watch both situations closely.

    Tristan Thompson and Hayward are two players I would consider replacing them with. A lot of upside in both of them.

    Get back at me later this week if you feel it is time, and I will confirm.

  22. I’m currently in 1st place w/ Lawson, Teague, Paul George, ridnour, harden, aldridge, griffin, gay, Marc Gasol, Deng, Monroe and just added Hawes in place of Gallo. There’s no TO’s in my league and I need help w/ FG%, FT%, 3’s, steals & blocks. I’m considering adding Eric Gordon for someone on my team? Should I even drop any of them for this ‘risk’ since I have a bye my 1st week.

  23. Eric Gordon is expected back next week. He is definitely worth adding as he could start over all of your guards. If I had to drop one, I would be concerned with Luke Ridnour who should lose a lot of PT to Barea once he is healthy again.

    Gallo is going to return in 10 days as well, the Nuggets are a very deep team and it could be a challenge for him to be a consistent option.

    Definitely add Gordon however as you get a 3rd round pick just in time for fantasy playoffs. Especially with the bye.

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    Which leads us to the second major issue regarding dating foreign girls that may lead to marriage. does it include safe? Are there some basic you should follow when attempting to engage in this activity? the answer’s YES! should to Google safety tips, You will find lady in spanish many resources regarding the do and don of online dating. Some of such sites are very good. Others not so much. Reviewing the safety tips that are outlined is important as adherence to them could make the distinction between a good and bad experience with online dating between a safe experience and a dangerous one.

    The third idea is, perchance, the most important. which is, Can you find a better potential mate by online dating versus the more common ways of dating? beyond doubt, that is a toughest question of all, And there isn’t a simple answer.

    Your answer to this question depends more on you and your interests, identity, And prefers, Than it does on any devices. specific niche market, Have you reached your last? Have you given up on finding Mr. and Ms. right in the ways? are you, Out of some level of impulsiveness, Willing to choose an alternative route to find your true love? possibly, possibly, You simply don have the wherewithal or time to date in tha permanent ways?

    If any of the aforementioned reasons apply to you, Online dating may be a possibility you should look at. the point is, You have to discover for yourself why online dating is FOR YOU and is preferable to other means. solve these questions,resolve answer that question.

    in reality, The jury is still out in the event of online dating, Especially as it pertains to marriage. And child, Since the phenomenon of uniform dating is too new to determine it efficacy its success rate as a means to marriage is still without a bonafide research base. put simply, There is no credible research one way or the other that suggests whether internet dating leads to marriages that last that stand the test of time or those that do not.

    Not go blindly into that good night without some verification that the path you are choosing to follow is the right one for you. Having someone to love for lifetime is a great place to be. Finding your way there requires much thought and reflect.

    however you find your lover, However you find the one you choosed to marry, You must do so by design, With much presumed, And with an eye towards what will make you smile. Whether you get there through online dating or through more traditional means, It is most important that you get to a place you want to be, which enables you happy, That gives you pleasure.

    most likely, you’ll discover someone to share your Golden Anniversary. There is nothing like finding your love for life. It doesn matter how you were given there!

    Love extremely. the easy things do matter.

    By doctor. Charles def. Schmitz and as well as Dr. elizabeth A. With 26 years of research experience on lucrative marriage and their own 42 year marriage, Drs. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz know what makes marriage work. From their hundreds of interviews with happily married couples, which represent 15,000 many marriage, They’ve discovered the seven pervasive properties present in all successful marriages. Their book exposes the secrets for success through these poignant, hands-on stories.

    begin to do America’s 1 Love and Marriage Experts by taking their Marriage Quiz or asking them a question at Marriage Advice or downloading their FREE eBook at Salad Recipes For Love and Health.

    During their distinguished careers the Doctors have received some 65 local, appearance, And countrywide awards; written and published nearly 350 articles and manuscripts; despatched over 1000 speeches, Workshops and public speeches; Traveled around the world; And appeared on television and radio and in the print media. dr. Charles and. Schmitz is Dean and Professor of Family and Counseling Therapy at the school of Missouri in St. Louis and as well,as well as the Dr. electronic A. Schmitz is President of Successful Marriage insights, LLC.

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