By Muntradamus


Update: 12/21/12

*Isaiah Thomas- With another dominant performance in Tuesdays game I am going to put him in the must-add category before knowing what he does Wednesday night.  He is ready to be as big of a fantasy impact as Jeremy Lin.  MUST ADD.

Update: 12/20/12

*Carlos Delfino– He has been playing well throughout the week.   He is a solid source of 3PTM, and steals.  Chances are he will not be on your waiver wire for long.  BUMPED TO PICK UP THIS WEEK.

*Isaiah Thomas– Thomas has started the last two games for the Kings.  After racking up (23 Points, 11 Assists, 8 Rebounds, 3 3PTM) Sunday night, Thomas becomes close to must-add material.  Granted the Kings lost both games, finding fantasy guards with this potential this late in the season is rate.  You can either jump now, or wait to see if the Kings come out with this rotation out of the All-Star Break.  If he has a big week leading to the Break, he needs to be picked up.  PLAYERS I AM WATCHING CLOSELY.


*Bismack Biyombo– Centers do not come often in fantasy basketball that have much worth.  Biyombo consistently is getting starts (8 in a row) and is proving he can fill up the stat sheet.  He is only going to get better with more experience and eventually will become a must-start option.  BUMPED TO PICK UP THIS WEEK.

*Wilson Chandler– Could sign with the Nuggets this Monday.  He should not be a Free Agent in any league that has more than 9 teams.

*All other players remain where I originally put them.


It’s that time of the week.  The time you look at your roster and think.  How can I make my team better?  Hopefully you caught last week’s article and picked up all of the players I suggested.  Because by now a majority of those players are gone.

If you want to see how all players have been doing and my thoughts, check out the Daily Show.

Recap of Players I Told you to pick up from Previous Articles.   

(Previous Waiver Wire Articles)


Nikola Pekovic (C) Minnesota- If he is still on you waiver wire pick him up now.
Jeremy Lin (G) Knicks- No way he is available in any league.
Greivis Vasquez (G) Hornets- His value got a nice jump with Eric Gordon out another 6 more weeks.
Channing Frye (F/C) Phoenix- Took his game to the next level and is no doubt the starter.
J.R. Smith (G) Knicks- Despite landing in NY where playing time and shots will be scarce.  J.R. is an explosive beast.
Jerryd Bayless (G) Raptors- Ankle injury slowed down his process, he will be back soon.


Evan Turner (G) 76ers- If Jrue Holiday continues to struggle he will be, Must-Add material.
Jordan Crawford (G) Washington- Still would pick him as he is clearly the #3 scorer on the team.
Austin Daye (F) Pistons- His potential down the stretch is too good to be on waiver wires.


Mike Dunleavy (G/F) Bucks- A fantasy reserve at best for now.
Tyrus Thomas (F) Bobcats- If Charlotte gives up hope, the NBA will give him another chance.
James Johnson (F) Raptors- Gerald Wallace 2.0 now has a lot of competition for PT.

Now onto Week 9…

This section will be updated throughout the week:



Free Agents that Should be Picked up this Week.

Tony Allen (G) Grizzlies


Last 6 Games Started: (15.6 Points. 2.4 Steals. 3 3PTM. 0.8 Blocks. 33.2 Minutes)

Clearly the Grizz are a much a better team when they have defensive stopper Tony Allent on the court.  Giving him 39 Minutes compared to O.J. Mayo’s 19 last night, means the team is ready to play their better player.  It could help that he scored 21 Points while O.J. was struggling to find his shot, but the truth is Tony Allen is a threat for big steal numbers, and a block every game.  Tony Allen makes as an excellent Fantasy Basketball role player, getting 30+ Minutes often.


Wilson Chandler (F) Nuggets


Wilson’s CBA team is struggling heading into the playoffs.  Their season can go anywhere from late February to late March, but the good news is the transition back to the NBA will be quickly.  George Karl knows what Chandler can do, and has already said he can play 30 Minutes a game when he is back.  Trust do not want someone else to pick this guy up.

Ben Gordon (G) Pistons

Last 5 Games: (11 Shot Attempts. 20 Minutes. (+2:1 Ratio).  13 Points/Game. 0.65 Points/Per Minute)

Ben Gordon is an offensive weapon.  Maybe one of the top shooters in the NBA, but nobody will ever tell you that.  The Pistons are desperate for an offensive weapon as they lean on Greg Monroe every night to score 20+, while the other role players combine for hopefully 60 Points.  The Pistons know that Ben Gordon can bring them 20+ every night, and after seeing him shoot the ball with a Michael Beasley ratio, of a more than a shot per two minutes played.  The Pistons are ready to make the move to get this guy more involved in their game plan.  He looks 100% after the shoulder injury, and it could mean back to the bench for Brandon Knight very soon.


Carlos Delfino (F) Bucks


Last 5 Games: (15.4 Points. 30 Minutes. 3.4 3PTM. 2 Steals)

Delfino has been a corner stone of inconsistency all season long. If Stephen Jackson was not on coach Skiles bad side, or if Mike Dunleavy got his fair opportunity to be a big player on this team, Delfino would be on the bench.  I like Carlos as a fantasy basketball player, as I was a beneficiary of his huge steals, and 3PTM a season ago.  This year you just don’t know what Carlos you are going to get, and you have to wonder how much longer is this going to last?


Earl Watson (G) Jazz


Month of February: (6.85 Assists. 24.85 Minutes)

Earl was quietly outplaying Devn Harris on most nights.  Now it is obvious.  The Jazz need Watson to be their PG as they are falling in a huge slump.  Watson is already getting 20+ Minutes a night, and when that number crawls to 29+, he becomes a must-add player.  If you need assists, Earl Watson is the next best thing to Ramon Sessions.  Maybe better.

Question of the Week: from January 26th about Earl Watson.


Bismack Biyombo (C) Bobcats


Last 6 Games: (6 Starts. 7.33 Rebounds. 1 Block. 0.5 Steals. 6 Points)

Bismack is a young raw talent.  The good news is the Bobcats are running him as a starter consistently.  The bad news is, he is not being consistent.  The double-double with blocks could be relevant starting in Mid-March.  But for now you can leave him on the waiver wire if you do not have anyone to drop.  Just make sure they continue to roll him as their starter.


Markieff Morris (F) Suns


Last 4 Games: (19.25 Points. 5.25 Rebounds. 5 3PTM. 1.5 Steals. 1.75 Blocks. 24 Minutes)

Morris is starting to look really good as he did in the early part of the season.  The Suns do not have room for him is the problem.  Channing Frye finally got his game together, while Marcin Gortat will never see the bench.  Morris is a very talented offensive player, and unless one of the guys in front of him gets hurt.  Morris will always have this potential, but a lot of time remains inconsistent.  You can take a flier on him now if you want to.

Ersan Illysova (F) Bucks


Month of February: (12 Points. 1.25 Blocks. 5 3PTM. 9.75 Rebounds. 80% FT)

Ever since the injury to Andrew Bogut, Ersan Illysova has been quietly stepping up with some huge games.  He has the potential to grab 10 Rebounds every night, he has a 3PT shot, and most importantly he will give you a quality game pretty consistently.  His minutes are a bit sporadic, but anything less than 24 per game is a disappointment.

Corey Maggette (F) Bobcats


Last 3 Games: (17.33 Points. 2 Steals. 17/21 FT 81%)

Maggette has averaged 20 Points, and 16 shot attempts per game this week alone.  Those numbers should continue all season long as nobody will convince Maggette he can’t score whenever he wants.  The Bobcats are desperate for a big offensive weapon, and Maggette is the most proven thing they have.  The problem with Charlotte is they run deep with mediocre players, but I do not expect Gerald Henderson to get in the way of the team’s leading scorer.

Tiago Splitter (F/C) Spurs


Last 7 Games: (12.29 Points. 5.29 Rebounds. 0.86 Blocks. 20 Minutes)

Tiago is probably the most talented big man the Spurs have offensively.  With Tim Duncan showing his age last night, and not being a constant threat for 25+ Minutes every game.  That combined with DeJuan Blair is a joke of a starting center in the NBA.  Splitter is setting himself up for a great second half of the season.  The schedule tightens up in the NBA over the second half, so the DNP’s will rack up for Duncan.  As a starter Splitter has 15 Point, 8 Rebound potential every night.


Free Agents that I am Watching.


Chandler Parsons (F) Rockets


Last 5 Games: (29.4 Minutes. 8.8 Points. 4.6 Rebounds. 1 Steal. 5 3PTM)

The current leader of the group named “Triangle Slash.”  The players refer to Chase Budinger, Courtney Lee, and Chandler Parsons.  Lately it has been a one man show of Chandler Parsons.  If that continues through the weekend then he can be a good short term option until Chase Budinger explodes for 20 off the bench.

Gustavo Ayon (F) Hornets


Last 2 Games: (12.5 Points. 10.5 Rebounds. 2 Steals. 1.5 Blocks)

Ayon is what Luis Scola was supposed to be this year.  A hustle PF who will rack up his stats based off of his own energy.  The rebounds and steals have been there all season for Gustavo.  The problem is, now that Chris Kaman is being a big offensive factor, combined with Emeka Okafor needing playing time when he comes back from injury.  Combine all that with Jason Smith and his concussion, and Carl Landry out for a few more weeks.  It is hard to see Ayon having any long term fantasy value.

Chris Wilcox (F) Celtics


Last 2 Games: (14 Points. 9 Rebounds. 0.5 Block. 0.5 Steals. 2 Starts)

For those owners who are trying to figure out a replacement for Brandon Bass, Chris Wilcox is your guy.  He is a proven player and the Celtics need big bodies as Jermaine O’Neal is looking old, and Kevin Garnett is starting to break down.  Wilcox may not be worth the long term add now, but for now a great short term option.



Grant Hill (F) Suns


Season: (28 Minutes. 9.3 Points. 3.5 Rebounds. 0.7 Steal. 0.7 Block)

The ageless wonder continues to rack up 30+ Minutes consistently every night.  The Suns do not appear to give Hill any competition for playing time, which will give his fantasy owners some feeling of safety.  He may not light it up every night, but he will occasionally give you a good all-around game that reminds you of an okay Hedo Turkoglu value.  That is not awful considering a lot of people have not considered everyone thought he was done going into the season, after a brief lockout.

Marco Belinelli (G) Hornets


Last 5 Games: (13.4 Points. 0.8 Steals. 2.4 3PTM)

As a solid outside shooter, Marco fits the bill.  As a complete NBA player who deserves to be on the court 30+ Minutes a game, Marco does not fit the bill.  He has been consistent lately knocking down a 3PTM and scoring 10+ Points.  With his 22 Point, 6 3PTM outburst last night people will be watching him more closely.  When Jarrett Jack returns at some point before the All-Star Break, I expect Marco to lose a lot of fantasy value as the Hornets figure out a way to get Vasquez at SG.  I know that situation did not pan out when Jack was healthy last time around, but look for a changeup eventually.



Ekpe Udoh (C) Warriors


Month of February: (2.67 Blocks. 20 Minutes. 4.42 Shot Attempts

If you need blocks and only blocks, Udoh is your guy.  His minutes are very scarce right now as some nights he will hover around 20 per game.   Which makes no sense, since he is clearly the best center on their roster.  I expect Ekpe to be a good fantasy asset as the season continues, but for now he is still waiver wire material.  If I had to guess between Bismack or Udoh becoming a better fantasy option.  I would probably put my money on Udoh since this guy has the explosiveness.  Just needs the opportunity.


Linas Kleiza (F) Raptors


Month of February: (16.14 Points. 5 Rebounds. 14 3PTM)

The James Johnson killer.  Kleiza has been a consistent good player since his 30 Point outburst earlier this month.  Kleiza is an interesting fantasy asset, as he bring some nice 3PTM, along with his high scoring potential.  However the Raptors are a very deep team, and it is going to take a lot to break into that squad.  When Bargnani comes back, minutes will be even more scarce.  Having an ankle injury will always set him back.  You can take a short term flier on him if he returns before Bargs.

Semih Erden (C) Cavaliers


Last Game: (18 Points. 8 Rebounds. 32 Minutes. 7/8 FG)

Erden does not impress me as a player.  Was his 18 Point game great on Wednesday Night?  Yes of course it was.  But how often is he going to shoot 7/8 from the field?  Exactly.  Watch him closely, see if he can continue his success.  If anything, he is a one month Zaza Pachulia for your roster.


Good Players I am ready to drop.


Derrick Williams (F) Timberwolves


Last 4 Games: (4.25 Points. 17.25 Minutes)

The other D.Will is on a bad team for him right now.  The T-Wolves already have enough people at his position with; Love, Webster, and Michael Beasley.  But on top of that, Williams isn’t really sure what position he is anyways.  His fantasy value is nice when there is an injury to the other three players, but for now bench material at best.  I have put him in this column before, you can find them by clicking the Waiver Wire Hash tag.

Tyrus Thomas (F) Bobcats


Last 3 Games: (13.33 Minutes. 0 Starts. 5 Points. 1.667 Rebounds)

The Bobcats have become stacked at every position.  Tryus Thomas now has to battle Maggette, and Boris Diaw for minutes.  Once Gerald Henderson is healthy, he will be back in the picture.  Derrick Brown is also capable of the position.  Next.

DeJuan Blair (C) Spurs


Last 11 Games: (6 Points. 4.81 Rebounds. 17.9 Minutes)

I do not support DeJuan Blair as a fantasy basketball player.  He rarely gets 10 Points, he rarely gets 10 Rebounds, He rarely gets 30 Minutes.  I cannot name one thing Blair brings to the table.  I have put him in this column before, you can find them by clicking the Waiver Wire Hash tag.

Marvin Williams  (F) Hawks


Month of February: (Scored in double digits once)

Muff Cabbage!  This guy is at the same bust level of the Kwame Browns.  Expecting 13 Points a game is not a realistic goal.  I would be intrigued by his potential if he got traded to another team with a new start. I have put him in this column before, you can find them by clicking the Waiver Wire Hash tag,.

Reggie Williams (G) Bobcats


Last 4 Games: (8 Points. 3.5 Rebounds)

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.  Almost had a similar Jeremy Lin story, except his never got going after his second game back-to-back 20+ point game.  With D.J. Augustin back, and Gerald Henderson returning soon.  To go along with Kemba Walker, and Corey Maggette as the primary scorers in this offense.  It is going to be tough for Williams to be a big fantasy value.


  1. Hey M,

    Marshon Brooks is starting to get a lot of PT. Is he worthy enough to pick up? I am also interested in picking up Wilson Chandler.

    Also, can you check out my team? Should I automatically pick up any of the people you mentioned earlier, and if so, who should I drop and who do I absolutely NEED to pick up? Thanks!

    Kyle Lowry
    Jerryd Bayless
    Greivis Vasquez
    Jeremy Lin
    Ricky Rubio
    Jason Kidd

    Caron Butler
    Antawn Jamison
    JR Smith
    Corey Maggette

    Blake Griffin
    Javale Mcgee
    Chris Kaman
    Ryan Anderson
    Nikola Pekovic
    Al Harrington

  2. Good players I’m ready to drop = Wes Matthews?

    Could you please rank these the for me: Matthews, Vasquez, Wilson Chandler.

  3. Do you know when Jerryd Bayless will be back? My roster is full for tomorrow and I’m deciding between Bayless vs Maggette. Who do you think I should play in my lineup?

    Also do you think Wilson Chandler will be better than Maggette/Bayless in the long run? I read a post earlier today saying he doesn’t want to play in the CBA playoffs, so hopefully he returns even earlier.

  4. I’m really impressed with everything you’re doing here and really wanted to thank you for all your insightful advice. Im in a 14 team points league with 10 players (1 bench spot). FGM = 1.5, Reb = 1.5, Asst = 2, TO = -2, Stls = 3, Blks = 3.

    Right now my team is:
    -kevin love
    -ty lawson
    -anthony morrow
    -zack randolph
    -nicolas batum
    -cj watson
    -greivis vasquez
    -carlos boozer
    -nikola pekovic
    -iman shumpert

    Notable free agents from your list include: jerryd bayless, jordan crawford, austin daye, wilson chandler, tiago splitter, ben gordon. Can you suggest any add/drops or trades that I could pull off to get better?

    Thanks Again

  5. Hi muntra,

    Thank you for all the help. I am really frustrated with Joe Johnson, Michael Beasley, and Brandon Jennings. I would like to drop one of them but they are big names. I don’t know what to do? Any suggestions?

  6. Hey Muntradamus,
    I recently made a 3 for 1 trade to improve at PG and free up some roster space (I got Ty Lawson for Okafor, Holliday and DeRozen). I now need to figure out who my best options are for FA pickups. Here’s my current roster…

    PG – Ty Lawson
    SG – Marcus Thornton
    SF – Josh Smith
    PF – Kevin Love
    C – Amare Stoudemire
    U – Greivis Vasquez
    U – Rodney Stuckey
    U – Carmelo Anthony
    U – Channing Frye
    U – Nikola Pekovic
    B – Ramon Sessions
    B – J.R. Smith
    B – Dorell Wright
    B- Open
    B- Open

    A few available players I’m watching are Jerryd Bayless, Tony Allen, Jordan Crawford, Boris Diaw, Gustavo Ayon, Linus Kleiza, Wilson Chandler and Brandon Bass. Who’d benefit me best going forward in your opinion? Thanks as always!

  7. Hey M,

    Should I drop anyone for Wilson Chandler? I was thinking James Johnson, then dropping Booker for him when Blatche returns or if Johnson gets it going. Or maybe Vasquez? Would appreciate your input as always. Thanks!

    PG Rajon Rondo
    SG Demar DeRozan
    G Paul Pierce
    SF Andre Iguodala
    PF Kris Humphries
    F Kevin Love
    C Marcus Camby
    C Marc Gasol
    UTIL Grievis Vasquez
    UTIL Trevor Booker
    D.J. Augustin
    MarShon Brooks
    James Johnson

  8. sir! I just traded Roy Hibbert, Louis Williams for Josh Smith. Was it a good and fair trade? I badly needed a PF. After the trade, who would I pick up from the FAs? I am planning to get Richard Jefferson.
    These are some of the notable people from my league’ s waiver/fa list:
    CJ Watson
    Rudy Fernandez
    Richard Jefferson
    Bismack Biyombo
    James Johnson
    George Hill

  9. After seeing MarShon play 29 Minutes and then 36+ Minutes. It is definitely time to pick him up. Before Wilson Chandler.

    Wilson still maybe in China for another month.

    List the available Free Agents and I will let you know who you should pick up.

    Your team is looking solid.

  10. Vasquez

    The Blazers have too many options, and when Matthews has a good game. It really isn’t that great of game. Decent scoring with very little of anything else.

  11. I rather have Bayless and Maggette long term.

    The Nuggets are a very deep squad where if someone like Corey Brewer gets hot. Chandler is not going to see that many quality minutes. Plus Danilo will be back in a few weeks.

    Maggette is going to be a good quality start until Gerald Henderson comes back. Then we have to see how the Bobcats adjust their offense.

  12. Thank you for the kind words SJ.

    C.J. Watson- Only good short term option. Not even that great.
    Iman Shumpert- Will lose a lot of PT with J.R. Smith. Only backup PG.

    Ben Gordon- Will start racking up lots of points.
    Jordan Crawford- You want this guy on your team, especially when he gets hot.

  13. Keep all of them. If I saw any of those guys on my waiver wire I would pick them all up.

    You can try trading them, to see their value check out the Trade Analyzer that comes out later today.

  14. Great Trade. You won long, and short term on that deal.

    I would pickup Jerryd Bayless. Jordan Crawford.

    Crawford is getting hot and plays good consistent minutes every night. Bayless is just a scoring machine who should start to be a great option going forward after the All-Star Break.

  15. I would keep James Johnson after his 37 Minute night.

    You can drop Trevor Booker for Chandler. Booker will never light up the stat sheet, and his time is coming to an end very soon anyways.

  16. I’ve got Andrey Blatche, Andrew Bogut, Carl Landry, Chandler Parsons, Wilson Chandler, Austin Daye, Bismack Boyombo, Markieff Morris, Linas Kleiza, Baron Davis, James Johnson, Varejao, Chalmers, Ramon Sessions, Earl Watson, Evan Turner, Trevor Booker, Tayshaun Prince, and spencer hawes.

    I really need help in FG%, FT%, Blocks, and Turnovers. I dont care much about TOs, but it would be nice to have a decent boost in the other cats.

    I am solid for points, steals, assists, rebounds, and 3s. Though it wouldn’t hurt to improve those as well.

    Btw, I have gone 6-3 for each of the last 4 weeks in the H2H matchups….thanks to you and SFD. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done. I’m really glad I found this site. thanks :)

  17. I tried getting J Kidd, but someone got him first (priority on the waivers). I got Marshon Brooks now instead of Jason Kidd on my roster.

  18. That was a good move for you. Hibbert and Lou are not even close to the elite level Josh Smith is at. Was it a fair trade? Fair enough.

    I would pickup either Biyombo or James Johnson if you need a big man. Richard Jefferson will lose some value when Manu Ginobili gets back in game shape.

  19. Should I drop Ramon Sessions for Greivis Vasquez? Also, should I drop Al Harrington or keep him?

  20. I would not.

    I’m a little skeptical about J.R. in NY. I think he picked the worst team for him to join as there will not be frequent minutes or frequent shot attempts. I hope he proves me wrong since I have him on my team.

  21. Depends on the free agents.

    If you do not need Al Harringtons depth, then you can drop him for Sessions and keep both players. It is worth holding onto Vasquez to see how he gets worked in the rotation with Eric Gordon out for so long. He could see big minutes at the SG spot.

  22. Thank you Sarah for the kind words. Glad to see your team has been improving dramatically. Always want to see the Beast Dome community post how well they are doing.

    I would waive Al Harrington for Tayshaun Prince. He has good trade value and you combo him in a package deal for a nice player that can help you out. Definitely more valuable than Al Harrington. He should not be a Free Agent in any league as he consistently sees 30+ Minutes a night and does well with it.

    If you are looking strictly for the blocks and FG% you can roll the dice on Bismack Biyombo. He has Dikeme Mutombo block potential.

    If you are looking for a player that fits your bill of FG%, FT%, Blocks, and Turnovers. Try to target Pau Gasol in a trade.

  23. Hey Muntra,

    I missed out on picking up Prince. Someone else picked him up before me. I dropped grievis vasquez for bismack cuz i needed blocks badly.

    the wilson chandler hype seems like its growing every second. i really feel like i shouldn’t miss out on adding him. especially if he goes to a team like toronto. i have bayless sitting in my waivers as well, but i don’t know who i should drop for either of them. i am thinking al harrington, but so far he has provided a decent depth to my team so far. any suggestions?

  24. Good move with Biyombo.

    Wilson Chandler will most likely sign with the Nuggets if any team. He will get about 28 minutes of playing time but could be inconsistent. Long term I do not like Al Harrington as the Nuggets are only going to get deeper leaving Harrington more sporadic as a fantasy option.

    You can add Chandler for Harrington, or wait and see Bayless score another 20 Point game before adding him.

    Either way dropping or trying to include Harrington as part of a 2 for 1 trade works for the long run of your team. Adding Harrington to Rubio can easily land you a potential John Wall type player.

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